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2015/2016 updated: 01.06.17

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12.09.16, Veronica S.,, Sunshine Skywide bridge, should be renamed Darkshadow deathwide bridge.

12.07.16, Bec, Neb, please reach out, I was just going to say... I'm so sorry the jumpers chose this... I'm always here to listen to anyone that feels life is not worth it! I've been there.

12.04.16, anon, I/we work on and under the skyway bridge. I am sick of these individuals whom choose to involve everyone else in their decision. Very often, there is an active jumper... Why do we have to be submitted to their decisions? Do I have to always go to work thinking I might spot a body? Will one fall on our equipment underneath the bridge? Stop this! It effects so many more than you realize! We've had so many this month, I dreamt about this nonsense... Please stop it!!!

12.02.16, Gail K., facebook, I can't hardly drive over the bridge .. let alone even imagine stopping and jumping! I seriously cannot think of a more horrible death.

12.01.16, Zachary T., facebook, Thank you Sunshine Skyway for sharing the facts! I wish something could be done to help those who think about ending their lives. (you are most welcome. we try.)

12.01.16, Rachel P., facebook, I'm obsessed with this site, can't believe how many jumpers!!
Sasha E., I'm with you Rachel. I can't believe people resort to doing this and no news coverage on it. It's sad to say but if someone took their animal with them it may be brought to the media's attention. It's such a sad situation for all who thinks this is the way to go and for the poor family's. It just breaks my heart.

12.01.16, Lori B. S., facebook, I believe there was more media coverage on the cats being tossed from cars on the HF. Maybe if a SW jumper took their cats with them, there would be more coverage of this epidemic. Totally biased media rhetoric. (what? a biased media? are you sure? when did this start happening?~) a response:
01.06.16, Steph L. B., facebook, Or maybe it's out of respect for the families of suicide victims. Think about it--if someone you cared about died that way, would you want your life turned into a spectacle while you were mourning?
01.06.17, a spectacle is one thing, reporting the activities on a public bridge is another. do we report the private suicide? no. do we go into great detail how billy splattered his head goo all over mom's new wallpaper? no. do we allow those caught up in a person's very public display of death, to find out just what the hell was going on? yes. when one makes that decision to end one's life, it's imperative they decide just how public to make it. we report the news of such public displays. it's also imperative that those effected by the news of such displays, to stay away from the places reporting the news. no one forces them to go to this page or the website. when they seek the information about what happened to their friend or loved one, they have zero recourse to complain about finding the information they were looking for. we do not make people go to the website. if they do not want to find out, they are free to not find out. as far as finding other evidence of suicides on the bridge, good luck. it can be very scarce to get any info from the media, as well as police reports. friends and families of suicidals are often thankful for what they find on the website, as people need to know what happened. keeping quiet about suicide does little to heighten awareness.

12.01.16, Ann M. F., on iontb/fb, (reacting to the 11.30.16 jumper), I love how people are saying if you feel this is your option reach out. When people get to this point there is usually no reaching out. They usually are so far gone unless somebody reaches out to them. These people sincerely feel 1, they don't have anybody to help them or 2, the people who do love them will be better off without them. Please people stop depending on these people to reach out. If you believe you have a friend or a loved one who is in this mind frame you reach out to them. They are not going to tell you because they don't feel you can help or you will help.

12.01.16, Juan C., facebook, People are going to do what people are going to do... a fence would take away from my abilities to enjoy the beautiful view from atop the bridge and some people's ability to momentarily fly into the afterlife no...a bit savage this train of thought I do realize... but if someone is going to end their life it might be nicer to fly for a bit and then feed a nice family of hammerhead sharks then to blow ones brains out and which would only ruin a nice paint job in a car or home... Just thinking out loud here! Sorry...not sorry.

11.28.16, Sadie S., on iontb/fb, (reacting to the 11.30.16 jumper), When suicide enters your life, you spend years looking for answers to questions unknown. I can tell you after 30 years, they still find a way to end their lives. Not all have mental issues or use drugs, suicide does not care race, religion, marital status, sexual preference, financial issue. it is a club no one wants to join. The what ifs, the if only... was our love not enough? The tears, the anger, the guilt... some survive being left behind, others do not, but our lives are forever changed

11.25.16, cyber, toronto, ontario, canada, regarding: head-meds, so... i take anti-anxiety meds... do you have confirmed correlations between medications and suicide? im not trying to be aggressive or disprove anything, im just very curious as i've had suicidal ideation on and off for years, as have several of my family members (especially my twin brother, who nearly went through with it, though he's not medicated) so if the meds were worsening it in some way that'd be pretty awful... (of course, each individual can and will have different reactions to most any type of medication. individuals can also be susceptible to suicide, with or without medication. we do know that there are many instances where headmeds, in one form or another, have increased or directly caused the patient to develop or intensify a suicidal tendency. there are warning labels on them, stating this very effect. our gripe is when a society depends on and consumes far to many headmeds, covering a vast array of reasons, some obviously valid, many others not so valid. this is our opinion. we feel there are better alternatives than doping so many people for some pretty jackass reasons, such as kids that may exhibit the bogus 'attention deficit hyperactivity disorder' (adhd). doping children in this way is bullshit and barbaric. proper nutrition and channeling your child in ways to release this so-called hyperactivity, will go much further than permanently reprogramming their soft mushy minds with drugs.
not sure why suicidal thoughts seem to run high in your family, but we are pretty sure headmeds may help some, but could very well cause a worse harm for others. thank you for your input and we wish you and your family well.)

