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2008-2013 updated: 09.30.13

latest hates are at the top. (our responses to hates follow)

02.19.10: Erin Macinnes, executive office of the governor.

09.30.13, Sadie S., facebook, Really people get a grip and a see this as what? a joke? Every person that jumps from the friggin bridge has loved ones whose life will be forever changed...each holiday, birthday and anniversary is just it is the date of birth, the day they chose to end their life and the day we buried them. Suicide is not a persons death, it is a death that claims family, no one can explain one understands it. It is not the way to leave, no good bye, no last hug, no I Love You... just the final act for something that could change tomorrow. Each person that jumps off this bridge is not ending their lives but also destroying the dreams and hopes of all who loved them. This act is final, no second chances, no wait, life on earth is better, no I am coming home. We get to visit a grave each time, thinking why was our love NOT enough, what did I not see, how could of I stopped this? So while you are sitting stuck in traffic, think of the mother who lost her son, the wife losing husband, the child losing a parent, sorry but if you hate traffic.. then walk! Maybe all of you out reporting this pain should sit in my shoes... explain it to a child. Have you ever thought of all those faces you walked by, avoiding, crossing the street to not be on the same hello, one look could of made them change their mind? No you are too busy taking friggin pictures? No I do not need pictures of his death, I read an autopsy.. I can tell you how many pennies, dimes and nickles were in his pockets, each scar on his body... yet no one remembers his name. Karma, it does come so when you think of this as news, worth taking pictures, wait until it happens to you... because suicide is growing at an alarming rate and those who judge it make it increase! (we have made our opinion of suicide very known. we have never held back our declaration that suicide is a right we have, as our life is ours to take, anytime we wish to take it. we have also indicated too many times that suicide should be a private affair, involving one person in a solemn location, out of the public eye. when someone chooses to perform their last dying act in the public presence of hundreds, if not thousands of spectators, they lose all expectations of privacy and decorum. it becomes an event and this event was scheduled during rush hour. in the current digital age, with everyone having full access to high quality recording devices at any given time, any event in the public eye has the potential to be photographed from every angle. right or wrong, this technology has made everything immediately viewable globally and there are people willing to post and view anything and everything. all that being said, we do share your opinion of who the real sufferers of suicide are, those left behind. the public skyway suicide performance is an additional slap in the face of those that know and love the suicide practitioner. we get it, but we also fully understand those that want to share an experience not all that many people have.)

05.24.13, marion, maryland, Please educate yourself on depression and suicide before you make an insensitive site like this. The line "Suicidal people need to know you bring pain and shame to yourself, your friends, and your family. it's not a free pass to end your misery. it's simply a way to transfer your hurt and sorrow to those that know and love you" in particular is ignorant, hurtful, and clearly written by someone who has had no personal experience with depression. I understand that you are trying to take the romance out of suicide, but misrepresenting the facts and being willfully ignorant and callous about a life threatening disease is NOT the way to do it. Implying that those suffering from suicidal feelings are doing it to be "selfish" is wrong, and those words in the ear of someone who is actually suicidal may have a devastating effect. Please educate yourself and reword your statements if you feel any sort of compassion to those suffering from mental illness. (again with the walking on eggshells about depression dialog. we firmly stand behind our actual statement that "we feel suicidal people need to know you bring pain and shame to yourself, your friends, and your family. it's not a free pass to end your misery. it's simply a way to transfer your hurt and sorrow to those that know and love you.". of course, you conveniently left off the "we feel" part to better justify your point. it's as if our opinion means as little to you as yours means to us. if you want to list facts, then fact: depression is curable. fact: people committing suicide because they are depressed is selfish to those left behind. fact: we never implied they "are doing it to be selfish" and now "those words in the ear of someone who is actually suicidal" have been put there by you, not us. you failed to leave a return email address [big surprise~], so we doubt you will return here to read how little we care about your misquoted statements and how we don't give a rat's ass that you think we are ignorant because we think this way.)

