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2014-2019 • updated: 09.02.19

latest hates are at the top. (our responses to hates follow)
07.03.19, anon (Daniel F.), let's talk buddy instead of banning everyone that don't agree with you. Love you bro Never will forget you my friend (thanks for the warmth and love, even though we know who you are and that you do not mean a word of it. let us explain it one last time, for those of you that have been banned/blocked. people can and do disagree with us and what we do here and on the facebooks. we know, shocking, right?~  they have been disagreeing with us since we started in 1998 and we fully expect them to continue till the end. that is not the problem. we only ban people that refuse to stop harassing people and/or hurl insults and name calling like immature adultbabies at recess. we usually put up with quite a bit of bullshit, before we pull the ban trigger. if you've been banned, it's clearly not because you simply disagree with us. it's because you were a raging douche and we just grew weary of your online presence on our forum. when it gets to the point that merely seeing your screen name, means we may have to delete your post, we may as well delete you. when people start sending us private messages, detailing your personal attacks on them directly, hoping they and their "family die a slow death", then you need to get gone. keep in mind that we have never gone to anyone's page and polluted it with our presence or sent them harassing private messages. maybe if you apologize, ask "pretty please", and promise to play well with others, perhaps we'll give you another chance. at some point, we may clear the banned list and make everyone whole again anyway. could be that we are low grade masochists and dig the torment. besides, how else can we get all this awesome hate? these hate pages are not going to fill themselves!) update 12.27.20: we cleared the banned list and look forward to returning haters, spreading the love only they can spread.
09.02.19, anon, Waiting for our chat over a cup of coffee, please respond because I pay the tab (what part of "not going to happen" don't you understand? besides, we're perfectly capable of buying our own coffee and consuming it without the likes of you.) persistence

06.19, thread from (original thread has since been deleted):
•Daniel F., thanks again for posting this everywhere you can Phillip Aisheo is the future gay Havey Levin of TMZ LOOKING FOR DONATIONS BEWARE OF THIS GUY IS a scam . (we only posted this event on and our facebook page. someone else posted to, beyond our control. once someone publicly exits life, it becomes a public event that can and will be publicly made available to the public.)
•Lisa P., Do you get this upset and act like a child when your news paper writes obituary about him?
•Shelley D., Seriously grow up. All you are doing is proving mental problems run in your family. If he really gave 2 shits about you or your families feelings he would still be alive. He choose to make his exit in a public manner. He clearly knew there was a possiblity of people with camera's and was still ok with going out that way, then sadly you will have to learn to live with the choices he made. Sitting and ranting and making yourself look like a fool is why people are paying so much attention to it.
•Daniel F., Lisa P. No I don't ,but when Phillip Aisheo replys to a comment to a post to someone and said snap,crackle ,pop . That gets personal about my brother (get your quotes straight, we never said "snap, crackle, pop".)
•Daniel F., Shelley D. Go fuc... yourself you fat bitc.. and speak for yourself. You and Phillip Aisheo are both ... . Just looking for $$$$$$ from sponsors for this site. Karma is real remember that
•Daniel F., Phillip Aisheo coffee time my buddy . I got the tab ,your a great person to report as the gay son that Daddy never loved. But it is ok because you make alot of money with your sick ads to to put money in your pocket. My brother had problems and you post a picture of him before he jumped. That scum bag that taken picture will have karma 1000% to send to your scum bag website. Like your coffee with milk and sugar Mr. Asshole Phillip Aisheo? (and you wonder why you got banned.)

06.27.19, Ryley, Parrish, name: Anthony Deese, Heres my problem, one of my friends sends me a pic of her crying, saying that she had just seen someone at the top of the bridge and then she drove by a couple of firetrucks and police cars, she thinks its a jumper. I come to this website to check. Her uncle had killed himself not too long ago by suicide from the bridge so I can assume that she wasn't crying over the fact that she wasn't crying because she thought someone else did, but because she remembered her Uncle. I'm reading the things that you are repeatedly told and you know, I'm not suprised after reading what you wrote about him. I think the one that sticks out to me is the "you are unprofessional." one. Sure, what he has done was bad, and I'm not condoning crime, but from what I hear from my friend, when you say that it wasn't the typical depression based suicide, I disagree. I believe you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, good or bad. He was no mother theresa, but he certaintly is no Hitler. You say you feel sorry for the family but if you did, I don't believe you would say such things. Email me, I have more to say but I want to see if you'll respond. Go fuck yourselves, Ryley (that's ok, we do not need to hear more from you. your "Go fuck yourselves" pretty much said it all. look at us, responding and all.)