11.23.16, Eric S., Tampa, Fl., Good morning everyone. It has been hard these past few days, not only due to the fact that I had a flu from hell but also, a lot of people that are close to me have been having several health problems due to their older age. I was searching some information about the OLD Skyway bridge before the tanker hit it so many years ago and I came upon the reply that "Francois" had left on the website regarding the comment that I made towards the woman that jumped to her death and my comments thereafter. Now, one thing that I have learned in the past is that you just cannot "win arguments" through the INTERNET. At that, this is a site that to me, is not only a site dedicated to tell the history of a world known landmark, but also, a landmark that many have chosen to end their lives from. Now, to address "Francois," this is not a "contest" and I do not see it as such. The one thing that I know is that people are dying here. People are losing loved ones here. No one wins. When Robin Williams died the way that he did, I felt absolutely terrible and so did many others around the world. Everyone is different. Everyone's problems are different, doctors, medications, therapy techniques, etc. As of right now, I had a huge BLOW dealt to me by one of my family members that I am dealing with at the moment (and I will be going to my therapist later today for my regular scheduled appointments.) Anyways, as far as a my "tone of judgement," I guess that it comes from the fact that I have been taught by many therapist, doctors, medical experts and others that sometimes, you have not only have compassion towards others in their time of need but also, when the time calls for it, to give advice in form of a "punch in the gut" to show them that hey, there is no need to take your life, you are suffering from (whatever it is) and I am over here, suffering through just like you. If people feel like I am being "judgmental" then well, there is nothing that I can do. The only thing that I can do is to say that, there is HELP available to those who need it. There has always been and this site has those resources as well. Suicide is a PERMANENT solution to a TEMPORARY problem. Think about that as Thanksgiving/Holiday Season nears. As far as people wanting to reach to me for help, well, it's up to them. I cannot make anyone do anything. Call 911, or anyone of the hotlines available pretty much anywhere. Just remember, people DO love you out there, even if you feel like no one does. Have a happy Thanksgiving and please be careful and safe out there. Thank you. (and you as well.)

11.15.16, Francois, Hello, I tried both forms and it didn't work, so I decided to email you instead. First let me tell you that the thing I enjoy the most about your site, are your writing skills. You manage to comment in such a way that leaves very little room to fire back at you!.. It's brilliant the way you say what needs to be said, and still in a very respectful manner.
Second, the bridge... I must admit that before visiting your site by chance, my view of such a wonderful architectural display, changed forever. I had no idea that people would jump from there to their deaths.
Now about Eric... I can't help but feeling that he sees his life as a contest with whoever have it worse. Per his description, he's being through hell and beyond due to his environment. I can understand that, and I wish things were better for him. However, who have the right to say that your life or your problems are bigger or more painful than mine? I believe that what may cause you suffering, wouldn't even face me and vice-versa. Another thing is the "bothering" part; he says that something about that story "bothers him". Well, I am damn sure that the last thing she wanted, was to bother him or make him uncomfortable.
The pills situation. I think that he should consider himself lucky for not having side effects. Statistics prove that there are serious side effects, and withdrawals are extremely distressful. Again, his body and mind are simply different, and there are certain things that don't affect him to the same level as the majority of people.
The only thing that I could partially agree with him, is about jumping off the bridge. Suicide is a very personal choice, produced by incomprehensible emotions, and as such, should be kept as private as possible. No need to put their families and loved ones through such a devastating reality.
Finally, I doubt anyone may contact him after his post. He may come from a good place to try to help a "soul", but I can't help noticing a tone of judgement. Not to mention that if I am going through depression, the last thing I want is to feel that he's bragging about how much pain he endured, and he's still solid in one piece, giving advice to the least fortunate. (hello, we have problems making our forms work with the iphone. i have an iphone and can't function the forms either. after long failed attempts to make ios work, i gave up. the forms seem to work on any other device. stupid iphones! while i appreciate your kind words about my "brilliant" writing skills, perhaps i should leave room for return fire, as i tend to like it. others see my writing skills as less brilliant and more so moronic. this website affects so many emotionally, i try to be respectful of their feelings as best i can. the one thing i have always done with this website, is to allow everyone to have a say. whether they like the site, love it, or hate it, they can chime in. like eric, they can comment on those that jump, positively or otherwise. like you, they can also comment on those that comment. we have had many site visitors that are hurting for some reason, some to the point of suicide contemplation. they can have their say and we hope they find answers to their questions and perhaps, find help through the words we all present or the help links we offer. again, thank you.)

11.05.16, Blair, (about our recent web hosting downtime issue), I hope all will be resolved OK. plays a very important role in some people's lives. The most recent I read, the mother of two in her 50s who jumped after becoming addicted to 'head-meds' and the numerous comments made from friends (and family ?) were poignant insight into the destruction these prescriptions evoke on people's lives.

10.27.16, Eric S., Tampa, First of all, my condolences to the friends and family of Stephanie Eisensmith. BUT, I have no choice but to give MY side of the story. I suffer from severe bipolar disorder, severe panic/anxiety disorder, insomnia, psychotic disorders, maladaptive daydreaming and have been on SSDI since 2006 and will be for the rest of my life and I am on so many medications that I lost count. I used to be on Klonopin YEARS ago until well, the medication started to level off in my system and switched to Valium. I have been through so much hell the past 10 years because of the "environment" that I live in (not the medications) that it would blow your mind. I do not know what this woman's problems were but listen, take it from someone who knows. STOP TAKING YOUR OWN LIFE BY JUMPING OFF THAT BRIDGE!!!! You are leaving your friends and family by jumping into 200 something feet of water at 75mph. THEN, your family and friends or whoever have to set up a GoFund me page so people can pay for the deceased's funeral expenses and what not. You know, I wish that people knew my story from the VERY BEGINNING of my life till now and see that yes, I have been through so much in my life (and I still am AND, I am seeking professional help) that there is no need to end my life in any way, shape or form. BUT, honestly, something about this particular case bothers me. Seriously, GET HELP! Talk to your doctors about the risks and side effects of the medications prescribed to you and seek cognitive behavior therapy. You think that jumping off a bridge and dying/drowning from blunt force trauma is going to make it easier for you? No! JUST STOP AND GET HELP!!! Don't go and blame pills, pills, and more pills because I am THERE NOW! Not judging, but I just do not cannot justify suicide and leaving behind family and friends that actually LOVE YOU!! I'm done here. Be well. If anyone wants to reach me, I am willing to talk to anyone just so maybe, MAYBE, I can get ONE soul to understand that they are not alone and they do not need to jump from that bridge and not die in such a gruesome manner. Have a great day. (thank you for your story. if anyone wishes to contact you, we will forward their info. be well.)

