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2006 jump events

updated: 08.14.17
have any factual news, updates, or additions?
(our comments follow)
12.29.06: possible jumper, 8:30am
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
12.29.06, Bill E. Riverview Fl., My son saw an abandoned van (possible Chevy Lumina type) at the top with its's flashers on. FHP pulled behind it and searched inside, but found nobody. Today Thurs. Dec 29 @ 8:30 AM

any more info is welcome.

11.04.06: jumper, male, died, body found five days later on manatee river beach.
R. Matthew Bridgmon, 28
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
11.05.06, Sara, St Pete, (11.04.06, 4:00am, male, used phones, hit water, died), no source, no happened, second one in two days. 11.07.06, Bill E., Riverview Fl., (11.04.06, 5:00am), My son, who is a truck driver saw a car, fire engines, and police cars at the top of the bridge. Says the car looked the same as the one 2 days before. Could our survivor jumper have done it again?

11.07.06, THERESA, RIVERVIEW, (11.04.06, 4:00am, male, used phones, hit water, died), R. Matthew Bridgmon who jumped on Sat. Morning. He used the phone on the bridge and told them that he was jumping. When they got there his car was still running, radio on, door open. The police say that he will probably float up within a few days.

01.14.10, i just saw the list of jumpers that you compilied it is okay to add my son to the list. I know we had kept his last name secret because of the kids but they are older and know now. It is okay to add him to the list but lets keep the name the way it is in the report. Thank you. R. Matthew Bridgmon 11/4/2006

any more info is welcome.
11.04.06 Hillsborough Sheriff, MSNG ADULT ENDAN 1 SKYWAY BG 0451 0910 
11.09.06,, Body found in Manatee River; officials suspect victim jumped off Skyway
MANATEE - A body found this morning in the Manatee River off Northwest Bradenton is believed to be that of a person who jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on Saturday, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.
The body was found about 11:30 a.m. today, near the 9000 block of 21st Avenue Northwest.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is investigating the apparent suicide, according to a news release.
11.03.06: possible jumper
11.03.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1938 2026

any more info is welcome.
11.02.06: jumper, 9:00am, male, no hotline phones, lived
Justin Chase Steele, 22
04.03.15: dead at 30, drug overdose
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
11.02.06, BJ, Tampa, FL., (11.02.06, ?am, hit water, lived), Announced on 93.3 FLZ 9:30am traffic report that a person jumped off the bridge and was swimming around below.

11.02.06, nicole, brandon, (11.02.06, 9:00am, male, hit water, died)

11.02.06, kelli, st. pete., (11.02.06, ?am, male, lived) Another Skyway Jumper, This Time He Survives
The Florida Highway Patrol says a man jumped this morning from the southbound lanes of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The Coast Guard found the man in the waters beneath the bridge...and..he's alive. No name released yet...and no word why the man took the dive. A second car was found parked on the bridge...but they have not found a second jumper. This was found on the 970WFLA website.

11.02.06, Hal, Palmetto, (11.02.06, 9:00am, hit water), ON FIRE DISPATCH RADIO & PORTMANATEE MARINE SIX BOAT

11.02.06, Chris, Largo, FL., (11.02.06, male, no hotline phones, hit water, lived), Just read this on year old jumped after being approached by a state trooper on the top of the bridge....incredibly the guy swam to shore.....don't try this at home kids...

11.06.06, Raven, Saint Pete, FL., (9:00am, male, hit water, lived), I observed an ambulance coming North down the bridge and immediately to my left spotted a large firetruck blocking both lanes of the north fishing pier. There was a rescue pontoon boat on a trailer either being loaded on or off. At the top of the bridge was a state trooper car, a black truck with a topper, and 2 police cars. There were 3 uniformed officers staring down into the water. I called 102.5 The Bone FM and spoke to Cowhead telling him that I thought someone had jumped. They immediately checked into it. I was informed today (11/6/06) that they had the young man on their show, 11.03.06. They may be posting the link to the interview at Apparently the 23 year old man was drunk and depressed. He also not only survived the fall, according to Cowhead, but survived it unhurt! (thanks raven. we had the interview posted for a few years, but it disappeared without warning. scoured the internet and the station's archive, but have come up with zero. maybe if we're lucky, mike calta will scare us up a copy.)

any more info is welcome.
11.02.06  Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 0812 1051 2h39m
11.02.06,, Another Skyway Jumper, St. Petersburg man survives
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has released the name of the man who jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Deputies say 22 year-old Justin Steele of Saint Petersburg may have had suicide on his mind, but he actually survived the 175 foot dive. Steele was strong enough to swim to saftey and wait for the ambulance. Steele is at Bayfront Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

11.02.06,, Man survives 197-foot dive from Sunshine Skyway
St. Petersburg, Florida - A St. Petersburg man survived a dive from the top of the Sunshine Skyway, apparently with no serious injuries. 
Hillsborough County Sheriff's investigators say 22-year-old Justin Steele of St. Petersburg, stopped his Honda SUV at the top of the bridge Thursday morning. A Florida Highway Patrol Trooper stopped at the top of the bridge to offer help to what he thought was a stranded motorist. 
Investigators say that as the Trooper offered assistance, Steele turned and ran toward the side of the bridge, diving 197-feet to the water below. 
Deputies say Steele was able to swim to shore, where he was taken by ambulance to Bayfront Medical Center. 
Incredibly, Steele reportedly was not seriously hurt. 
It's not clear what will happen to Steele, but in such cases the person is usually held for a psychiatric evaluation.