01.06.13, Nick D., by email, Dear, I have a few concerns I would like to express in regards to your website. First is the URL. It is highly inappropriate to represent the skyway bridge and Tampa community as a whole and could be very misleading. For instance, a tourist with interest in the Tampa Bay Area and our world-famous bridge would probably not be attracted to visit our area after seeing your website.
Second, I feel you are highly insensitive to families and have no respect for your wishes. You may legally have a right to post what you do, but that doesn't make you any less sick. It seems as if you get off on telling families that you have a right to post what you do with any sympathy, and your "apologies" seem very cold and sarcastic.
It seems as if you bought the URL in the pioneering days of the Internet before people were fully aware of the future negative implications. I am sure if it was 2008 instead of 1998, the city of Tampa would have bought the URL.
I feel your website preys on victims and people with a heart, however it is technically legal. I have reported you to my local congressman, governor, FDOT, and the police encouraging them to enact legislation. Fat chance there, I know. However, I have faith that local news media can put your face on TV so people will at least know the sick man profiting off of people's misery. News channel 8 on your side had already received a letter. I hope they take a video of you frantically scurrying to cover your face from the public.
Thank you for your time I'm sure your family is very proud of you especially your mother. Sent from my iPhone
01.06.13, our reply, posted on this page, with the page link emailed to:
dear nick, we too have a few concerns. first is the fact you feel should perhaps be a showcase for tourists and locals, showing the dynamic bridge and all it's glory. maybe some pages detailing the wonderful beachery available nearby. it should surely not mention how all too often, people take their own lives from the bridge, as apparently we must shelter everyone from that knowledge. we doubt that there has ever been a single person contemplating a visit to the tampa bay area, that has changed their mind after seeing this site. some may forgo a trip across the bridge because of it, but we're willing to bet even more make a special trip across the bridge, because of this site. they'd like to see this beautiful piece of jumper architecture. second, we feel we are sensitive to families and what they go through when someone they love so publicly takes their life off the bridge. we know. we are family of a bridge jumper suicide. you may see us as sick and we are ok with that. others see us as the only news they can get concerning the bridge and the global status it has become as a suicide bridge. quite often, friends and families of jumpers are kind to us and appreciate this. we don't get off on proclaiming our right to have this site, we just have this site as a right. our apologies may seem cold, but that is just your opinion. keep in mind we have had people on the edge of suicide that back away because of this site. you have no idea the years of personal contact we have had with those in need of help, that are still in contact with us now. we feel we have saved lives. the domain was purchased after the original owner let the domain expire. we grabbed it up and pay only $20 a year for it. perhaps you wish to buy it. great idea! pony up some cash and buy all this! you will be credited as the one that ended this travesty of a website! then you can create the vacation destination website of your dreams! we feel our website can be easily ignored by anyone, especially people associated with jumpers and you. to ban or remove any website, simply because someone doesn't like it, would likely eliminate every website on these internets. there are thousands of sites we find deplorable. we don't visit them. by staying away from them, they have no negative effect on us. as a free nation, we have no right to not be offended. we must, as a free nation, allow people to have free speech. we have recommended that any and all detractors of this site stay away. we ask that you do so as well. report us to anyone you want. your desire to legislate away free speech, leads us to believe you are more into totalitarianism than freedom. what other rights do you want to take away from americans, nick? finally, you turn into someone that wishes to see harm come our way. you seem to be a very angry person. alas, there is no legislation that bans the likes of those wishing to remove our rights or hoping harm befalls others. too bad. we are sure you have contacted no one about this website and only like to see your threatening words in print. perhaps it's all part of your control issues. we're sure we are not the only victim of your dominating ways. thank you for your time and we'll let mom know you said hello.