10.12.16, Bonnie B., Myakka City, FL., I feel such a connection to this site and am so happy to have come across it. I drive over the bridge twice daily on my commute to work, at night. Often I come across the "jumper event" and can always recognize it as such. Empty vehicle, multiple law enforcement agencies as the bridge does span three counties. Once I came across an event where the jumper left their bright blue running shoes right next to the barrier before tossing themselves over. One day I do plan to stop, get out, look over and offer sincerely apologies to the trooper that tries to "save" me. Suicide is not for me however I have explained to my family that my ashes are to thrown over the west side of the south bound span. Where the current flows, the sun sets, and the road took me home everyday. I love the bridge and appreciate this site. (even though the top of the bridge gets busy with vehicles zooming past, one can only imagine the empty, lonely feeling the suicidal must feel, as they ponder the next step, moments before hopping over that wall. thank you for your input and we are glad you have no aspirations to create your own "jumper event".)

09.01.16, CanIKillMySelf?, Flo mof**kin Rida, regarding: Killing my self. what is the chance of me dying from jumping, i just saw something really stupid and have no faith in humanity left. (people don't necessarily die right away from jumping off the bridge into the water. many flounder until they drown or survive to a life of additional hardship. jumping at the towers is 100% non-survivable, but we highly recommend you do not jump because of a really stupid thing you may have seen in this land of bountiful floridiots. faith in humanity left a long time ago, leaving behind the freakshow of today. if you truly need to ponder your options, do so here.)  

08.23.16, Brigette, Miami Beach, FL., (about the 08.20.16 jump incident), I was driving across the bridge to Tampa. As soon as I saw 4 police cars on Northbound lane, top of bridge, I knew what had happened. It's a suicide bridge. There was also 2 police vehicles, top of bridge South Bound side, and Coast guard and another vessel in the water below. What I NEVER KNEW BEFORE was that there is a Vortex running through the center of the bridge, which is why everyone jumps from the top. People are pulled to the location. It's an energy force, from the dark spirits communicating with those that have weak channels. For people reading this that have no knowledge of How spirits work, or communicating with those not in earth form, this may all sound cooky. It's sounds cooky to those of us with special gifts. My cat, yes, of course, was traveling with me, he had a harness on when we left Miami, no problem. As soon as we ascended up the bridge, the kitty started strangling himself with the harness, he had his jaw underneath the front strap and was trying to push his head down. I immediately started trying to undo the clip to remove the harness, all while driving, very aware of the flashing police lights ahead. i popped off the harness. The kitty had NEVER done this before, nor after, which is how I recognized the vortex. (He has had the harness on several times since, no problems.) Animals are pure spirits and communicate very easily with spirit form. These bastards (of darkness) are VERY manipulative. evil demons that pull people to the bridge. A weak soul is very vulnerable to it. Centuries ago, my grandmother told the story of the girl in the back of the car, a ghost, only when you go over the bridge. I never saw her. I know now, she was trying to ask for help, to warn people... This Vortex needs to be closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08.10.16, Kristyn, st petersburg, HELLO, I recently was brought on to your page. I have read through years and years of jumps.. HYPOTHETICALLY I am so interested in how high and what it looks like looking from over the bridge. and what is the last thing they see. with that said.... I was wondering what kind of trouble someone would hypothetically get into if they where to stop and maybe take a picture of the structure..... it is a landmark.... IS THIS ILLEGAL? figured if anyone would know it would be you guys.... Ive lived in pinellas county for 22years. and have driven over the bridge many times never realized what a shit show the bridge is. i see it in a different way now. ANYWAYS hope to hear from yall.... thanks for your hard work for this site. im sorry so many people hate on you guys... (welcome to the site. we hope you found something worth your time. the bridge deck is about 190' above the water, give or take. people do stop from time to time for a quick picture and a look-see. you probably have a couple minutes where you could perhaps pull over, get out, and snap a few images before the police arrive. mind you, they will arrive. we always recommend that if someone were to attempt such a stop, to make it snappy. if you were to be caught up there, playing dumb and apologizing should work to your advantage. please be careful, pull over out of the traffic lane, and don't lean over the wall too far. don't forget to send us your photographic results. as for those that hate on us, we like it and wish there were a bit more hateful amusement for us. be well.)

07.18.16, Hunter B., Las Vegas, NV, Its sad when people take their own lives, last year someone i knew i went off the New River Gorge bridge. its horrific what a jump does to your body. I'm glad someones making this more known, going over this bridge i never think about this aspect. its a shocker looking at how often it happens.