06.12.19, anon, facebook pm, You're posting the information of peoples loved ones, jumping to their suicidal death, hours after, while most of their loved ones are still unaware. (they were unaware and somehow randomly stumbled on the website and found out that way?) This is not breaking news. (actually, it is.) Have the decency to wait next time. (what would be your acceptable length of time, before posting the public news of the public event?) Your posts are uninformative (some find our posts very informative.) and lacking any trace of compassion. (we offer compassion to those deserving.) This is not the weather. (thank you, miss obvious.) These are peoples lives. The picture you posted of (her) father jumping off the bridge, has traumatized her. (we have no pictures of him jumping off the bridge.) And this is hours after she lost her father. This has caused extreme emotional distress for my friend. She has every right to sue sue for emotional distress and harassment. (so she voluntarily came to the website, we made zero contact with her, and yet somehow we harassed her?) I'm going above your head with this (oh no! not above our head!~), but in the mean time, I wouldn't post any more distressing images that cause PTSD. (what are your specific guidelines that determine "distressing images that cause PTSD"?) Won't look good for your case
If you tell me not to come to the page (do not come to the page.), like you told my friend, and furthered her PTSD, I will still find you and see this through (go for it.) And I will be back, weather (whether) I'll be on this account or another, is something you'll know (is there a time frame we can expect your retribution, or are you simply blowing hot air, thus furthering our PTSD~, with no intention of actually doing anything? won't look good for your case.)
This is blatant emotinal distress, that's illegal. You are not the law
thanks for stopping by. have a good day.
posted this link: why?

I'll be back 🙂 (hurry! can't wait!) And all the information is irrelevant to how you treated me friend, or the fact that you don't have the tact to wait an appropriate amount of time. I wonder how many other people would agree? (the answer is 9.) I might just find out. Goodbye for now (do have a great day!)
posted this link: why2?
I got it. I didn't ask why. (no, you didn't. all you did was make demands and accusations, with us having no shits to give.) I asked why you don't have the human decency to allow their families to grieve. You have caused extreme emotional distress, giving her PTSD. That is the bottom line. I don't care about your page. You refuse to get it. You've got the point now. I hope you can gain some compassion, again goodbye
The family will be in touch as the situation continues to develop (either do something or shut your yapping facehole.) and with that, we were promptly blocked. sad face emoticon!
update: as of today, still nothing from yapping facehole.

06.06.19, we have disabled the 'reviews' portion of the skyway bridge facebook page, due to the inability to monitor it's content, of those that have been blocked/banned. we have never denied the insensitivity of this website, the facebook page, or some of the things we and those that contribute have written. of course they can be. what we have said far too many times before and apparently must continue to say, is that if you do not like or want to read what people say about those that chose to publically end their life off the skyway bridge, please do not come to the facebook page or this website. if you choose to do so anyway and you do not like what you see, then it is on you. if you attack people for their opinion, with vile names, threats of violence, and even death or you're simply being über annoying, you will be blocked/banned. we allow the negative comments, as long as they are not attacking those that jump, us, or the commenting public directly, with vile hateful wordage. we do not have time for your nonsense. there are thousands of people that are put off by all of this and somehow, they found a way to not visit. it's weird that we must continually remind people that it is entirely possible to not visit areas of the internet that you do not want to visit. this decision was sparked by the 06.03.19 jumper incident:
06.06.19, Lorrie M., facebook/skywaybridge/reviews, 'doesn't recommend Skyway Bridge', insensitive disrespectful page I've ever seen
Skyway Bridge, thank you for your well thought out sentence fragment.~

06.05.19, Janna B., facebook/skywaybridge/reviews, 'doesn't recommend Skyway Bridge', Disgusting page made by a lowlife, no class individual.
Skyway Bridge, you know us so well.

06.04.19, Denesia C., facebook/skywaybridge/reviews, 'doesn't recommend Skyway Bridge', They have no respect ! They post pictures of people that have passed away from jumping off this bridge and then when families notice and complain they do NOT KNOW how to address it instead they disrespect the families with insults! Pure disgust!
Skyway Bridge, we only give as we get. if you wish to come at us with insults and threats, do not be shocked when you receive return fire.
• Lori G., It is sickening. They are making fun of these people.
• Denesia C., Lori G., it’s upsetting how immature and inconsiderate some can be to people going thru grief
• Lori G., Yeah. It seems like this breed is taking over a lot of things. Very scary of you ask me.
• Macy S., The pic was posted but I didn’t see the page make fun of anyone. Why are you defaming the page? There was barely any caption other than saying a male jumped and the time.
• Daniel F., Tiffani R., Well it's a picture of my brothers car and played and showing ready to jump. He was not a child molester or a criminal that ot needs to be posted by some scum bag driving and taking pictures when he had time to do that ,he could have pulled over to see if he needed help with car or anything. You snowflakes need to get a life (opinion: why people tend to not stop and help.)
• Denesia C., Tiffani R., u just gotta click on comments of their original post I’ve even screen shot some