01.06.13, Nick D., by email, Your display of my comment in your hate mail section instead of replying to me one-on-one like a man has gave me a better clue to who I am dealing with. A person of no honor or dignity. A person with apathy towards morals and common decency. I am not attacking free speech, just standing up for the families who have become too mortified and mentally scarred to respond to your website. I defend their rights, not the rights of sociopaths. Glad to know mother says hello. Some traits are obviously genetic.
01.06.13, our reply, again posted here. maybe nick will return to read it:
we doubt there is a machine on the planet that can measure how little we care about you or your opinion of this. apparently, we never got your "nick's official man manual" and studied up on your rules about 'how to respond to letters'. why reply "
one-on-one", when we have this swell hate mail section? many of our visitors love to read the golden nuggets of hate that guests like you bestow upon us. like we said, feel free to stay away from this website. finish reading this and go away. as an official representative of grieving families everywhere, you should perhaps spend more time writing website warning letters about those bad bad websites and less time whining to us about it. go ahead and patrol the interwebs and report to the authorities, all those websites that you don't like. let us know how that's working out for you. are websites falling to the wayside because of your undying crusade for moral decency? or perhaps just like us, maybe they too just assume you are one of many meddling karen blowhards that have nothing better to do with their internet time. this sociopath hopes you have a good day.~

05.20.12, james, Florida, I understand the reason for this site is to possibly allow you to cope with a possible suicide in your life, but in reality it just gives all of you "busy-bodies" something to do. Leave the people who have experienced this horrible tragedy alone..... ignoring this request will result in substantial consequences. -anon (oh my, anon james drops by and makes a vague threat. bring it, get to consequencing substantially.)

12.06.11, Stephan M. R., facebook, Wow! You guys are sad. I have a fucked up sense of humor...and I have to admit. before my 19 year old step daughter killed herself at the skyway, I may have thought your comments were cynical but not really funny. More of a vague attempt at humor. The sad thing is how you treat it as some positive quality to make yourselves feel better about bragging, almost paying yourselves on the back for being so heartless. I would, in most cases, never wish that tragedy upon anyone and I will not in this case allow your ignorance to change my mind in this situation but please don't confuse sarcasm with stupidity. (we re-read the former facebook thread, trying to see where we are making fun of people jumping off the bridge and didn't see it. we did state the truth about the possibility of becoming a human vegetable if you manage to survive the jump. obviously, you have a personal relationship with this bridge suicidal, so we imagine any mention of suicide, bridge, sarcasm, and such in the same conversation, is seen as "not really some positive quality to make yourselves feel better" and stupid. we're sorry your 19 year old step daughter did that to you and your family. she caused tragic change in your family. a change that will effect the family forever after. by your very words, your outlook on this sort of discussion has been altered, so perhaps any discussion that does not strictly involve words of compassion and solace would be seen as "heartless". we are not here to allow our ignorance to change your mind in this situation, nor are we here to put forth endless 'hallmark card' worthy dialog. we are here to discuss, in our own perhaps twisted way, the past, present, and future of people that choose to jump off the skyway bridge.)

03.14.11, Jane Doe, Any City, You are pathetic. You need to get a life and stop posting things that hurt people related to the 'jumpers' as you call them. I only wish you'd jump and do us all a favor. (suggest a better word to describe jumpers other than jumpers and we will stop calling jumping jumpers jumpers.)

10.19.10, turdburgler, tampa, fl., One day, when you are burning in hell, you will regret how much pain you caused others with this mockery of a website. This sort of website makes me sad as to the state of human affairs and the fact that ANYONE is cruel enough to exploit the pain, suffering, and loss of suicide. You must live a pretty pathetic existence. Please do the world a favor and headbutt a knife. (it never ceases to amaze us just how self righteous you hypocrites tend to be. you condemn this site, which is fine by us, but then you judge us to hell and express your sadness "as to the state of human affairs" by wishing we would, as you so eloquently put it, "headbutt a knife". at least you gave us the opportunity to update this hatemail page, and for that, we thank you.)