11.03.06,, "Ahead of the Curve" That's what Yr Editor calls it when reporting something out of the mainstream, i.e., either you'll be reading about it in the next day or two in the real news, or Yr Editor's been bamboozled altogether. Anyway, it says here that a fella named Justin Steele, 22, dove off the suicide-friendly Sunshine Skyway this week (197 ft), and swam away in basically tip-top shape, but only one Tampa Bay news outfit has seen fit to report it. [WTSP-TV (St. Petersburg)]

01.09.06, jess, facebook, i found a home video of this jumper. looks like he's been a failure ever since he was a child.
 a multiple
'life participation'
award winner,
from his once
was facebook.
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06.04.13, Ali, Clearwater, Hi --Just was wondering why you would want to post a compilation of this guy's mugshots on your site (along with the sarcastic facebook video that accompanies it). Don't you think he has enough problems? Just in terms of a compassion check here. I don't know him -- and I know mugshots are public record -- but geez. (but geez, did we go too far or are we, as a society, tired of his detraction from our quality of life? do we coddle this clown, simply because he has no idea how to live a functionally non-criminal drug-free life? should we give him a 'life participation award' to boost his self-esteem? then reassure him that he is #1, a winner, a champion, a courageous hero, and that he is super-duper special? no, this idiot is a nine time arrested loser. it's a safe bet he wasn't caught every time he broke the law either. it's probably also safe to assume that when he isn't in jail, he's continuing his criminal lifestyle. no, we will call out the douchebags of life when they practice such continual douchbaggery. the animated parody image will remain.
hey, ali! #1 champion winner updates:
mr. steele chalks up his 10th arrest, again for drug possession.
the 11th arrest, this time for burglary. he breaks into private property and steals from people, to fund his personal drug research.
03.11.14, surprise! the 12th arrest. "violation of an injunction for protection against domestic violence". expanding the range of violations keeps things fresh and new. one would think they had a plethora of stock photos on hand of him, instead of the 'mystery silhouette'.
12.01.14, his 13th arrest involves drugs and burglary. what if he breaks into your home and some of your hard earned stuff was gone, because he wasn't getting the compassion you feel he so aptly deserves? think you'd change your mind? how many more arrests will it take to wake you up? hello? ali?
04.03.15, well, ali, it appears that mr. steele will never be arrested again. our discussion of mr. steele has come to a stone cold conclusion., "Justin C. Steele, 30, of St Petersburg died April 3, 2015. Survived by mother, father, sister, and grandmother". he could not stop the drugs, so the drugs stopped him.)

08.27.13, ae, Justin jumped because i told him i was breaking up with him and this wasn't the first time but the second time he threatened to kill himself. The first time i had to talk him down from holding a gun at his head. He is not a good person and yes he will continue to break the law. I don't disagree with your comments. He does need some professional help. Also, i left him anyways after he got better, felt it was partly my fault. I assure you it was not though. he suffers from depression and high anxiety. (sorry you had to go through that. we have first hand experience with someone's troubled mind and it is both dangerous and exhausting. thank you for your comment.)

05.11.14, jen, SF, CA, I just want to say that the "crimes" that Justin has been arrested for, such as possession of common pharmaceuticals like hydrocodone, hardly qualify him as being deemed a "loser" or a "douchebag" (in your own words). I agree that the arrests for burglary and possible domestic violence are far more serious, but the other ten arrests are inconsequential. (if by "inconsequential", you mean he didn't cost the taxpayers anything in his endless quest for drug consumption, then yes, we agree, he is a stellar pillar of society.~  regardless of your opinion of recreational drug use, he broke the law, he was arrested, and it's our opinion he is a detriment to society. it remains our opinion that he is indeed a loser and a douchebag. do keep in mind, his quest for drugs drives him to his burglary hobby and is probably the seed for his violent nature. your decision to excuse his behavior, as if it has no influence on a lawful society, gives us reason to suspect you too perhaps find your own wreakless drug use of no concern to a law abiding population.)

08.30.15, Morphious, St.Petersburg, FL., He Died of a Drug Overdose on April 3, 2015. Sources say it was Hydromorphone AKA Dilaudid in a Hotel room. (
10.14.06: possible jumper
10.14.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1117 1210, 0h53m

any more info is welcome.
10.13.06: save, female, 11:00am
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
10.15.06, Katherine, Tierra Verde, FL., (10.13.06, 11:00am, female), My husband and I were on our way out of town and saw a woman standing up against the barrier, on the side facing the water, southbound, at the very top of the bridge. Her car was parked and the blinkers were on. I called 911 and the operator said they were already on their way. We don't know what happened!! Do you?

