we apologize for this trigger warning terms of service disclaimer acceptance agreement page, but sometimes people are sanitized against reality and need a reminder that life does not always follow their preference. if you've been here before and know what's in store, here's a fast pass to the target page or hit the banner above. if not, please read on...

   this website presents the plight of those less mentally stable or physically capable as the rest of us may think we are. it deals with the real fact that some people jump off the public 'skyway bridge' in an attempt to publicly end their own life. this site offers news, stories, opinion, and commentary on these public activities. this site does not promote, condone, nor approve of these public activities.

   this website may not be the best place to visit, if you have been affected by suicide in any way or are easily offended by facts, opinion, reality, public news, and/or adult language. text and imagery found within this site, may be offensive and insensitive to some visitors. if you think you qualify as such, please do not enter and simply leave.

   if you are at work and are dominated by political correctness, bail now, as there will no doubt be something that some whiny sjw will find offensive and may perhaps try to ruin your life, because they don't have one, so it's only fair.
enter only if you understand what you just read,
or skipped completely because you can't wait to complain: