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in Montreal Quebec Canada, appreciates this website.
updated 03.26.18
03.26.18, R.R.M., Montreal Quebec Canada, Good evening!
   I dont want to waste too much of your time, but Id like to say thanks for your website.
Ill be a bit more clear: I been having a rough 2 years, life just kicking my ass every way possible. Its not so much that Ive "considered" suicide as much as I had given up on taking any measures to prevent an untimely death, as I had pretty much accepted it as the inevitable end to my shitty life. Driving reckless all the time, days long drug binges, ect. Its not so much I was trying to kill myself as much as I didnt care if thats what happened.
   Ive always loved bridges, in MTL the Jaques Cartier towers over you and is part of the cities identity, and ive been fascinated with collapse ever since surviving a overpass collapse here in 2006.
   So there i am, given up on life, using my unemployed time to read the news. FIU pedestrian bridge collapses, i start clicking, next thing you know Im reading about the 1980s Sunshine collapse....long story short I ended up here and read half of the jumper stories.
   I swear to God, your site kicked by mind out of whatever gutter it had fallen into, and jarred me back into reality. So much pain and heartbreak from family members, the horrific final seconds of the jumpers, the sad weight it leaves on anyone who passes by their still running cars on the bridge.
Throwing your life away is not something to be nonchalant about. Its a horrific thing that leaves everyone around you devastated for the rest of their lives. Its a squander of potential and ignoring of blessings that are invisible to you at the time.
   Its a lesson that has been seared into my mind. I took me awhile to swallow my pride and write this, but I felt you should know that your site might have made a difference for tons of other people who called off their suicide but were too ashamed to send you a message to say thanks.
   Im back to work now, this kicked my ass back into wanting to live lol. Ill send you a donation via paypal once I start getting a few paydays. (got alot of red ink bills to clear first).
   Keep fighting the good fight

03.26.18, hello, thank you for your story. while we get blamed for "leading the depressed to suicide", with zero facts to back that up, we appreciate hearing stories how we may have helped, to whatever extent. we hope you work hard and live a good and rewarding life. we only get one shot at it, make it a better one.
   if you wish to further communicate, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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