11.18.11, L. Brown, St Pete, (10.13.06, 11:00am, female, was stopped from jumping), saw a lady sitting on the top, stop our car, my husband got out and was able to pray and console her not to jump, she fell back into his arms and passed out, the paremedics arrived immediately she had taken a whole bottle of sleeping pills and was ready to jump, she had dark hair, I just remember seeing her and seeing all black. I also remember her blinkers being on flashing, dark car, and she was holding the pole looking down, scary, I pray to this day she is doing okay! the paramedics took her. I still remember it like it was yesterday. (an interaction with a stranger in need can affect our lives forever after. saving the life of one so desperate is a worthy act.)

any more info is welcome.
10.13.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGN 1 SKYWAY BG 1153 1257, 1h04m
10.06.06: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
10.06.06, Carol E., Clearwater, FL., (10.06.06, 12:19pm), I was on the Floriday Highway Patrol website around 2pm on 10/6 looking for the status on a Howard Franklin Tanker fire. The first report on the list was a suicide on the Skyway that was reported at 12:19pm. I never saw anything on the news that night. Must not be that big of a deal to the media anymore.

any more info is welcome.
09.19.06: mystery jumper, 6:00pm, male, no hotline phones
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
09.20.06, Jasoh H., Valrico, Florida, (09.19.06, 6:00pm),, Person May Have Jumped Off Skyway, Posted September 20, 2006 at 03:02 AM, ST. PETERSBURG - Authorities are searching waters underneath the Sunshine Skyway after unconfirmed reports that someone jumped from the bridge Tuesday evening. The person was reported jumping after a car crash on the bridge about 6:10 p.m. The Florida Highway Patrol said the reports were still unconfirmed.

09.20.06, Paul S., Sarasota, FL., (09.19.06, 6:00pm, male, no hotline phones), From the Sarasota Herald Tribune, a man jumps into the water after being involved in a wreck on the southbound side.

any more info is welcome.
09.19.06,, Man avoids cops after Skyway bridge crash: jumps over the side
St. Petersburg, Florida A young man jumped off the Skyway Bridge near the south fishing pier and disappeared Tuesday evening -- apparently to avoid being questioned by police who were called to investigate a car crash.
The FHP said the man described as a while male in his 20s, wearing a blue shirt and white shorts got out of a car that was involved in an accident in the soutbound lanes on the Manatee County side of the bridge.
"He was not injured, he was not ejected," said FHP spokesman Lt. Larry Coggins. He just walked to the side barrier and jumped off the bridge and into the water.
The location was on the flat or lower side of the bridge near the south fishing pier, on the Manatee County side.
The U.S. Coast Guard began a search using a helicopter and watercraft, but the air search was called off within an hour as bad weather moved in from the gulf. It was resumed later in the evening, without success.

09.20.06,, Person May Have Jumped Off Skyway, Posted September 20, 2006 at 03:02 AM 
ST. PETERSBURG - Authorities are searching waters underneath the Sunshine Skyway after unconfirmed reports that someone jumped from the bridge Wednesday evening. The person was reported jumping after a car crash on the bridge about 6:10 p.m. The Florida Highway Patrol said the reports were still unconfirmed and that it is possible no one even jumped.

09.20.06,, Man jumps from Sunshine Skyway after wreck, STAFF REPORT
SUNSHINE SKYWAY BRIDGE -- Authorities were searching for a man who apparently jumped into Tampa Bay following a two-vehicle crash Tuesday evening on the Manatee County side of the 5.5-mile Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
The U.S. Coast Guard dispatched a search and rescue boat about 6:30 p.m. after getting a report about a man in the water following a crash in the southbound lanes.
U.S. Coast Guard spokeswoman Petty Officer Sondra-Kay Kneen said authorities had not found the man as of about 10 p.m., but the search was continuing in a steady rain that was part of a series of strong thunderstorms in the Tampa Bay area.
Kneen said authorities are still investigating whether the man jumped after the crash, which happened about 6:15 p.m., or whether he jumped to avoid being struck by another vehicle.

09.20.06,, Doubts arise about Skyway jumper; did he just pose as passenger instead? By MICHAEL A. SCARCELLA,
SUNSHINE SKYWAY BRIDGE Authorities this morning continue to investigate whether a man really jumped into Tampa Bay following a two-vehicle crash Tuesday evening on the Manatee County side of the bridge.
By Wednesday morning, the U.S. Coast Guard still had not found the man or his body, according to Trooper Larry E. Coggins Jr. of the Florida Highway Patrol in Hillsborough County.
"Nobody knows for sure if the driver swam away or was actually there and posed as a passenger when the trooper arrived," Coggins said Wednesday.
Authorities said the crash, which happened about 6:15 p.m., was minor. Nobody was thrown from either of the vehicles, Coggins said.
According to FHP reports, the driver of the a 1997 Ford sedan began to spin out of control in the southbound lanes of the bridge. The vehicle struck the rear of a pickup.
Troopers identified three passengers in the Ford sedan, but the driver is listed as unknown, according to FHP reports. Charges are pending against the driver of the sedan.