03.31.16, Lisa M., Tampa, FL, (regarding the 10.19.15 jump incident) My sister jumped off this bridge last year. If the people in charge can do anything useful with this website it would be to get support and funding for a fence, or barrier to prevent people from jumping in the first place. Why did my sister drive nearly an hour away to jump off this bridge? Maybe because there isn't a suicide barrier? It is disgusting to think that Florida thinks this bridge is too beautiful architecturally to add a fence to save real human lives. I drive by very small bridges everyday that have the big fence around the bridge and even the sides going into the land surrounding the bridge. This is to save lives on a very small chance someone jumps from a small bridge. Why in the world is there not a suicide barrier on this enormous bridge. If a person is suicidal and sees how easy it would be to jump off of this bridge why wouldn't they. There is nothing, but a small concrete ledge stopping them. There is an apparently obvious problem with suicide jumpers from this bridge. Why doesn't anyone care about solving the problem with a suicide barrier/fence? Suicidal thoughts come and go. If you give people with suicidal thoughts an open invitation like this very tall bridge without suicide barriers what do you think they will do? These people are successful, ambitious, generous, cheerful, kind, thoughtful, loving, selfless, sacrificing, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, friends, cousins, co-workers, relatives, associates. These people more than likely have a "mental illness" whether, or not they are on medication. Sometimes these people may have been on medications that set them off into suicidal thoughts. Mental illness does not mean a person is weak. My sister was a very strong person. I know that switching medicines along with environmental issues caused her to do this. Maybe she had been thinking about it for a longer than anyone realized. I hope people who have lost family and friends to suicide realize that these people loved you very much and never wanted to hurt you. This was a feeling that they had that was so intense they couldn't help but follow through with it. These people were not thinking rationally. They did think this was the best option for them at the time even though it was not true. As a sibling survivor and a child survivor of suicide I will tell everyone thinking about suicide that it is not the best way. Please reach out for help to EVERYONE! If you reach out to someone and they don't respond properly, PLEASE REACH OUT TO SOMEONE ELSE! PLEASE call 911, or take yourself to the hospital! Please don't be afraid of the consequences of disclosing how you truly feel! In the end the only thing that matters is your well-being! It doesn't matter if you have to tell your children, or someone else you feel will be hurt in the process. The only thing that matters if your life and saving it! Your family, and children, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, relatives, friends, co-workers, acquaintences, etc., all care about you! Please do not kill yourself thinking everyone will be better off without you! You have family and friends who love and care about you! Please get help and let your family and friends help you! You may not believe that you are worthy of love and support, but that is just your messed up mind/mental illness, or medication playing tricks on you. I can tell you as a sibling survivor, and child survivor of suicide, NOBODY! WANTS YOU TO DIE,OR WILL BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU! Please realize it is just your depression talking. Please have enough strength to get help! There are many people who love you and can't live without you! You are a good person and worthy of living! Please fight off your suicidal feelings long enough to get help. Suicide is not the answer! There are people who are there to help you even if you think there aren't. You are very worthy of this life! We all make mistakes and fail. This does not mean you are worthless and can't go on. There are many people who love you and need you more than words can say! Please speak up, and be honest with the people closest to you. I know it is very hard, but it may be the only way you can truly get help. Please realize that the VERY PERMANENT decision to die by suicide can be prevented. Nobody wants you to die! You are very worthy of living on this planet and this life and living until natural causes kill you. It is all in your mind that this is the best option! Please believe me that this is not the best option at all! You are a great person! You deserve to continue on in this life just like anyone else! You are very much needed by your family and friends, whom you may not realize how much they truly need you! If you have children please realize they will need you forever, even if you aren't in their lives 24/7. A child needs their parent alive no matter what the circumstances are. You may think things are worse than they really are. Children don't care about what you've done or who you are. Children want their parents alive! Children want their parents in their lives! Even if you can't be in your child's life as much as you want before they are 18 please realize there are sooo many more years left after 18 to be in their lives. It may be hard to see at the current moment, but please realize NO! child/ daughter, or son wants to live without their mother, or father! You are such an important part in your children's lives. No one is able to fill your shoes! You are a good person no matter what you are thinking at this specific point in time! Please get help! I miss my sister more than anything! If I could join her I would, but I can't right now. She was such a strong, courageous, generous, loving person. If my sister thought this was the best solution at the time, and was sooo wrong, you are VERY wrong too! You have every right to live as the next person! My sister was more worthy of living than me, or anyone else I know! YOU ARE VERY OWRTHY OF LIFE!! Please do not die by suicide! This is not the answer to your problems! There are people who love and care about you! There are people who can save YOU! Please call 911 or Suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255. Please realize when you are feeling so weak, you are really the bravest, strongest person out there! You are dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression, but you are going to pull through! Please realize your family and friends love you sooo much more than you realize. Depression often makes things seem worse than they are. Human beings and especially loved family and friends do not want anything bad to happen to you. PLEASE!  PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!, PLEASE!!! Don't die by suicide!! There are people who love and care about you! You know you don't truly want to die! Please get help! I love you because I know how you feel! I know how your family feels because I miss my sister more than anyone will ever know or realize. I know how your children feel because I also lost a father to suicide. There is ABSOLUTELY NO replacement for a PARENT! I do not care how bad of a parent you think you were. There is NO REPLACEMENT for a PARENT!! I understand in a lot of situations it may be very hard and seem like a long time to wait until a child turns 18, but really it's not!! That child is always going to want and need their parent!! Yes, you may have f'd up! Everyone does! Your mentally ill mind is making you think it's worse than others. Your children don't care if you f'd up! Your children just want you in their lives! Your children love you because you are their parents! Your children believe you are worthy of living and want you in their lives! More than anything it is your children who want you in their lives and need you more than anything!! Life is full of mistakes, and heartache. Often times it can seem like the best solution is to end it. Please realize that this is very irrational thoughts coming from mental illness! There are many people who love and care about you! Nobody wants to have a loved one die by suicide! You very much are a loved one! I am very sorry if you feel as if suicide is the only answer at the moment! I can tell you 200+% that you are very wrong! Please do not end your life! You are on this earth because you are very important! There are very many people who care about you! I know it may not seem like it at the time, but it may be your medication, or mental illness. Please stay strong and get help!! In my own circumstances the feeling will pass. Please hold out and get help! Please recognize it is your mental illness and not reality that thinks suicide is the answer. I miss my sister everyday! I am sure her children miss her more! It is going to be very hard to be a family without my sister. I understand to the extent of what it feels like to be suicidal, but it's hard to comprehend someone you loved and needed soooooooooo badly not being there anymore. This whole situation seems so fake to me. My sister who was so much to me shouldn't be gone. Please realize your family and friends are there for you!!! Most human beings DON'T want someone to die, ESPECIALLY if it is their family member! There are very close ties with our family members that we truly don't realize, or appreciate understand until they are gone. PLEASE REALIZE YOU ARE LOVED! later:
03.31.16, Lisa M., Tampa, FL, Seriously!! My sister died by suicide by jumping off this bridge! There should be a fence on the bridge! Why don't you use your website for something helpful like funding for a bridge to prevent impulsive suicides! Please help prevent further suicides by fundraising for a fence/suicide barrier! It is true suicidal people don't truly want to die! These people see it as the best option in their distorted mindset. These feelings come and go, as I have personally had them. I want these suicidal people to know that they have family and friends who love and care about them! I know it may be hard to reach out and be honest with them about your suicidal feelings, but please do just that! You are loved and cherished more than you can imagine! Life without you will be very hard for the loved ones you may leave behind. Your children need you here now and in the future! Especially if you have children please realize how much they need you as a mother or father! You are stronger than you realize! You are probably stronger than most people you know. Please speak up and get help! No one wants you to die or die by suicide! There are very many people who love and need you! You are hurting more people than you realize by dying by suicide. Please speak out and reach out until you get the help you need! I know not everyone gives the they should. Please don't stop seeking help! You will get it if you keep trying! There are many people who love and support you! Please don't give up! Please call 911 or Lifeline at 1-800-273-talk (1-800-273- 8255). There are people who love and care about you. This is not the way to end your life! You are worth so much more than you realize! (first and foremost, we are deeply saddened by your loss. your words paint a picture of pain and anguish that will never truly go away. your desire to see no one else go through what you and those close to your sister are going though, is admirable. we have been advocating that something be done to stop, or at least, stem the frequency of skyway suicides, for well over a decade now. we have advocated the testing and implementation of the ESR device to a government with deaf ears and no true willingness to do something about it. while your idea of fundraising is a worthy ponder, kicking a lackluster government in the proverbial ass to get something done, would be a far better move. this website is generally ignored by the very people that should use it to their advantage. we suppose we are far too politically incorrect to bother with. perhaps you could start such a fund by seeking out other skyway suicide affected family members to make the push. that would more than likely go further than we could ever go. we would gladly promote your efforts here. we wish you well and good luck.)