• Macy S., Comments made by other people are still not made by "the page" so, you still did not explain how "the page" is "making fun of" anyone. People saying that the page is making fun of jumpers is defaming the page. You’re screenshot shows that the page admin says public suicide is public. How is this not true?
U do as u please And imma move on #not here to debate
• Nicole A., It’s probably Tiffani who’s writing from this bridge page haha
• Denesia C., Nicole A., riiight Lol
• Skyway Bridge, thanks, Tiffani (her comments were apparently deleted.) and Macy, some people are closed to facts and run with emotions, even when they are wrong and "not here to debate".

06.03.19, Lori G., facebook/skywaybridge/reviews, 'doesn't recommend Skyway Bridge', This page has changed and is ran by a disrpectful person/people. They are now posting pics of people before they jump. Disgusting.
Skyway Bridge, if you need help staying away, please let us know.
• Lori G, Typical narcissists. They have no empathy. Very weak individuals.
• Tiffani R., They tell the truth. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s illegal. This man chose to make his death public. Welcome to the Internet where public stuff gets posted.
• Lori G., They do not care and this is a HUGE red flag. The page is more about them getting attention, bullying and making fun of people/(deceased and alive). This page use to be run by mature individuals. I dont know what happened.
(obviously, you have our page mixed up with a much more mature one.)

06.03.19, Lori G., I am starting to wonder what type of individual is running this page. Too much bullying, negativity/disrespect for the families. We see enough of this as it is. I have removed myself from.this page..
Skyway Bridge, we miss you already.~
Lory H., Lori G., its true, Im shocked. Very unprofessional
Skyway Bridge, Lory H., we are professional at being unprofessional. we also recommend you stay away. if our methods conflict with your preferences, maybe follow lori g. out of here.
Lori G., Lory H., Yes. Narcissists/sociopaths are running it. Very degrading.
Skyway Bridge, Lori G., yet here you are still, forced to be here by our magical facebook tractor beam. it draws you in, like a moth to a flame. you flutter in close, whine and complain, then drift back, wait for validation, then flutter in again. it's adorable.

05.16.19, Jenipher H., (reacting to the 05.15.19 incident), facebook/skywaybridge/reviews, 'doesn't recommend Skyway Bridge', This page is very judgmental and applauds suicide if they feel it is warranted. So upset with the way people and the admin/creator of this page curses and "approves" suicide. Shame on you all and steer FAR from this page if you’re looking for comfort and/or guidance. God bless
Skyway Bridge, we are not here for hugs and kisses for criminals that violently attack people and then take themselves out. we do "approve" his suicide. if you need a safe space to coddle your feelings, you'll have to go elsewhere.
Jenipher H., See? This proves my post/recommendation as a negative. And I can’t even block the page. Maybe they’ll do me a favor and block me.
Skyway Bridge, we have had many that disagree with what we do, yet out of the 7600 or so people that follow the facebook page, we have had to block only 6 so far, because they were incredibly annoying, not just to us, but to everyone around them. all you had to do was unfollow/unlike the page. it's not like we would track you down and harass you like you did us. we did everyone a favor and blocked you as well. you're welcome, sweet cheeks.

05.16.19, Veronica M., facebook/skywaybridge/reviews, 'doesn't recommend Skyway Bridge', your heartless comments regarding a suicide off of "your" bridge is disgusting. you consider yourself a public figure on Facebook and yet you lead with such trash in that post!!! you make me sick.
Skyway Bridge, thanks for stopping by. it's visitors like you that help us deliver the best in criminal jumper news. 'like ' us and receive notice the next time you want to whine and complain about us approving the next worthy criminal jumper suicide. we hope you get well soon.

05.15.19, Ellen B., iontb/fb, (reacting to the 05.15.19 incident), Skyway Bridge for being a public "figure" in the area its a shame to be positing you are glad someone ended their life. If you feel that way, go to your own page instead of hiding behind a page you monitor. This man made bad choices and I dont think anyone is defending that. His life was not worth loosing even if it meant he was spending the rest of it behind bars. Shame on you to praise death on someone! (shame on you for standing proud for a pos multiple felon that would put a gun to the head of someone, in order to steal her car. he did society a favor by taking himself out and this public "figure" is happy he did.)