09.21.06,, Police question story of a man jumping off bridge after car crash
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) The Florida Highway Patrol is questioning a story that a man jumped off the Sunshine Skyway bridge in St. Petersburg after a two-car crash.
A Ford sedan spun out of control on the bridge Tuesday, smacking into the back of a truck. The sedan's passengers told troopers the driver jumped off the bridge into Tampa Bay.
A U.S. Coast Guard search turned up no sign of the driver. FHP says no one knows for sure if the driver swam away, or if he might have posed as a passenger when troopers arrived.
The crash is being investigated. Authorities say if the driver is actually one of the three people who said they were passengers, appropriate charges will be filed.
08.28.06: possible jumper
08.28.06 Hillsborough Sheriff, INFORMATION 1 SKYWAY BG 2148 0553 8h5m

8 hours for an "info" call? any more info is welcome.
08.23.06: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.23.06, unknown, Tampa Bay, FL., Possible jumper - Aug. 23, 2006 about 6 PM. Southbound lane, black compact car parked on apron just before Skyway crest.

08.23.06, unknown, (08.23.06, 6:00pm) black car stopped in emergency lane on bridge. No one inside or outside of car. Jumper?

any more info is welcome.
08.15.06: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
08.15.06, chris, St. Pete., Saw an FHP trooper in the southbound lane at the top talking on his cell phone looking over the edge. 

08.15.06, Bill E., Riverview Fl., Area Check Ft DeSoto Grid 15:52 8/15/06

08.16.06, Bill E., Riverview Fl., Yesterday.....PCS Area Check Ft DeSoto grid.771..........15:52 to about 20:00
Today again PCS Area Check Ft DeSoto Grid 771@ 15:51, and it still shows now @ 17:20

any more info is welcome.

07.17.06: jumper, male, 06:52pm, hit water, died
Michael Scott O'Neill, 41
thank you, jumpnews reporters: 
07.17.06, Carrie G., Parrish, FL., (07.17.06, 6:00p) Possible jumper tonight on my commute home. Car was left at the top of the bridge. Fire dept was there, coast guard searching the water below.

 07.17.06, E Bone, Bradenton, FL., (07.17.06, 6:00p) I was near the north rest stop with several other friends when several emergency vehicles tore by on 275 southbound. Also, at least one police emergency boat cruised by and what appeared to be a Coast Guard cruiser came toward the bridge up the channel from the Gulf. Everyone thought right away that someone might have jumped off of the Skyway. 
After I left to head home, I saw emergency vehicles parked on the road to the north fishing pier, with an inflatable boat in tow. Several boats, including the CG crusier, appeared to be looking for someone near the vicinity of the middle of the Skyway bridge, not the fishing pier. Crossing the bridge southbound, an empty, older 1980s or early 1990s vehicle (maybe a Thunderbird or a Taurus) with faded, goldish paint parked at the zenith of the bridge on the right emergency lane on the southbound side, behind which an emergency vehicle was parked. Two emergency workers were looking down at the water. No one else was standing or otherwise present at the top of the bridge.
Sadly enough, it appears that someone made an incredibly stupid and selfish decision today and acted on it by jumping from the Skyway.

any more info is welcome.
07.17.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1852 0036, 5h44m
07.18.06, st. petersburg times, Man, 41, dies after jump from Skyway
ST. PETERSBURG - A man died Monday after he jumped off the Sunshine Skyway. A passer-by alerted the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office at 6:52 p.m. that a man had stopped his golden Toyota on the southbound side of the center span, exited the car and jumped over the rail, said sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter. The Coast Guard pulled the 41-year-old man's body from the water. The man's name was not released Monday night.

07.19.06, st. petersburg times, Local musician jumps from Skyway, By Abbie Vansickle
TAMPA - Michael Scott O'Neill, lead guitarist of the alternative rock band the Unrequited Loves, a former editor at the Tampa Tribune and a fixture of the local music scene, died Monday evening after he jumped from the Sunshine Skyway bridge.
O'Neill, who was 41, died about 6:48 p.m., according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. A passing motorist saw him park his car along the southbound side of the center span and go over the rail, said sheriff's spokeswoman Debbie Carter.
The Coast Guard later found his body.
The youngest of six, O'Neill was born in Saint Clair, Mich., in 1965, said his sister, Margaret Quilty of Orlando. He came to Florida as a child. For 18 years, he was events editor at the Tribune, she said.
He left the job a few months ago. 
O'Neill was devoted to his family, she said, especially to his parents.
He was "the most loyal son that there could be," his sister said.
He was not married and had no children.
"He had been suffering from depression and had a series of losses," she said. "His passing is felt by many people."
O'Neill of Tampa was widely known in local music circles playing many local venues.
Keith Bartlett, 29, was the Unrequited Loves' bass player until recently.
"Mike wrote all the songs, and phenomenally so," he said. "Really smart song writer."
He will be missed, Bartlett said.