03.29.16, Jeff M., Brandon, Florida, The Electric Fence is a good Idea. But, If a suicidal person is determined to end their lives this way, All they will end up doing is climbing on top of their vehicle and leap over never touching the fencing. I wish there was a way to stop them. But I don't think The Electric Fence would be worth the $'s to install. If you are suicidal Please ask for help. Ask anyone!!! I have always wondered how many of these jumpers regretted jumping half way down. I would be willing to bet a pretty high percentage of them. Once you do it. You can NEVER EVER EVER EVER take it back. God Bless everyone who is suffering and even though I do not know you, I LOVE YOU! (while it's true a person could leap over the esr from atop their vehicle, we feel the esr device could and would stop most jumpers, or at least give the troopers additional response time to intervene. the notion of nets underneath the bridge is not a viable option and installing gulag-like fences would mar the sleek appearance of the bridge. now before anyone chimes in on the value of human life over esthetic beauty, shove it, we want the suicides to stop, but we do not want to bubble wrap the planet to stop the few that wish to step off pre-maturely. we feel the safety rail would be the least intrusive application, even though there will be those that find a way to end what is truly only theirs to end. thanks for your comment and we love you too!)

03.03.16, Richard H., St. Petersburg, So my wife and I are coming home from Sarasota Monday afternoon, and the typical orange cones around a bridge maintenance workers van are seen almost near the top. I think to myself "no biggy" as I've seen it several times on either side in the past couple weeks. However, when I get right near the top I see a gold Grand Marques with a partial vinyl/rag top, and I say to my wife, "We may have a jumper." As we begin to pass the car I see there are two occupants inside. It's an elderly couple and the wife in the passenger seat is snapping pics of the bay. It was certainly refreshing and comical to see after having seen one potential, and another aftermath jump less then a week apart in the last six months or so. I'm guessing the elderly couple missed the sign about not stopping on the bridge. Anyhow, they must not have stayed up there too long as the tower cameras on your site never captured their brief stop for pictures (my wife was immediately on your site per my request to capture a screen shot of them, but to no avail). Nevertheless, the same can't be said for the screenshots I've attached. (we imagine people stop at the top all the time, warning or no warning. it's far too tempting to take a quick picture and skedaddle before the dispatched troopers arrive. it's always easier to ask forgiveness than permission. hopefully your screen shot was just an extended photoshoot. thanks for the update.)

02.24.16, Anon, St. Pete., I think its important to note to your readers that Eckerd College Search and Rescue is often the first unit on scene after a jump. I myself have searched the water too many times for people who rarely appear. I have had friends become suicidal after picking bodies out of the water. I was 19 when I got my first. Ending your life have a ripple effect reach out for help. (did a quick site search and found over 60 mentions of the EC-SAR team's efforts on this site, such as here, here, and here, as well as within many initial jumper reports and media stories. their efforts are instrumental during jumper activity. we thank you and them for your service.)

02.15.16, anon, (will jump 02.19.16, male), I was going to use the New River Gorge bridge but after finding this site and pondering things a little more, I've decided to use your beautiful bridge. Yes, I've gone to your other "helpful" links. They've not helped one iota. See ya! (you could be the first jumper this year.)