12.03.18, anonymous professional, comment on the facts... keep the opinions out of it when respnding to people... how do you keep something professional by diliberately being unprofessional? (we've been deliberately unprofessional since 1998. thanks for taking time out of your professional day and letting us know you noticed.)

08.25.18, Tammy D., (reacting to the 08.22.18 incident), I am requesting the "mugshot" pictures of Jimmie Bruner to be taken off of this website immediately, otherwise I will pursue legal action against the owner/operator of this website. (hello, first and foremost, we are truly sorry you lost your loved one in such a manner. suicide is something that those left behind will never get over or understand. what we don't understand, is why you request, then threaten, removal of publicly available public content that is made available publicly for the public. this includes items such as pictures, videos, press releases, news articles, obituaries, guestbooks, arrest records, and items publicly posted to other websites, such as facebook, youtube, google,, and various other public sources on these here public intertubes.
   we could have included this anonymous description of jimmie, but we declined:
"Claims disabled but not too disabled to look for drugs just wants that crazy check. Search pinellas county who's in jail. He gets a new mugshot every 18 months or so. Currently pulling a con on gay men for money or drugs. Looking for someone to pay his way in life. Petty con artist, crook & thief."
   we recommend that you get his mugshot images removed from the other sites first, then worry about this one. obviously, his life was a turmoil. maybe if he wasn't so into being a habitual criminal, he wouldn't have mug shots and perhaps, may not have jumped off the skyway. as a consolation, we will hide his record away for a period of time, then repost it in a month or so, along with his stolen truck report. then you can pursue your legal action and we wish you well with it. again, sorry for your loss.)

10.17.18, Beverly K., facebook comments plugin, First of all he's name was Jimmie Joe Bruner II and if that policemen wouldn't have jump the gun and got up on him he wouldn't have jump... our family has talked to the witness over the phone and he said the same thing, and posting the other stuff about the tractor trailer that happened a few years back and I think it's a disgrace for whom ever posted it and if anyone has anything to say about it my name is Beverly K. I was he's oldest Sister so please do call my number is 317-xxx-xxxx I live in Whiteland, In
10.17.18, Skyway Bridge, facebook comments plugin, we are sorry you lost your brother. we posted the tractor trailer news story, as it is a public news story, available to the public. there is also a public listing of his multiple mug shots and criminal history. we post these things to display a life's chaotic history, that possibly lead to his decision to self end his life. blaming the police for doing their job is a weak excuse. jimmie jumped because that's what he went up there to do. his life of crime lead him there and he ended it there.
10.17.18, Beverly K., facebook comments plugin, Just so you know he was a Veteran, he seek out for help at the VA. I have so much documents where all they did was put him on so many antidepressants and just let him go Florida's VA is NO BETTER then the one here in Indiana. I am Just saying there was no need to degrade him, As he's Sister I just think there was no reason for that information to be put out there especially right underneath the incident that occurred I don't care if it was public information, whomever didn't half to add that into the incident. But you know that's whatever I just think it's Sad!
10.17.18, Tammy D., facebook comments plugin, He was a Veteran that was kicked out of the army for being gay. When something like that occurs it will take a toll on anyone's mind. STRAIGHT or GAY... Any normal sane person would not have driven a semi like that, let me repeat myself..."ANY SANE PERSON" ... But because our country is so screwed up we have these Veterans out here that try to seek help and all they want to do is fill them up with antidepressants that obviously don't work, spend maybe 15 minutes with each Veteran, and send them on their way. Too many times he asked for help from the VA, too many times he was pushed Jimmie Joe Bruner II was a very loving and caring person. He would have given you the shirt off his back. Anytime he would see someone down..he would do his damndest to make them laugh. Jimmie had many friends that he didn't know personally..but would always listen and try to help if he could. THESE are things that should be posted. Not assumption of why someone took their own life. I will also add I am his little sister and if you would like to contact me please do so. I look forward to hearing from you. Tammy D., 317-xxx-xxxx Indianapolis IN.
10.17.18, Skyway Bridge, facebook comments plugin, the military has nothing to do with the crimes jimmie committed and the public nature of their reporting and archiving on the internet. i'm willing to bet the victims of his crimes, as well as the taxpayers that paid to prosecute and incarcerate him, are as equally unimpressed. he victimized people for personal gain and neither depression nor 'ptsd' is a pass. he may have been a "very loving and caring person" that was loved by all he knew, and we would thank him for his service and fight for his right to deserved healing, but apparently he had his douchebag moments too. he will be remembered for them both. pieces of the puzzle come together to form a picture of possibly why he publicly self eliminated and the public gets to know.
10.17.18, Tammy D., facebook comments plugin, Skyway Bridge Correction..Incorrect on so many levels..IF the VA treated him for his issues, I would guarantee you..this conversation/including all post would not be necessary. If the VA had taken care of this Veteran...instead of pushing antidepressant onto not just him..but to many other Veterans the outcome would be much different. You need all of the pieces of the puzzle to actually finish. When you have even 1 piece of the puzzle missing then you really do not get the full story. Regardless of any of this I know my brother would never intentionally hurt for all of the victims.. please know..this was not the Jimmie he used to be. Mental illness is not a joke. So please anyone who is reading this... know that there are people in this world that care. Please talk with someone..anyone. Because the pain and emptyness your leaving for your family is unbelievably heart wrenching. This is not the answer. You are not alone.
01.31.19, Beverly K., facebook comments plugin, Skyway Bridge To whom it may concern, Who are you to say the things you said when you (you) didn't even know him and I sure would really like to talk to you in person, but I know that this would not happen because you are hidden behind your words. So all I can say is that God forgives you. (one could only imagine what endless joy one might find in our meetup.~  we do not need to know someone, in order to say things about them, based on their history. do point out where we were wrong about the words we hide behind and we will retract and apologize.)

