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2010 • updated: 12.01.10
02.19.10: from the 'office of the governor'

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Mark C., Cape Coral, FL., facebook dialog, I drove across the Sunshine Skyway on Friday (twice) on my delivery commute. I think the bridge is an engineering marvel and a work of beauty. I've spent most of my free time this weekend reviewing the history of the new Skyway, the old bridges, wrecks, tragedies, demolition and jumpers. Your website is somewhat (actually very) gruesome and at the same time extremely informative. I surf the web constantly and it’s apparent you have spent an enormous amount of time perfecting your website. Congratulations on a job well done. Here’s my question. In your database, has there ever been a couple’s jump (not counting the failed bungee pendulum swing). Couples in my book are classified as married, lovers (M/F, M/M, F/F), best friends, etc. Any couples make the attempt and as one went over the edge and the other had a last second change of heart? (thanks for the good words. we suppose it's better than watching tv. there has been one known jumper couple lover's pact and one known suicide pact jumper pair.)
Mark C., Cape Coral, FL., facebook dialog, Compliments to you on locating this information and sharing it with me. I couldn't figure out how to search for it on my own. Your reply to Stumpy on 6/21/00 drives the point that this is a serious site (with some humor mixed in) that addresses and educates your readers about the pain that is forced onto the family members and friends who are left behind. I also appreciated that Mark Kibler wrote on 6/24/03 that he was able to find some closure in the loss of his brother by reviewing your site.

12.01.10, Brian G., Las Vegas, NV., You might have heard, we have a new bridge over the Hoover Dam. It's the second tallest in the nation. You should start tracking the stats for this bridge. Nevada has the highest suicide rate in the nation. Reference: (we were at the dam in 2006 and saw the start of this awesome bridge. later there were a couple tv shows about how they built it. the whole dam area is amazing. we have no doubt that there will be many that find this a new venue to self inflicted death, especially after gambling away their material worth.)

11.13.10, Ed, St.Pete, I turned on friends to this site, and no one is jumping! Not a bad thing, but makes me look bad.

10.04.10, KC, OH, actually, it's a sick site but I can't look away

09.18.10, Random Hero, Largo, Fl., I think this site is absolutley great... All the crybabies that think its offensive are rediculous its just news posted the rest and anything that could be considered offensive is usually written bysomeone pissed off claiming to be a friend or family member of said jumper....

09.12.10, Ed, St.Pete., Yes indeed, I want to stop on the bridge a look over just to see what the jumpers face. I guess faking a break down and calling the PD " I'm just checking the tire".... Anyhow. Nahh I think this site is cool dont jump.

08.23.10, Dan C., Bradenton, FL., I am afraid to cross the bridge while driving and am trying to get over this fear. Otherise I have to go 25 miles out of the way thru Tampa. Seems that often there are orange traffic cones toward the top of the bridge, which moves the traffic lanes to the right and causes the cars to need to use the right road shoulder to be used for driving at the top (to make way for the coned off area to the center of the bridge.) Can someone tell me if the orange cones are up there as of Aug 2010? I might try to drive over if no cones, but might be scared if the cones are still there since they take away the shoulders, which give some buffer. Thanks (while we love driving across the bridge, we do understand anyone's fear. it's called gephyrophobia. are you afraid if someone else drives? the traffic cones are placed at the top when there are bridge repairs and maintenance going on. far be it for us to know when the cones will be there. mind you, bridge officials do not let us know anything about the bridge. we imagine you could call the florida highway patrol for current bridge traffic conditions. just keep in mind, the bridge is a solid structure and if you travel a safe speed, you will cross the bridge safely and quite possibly enjoy the view.)

08.06.10, OrLando M. jr., Tampa, FL., Hope i can make a difference in someone's life! Life is crazy, and totally unpredictable...,It's going to push you over, kick you while you're down, and hit you when you try to get back up. Not everything can beat you. Things are going to change you, But you get to choose which ones you let change you. Listen to your heart, Follow your dreams, And let no one tell you what you're capable of. Push the limits, Bend the rules, And enjoy every minute of it. Laugh at everything, Live for as long as you can. Love all, But trust none. Believe in yourself, And never lose faith in others, Settle for nothing but only the best, And give 110% in everything you do. Take risks, Live on the edge, Yet stay safe, And cherish every moment of it. Life is a gift, Appreciate all the rewards, And jump on every opportunity. Not everyone's going to love you, But who needs them anyways. Challenge everything, And fight for what you believe. Back down to nothing, But give in to the little things in life, After all, that is what makes you. Forget the unnecessary, But remember everything, Bring it with you everywhere you go. Learn something new, And appreciate criticism. Hate nothing, But dislike what you want. Never forget where you came from, And always remember where you are going. Live Life to its fullest, And have a reason for everything, Even if it's totally insane. Find Your purpose in life, and Live it!