07.19.06, The Tampa Tribune, Musician Poured Heart Into His Songs, By GRETCHEN PARKER 
TAMPA - Mike O'Neill, well known in the Tampa Bay-area music world as an uncompromising, passionate performer and gifted songwriter, has died. He was 41.
He jumped from the Sunshine Skyway bridge late Monday, Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies said.
Until his resignation in April, O'Neill worked for The Tampa Tribune for 18 years, first as a clerk and then as an editor who compiled dozens of events listings each week in the paper's Friday Extra section.
The Tribune was his full-time job, but music was his life's passion, said those who knew him, reviewed his music and performed with him. He founded three Tampa rock bands since the early 1990s, all of which centered on his creative energy and songwriting. He shared the stage with national acts, most recently during the July 4th weekend at a show organized by Steven Van Zandt at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa.
"I couldn't imagine a greater loss for the local, original music scene in Tampa," said Robert Mortellaro, a former music critic for The Weekly Planet who more than once named O'Neill "Best of the Bay" for his work. O'Neill's "raw, great talent as a songwriter" made him a star here, Mortellaro said.
If his bands played covers, they were songs in his own stockpile of records, Mortellaro said. O'Neill was a devoted collector of 1960s British invasion rock and of 1960s American garage bands. The fans who came to see O'Neill's bands - The Unrequited Loves, Nailbiters (late 1990s) and Monday Mornings (early 1990s) - came to see original music "played from their heart and soul," Mortellaro said.
O'Neill performed without regard for the reaction from the audience, Mortellaro said. "In Mike's case, it was almost always positive, but he attracted the kind of audience that came to see uncompromised commitment to art," he said.
Mortellaro described him as "walking a tightrope" onstage and remembered performances when he broke into high falsettos that seemed to teeter on the edge of falling apart. Sometimes they did, and sometimes they didn't. That was what people came to see - genuine, gut-generated art.
It was his songwriting that Bay area music fans will remember, said Curtis Ross, pop music critic for the Tribune. "There were no wasted words, no wasted notes. Everything was there for a purpose," said Ross, who in 1998 called Nailbiters' album "Every Wasted Second Gone" the year's best local release. "He never fell back on the old rock and roll cliches."
O'Neill poured his own cash into the projects, releasing the CDs under a label he called Facefirst Records, Ross said.
Despite his struggle with depression, O'Neill found the energy and time to devote to friends who needed it. Jeff Wood, a well-known local drummer who briefly played with O'Neill in the early 1990s, remembers that his friend pulled him out of a funk and sparked his rehabilitation after he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor three years ago.
Wood, a lefty, lost movement in his left side and was struggling. O'Neill visited Wood, drove him to his warehouse practice space - and jammed with him. "For him to do that and get me to see forward again, that's something I can't forget."
O'Neill grew up in Auburndale, the youngest of six children, said his oldest sister, Margaret Quilty, of Orlando. He became the "model son" and was the only one of the children to visit his parents weekly. Monday and Thursday nights, he was there, playing canasta with his mother. "He was very quiet and reserved. That was his normal behavior," Quilty said. "Except when he was onstage."
MIKE O'NEILL - BORN: May 7, 1965, in St. Clair, Mich. DIED: July 17, 2006, in Tampa
SURVIVORS: [withheld] SERVICES: Pending
Skyway Bridge Jumper's Body Recovered
TAMPA, Florida [NMT] -- On Monday, at approximately 6:48 p.m., a passing motorist observed an individual sitting on the span of the bridge. The man then jumped into the water below, the motorist said. The U.S. Coast Guard recovered the body and the victim was identified as Michael Scott O'Neill, 41, of Tampa. Authorities have ruled his death a suicide, according to a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office press release.
 Michael Scott O'Neill
07.18.06, $T, STPFL., I knew this person. A wonderful person. Wrote the most beautiful songs. Helped me through tough times of my own. I will miss him. (sorry you lost your friend.)

07.19.06, jgf, st. pete., i was going northbound to home and saw the police cars in the southbound lane. The next day I discovered the man who comitted suicide was my Wifes daughters boyfriend. We had NO idea he was depressed. My deepest sympathies to her and his family.07.19.06, Think twice, St. pete, FL., I also knew this person.. He was a very talented Musician and Writer(he worked for the Tribune at one point).. He had a lot of people that loved and cared for him.. It's sad to know we'll never really know why?

09.18.06, Victor, Tampa, fl., I knew Mike and this is for him. You'll die quick or you'll die slow.Its a great day to be alive a great day to die.We all die sometimes better sooner then later. alls i can hope for is another year. (day by day, it's all any of us can expect.)





(written by Dan Mc., winter haven, fl., for mike. thanks, dan.)

10.07.13, Katie C., facebook, i always check your posts on jumpers...and land on the website. i saw once again someone blasted you guys for the website. i can't speak for everyone in the world. and someone will find offense regardless. someone will blast me for writing this, i'm sure. i appreciate the facebook page and the website. i'm a weirdo and cope better by throwing myself into things. I'm morbid that way. and before any one reading this says "you don't know anyone who jumped." my friend Mike is "featured" on the 2006 link. (7/17/06) it hurts to know that he thought this was his only option. so many people loved and cared about him and would have given the world to help, if we had only known. the site i think gives the reality of what happens. if you die, that's what you intended when you jump. but not every one dies. and many many people live and are severely injured. you also see the reactions of the others on the bridge and in boats below. your jump affects them too, as evidenced by all the posts ("i saw lights, a car, an ambulance"...whatever) someone reading the posts and outcomes and maybe just one person changes their mind and gets help instead of jumping. there are also links provided to places to get help. and anyone reading this who is thinking about it, don't be afraid to ask someone who loves you for help. A lot of us wish Mike had only asked. i'm done now. (people grieve tragedy any numbers of ways. if your way works for you, who is anyone to argue? we personally know one of mike's friends that used to play music with him. thanks for your words.)
you are welcome to leave your words here.
facebook memorial page
07.02.06: possible save
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
07.03.06, d., clearwater, FL., I drove by lastnight (7/2/06) on the Skyway and saw a girl lying face down on the road at the very highest point on the Skyway in the Southbound emergency lane. There was a firetruck, Ambulance and 2 cops there. As I continued driving, still on the Skyway, there was a Coastgaurd Chopper headed that way as well. I assumed someone tried to jump or had jumped.