12.26.15, Karen T., Bradenton, Why does it appear as if this has not been updated as of late?? I keep checking for any information regarding the man who drove his car off the pier last week (technically not the Skyway ---but kind of) (we added the incident with the 12.23.15 pier driver the day it happened, then updated with pictures, identification, more stories, and a video. we try to update any skyway related news as soon as we can. there is too much information on this website and it would be hard to find new additions and updates without some form of guidance. that's why we list all new or updated information on the 'what's new' page. there are at least two links to this page on every other page, top and bottom. the 'what's new' page is where to go for all new updates on accidents, incidents, articles, and past years' jumper stuffs. 'current year jumper news' and related updates will be found on the current year jumper page.)
12.27.15, Karen T., Bradenton, Thank you. I actually felt silly after asking because yes---with a little research- that particular event was all over the place. I am a LMHC- therapist (mental health) and GENERALLY speaking-- my heart drops when I read about the jumps/suicides---in this particular case, not-so-much. Thank you for your site--- I personally think it is a beautiful way for people to express- both the family members and those who have sadly had to witness. To me, your site is the PERFECT "group therapy"- :) (thank you in return.)

12.18.15, facebook deactivates our 'profile page' account. again.

10.12.15, Anna, Saint Petersburg, FL, Jumping is dumb but life is too tbh. It's all dumb. Dig the site. De-romanticizes suicide for all the emo kids and gives seriously suicidal adults a moment of pause on their consideration.

09.24.15, Payrick, Bradenton, FL., It's sad that people decide they can't go on any longer, but I understand too, as I've tried to take my life a few times, the important thing is to tell someone how you're feeling and it may just save your life. A prayer goes out to anyone who has lost a love one due to suicide and to anyone feeling so depressed that they think ending their life is the only way out. (letting people know where your head is when feeling that low is important. we have been contacted by quite a few in that place. there have been written correspondence, as well as phone conversations that went on for some time. apparently, they feel a complete stranger can help them more than friends and family. perhaps seeking a third party gives some a new perspective, without the strings of relationship issues. either way, we are here if people reach out to us. we truly hope you continue fighting the good fight.)

09.24.15, article excerpt from, (you must register to read the whole article, but here are the parts concerning this website and the skyway.), ..."The only study in which the yearly number of suicides did not drop - in fact, it increased substantially - was conducted by investigators who recorded deaths by suicide at the Skyway Bridge, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Following the installation of suicide crisis phones at the bridge, a website unrelated to the intervention became increasingly popular, the authors explain. This website disseminated information on suicides that had taken place on the bridge and provided a forum or blog for interested parties. It also contained disturbing information that could have promoted copycat acts. The authors note that it is possible that this particular website might have negated any potentially positive effects the crisis telephones might have had on the suicide rate on the St. Petersburg bridge."... (again with the accusations that this site promotes suicides. please point out the "disturbing information that could have promoted copycat acts". of course, their use of the words "could have" makes it ok to say just about anything. it carries as much validity as us saying "the authors at could have had sex with their dogs", which could be true, we just don't know. nebulous fact accusations are nebulous. "the authors note that it is possible that this particular website might have negated any potentially positive effects the crisis telephones might have had on the suicide rate on the St. Petersburg bridge." it is therefor also potentially possible this site might have been successful at preventing suicides and may have stopped many from jumping. it is also possible that the above mentioned article and the studies it details, could cause people to commit copycat suicides. see what we did there? see how that works? besides, very few actually use the crisis phones as it is.) but wait, there's more:
"The authors also conducted separate analyses of studies encouraging help-seeking, including the one in which the website may have negated help-seeking behavior on the Florida bridge." (we suppose the minimum of two help links we carry on every page, must somehow be seen as "may have negated help-seeking behavior". may have, might have, could have, potentially, and possible, do not definitive sentences make. pretty much anything can be fabricated and said by using those terms. it's lazy, misleading, and disingenuous reporting. nothing more than normal journalistic shenanigans that many people fall for, by assuming they are reading actual facts.)

09.23.15, article excerpt from, "However, crisis telephones had the opposite effect on the Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida, where 3.7 people per year took their own lives before phones were installed in 1999, compared with 8.2 people after. The authors of the analysis suggest this increase could have been due to a website that promoted suicides using the bridge, which became popular around the same time the phones were added." (yeah, it's all our fault. life has not deteriorated at all for people, so they find this site and we make them jump, being as we "promote" suicide on every page.~  great journalisming, cnn.~  seriously, if you are reading this site and then decide you will jump because of what you read, let us know.)
a facebook dialog about the article:

Novette D., Another WTF article from media.
Erica H., CNN is not associated with journalistic integrity so try to take it with a grain of salt and hope they don't get a better picture of the ice cream man van I sent you a few weeks ago.
Devon P., I fail to see how the site promotes suicide. Not to be overly simplistic, but one does not simply commit suicide. You have to be mentally demoralized and pretty committed to the idea.
Jessica S. S., Because DON'T JUMP and SEEK HELP are not written anywhere on the page.
Novette D., Jessica....actually no one reads the jumper pages before they jump. And, if you see the comments, the amount of sympathy and shared stories would stop them. I am still not sure why they put in hotlines on the bridge. Everyone has a cell phone....if they want to jump a phone certainly is not going to stop them.
phil, i often wonder if any jumper ever came to the site. seems like the content would scare them away from making what could be one of the most painful exits possible.
Carrie H., You keep track of the suicides, log certain details of each jump, and let people vent how they feel about the suicides. No promotion. Did these people even read your website? Aren't journalists supposed to be educated people capable of critical thinking? sheesh. Dumbasses.
Devon P., I don't think they do. But even if they did, and even if it inspired them, I don't think suicide can be sold like toothpaste. If anything, it keeps some poor family member from having to confront the ugly scene.
Cave Hippie, People were jumping before the pool was started. It was started because they were jumping. Why would someone start a jumper pool if no one was jumping?
I agree that if someone was thinking about jumping reading the comments on the page might make them rethink that choice but it probably wouldn't stop them from choosing another way.
Michael J., When I first came across your site Phillip, I thought it seemed sick and a bit sadistic, but the more I read, the more I understood what a service it provided. Slightly moderated, but very open discussion about a grim fact of life...people decide to exit prematurely. You provide a board to vent and deal with the after effects. Either that, or I have a sadistic side myself. Whatever it is, it works.
Michael J., It also lead me to the documentary about jumpers at the Golden Gate Bridge. That really opened my eyes to the hurt imposed upon those left behind. Didn't you have a link to it on your site? (yes, we still do.)
Donna S. D., CNN has been full of B.S. for years. The website saved a lot of lives; and if they had actually been professional journalists, CNN would have figured that out.
Crystal M., I bet they just used your tally of suicides on the homepage and didn't even bother to contact Hillsborough County to get their count.
Cedric H., Sounds like free promo to me. Every locale has it's own hot suicide spot. I guess maybe we have a special sort of humor for the skyway here... to me people jumping has always been a complete joke because if you do that, you're a total asshole. You make people clean up your disgusting pulverized corpse, and you give your family a bunch of grief they don't need. F them, I have no sympathy.
Cave Hippie, Just because a fence stopped someone from jumping off of a bridge it doesn't mean they didn't find another way to die by choice. It is just easier to keep track of bridge jumpers and more "news worthy". Maybe next to the phone there should be a drop box for people to leave a note with their last wishes or words.
Debbie Korell, The press doesn't/didn't report most jumpers from the bridge. This page is the only place where one could get actual information as to the total number. otherwise it was a secret they prefered to be kept quiet. Todd parked the car right in front of the phone. It was clear he had no intention of using the phone.
Jennifer SickofIt R., Your site is amazing. i agree when a person chooses to die in such an open public way then it is going to end up on the internet. i have alot of mental issues and i promise you one thing after reading certain parts of your site i will never jump to my death. i dont think people ever really think about the true cause of death from jumping off a bridge like the skyway. the trauma and suffering. even a minute could feel like an eternity. i thank you for your site. i agree with Debbie Korell your page is accurate and informative. Thanks
Barbara J. A., So your site promotes jumpers? And all this time I thought it was just the opposite. Silly me.
Debbie Korell, I defend your right to keep people informed as to what really goes on at the top on the Bridge. Not for one second do i believe anyone jumps just to get named on your page.
email about the article:
09.24.15, MJ, Bradenton, Is your website responsible for the increase in Skyway suicide deaths after the instillation of crisis phones as the authors of this study suggest? I personally do not think so.

09.22.15, Mike B., Bradenton, Fl., Death toll raises.....The State of Florida turns a blind eye to this ongoing problem. The media is more concerned with a dog who bites someone and is getting ready to be put down. More coverage for a dog than the people who die on this death bridge. If there was a higher barrier it could have stop the distraught or slow them down so help can arrive. But the media is more worried about a dog instead of these people. Way to go Tampa news media not reporting on these people. Keeps the State of Florida from answering why nothing is being about this death bridge. (this)

09.19.15, Patricia, facebook, someone who had intentions and plans of using that bridge..i can say unequivocally that your site saves matter what the haters may say. And for those that see your site and still find a reason to jump..there was no saving them to begin with. (thanks, patricia. hang in there.)

09.19.15, Ericka M., facebook, I always thought this was one of the worst ways to die. You are combining dying by falling from a great height and drowning. If the first doesn't do it, the second kicks in. It's just horrible all the way around.

08.09.15, Mike, Bradenton, The count of the dead continues. No one is doing anything about this. How many souls have to die? Is it worth the unobtrusive view. The media doesn't report on these poor souls. Don't want to ruin the tourist vacation with the ugly news. (at some point, we believe they will erect some form of fence, as nets would be a ridiculous choice. please take a look at this and see if it perhaps is a better approach. as for how the media cherry-picks jumper news, they utilize a scientific approach to news reporting called 'the wheel of news worthiness'. they spin this wheel and it tells them on what to report. the largest section on the wheel is for 'news that shows our politically correct bias', then there's a sizable hunk of wheel for 'promote the progressive liberal agenda', a slightly smaller section for 'inconsequential social media nonsense', a small section for 'celebrity gossipy b.s.',  and coming in last, a tiny sliver for 'real news worth knowing'.~)

08.07.15, Bill J., facebook, I drove 18 wheeler back in the 1990's and was coming back to Tampa from Miami, I was just starting to climb the grade on the Skyway Bridge I remember shifting a few gears lower in my tranny to climb the hill at the same time I started to look into my rear veiw mirror and out of the corner of my eye I seen something go over the railing at the top of the bridge I thought I was just tired and seeing things ....By the time I topped the bridge cars were pulling off to the side and looking over the railing and there was a car parked at the top that belonged to the person that jumped ..When I got to my terminal in Tampa to drop my Rig off my dispatcher asked me if I had just came over the Skyway bridge and I said ya..He said a lady jumped to her death just a bit ago ...I was like My God I seen her jump and though I was seeing things ....that was a sad day.

07.29.15, Mike, Bradenton, The death toll continues to raise....nothing is being done about this. This is a outrage!! (everyone is outraged by everything, get in line. but wait, here's something they haven't tried yet.)

07.20.15, Angela, email, In regards to your HCSO Calls for Service discussion, I believe the disproportionate public reporting on suicide is due to 'Suicide Contagion' & 'Suicide Cluster'. 'Suicide Cluster': A group of suicides or suicide attempts, or both, that occur closer together in time and space than would normally be expected in a given community. 'Suicide Contagion': The process through which clusters are thought to occur. The tendency of one or more person's suicidal behavior to influence others to attempt/complete suicide. I think the 'Suicide Contagion' theory is credible, but I also believe it's necessary to spotlight the elephant in the room. With that being said, your site has shed much light to all facets of suicide that would otherwise never surface, so thank you for that. I am Sincerely yours, Angela

07.07.15, josie, florida, not sure how to reply to specific strings. there is no reply. (twice we tried to initiate a forum board contained within this website. in each case, they quickly became a magnet for spamshits and trolltards. feel free to point out the post/thread/string you wish to respond to and respond accordingly. we are always appreciative of jumper dialog, but prefer not to have a free-for-all type of site, where people can logon and post their best "LOL" and associated smilies, emoticons, memes, and idiotic animated gif images, often way off topic and incredibly immature. it seems we get better results when those that wish to have a say, actually make the effort, as opposed to the hit-and-run "LMAO", along with little to no viable content, being abusive to other members for sport, or blaming everything on obama, bush, or their least favorite political cabal of jackasses. the easier it is for idiots to respond, the more they will respond. besides, that's what facebook is for.)