07.06.10, Jimmy K., Nashville, GA., Grew up in Tampa (1963-1981) and love this site. I have one question/suggestion. Is there anyway to see the latest postings? For example, I found a recent posting on a jump from 1995. If something is posted today about a previous year's jumper, we have no idea about it. That would be a cool addition and we could stay up to date on all these stories. Thanks for your site and keep up the good work. (thank you for the kind words and the good idea.)

07.04.10, Melissa R., Scotland, UK., Hi again, I do think the jumper relatives or friends must take some kind of comfort from reading posts which come from others who knew the jumper. I just can't understand why someone would spend a good few minutes bashing the site on a jumper's space.....that must be hurtful for the family or friends to read. Surely they could spend a few minutes sitting and thinking about how their comments can disrupt an otherwise compassionate and helpful flow of thoughts and memories from people who cared for the jumper. Does that make sense? Anyway, my point was that the way you reply isn't so much immature, it's actually pretty clever....I don't really know how else to explain what I'm trying to get at. Basically, your replies are clever but not nasty. Anyway, I know I've mailed a few times and I'm a Facebook contact but I wanted to let you know that I ain't no stalker or psycho! I just seem to find your site helpful as it reinforces the fact that suicide has far reaching implications for so many people other than the jumper. I take a strange comfort in reading the lists. I haven't got all the way through yet, only got as far as the jumper I wrote about and it pleased me when I read the reply. I just wanted to let you know that we're not all haters! I actually Google Earthed the Bridge yesterday, (weather has been awful and I was bored out of my head), and it's really a very pretty random as that sounds. I like bridges, cliffs and all that kind of thing. Nothing to do with suicide, I have been in the Coastguard since I was 17 and we do a lot of cliffwork so heights are a kind of thrill! Anyway, sorry for rambling again....everyone else in bed and I'm bored. Take care, Melissa (thanks again for your kind words, you can psycho stalker us any time. melissa was responding to this jumper input.)

06.21.10, Dani F., Niagara Falls, NY, I found this site while I was looking up info about the Skyway. I UNWILLINGLY saw the Skyway when we made a wrong turn touring Tampa and couldn't get out of the lane so we had to cross! That was the most terrifying ride of my life! However, I had to comment on your site. I think it's great that you're giving potential jumpers the truth about what happens when you jump off of a bridge. I never knew how damaging WATER could be to the human body. If your site stops ONE person from taking their life, then you've served your purpose. Thanks for this. Oh! I like the "You are an idiot" song. Anyone who is willing to let a temporary situation allow them to make a permanant, destructive and selfish decision IS an idiot!

06.15.10, sarah r., dupont, washington, this site is great, i'm going to hell but i don't care.

06.15.10, Melissa, Highlands, Scotland, UK., I came across this site when I was looking for a suicide that happened in the UK. It has definitely given me something to think about. I have had depression since my early teens. I hid it for a long, long time as there is still an awful amount of stigma associated with mental health here in the Highlands. Anyway, there are some very high cliffs nearby and when times have been too much to bear I would drive to the cliffs and think about jumping. However, I am a mother of 3 small children and when I think about jumping I always hesitate as I dont want them to suffer. I am getting help for the depression but I am still taking each da (we can not imagine the hurt we would feel if our mother killed herself and wasn't there for us. we hope you over come your depression, not only for you, but for your children. be well.) melissa writes again:
06.16.10, Melissa, Highlands, Scotland, UK., hi, crap, i never meant to send the mail as it was...unfinished! my dog jumped into my lap as i was typing and i thought i would cancel and write another one later!!!!! anyway, thanks for your reply. i am actually doing ok at the moment and your site actually helps. reading how suicide affects the families is heartbreaking and makes me think its not worth it. keep up the good work, i think you guys are doing a fantastic job on a difficult subject. we had a suicide here on saturday. i live near kyle of lochalsh which is connected to the isle of skye by the Skye Bridge. a lady who was terminally ill took her life and jumped 130ft into the water. the coastguard helicopter recovered her body. i am actually a coastguard member but couldn't attend the rescue as my husband (paramedic) was away working. anyway, while googling the jump i found your site. so sorry you read a mail that probably made no sense!!! bloody dog! i meant what i said about the site though and i will be a regular visitor to it. i hope to travel to Tampa one day soon so i can see the bridge, it looks amazing!! i'm not planning jumping though so anyone who wants to take a bet on it will be sorely disappointed lol! take care, Melissa :) (thanks for your return/reply. as much as you want to visit tampa, we'd like to visit scotland. while we'd pass on the haggis, wearing kilts could be a possibility.)