07.04.06, unknown, (07.02.06, 6:00pm, female), As we drove by top of bridge saw a girl lying down rolled up on pavement. A cop was standing over her holding a cord of some sort. A truck driver had just stopped past them and was running back to them. Saw 1 white car. Saw no car for police. Girl's face was really red or blue. Pray she is alright but did not look good. Anyone know. Can no find any info on news. Think she was 30-40 years old.

any more info is welcome.

07.02.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, REFER - OTHER AG 1 SKYWAY BG 1621
07.02.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGN 1 SKYWAY BG 1834 1947 
06.13.06: possible jumper
06.13.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1656 1704, 0h08m
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
06.15.06, Catherine, Sarasota, 6/14/06 there was a car with window down parked (northbound) at the TOP of the bridge... (could you possibly have the date wrong?)

any more info is welcome.

05.20.06: jumper, male, 03:00am, hit water, died
Jason Thomas, 30
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
05.23.06, Paul S., Sarasota, FL., (05.20.06, 3:00am, male, hit water, died), Story in the police briefs section of todays Bradenton Herald. Body not recovered yet. Witnesses reported the man jumped off the bridge at 3:00 AM saturday the 20th. He is believed to be a 30 y/o Bradenton man named Jason T.

05.23.06, Isaac T., Tampa, (05.20.06, 3:00am, male, no hotline phones, died), Heard from family... Also posted in calls for service.

05.23.06, Dawn, Clearwater. Fl., (05.20.06, 3:00am, male), Small article in St. Pete times 5-23-06, Metro State. Found body in Tampa Bay, but not the jumper. Jumper was black, with yellow shirt and dark pants. Body found was hispanic.

06.03.06, Mike, (05.20.06, 1am, male, no hotline phones, was stopped from jumping) My Dad is a Paramedic for the St. Petersburg Fire Department he was there the night of the last death. But on the other side of the bridge at the same time there was a jumper that was saved. Heres just a little humor from this jumper when he jumped. he was sitting on the side of the bridge. He acted like he was about to fall into the water backwards like divers do when they go diving. So he held his nose and just fell backwards.
Hillsborough Sheriff,
05/20/06 MSNG ADULT ENDAN 1 SKYWAY BG 0301 0308, 0h07m
05/20/06 MENTALLY ILL PER 1 SKYWAY BG 0333 0652, 3h19m

05.25.06, sarasota herald-tribune, Body found of man who leaped from Skyway
Authorities have recovered the body of a 30-year-old Bradenton man who jumped from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge early Saturday.
A fisherman found the body of Jason R. Thomas about 3:15 p.m. off Rattlesnake Key in Terra Ceia Bay. A video camera atop the bridge captured Thomas' vehicle atop the bridge Saturday at about 3 a.m.
Manatee County sheriff's Sgt. Dennis Romano said authorities do not suspect foul play., Car found on bridge. Seen on surveillance cameras leaning over rail. Body recovered near Rattlesnake Key four days later.
04.28.06: possible jumper
04.28.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, INFORMATION 1 SKYWAY BG 2156 0315, 5h19m

five hours on an "information" call? any more info is welcome.
04.20.06: jumper, female, 01:14am, hit water, died, body recovered same day
Coren Nuckolls, 26
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
04.20.06, unknown, Tampa, FL., (04.20.06, female, died) On 970WFLA AM this morning the news stated there was a woman's body below the skyway and a abandoned car on the bridge. Possible jumper. this person later adds: Confirmed on FHP Troop C serving the Tampa, Pinellas, Brooksville, Lakeland area Incident # TBRC06CAD052713 4/20/2006 Suicide PINELLAS SKYWAY BRIDGE [7 BRIDGE SKYWAY] [ST PETERSBURG] 

04.20.06, John V., Parrish, FL., Local radio AM970FLA reported that a car was reported abandoned at the top of the skyway and that a female body was recovered from the water. The report stated that FHP does not confirm jumpers so as not to encourage copy cats. (we suppose it's wrong to report jumpers. maybe there should be no news of murders and all murders will stop. then stop reporting rapes and rapes will stop. if there were no news reports of child molesting, then that would stop too. report nothing bad and bad will stop. brilliant logic.)