07.31.10, Phil C., Sick Fuckers!!!! If you want to talk about the jumpers as if they are trash, then don't make an effort to save them or write about it. They jump because they do not want help and the Skyway is a perfeect place to not receive it. Do all suicidal people a HUGE favor, if you see a splash next to your boat, paddle on, we were content without your heroics. Otherwise, we probably wouldn't be on the bridge in the first place. This site in no way, shape or form is an effort to prevent suicides, only a forum for sick fucks to get the gory details that the news refuses to broadcast for good reason. Want to see the crime scene photos of my father's suicide by 9MM in the mouth? Bet you sociopaths would. (we only talk about "trash" jumpers when we feel they deserve death and we indicate those on the name list with a 💀. some people may come down on jumpers for whatever reason, but that is simply their opinion. your email made total sense, once we got to the part about your dad taking himself out in a completely visual and gory manner. obviously, you are pissed off about it. so much so, you lash out at this website. we hope it makes you feel better about what you were dealt, but we doubt it. you speak out for suicidals like you are one of them and have some sort of special status to do so. no, you are not qualified just because dad opted for the early dirt nap. try to not be so bitter in your life, just because dad couldn't handle his. be stronger than him and lighten the hell up. please seek help if you truly start to feel the need to follow your dad's path, as that is not your natural path, but one you may be drawn to. we wish you well.)

02.12.10, Agnes, Spain, No wonder, when I come across this by any chance, why America is SOMETIMES a F** SICK PLACE to live with psychotic douchebags just like you and your readers are. LOW KEY morals you guys have. I don't see the POINT in making FUN of one person and family tragedy. Anywhere in Europe, you would get sued and jailed for encouraging a crime. (your thinking that america is "a F** SICK PLACE to live" comes from your lack of understanding about our freedom of speech. what crime are we encouraging? suicide is not a crime in florida and we never encourage suicide. see how wrong you socialist europeans are?)

12.16.09, from a article that is no longer online:
happybutterfly, Sad that it has a "jumper pool", where people guess when the next person will jump off the bridge. (happybutterfly? how many cats do you have?)
PATSWIFEY, there are some real sick people in this world. that website is a disgrace. how horrible to make fun of something so awful. (how sad for pat.)

10.14.09, anon, this website is sick and terrible and you don't need to put this kind of information on here much less joke about it thinking "who the next jumper will be" you have no right to have this here and if you've ever felt the pain to know someone you love with ALL of your heart has done such a thing you would understand why it hurts to see this here. suicide is not a joke, don't take it as one, ever. "jump on in, the water's fine" are you some sick freak? I was ELEVEN when my dad killed himself, do you know what that puts on me? ELEVEN YEARS OLD. AND IT'S ON THIS SITE. You're just sick and wrong and don't even know the whole story EVER so just do everyone a big favor and delete this site (while it's true we do not know the whole story behind any of the jumpers we list on this site, we feel it's perfectly fine that we post the results of those that chose to jump off this public conveyance. we are sorry your father chose to leave you like he did. in the end, who is the cruelest one? us? no, it was him. we did not push him off the bridge, he jumped. the "jump on in, the water's fine" part was posted at the top of the guessing form we used to employ. it was a simple pun inferring the entering of a pool. [the 'jumper pool' feature has since been removed from the site.])
10.16.09, anon, As much as I'd like to say "I hope it happens to you one day" I don't. I really hope this site is actually here to prevent it. & my dad was a great man, like I said, you just don't know the whole story, he wasn't cruel, this site is because you're cocky about suicide, it's not funny, nobody thinks it's funny. Don't think of this as "hate" mail, it's more of me just telling you the truth. (are you sure that your dad would have jumped, had he had this site to look over? we're not sure knowing the whole story really matters. with all the other more private options to end one's life, he chose to go all public, involving several agencies and many on the bridge at the time. while we admit that our approach is perhaps less than appealing to many, it is a source of news about the jumpers off the skyway for many more. again, we are truly sorry you lost your father. we know personally about suicide in the family, it hurts, we get that. you can read more about why we do this here.)

Dina Ann F., As someone who used to answer the other line of that telephone at the top of the Skyway Bridge, that is FUCKED Up! (...thank you for calling the suicide hotline. press 1 if you are going to shoot yourself. press 2 if you are going to jump. press 3 if you are going to take pills. press 4 if you have no idea how to kill yourself and need some ideas...~)
Dina Ann F., How sad is it when you must stoop to a level so low to create some sort of satisfaction in your life... Doesn't suprise me I guess, this is America... (no stooping involved at all, actually. straight out sarcasm, it comes pretty easy.)