a facebook dialog about adam w.'s less than appreciated post about the 06.04.17 suicide:
06.04.17, Adam W., Still taking bets?
he was commenting about the former jumperpool guessing website.
several people were not amused, such as:

06.05.17, Carlos L., She was a dear friend of mine Her name was Celia Ruiz. Devastating loss. Some of the comments on here are simply terrible.
06.05.17, Carlos L., I can't believe that Skyway Bridge would allow such a post.
06.05.17, Skyway Bridge, i allow posts that do not directly attack jumpers or people on this forum. as a matter of fact, he was attacked first. he returned fire in defense. while his words are deplorable to some, they are otherwise not attacking anyone directly. anyone reading his very first post and taking issue with it, could very well skip by it. he's got a morbid sense of humor. there is no law against that.
06.05.17, Carlos L., Skyway Bridge than he should of taken his morbid thread and created his own. It is clear he did his job to create such a morbid post in regards to a mother of 3 who jumped from the bridge. Call it wrong timing but I call it commenting on the wrong thread. And totally disrespect to our dearly departed. He got what he wanted a reaction from people that he don't give a crap about. You finding his words deplorable should have driven you as a responsible person to take it down. As much as I hurt by her loss. Can you remotely fathom her 3 daughters reading this? If you can sleep at night with the thought you did right by leaving his post up. You are just as guilty. You can block me and kick me off this page. Just know anyone with a heart would not allow this post to remotely be approved by someone who monitors this page. By defending his post you are just as quilty of who wrote it. Totally disgusting.
06.05.17, Skyway Bridge your opinion is duly noted, however flawed it may be. the website, as well as this facebook forum, has and will always have room for all sides of the suicide discussion. it is the responsibility of the visitor to decide that this is an inappropriate forum/website/page to view or one worth poking around. the best way to disengage with those you disagree, is to ignore them into obscurity, not get into heated battles over words of which you take issue. once you engage those like adam, you set yourself up for battle. if you prefer to dispel with battle, walk away. as a matter of fact, skipping over his post would have revealed nothing about it. obviously, engaging him only fired him up and drew in others to join the fracas. now it's an issue. with all the kind words offered up from others about this event, some choose to focus on one person's twisted opinion. so much so, they want the hammer of authority to censor his opinions. in a free society, we must allow words to flourish, both good and bad. since the inception of the website, well before facebook, we put the responsibility on the visitor, to read what is offered or go away. it is up to the visitor to block, ban, ignore, hate, condemn, and/or register disgust. there are several pages of hate on the website. everyone gets a say and they all get posted. sorry you may disagree and we are truly sorry for your loss.
06.05.17, after deleting two of his comments, consisting of worthless name calling, we get this private message:
06.05.17, Kam R., Fuck you and that prick in the comments, that's my freedom of speech.
06.06.17, Skyway Bridge, and that's why you were disappeared. post as you wish, but the character of your comments, speaks well about the hideous person within. when you can not fabricate a cohesive debate and only slide into juvenile name calling, you are not worth anyone's time. we're sure you are a joy to have around. now run off and spread that special brand of douchbaggery, as only you can.