04.20.06, boogerface, (04.20.06, 1:00am, female, no hotline phones, hit water) police call came in this morning

04.20.06, christine c., palmetto, florida, (04.20.06, am, female, died) radio wfla

any more info is welcome.
04.20.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 0114 0611, 4h57m, Seen parking car, jumping from bridge. Body recovered same day.
Coren Nuckolls

09.29.11, florida mugshots.
04.20.06, Christine c., palmetto, florida, I love your site. My boyfriend for three years had a employee of his recently fall back on her crack addiction. A woman, who I sent you the info, was reported jumping off the sunshine. he made a comment the night before that he hoped she would'nt jump. This is how I came across your site. I'm a former reporter from the west and have been in Florida for 4 years. I laughed at people who were mad about your site. I feel for people who loved ones jumped and ened their lives, but to jump off a bridge 197 feet and die in 3.5 seconds over money, man or a woman...makes you an idiot. Making them look stupid will have a better impact than remembering them as a great person. If they were that great thet would.'nt have jumped off a bridge. Hello  (apparently, this jumper is not the crack addict you thought she might be.)

04.21.06, Michelle, Clearwater, pretty sure it's a friend of mine, not your crack woman (we always suspect unverified reports, but post them anyway in an attempt to get the real story revealed. it appears that christine wasn't stating that this jumper was a crack addict, but simply trying to find some information. if you wish to add more to the real story, please do.)

04.22.06, Laura, St. Petersburg, Fl., Michelle, clearwater, her father is asking about her belongings and does not know where she had moved please post on site any more info. Thanks PS She was not a crack ho. (you are the first to mention the term, "crack ho". let's assume from here on out, that the jumper was not a crack user.) michelle responds: 

04.23.06, Michelle, Clearwater, I attempted to contact her father, but have not yet been in touch; however, I had not been in touch with her recently and do not know where she was living.

04.23.06, Sue, St. Pete. Fla., On the most recent jump- this young woman was a friend. she had many who cared for her. We are grieving along with her family. We are so sorry she took this way out. She will be missed. (we are sorry you lost your friend.)

04.23.06, Laura, Saint Petersburg, Florida, Come on just because the other women didn't say it (crack ho) turth of the matter is that most people don't say crack women get real. I do not know what happened to the jumper on 4/20/06 or why she did it just trying to help a mourning father put his daughter to rest so continue to have your pool. (not every woman that smokes crack is a "ho". you were the one that said it. were you getting real? let's argue about this for a long time yet.~) laura retorts:

04.24.06, Laura P., Saint Petersburg, Florida, Regretfully, I had no other choice but to use this site to get some information to her father about her belongings. I hope in your life time that you do not have to endure what these families go through when they lose someone like this and if you have lost someone like this I hope that this type of therapy is working. I am not going to sit a argue with someone who gets there kicks when someone kills themselves. Have a nice day. (good idea about the not arguing thing. sad when friends and families are so disjointed, this site is the only way they communicate with each other. you have a nice day as well.)

04.24.06, Charlene, Seminole, Florida, I think I know the last jumper, but have seen nothing in the newspaper, or her obituary. Can you tell me, aren't deaths public record? How can I find out if it was her? Thanks (in the past, skyway jumpers made the news every so often. lately, however, there have been zero news reports about jumpers, save for the only news organization that actually broadcasts the news, news radio wfla 970am. will they eventually cave to the jumper news blackout nazis? let's hope not. if anyone knows where public records can be accessed concerning jumpers, please let us know.)

04.25.06, AMY W., ST.PETE FLORIDA, my very close friend coren nuckolls jumped wed. off the top of the skyway. A cop was doing a drive by saw her turned around and in 2 minutes her door was open car running and she had jumped. She was 27 and her birthday was 2-days later. She would have been 28. If you know anything about Coren(IVY) please contact me (sorry you lost your friend. we will pass on anything we receive.) 

04.25.06, amy, st.pete., this woman was no crackhead, crack ho, or anything else like that. Her father did locate her things. But more info is needed .Who saw her last ,was she talking about killing herself , WHY!!!! I will ALWAYS love you beautiful!!! RIP For the 4/19/ jumper, we are trying to contact her father to arrange the funeral there will be an obituary in the paper this week sometime with all the info for freinds to say their goodbyes

04.26.06, AMY, ST.PETE FLORIDA, The jumper from 4/20 actually jumped 4/19 get the facts straight!! The funeral will be held in the end of May, look in the paper the last couple of weeks in the month. (it appears that she jumped very early on the 20th.)

04.27.06, friend, pinellas, The jumper on 4/20 was Coren Nuckolls and she would have turned 27 on Friday. She was a sweet girl with big problems, obviously too big for her to deal with. Alcohol and drugs make your mind unstable and if you don't know God as your best friend then you feel there is no way out. It is very sad and what is even more sad is the amount of people who mourn for her but continue to use drugs and alcohol. Her "friends" threw a party the following evening and every one shared shots of vodka (Corens favorite liquor) and talked about her jumping. One of her biggest issues was alcohol and drugs. It is a shame they never threw an intervention her way or tried to get her to believe in herself. A true friend would have encouraged her but I guess if you are abusing alcohol and drugs then you need to have someone to go down that road with you. It has been a very sad thing for me because even though we did not spend a lot of time together I still knew her well and wished I would have known what she was going through. It has completely changed the way I feel about life (I have never known anyone to commit suicide) and I pray that it will change the way people who knew her view life. (one wonders the power of vices and their hold on the weak.)