06.14.10, Cassie M., WA., I find it interesting to read about the jumpers. It is not a morbid fascination that makes me find interest in these stories, it is a curiosity that many people have. I was born and raised in Tampa and remember some of these stories from the news. I always felt sorry for the families left behind and the altered legacy of their loved one that they must carry with them forever. No one ever wants to refer to their family member in a negative way, but if the shoe fits, they have to wear it. Instead of them bashing the freedom of speech you exercise on this site, it seems that sharing their story and how it has affected their lives would be a far better use of their anger and reach further into the emotions of people who seek out this site. I read some of the hate mail and can't help but wonder if the people writing it had something to do with driving their loved one to jump. The need for conflict seems to drive some of them to lash out at complete strangers and sometimes other family members, and if they are so bold as to do it on a public forum imagine what they are capable of in private. ,,None of us want to see fault in ourselves because it is so much easier to find it in others. In my opinion that thought process is a driving force that may have contributed to their loved ones decision to jump in the first place. They blame society, or blame their circumstances, or blame those around them instead of taking accountability for their lives and making a difference for the people who will follow in their footsteps. I do not believe that all people who commit suicide are mentally impaired either. They are often selfish and fearful of accountability. It would appear that dying is preferable to admitting they may have failed somewhere along the way. It is better served for the jumper's families to recognize this than to play the pity card. It seems that denial starts with the jumper and is carried over to their families. Wake up people... Your loved one jumped because they wanted to. No one wronged them, no one forced them over the edge. They chose to jump, whether it be because of family problems, financial problem, curiosity, or what have you. It was their right and they exercised it. If that frustrates you, then stop the cycle of negativity and pass on positive change and positive alternatives. Stop preaching how hurt you are and how everyone else is to blame, and hold the person who jumped accountable for that action. Projecting that hurt and denial onto others is an ugly practice and follows the same path that the jumper followed. Self destruction happens when common sense departs. (we too feel sorry for the families left behind. first that they lost a loved one and second, they no doubt endured some hard times with the jumper in the time before the death jump. we also feel too much is made of depression and mental illness. too often, people use depression and mental illness as an excuse for living a reckless life. "i'm depressed, i need drugs". who of us can not be determined to have some form of mental illness by some head doctor? how about depression? so we get depressed and now everyone needs make excuses for our behavior? bullshit. depression and mental illness does not give anyone carte blanche to do as they please. too often we hear people clamor for lesser punishments for people exercising their ability to cause harm to others. "he was abused by his father" means it's somehow ok to receive a lesser sentence for now abusing his own child. bullshit. we fully agree with your contention that family is often the main source of a jumper's desire to end it all. people taking accountability for their lives and being responsible for their actions is too much to ask of anyone anymore. everyone has an excuse for everything. it's a sad state of mind and only gets worse as time goes on.)

06.10.10, blustar7, Largo, FL., i wanted to respond regarding the article f/fox or tbtimes, i forget, but it said to call the crisis hotline someone is always there to help. i want to say something from personal experience. this was several years ago and i had been severely depressed and having suicidal thoughts. one day i just had it with my life but i decided to call the suicide prevention hotline to get some help b/c i didn't like the thoughts in my head. the phone rang forever, meanwhile i'm crying hysterically, then someone answers and says "can you please hold?" and puts me on hold. OK SERIOUSLY? I was f***n furious!! i waited about a minute and then hung up. what kind of suicide prevention was that? it only made me more hysterical. i just wanted to get this out there b/c what if the same incident happened to others who did commit suicide but who could have potentially been saved? ugh...sorry the memory of that call makes me furious. (while we included our satirical 'please hold' sound bite as a joke, it's no joke when the real deal is happening to those that need it least. we're sure yours is not the first nor the last 'please hold' experience people have from some help lines.)

