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updated: 11.29.18
items and links listed on this page may change or disappear at any time.
as it turns out, the internets are beyond our control.
items about skyway jumpers. articles posted on this site.
google news: skyway bridge jumper news at any given time.

05.02.11: internet radio documentary about skyway jumpers.
06.13.10: 'skyway down', filmmaker haunted by skyway bridge suicide.

real-time emergency notification: florida highway patrol, fhp. contact page
florida department of transportation, fdot: in charge of the bridge. pinellas county fire and ems live audio feed. pinellas county fire and ems active calls.
county sheriffs' offices: pinellas • hillsborough • manatee
coast guard 
common jumper rescue and recovery acronyms.
items about the skyway bridge. articles posted on this site.
google news: skyway bridge news at any given time.
is the skyway bridge open?
our facebook: facebook/skywaybridge
05.04.07: pdf file  pdf file study, critical analysis of sunshine skyway bridge.
05.2006: pdf file  pdf file detailing structural maintenance issues, with many images.
05.09.80: skyway bridge collision and collapse disaster.
08.1954: 'popular mechanics magazine' article on the new bridge.
skyway facts  pdf file
google street view: explore and dodge traffic on the skyway.
of the paranormal... artsy skyway
fdot tampa current skyway bridge construction projects.
interstate 275: detailed virtual trip across the skyway. wonders of the world.
skyway coordinates: 27°37′30″N 82°39′30″W
skyway timeline: crossing the bay. skyway bridge custom skyway bridge gifts

reviews of the skyway: • • for example:

skyway bridge tolls:
near the skyway.
bridge fishing pier state park, open 24/365: skyway fishing pier state park.
site about the fishing pier discussion forum regarding the skyway piers. pier reviewed.
google search about the piers.
05.29.14: skyway fishing pier gains top 10 rating.
07.07.11: old skyway fishing pier to get new life as artificial reef.
08.22.08: eastern skyway piers to close, structures' safety a concern.
09.27.02: skyway fishing piers state park unit management plan  pdf file
08/2009: world's longest fishing pier brochure. the pier is the longest. the brochure itself is a standard sized brochure that one might expect.

  full size:
front • back
brochure pdf file  pdf file

10.25.16,, sunshine kiteway
10.17.16,, kite boarding: freedom to ride the waves
current water, wind, and other skyway environmental info
artificial reefs, some made from skyway debris: artificial reef guide
tampa bay reefs • poster • locations  pdf file
st. pete beach reef  pdf file
manatee county reefs  pdf file
florida state reefs  pdf file
off the skyway.
1926 - 1954: before the skyway, the Bee Line Ferry.
10.09.14:, 40,000 suicides annually, a suicide in the usa every 13 minutes.
03.15.14:, the neglected suicide epidemic.
03.19.13:, interventions to reduce suicides at suicide hotspots.
06.16.08: suicide prevention on bridges.  pdf file
06.11.07: authorities ponder how to prevent bridge suicides.
top 10 tips for beating depression.
10 consequences of jumping off a bridge to your death

other bridges that offer jumper service.

other bridges of tampa bay (from north to south):
• florida state road 580
• courtney campbell causeway
• bayside bridge
• the howard frankland bridge • webcams
• gandy bridge 'died by suicide' memorials
florida's baker act
top 10 common methods of suicide.
11 insane bungee, cliff, and base jumps you should not attempt in 2014.
information about terminal velocity in a free fall.
death pools
lost all one of the most comprehensive suicide resources on the web.

florida highway patrol

 hey, that's us getting a ticket on alligator alley!
common sense words from: Someone who works behind the red & blue lights.
Hey - could you do us a favor and ask all your readers to PLEASE slow down when coming by us on the bridge? We often have a couple of patrol cars there because one is working and one is watching out for insane drivers. Not slowing down and moving over when emergency vehicles are by the side of the road is actually against the law. Help keep us safe, and avoid that nasty ticket! Thanks! (the thanks go to you. this is one of those common sense things many people are incapable of comprehending. it is better to slow down and, dare we say, rubberneck, then it is to blow by the scene and risk hitting something and/or someone.)
05.09.99: on florida bridge, troopers are also suicide counselors.
we appreciate these officers and do not envy their having to deal with the scum and debris of human villainy. stay safe, troopers. now, about that ticket you gave us on 'alligator alley'. is 86 really too fast? come on!
there are 60 excuses and they cycle to the clock, a different one every second. send your excuses.
other agencies related to the skyway bridge and jumpers.
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office: assigned to the jump zone over the main shipping channel, in between the pinellas and manatee county approaches. vague calls for service.
Pinellas County Sheriff's Office: the keepers of the northern bridge approach.

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office: their jurisdiction is the bridge's southern approach.

United States Coast Guard

Eckerd College Search and Rescue, EC-SAR.
students see life and death on the waterways.

maximo marina • o'neill's marina: occasional relay points for jumper search and rescue.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission marine patrol, FFWC

acronyms some of these agencies use.
one might think these organizations want nothing to do with this site and you'd probably be right. as a whole, we're sure their public policy is that this site is wrong and it should go away. however, individuals within apparently find this site a source of information and/or perhaps a way to release bridge jumper news that would otherwise not see the light of day. they know they can always give jumper news anonymously, with confidence their identity, if provided, will not be divulged by us. we appreciate these organizations for the work they do, both on and off the skyway. we wish them much success and safety from harm.
one odd link.
05.13.80: full article - found to the right of a skyway bridge collapse disaster article, on a google newspaper scan.
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