06.27.15, Devon P., facebook, I work in hotels, and many feel they'll save their families the trauma and kill themselves in a hotel room. Better some anonymous housekeeper than the wife, or whatever. I guess you have to do what you have to do, but by the time the body is tended to, several people have to deal with the reality of your body. It's traumatizing for those not schooled against death. Is it possible to take yourself out without causing potential trauma for someone?
I've always thought jumping off the bridge was a rather showy, look-at- me way to go, but maybe they think it has the least outside impact. They think they'll just slip into the water, never to be seen. They don't think about kids fishing with their dads or hitting the water as if it's concrete.
I've never been able to fathom driving up there with the intent to jump off. You'd have to be completely possessed by whatever horror you're facing. (we often wonder at the horror stories hoteliers must have. we imagine when one is thinking suicide, many don't think or care much about the aftermath and who finds them. you hear about kids finding dad hanging in the garage or grandma dealing with her son's head splatter on her new dining room wallpaper. we get beat up all the time about saying the suicidal being a bit perhaps selfish. stories such as these explain our point every time.)

06.27.15, Mike B., Bradenton, Two people in two weeks .So many people have lost their lives on this bridge. When is it going to be enough that the state will try to stop this. A obstructed view from the bridge worth the lives of these people. Time for higher barriers. (higher barriers or perhaps this.)

06.23.15, otimsi, How to deal with the pain. Sometimes the pain is too great and your brain can't handle the overload. Your brain feels like it is swollen and chest feels so empty and just weird. Your body feel slow responding and heavy. Sometimes you just cant with the pain and you'd do anything to make it go away. Can't sleep, can't think straight. Hard to deal with the feeling to have cause pain to someone you love and facing that they are walking away. The pressure is to great. A person can find himself with the need to make the pain go away one way or the other. Sometimes you are stronger than other times and sometimes the strength escapes you and you can barely pick yourself up. Sometimes is all your fault. I can't deal with this I just can't. It is scary but the thought of being able to get rid of this sick feeling makes it so attractive. I just want forgiveness. I just want this pain to go away. I can't go through this again. Sometimes it feels ridiculous and sometimes you just can't wait to get there and just get it done! I am trying to avoid it. If I could just undo. (since you left no return address, we can only comment on your letter here. the vague lack of detail about the source of your pain, leaves us to simply guess. it appears you hurt someone, maybe it's not the first time. now you are faced with guilt and your inability to be with or without this person. you blame only yourself. we have many questions. was there substance abuse? mental and/or physical abuse? control issues? trust failure? personal bad habits? an affair or other betrayal? negative outside influences? we just don't know.
   we do know that the feeling of losing someone we love can be debilitating. however, at no time is there anyone on this planet worth killing yourself over, metaphorically or in reality. you must put her/him behind you. if you are 100% sure she/he is 100% out of the picture, you must drive her/him 100% out of your mind. you must let go! but how?
   keep nothing of remembrance. no pictures, no tchotchkes, no reminders. none. zero. all cards, letters, and mementos get thrown out. delete all phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information. no drunk calling, texting, or email bombing. no driving by her/his house. no stalking at any level. you will 'unfriend', 'unfollow', block, and purge all of her/him and their family and friends from all your social media. disappear them on all levels. you will not check out what she/he is up to. you will not ask about her/him to anyone ever. you will stop people from telling you what she/he is doing lately or who she/he is seeing now. you do not care and must inform others of your lack of caring. cover that special 'love forever' tattoo with a badass hello kitty or a skull. endlessly thumbing through photo albums, real or mental, of what can never be again, never helps. never. get rid of them. do not listen to 'our song', set on endless repeat while you cry into the night. take back whatever special things you had together and either forget them or make them yours alone.
   only talk with others about how to move on, not about reliving what was or how you'd do it differently. you can get over her/him. you will move on. it will take time and you will be sad and lonely, so surround yourself with people of support. do not run people off by droning on and on about how much she/he meant to you, how you miss her/him, or if only you could undo or redo. get strong in the head and stand tall. you must distract yourself from the whole topic of her/him.
   find joy within yourself, without dependence on others. only you can bring joy within. busy your mind and body. find a hobby, join the gym, take a trip, and/or learn guitar. get out of the house. take a drive, but not to the bridge. reconnect with the friends and family you might have neglected recently. do not abuse substances to kill the mental anguish. eat healthier. persevere. stay focused. work harder at your job. you will power through. you will survive.
   do keep in mind that everyone has been through this. everyone. it is nothing new and it could happen again. we all deal with it differently. to some, it's easy, others, not so much.
   there is much to learn from our life events. remembering what we learn and applying this knowledge to better our future, is often ignored in favor of repeating our mistakes. reminding ourselves along the way and sticking to what we now know, will be the best route taken for a better tomorrow. you know what to do, now you must do it.
   if you wish to elaborate further or chat this up, please do. best of luck and be well.)

06.20.15, Bill T., Redington, FL, Cant put up a barrier but can put a man on the moon and spend trillions of dollars on useless wars. (agreed, our priorities are pretty much nonexistent. important things get set aside, while vast amounts of time, money, and energy are wasted on bullshit, pardon our english.)
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