01.26.17, jennifer, Largo, FL., (reacting to the 01.25.17 incident), Hello - I don't understand why anyone would choose to take a photo of a person before they jump off the bridge. To make matters worse, the photo is posted on this site. I find this to be in extremely poor taste. I don't think you are using good judgement in allowing the photos to be posted or posting them if submitted to you. If it were your loved one, would you want to see a photo of their last moments of life, before they jump to their death? Probably not. Please remove the photos from yesterday and not post any of these photos in the future. (being as you left no method of reply, let us touch on a couple of your points, not that you're likely to come back for a look anyway. people will use their phones to take pictures of life, and in this case, death, as it happens around them. so if you wish to self-eliminate in the wide wide world of public, expect your last act to be recorded just as public. the photos get posted here because that's what we do, we report jumpers. we could post a few shots of bodies floating in the water, but even we have a line. it's just that our line is apparently different than yours. yes, if someone we know, friend or family, leaps from the bridge, they too will get the same reportage. it's already happened, so why not? we will post photos and publish names as we get them. we highly encourage you, as well as anyone else that takes issue with this horrid website, to stay away and never return.)

01.25.17, Maria H., facebook, This ranks at the top of one of the worst FB pages or websites I've ever seen. Do we really need a special place for people to gawk at photos of suicidal people? Twisted...
01.25.17, Skyway Bridge, it's worse that someone forced you here against your will. if you need help leaving, blink twice for 'yes', once for 'no'.
01.25.17, Maria H., no one forced me against my will. I clicked a link in another article, unaware of what the page was about. Your response to my disagreement with your page says all that needs to be said.
01.25.17, Skyway Bridge, so was that one blink or two?
01.25.17, Maria H., Like I said, all that needed to be said, you already said. Proves my point.
01.25.17, Skyway Bridge, please come back and tell me again, one more time.
01.25.17, Hanns Jones, What Bull Shit , Maria H. How dare you. Maria , go look at something else and state your option
01.25.17, Timothy G., Like I said, like I said
01.25.17, Hanns Jones, Skyway Bridge, You said nothing wrong. It is encouraging to know you can speak your mind. Please do not stop.
01.25.17, Maria H., Hanns Jones I can state my opinion wherever I want. I came across this site by accident and in my opinion, it has no value. You're opinion may be different but I'm no less entitled to mine. Or maybe you don't understand how that works?
01.25.17, Andrew V., No offense, but why do you continue to respond? If you're as offended as you say you are, why don't you just block this page? We get it, you don't like it. Move along. Less excuses, more solutions.
01.25.17, Maria H., Andrew V. great idea.
(maria blocked us and we have been disabled to comment further as 'skyway bridge'. sad face emoticon!~)
01.25.17, Barbara H., Maria H. if you look at this site you'll see there's useful info on suicide. No one makes fun of them.
01.25.17, Jennifer N. F., Maria H. if anything, maybe this page will show us that we can not ignore the fact that people are out there suffering-reach out-be aware-look for signs of depression in loved ones and friends.
01.25.17, Zachary T., Maria do you live in our neighborhood? Skyway keeps us informed. The mainstream media will not.
01.26.17, Adam W., You apparently haven't ventured very far into what kinds of pages fb has to offer. This is mild.
01.26.17, Novette D., Maria...let me explain the importance of this FB page and the website. First and foremost, like it or not, this is 'news'. Second, suicides are never even acknowledged in the State of Florida. Third, and a biggie, raising awareness of what is happening right in our own town. This is the last stop for these jumpers. Their stories need to come out and be told, not hidden like suicide does not exist.
01.26.17, John M. B., Novette, that was a thoughtful comment. I'm proud of you.
01.26.17, Novette D., John...awww..thank you! See, I do 'nice' too!
(thanks to those of you that responded for us.)