06.07.09, Abby A., I logged into your site simply because I wanted to get your contact info. to send you this message. I know that you think you are funny. I know that you have a morbid fascination with suicide and that it feels good for you to pass judgement on people. I also know that you probably get emails like mine on a daily basis... I can almost guarantee that this one will not make a bit of difference in your world. Hurting people is obviously a passion of yours and I don't expect you to change. I also don't expect you to show the slightest bit of compassion. You love controversy and inflicting pain. But I'm sending this anyway because I need to tell you what a bad person you are. How do you sleep at night knowing that you hurt people and pour salt into the wounds of families who have suffered from a loved one's suicide? You make an already devastating situation worse. Our society is not accepting of mental illness and it's because of people like you.
I won't tell you about my experience with depression or what it feels like to lose someone you love to suicide. I thought about sending you pictures of my brother, in an effort to extract some sort of compassion from your hateful heart. But you know what? You don't even deserve to see what he looked like and I won't trash his name or legacy by having someone like you pass judgement on him. And what, exactly, are you trying to promote with your ridiculous website? You post comments on news stories about suicide, directing people to your site. Why? The only conclusion that I can come to is that you like hurting people. So, Congrats!!! It works! Are you proud of yourself? You must have some sort of preconceived idea of what a suicidal person is like... desperate, weak, etc. You have no clue. Depression does not discriminate based on looks, age, social status, etc. It can affect anyone and the majority of people are very good at hiding it. Remember that. You judge now but what if it were your mother, sister, daughter, son, brother? Would you be so quick to judge then? Depression is a life-threatening illness just like cancer or AIDS. People don't choose to be this way.
My passion in life is to be a suicide prevention/ depression awareness advocate. I am writing a book on the subject, and everything I stand for is the polar opposite of everything you stand for. About your little disclaimer at the beginning of your website... so, that's how you cover your ass? Kind of like an, "I told you so... enter at your own risk?" Your ridiculous bumper stickers and poorly-written content clearly showcase what an ass you are. I pity people like you who have so much hate in their hearts for the things that they don't understand. You call jumping off the skyway an 'asinine stunt.' Obviously, you consider yourself superior because you don't suffer from depression. But you're not superior. What you are is lucky... lucky that you don't understand it. My brother was a far better person than you - he had a heart of gold, and your heart is black. (maybe we are a little funny at times. maybe we use humor to help get through life. we do not have "a morbid fascination with suicide". it's more a simple interest that evolved into this poorly-written website. we have not passed judgment on anyone other than those that chose to pass judgment on us. we do offer our opinion on jumping and that perhaps more is made out about depression then should be. you are correct, your email will not make a bit of difference in our world. you are writing it from the point of view in that we obviously have no idea what it is like to lose a loved one to suicide. you are wrong. we have, so what? we could go on further explaining our point of view, but we have already done so too many times on this ridiculous website. you are so sure of our intention, that reading into it is not worth your time and effort. that's ok. hurting people is not a passion of ours. our purpose is obviously not obvious to you and we will spend little time expecting you to understand. our society is perhaps not accepting of mental illness, because it is used far too often explaining away the ills of society. too many people are jumping (no pun intended) on the mental illness band wagon, in an effort to explain away their own lack of responsibility and taking far too many legal headmed drugs as a consequence. people like us point out this fact and people like you do not like it, refuse to understand it, and then call it hateful. pictures of your brother will extract about as much compassion from our black heart as pictures of our loved one that committed suicide. depression is not a life-threatening illness just like cancer or aids. depression can be over come easier, even without drugs. your brother could have beat his depression, whether you want to believe it or not. we applaud your passion to be a suicide prevention/depression awareness advocate. may you have much success in your endeavors and your book, although we wonder how well another book on a shelf with the hundreds of other depression related tomes will do. we will continue to try our method with our little disclaimer, ridiculous bumper stickers, and poorly-written content. we don't expound hate, we are simply trying a different approach. we do not get emails like yours as often as you think. we post all these type of mails here and within the annual jumper pages. we invite you to read every one of them, but you won't. our mail is mostly favorable from visitors and believe it or not, family members effected by suicide. they seem to get it. you can continue to see us as cold black hearted haters. we will continue to see you as a myopic detractor with no intention to understand. that's ok too.)

