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Francia F.

forewarns of a future jump.
updated 06.19.17
06.19.17, Francia F., I live two hours away from the bridge. To jump, or not to jump; is the question. I hate heights. The frighten me, always did. However, despair is an overpowering source of motivation when it comes to ending your life. I agree with you when you say that jumping from the beautiful Skyway, it's quite a spectacle. It is a massive deployment of effort from the authorities, its a huge burden and a traumatizing event for the clueless people who get dragged into this dramatic event. However, do you think that suicidal people stop themselves, to think for a moment about all this? I believe that all of us who suffer, are just thinking about that final relief. In my case, I have battled illness for too long. I'm 34 years old and I have had six surgeries and countless hospitalizations and ER visits. I have been labeled as a drug seeker when all I wanted was my pain to go away. Now the cherry on top of the pile of shit, is that my only child (I can't have more kids due to the surgeries) is threatened of being taken away from me in a custody battle. My business partner robbed me and I have serious financial difficulties as a result. I'm not looking for pity or a justification to be depressed. I'm not saying all this in any way, to imply that my life is harder than others who chose to end their lives. I'm just sharing my little world, because I keep seeking everyday for reasons to hold on and keep me from driving the two hour ride and taking the leap of death. You have mentioned that you lost someone due to suicide. I'm sorry that it happened to you; it must have been a terrible event. I don't know you, I don't know who would you crated this web page. I know that for some unknown reason, you chose to let the world know that people suffer to the point of giving up. I do have to say that the pool wasn't a wise choice; I'm glad it's over. If you feel like it, you can post this. Have anybody let you know ahead of time about their intentions of jumping? If not, I will be the first one. Have a good and well deserving life parenthesis guy! (we seriously think that when suicidal people leap from the skyway, they do not think about all the ramifications of what they are about to do. if they did, they would not jump. they are desperate to end whatever pain hole they are in, so they jump. it's final relief, to hell with the aftermath. the suicide that happened in the family was due to "she doesn't love me any more", perhaps the most jackass stupid reason ever, just after "i lost my job". anger at how he left his family to suffer for something so ridiculous, soon became, "oh well, dumbass". we have had a few potential jumpers announce their impending jump, but not sure if any have followed through. we hope you do not follow through as well. it would be easy for me to tell you to "hang in there", but i doubt that would help. your plate is definitely full of unfortunate. just remember, even though you may lose custody, your child will never recover from your self induced demise. keep that in mind and perhaps give life another chance. this website has ample writings from children of jumpers, still hurt and angry about what their parent did and how they did it. some return here on a regular basis and vent. if you wish to further dialog, please do. be well.)

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