01.19.17, Sadie S., facebook, (reacting to the 01.18.17 incident), Really? You need to post a picture leading to his facebook? Do you have any idea about suicide and those left behind? The family has the rights to notify, when and if ready. Maybe someone needs to not know how, age or mental reasons.
To all of you, he is a number. A person who jumped, who ended his life, without any answers.
If you are so drawn to suicide, I will give you the hard cold facts of 30 years searching for answers to questions unknown. Trying to explain to a 4 year old, something you don't understand. Taking a newborn girl to their grave, saying here she is, but you were suppose to be here. The empty chair, that darn empty seat, because they are not there.
No mental or financial issues. No relationship problems. To be handed his personal property, including the tarp straps he hung himself with. To read, every scar of his, for every coin in his pocket counted and displayed.
That is suicide, those left behind will never be the same. The guilt, the blame, the judgement. The what if, if only, maybe I should of. You accept guilt, you are here they are not. To those left behind...if you need support groups, we have many.
01.19.17, Skyway Bridge, we get it, you're damaged by suicide. it's dreadful and will never go away. we too are familiar with familial suicide. it sucks. what can go away, however, is the desire to follow this page or visit the website. we invite any and all that take issue with what we do, to please stay away. go away from here and never go to the website. it's that easy. for all of those that wish to not be placed on the website for your family to see, please do not jump off the bridge. we wish you well and hope you cope with what you were dealt. it's been established that you hate what we do, yet here you are again. perhaps turning away from here, would save you from the painful reminder of your past. just a thought.

11.30.16, Frank C., facebook, (reacting to the 11.28.16 incident) please don,t post her name family needs peace...I know the family real,real well..I again ask yu to give the family there time and peace.May god bless them and the kids
11.30.16, Frank C., (just 3 minutes later) don,t post anymore stuff,very rude of yu fucks...
11.30.16, Skyway Bridge, starting with a 'please', working in your god, and then followed by name calling, works every time.~
12.01.16, Frank C., Please stop your posts then
12.01.16, Skyway Bridge, how about i delete the whole website, just for you?
12.01.16, Frank C., Yes that's great jerk off,smart ass Fuck!!!!!!
12.01.16, Skyway Bridge, you are my new favorite. i will hold your insightful prose, forever in my heart.
12.01.16, Frank C., Do you have a heart for these family's,jerk off????How about your mom or dad jumped off,would you like the world to know there names or if they had kids??Wake up!!!!!
12.01.16, Frank C., Boy your a dick,f you and your web site
12.01.16, Frank C., I will make sure family is aware of your posts,in time
12.01.16, Skyway Bridge, oh, frankie, you are just the cutest. you might suggest that the family stays away from the website. that would be the right thing for you to do. that and learn up on spelling and grammar.
12.01.16, Aidan C., Skyway Bridge Who ever you are you are one ignorant fucking piece of shit
12.01.16, Skyway Bridge, says the man with 44 friends and his brand spankin' new president.~
12.01.16, Nicky G., Frankie disappeared :-) Hope he doesn't talk like this in front of his kids!! Role Model "Not"!
12.01.16, Aidan C., I don't use the sadness of others to stroke my ego on Facebook , does it make you feel special Nicky. Some role model you are for kids ,you must be a Christian
12.02.16, Skyway Bridge, frankie gave up, much like aidan should. they point the finger of hate, but would be more accurate by doing so to a mirror.
12.02.16, Aidan C., Skyway Bridge You are a fucking pathetic piece of shit filling your need for attention by taking advantage of the sorry of others . People like you are nothing more than dogshit on a shoe a fucking annoyance that have to be scraped off and your stink still lingers . Does it make you feel special that people click on your FB page , does it make you think you have actual friends ? This lady had friends she had a husband and three kids they are more important than your "Facebook Friends " you pathetic fuck
12.02.16, Skyway Bridge, one can only imagine the joy you must bring to those around you. no doubt you continue to drive everyone away with your endless ranting about your new president, all while hiding your profile picture behind a car you will never have. sad how a tiny penis can drive a man to such a low, he will wallow in hate and venom, in order to boost his self-esteem. i hope one day you will find the joy you no doubt are lacking in your vile hateful life.

11.17.15, anon, "Your far away local jumper structure?" You want names, reasons, rhymes? PATHETIC! You want Tips? I hsve a Tip for YOU. Don't make it so easy for a troubled person to JUMP this bridge!!! (yes, that's what we do, we make it easy, yet here you are still.~)

10.19.15, anon, believe me, someone who has known what it feels like to want to jump to their death... This website with all of it's attempts at guilt or scare tactics referring to how long a person may live in terrible pain after they jump, crush their vital organs, and writhe in pain until they finally drown sickens me... absolutely sickens me. I came upon this after my sister jumped from this bridge. You talk about how people who commit suicide bring pain and shame upon their families... You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF (your sister jumped and you want to jump. what the hell is going on in your family that drives it's members to that horrid end? everything you said was and is correct, except the us being ashamed part. we strongly recommend you peruse this.)