04.22.09 Rachel, jumper name: Me..... Soon...., I would love one of those tee shirts... rachel requests a 'dive team shirt', along with an indication that perhaps she will jump. then the next day, she lays into us:
04.23.09 Rachel, Speaking as a paramedic for the past 23+ years....all I can say is I hope potential jumpers DO NOT go to your website.... If they are considering going over the side of the Skyway...the last thing they need to read is your song and dance of how selfish it is not to think of the ones left behind... While that might work for someone who has people who care....what about those who have no one who care...or worse one at all... When I read your message to potential jumpers...I could do nothing but sit here and shake my head... While I understand that you don't physically push the person over the edge... As you so often say.... You sure as hell DO NOTHING to deter it... You'd get much further if you used a little compassion and understanding... Do you think the emergency workers who talk people off that bridge are as seemingly heartless as you and lay guilt trips on a potential jumper about the relatives and friends they will leave behind if they do the deed? I guess it's a good thing you just sit behind a keyboard and do your damage and are not the one responsible for actually trying to save that persons life... For all the good you would may as well as just go up to them amd push them off...(if you truly think someone contemplating suicide off the skyway could not possibly be deterred from doing so after reading this site, then you are wrong. we believe that smacking potential suicidals with reality is far better than the "compassion and understanding" coddling you suggest. whether they have loved ones or not, showing the pain and suffering left behind or the pain and suffering they will themselves endure, it is the explicit reality we suggest they be hit with. when the first responders approach someone on the edge of the bridge, ready to jump, we recommend they show graphic photographs of past jumpers while verbally describing the outcome, to hammer home true reality. your methods do not work. while you confuse us, we will let you know if and when we get more shirts made.) but wait, there's more:
05.05.09 Rachel, I am not saying that your site is all bad..or for that matter...all wrong.... Maybe it has deterred some..... Though I can't imagine how.... Unfortunately I have read many of your responses to other comments and I think you could give a sh*t less anyway.... Out of curiousity...are you a trained professional on the do's and don'ts of a crisis situation? I am...and I know that each potential jumper is different in that they respond differently to what is said to them as they are looking 200 ft down.... I hate the word coddle... I prefer to call it compassion...something you obviously know nothing about.... ease up on your confusion....keep the shirt.... I was going to send it to you anyway.... Maybe YOU will join the club...(our giving a shit or not has nothing to do with how we feel jumpers should be treated. we are of the opinion that it's one's own responsibility as to how one lives one's life or takes it. they are responsible if they kill them self. if you truly want to end suicides off that bridge, you need to do more than what is being done now. we had a record number of jumpers in 2008. things are getting grim and your job will be secure, because things are going to get grimmer. people are going to snap in many different ways, many of which are violent. sure, you are a "trained professional", but that does not grant you sole authority in how things should be handled when it comes to crisis handling. apparently, compassion and understanding fail quite often. why not get in the face of potential jumpers? why not try something shocking and extreme? why not let a little common sense dictate proceedings for a change? it would seem that common sense is the common sense thing to do in most every case concerning most every problem we have. yet so called "professionals" and jackasshole politicians screw with the workings of common sense until we now run every aspect of our lives with convoluted bullshit and political correctness, to the point things are at an all time dysfunction. we wish you much luck in your endeavors to save the lives of those in need. please stay safe.)

04.16.09, suzie, denver, co., How about you all go and jump off the bridge to see how it feels for yourselves, since you seem to know so fukking heartless pieces of shit ( and I do mean that wholeheartedly) (one would not have to jump off to understand how it might feel. we do know that fucking much. so suzie, what are you wearing?)

04.16.09, Coley, clearwater, fl., This site makes me sick!!! I hope you all feel good going to sleep at night. (the tempur-pedic bed is in fact, extremely comfortable. thank you for your concern and we hope you get well soon.)
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