05.08.06, Chris, Seminole, My friend called about this woman. It happens that she went to the church where I work. I never heard of her. It's kind of macabre to get a phone call about a jumper ... someone you never knew the name of ... My friend called me so her father could get some sort of comfort. 
I don't know what I think about this site. I frankly don't think as much as you post the feelings of the family that it will make much difference to the jumper. People who are in the mind to commit suicide are in that mind. They frankly don't give a s**t about how others feel. Been there ... got the t-shirt, video, and the book. Not that I think this site is useless.
I did find out that if someone wants to know the name of a jumper, they just need to call the county morgue where the body was found. In this case the body floated to Hillsborough. 
My heart aches for this family. You only get half a story when you see that a jump occured. You don't know everything. If you could be in the middle of the drama how different would it make you feel? My heart aches for people in severe depression. (we do know the feelings suicide brings to the family. we too have been there. in our case, there was no t-shirt, video, or book. we figured it's what he wanted to do and so be it, buh bye.)

05.12.06, charlene, Seminole, Fl., When I first heard of your site, I was disturbed by it, but now I appreciate the fact that you are providing information on a taboo subject. It is only on your site that I have been able to get a better understanding of why my friend, (the latest jumper) did it. I will always be sad she took such a terrible way out of this life. She didn't deserve to go that way. She will always be in my heart. (thank you for your kind words. suicide is tragic. why it's a taboo subject, we do not understand. we feel bringing it's tragic outcome to light can only help, not hurt.)

06.24.06, Jayme, St Pete., FL., Amy, I am wondering if you can give me some info. One of Ivys friends is locked up, and he wants to know whatever info I can give him. please contact me thru [address withheld] I would really appreciate any info on news articles, memorial service info, website, anything! I will let you know who the info is for when you contact me. Thanks (we tried to forward your request to amy, but the mail was returned undeliverable. if she contacts us, we will try again.)

11.01.06, KEITH L., ST PETE, This site sucks coren was a beautiful person with problems upstairs that no-one could understand or judge shes at peace now and if anyone has anything negative to say about her contact me. Ill be more than happy to help you with your pathetic self! (we'll be sure to route any and all negativity to you.)

08.14.17, Joey k., Clearwater, Its 2017 now and just found out corey had committed suicide in 2006. I was involved with coren on a serious level at for lil while and were close friends
04.06.06: possible jumper, 8:16pm
04.06.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, INFORMATION 1 SKYWAY BG 2016 0133, 5h17m

again, over 5 hours for information? any more info is welcome.
04.04.06: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
04.05.06, William E., Yesterday afternoon, Pinellas County Sheriff doing area check Fort DeSoto Grid 771, and Bayway Grid 441. Again today grid 771, all by marine units. I check these sites regularly, and this is out of the ordinary.

any more info is welcome.

03.31.06: possible jumper, 10:49pm
03.31.06, Hillsborough Sheriff,  INFORMATION 1 SKYWAY BG 2249 0422, 5h33m

over 5 hours for information? any more info is welcome.
03.29.06: possible jumper, 1:24am
03.29.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGN 1 SKYWAY BG 0124 0449, 3h25m

on the scene for over 3 hours? any more info is welcome.
02.21.06: possible jumper
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
02.22.06, William E., Yesterday afternoon and this afternoon, Pinellas County Sheriff Office conducting 'Area Check Fort DeSoto Grid 771'. This is what usually happens after a jumper who has not been found yet.

any more info is welcome.
01.27.06: possible jumper, 9:30pm
01.27.06, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATT-INPR 1 SKYWAY BG 1837 1902, 0h25m

any more info is welcome.

date and name unknown: Troopers Avert Tragedy on Bridge
2006,, Florida's famous Sunshine Skyway bridge attracts all kinds - some thrill seekers, and some spectators. On a recent sunny afternoon on top of the bridge, troopers stopped traffic for a few minutes while they did their job to prevent what could have been a real tragedy.
Trooper Charles Edwards was parked on top of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge during a recent shift, when a cab driver approached him and told him that a customer he was driving to Bradenton had just jumped out of the cab and run to the edge of the bridge. Trooper Edwards responded to find a man who claimed to be armed standing partially hanging over the cement barrier wall.
Since the suspect was thought to be armed, troopers were called for back-up to stop traffic on the bridge. Meanwhile, Trooper Edwards began to speak with the suspect, hoping to gain his trust until help arrived. Moments later, Trooper Dan Cole arrived and assessed the situation. When the opportunity presented itself, Trooper Cole charged the man, placing him into a tight bear hug and pulling him down to the ground. Trooper Edwards immediately gripped the subject's hands while Trooper Cole secured the suspect.
The suspect was then searched and transported to a local hospital where he was Baker Acted by the FHP. Quick thinking, fast action, and bravery on the part of our troopers prevented a disaster and only inconvenienced the motoring public for less than ten minutes great job!

any more info is welcome. 

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