06.18.15, anon, Your comment to suicidal people is disgusting. Saying that they bring shame and hurt to they're families only adds to their already broken psyche. And there is absolutely no shame in suffering so badly that you feel that killing yourself is the only way out. I myself have attempted suicide. Am I a shame to my family? No, I'm not. I have four mental health diagnoses and a life full of abuse and poverty. To call me shameful for that is grossly wrong and untrue. Before I tried to kill myself I pictured my mom finding me. I pictured my family frantic and crying. I knew what it was going to do to them. To say that they have an obligation to other people says that their thoughts and feelings don't matter. I urge you to take your "notice" down and learn more about mental health and suicide. You have a lack of empathy and it clearly shines through. We go through enough without being made to feel even more disgusting and guilty. You do not have my permission to use or post this message or my name anywhere. (you can not go off on our opinion about how we feel the suicide practitioner brings shame and hurt to families, and then paint a picture of your family, hurt by your self-induced demise. while you might not feel shame, being as you are dead, your family would. they may feel shame with you now, they just hide it from you. you can not declare positively that you would not be "a shame to my family", as you would never know how they reacted to your successful suicide. they would also wallow in a deep hurt that would never go away. we did not say suicidals "have an obligation to other people", we simply describe a skyway suicide jump, offer an opinion of their suicide/attempt aftermath, and suggest they perhaps get help to overcome their suicidal tendency, thus avoiding suicide and hurting their family and friends. your opinion that our approach shows "a lack of empathy" has been duly noted and promptly rejected. we do have our permission to use or post this message without using your name anywhere. did you really think you could spout off like that and give us no recourse to respond? besides, it's not like you'll come back to read this anyway.)

01.05.15, David, Bradenton, FL., What type of service do you think you are providing with this garbage? Have some compassion! (our only service is to troll for hate mail and today we achieved success!)

09.29.14, Laurie L. S., facebook, why don't you install a fence too tall to climb, a net, SOMETHING? Do you find peace that you have so many suicides from this bridge? It's insane that you take NO action to stop it.
10.03.14, Skyway Bridge, are you suggesting we sneak up to the skyway, maybe at night, and install a fence along the edge or net under the bridge? just who is the insane one here?
10.21.14, Jessica S.S., Because the person running a social media site about people who jump from the Skyway has complete control over the bridge and what security measures the county/state approves.... duh! It's all YOUR FAULT you stupid bridge....
10.22.14, Laurie L. S., I actually posted because I was horrified that the nothing appears to be done to prevent so many suicides on the bridge. It also appears to me that in light of the number of suicides that have occurred in the past, there are many to come in the future. My post was out of concern, not to provoke comments that are just plain rude and smart ass in nature. My post was to express that nothing has been done - some safety feature, of ANY sort, after the large number of suicides that are documented that have occurred on this particular bridge. Apparently, I posted on the wrong page, and a simple message to convey this was all that was necessary. I admin a page on fb as well, and have a heck of a lot more tact when there is a post that is not in line for the purpose of our page, or has inappropriate content, etc.. I don't appreciate the child like remarks. My concern was out of genuine concern and compassion for the high numbers of people who appear to drive to the top of the bridge, pull over, and just jump. I looked at several pages on "the bridge" and thought yours was the one that would be the one to post on. Obviously I was wrong, made the wrong choice, did not read thoroughly enough about the page and its' purpose, and will not post on your site again. I just am appalled at your statements ------- even if I posted my remark on a page that was not designed to receive it, an advisement was all that was necessary, and perhaps a referral to a page that my remark might be heard and be more appropriate on. Surely I am not the only one who has made some comment about why no action has been taken. Isn't is a shame that social media has made it so easy for people to be so awful, when my remark was CLEARLY out of concern that nothing has been done by those with the ability to do something.
10.22.14, Skyway Bridge, so let's get this straight, you barge in here, appalled that we have done nothing on the bridge to stop suicides, going so far as to insinuate we're insane for not taking action, and then get butt hurt because we didn't answer to these demands as you would have expected. instead, we offered only "rude, smart ass, child like, awful remarks". does that pretty much sum it up? look, sweetcheeks, we run a stupid website, what power do we have? we did post a page about a possible solution and have pointed it out to the trolls in charge of the bridge. what more can we do? instead, you proceed to get panty wadded and drone on and on about it, almost as if we cared. in the future, perhaps begin your initial contact with more a cordial greeting and less an insultingly demanding post. ask your questions as if you really want an answer, then maybe follow up with a brief response, instead of a lengthy diatribe about how badly you were treated, because we didn't properly respond to your eminence. so, laurie, enough about that, what are you wearing right now?

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