06.10.10, blustar7, Largo, FL., i came across your site last year which was how i learned about the horrific way you die by jumping. Like a lot of people, i thought it was a quick easy way to die. A friend of mine has been troubled and told me she was thinking about jumping off the skyway. I told her exactly how she would die, her organs ripped out and bones crushed, etc...after that she changed her mind. I do think more public awareness should be made and i can guarantee if people saw pics of jumpers after death they would think twice. Thanks

06.06.10, anon, was told about site after my brother jumped....don't do the pool but check site from time to time, Not offended at all.

06.03.10, Mecky, H., Arcadia, FL., I for one appreciate this site. Here is an idea. Why not post military recruiters on this bridge for a change. If folks are willing to die, why not do it for a good cause (JK). What a selfish act. To even so much as to think about giving away such a great gift as ones own life. Shame on you.

05.31.10, Donna B., Alabama, When I lived in Florida many, many years ago as a child, I took one memory with me. I hated when we had to take a trip that meant crossing that bridge. I would curl up in the backseat floorboard and cry until we were on the other side. No other bridge ever effected me like that. Now, as an adult, seeing the photos still give me the willies.I would like to say that I had a special gift that caused me to sense all of the horrible endings that the bridge occured, but that would be a load of manure...I just hate heights.

05.18.10, Hammerhead, jefferson, S.C., i love my self way to f**kin much to end my own life. if im gonna jump off anything its not gonna be a 200 ft . drop to the damn water. any one that kills thereselves should really think of what kinda cowardness that it shows., i think any one who hasa that much of a problem should get counseling b4 it gets that bad.

05.18.10, Joe R., Largo, I love your site it amuses me the way people bash it. If you actually read it and pay attention to what your reading, it is very informative, factual, and basicly its a news site with a spin. I dont see in any way. (and i've read every page) that anyone could mistake it for a site that advocates suicide. Most will not report it and someone should. I will continue to read it daily. I added you on Facebook also. I think its a great thing your doing. The people who claim to be family of jumpers or friends and their pissing and moaning are what make it funny to read not what you publish.. Anyways now Im rambling... Keep up the great work... Now im gonna go make my next guess LOL Have a great day...

05.16.10, amber, sarasota, i still choose the skyway bridge when i can figure out a time that i wont be stopped. the fact your insides are crushed still doesnt compete with your brains and face all over the walls. who wants to clean that shit up? thats gross. pills arent reliable. skyway jumpers have the right idea. (amber, if you wish to talk about anything, please feel free to contact us anytime.)

05.11.10, Guido, Port Charlotte, I didn't beleive the story about this cool site. Some people just want to die. Kiss a train, drive into a bridge abutment, slash wrist, sleeping pills, etc. I think the bridge is an impulse place.

05.06.10, Jenna McC., Douglasville, GA, I love this site. If I believed in hell (I'm Buddhist) I'd be going there.

04.30.10, Derek T., Greenville, SC., I have made a model of the Sunshine Skyway. Could you give a link to your viewers? The model is for sale, problem, I dont know what it is worth? However, it takes 7-10 days to make so more can be made. Your site is a little on the tasteless side but so is Southpark and I tune in every Wed. night! (something is only worth what someone will pay. what they pay may or may not be worth what you feel you should make for the 7-10 days it takes you to make the model. we hope our tasteless site brings you some model skyway sales action.) 

04.11.10, anon, I just wanted to say this website is one of the best suicide deterrents I have ,ever seen. I used to work with a crisis hotline, and seeing the true aftermath of what suicide does to families and friends seems like it would be better prevention than anything I could ever say to anyone in crisis. Kudos to you for doing what you do, even if it isn't always popular and certainly isn't PC. People who romanticize jumping need a good wake up call, and need to realize that public death, blunt force trauma, and grieving loved ones is not romantic, it is no way to go. Hell, they should post the link to this website next to the crisis phones on the Skyway. I lived down the street from the Golden Gate Bridge for years and have traveled over the Skyway many times visiting family in Florida. Even though I worked on a crisis hotline where we often dealt with suicidal callers, I never understood the magnitude of the problem until I watched 'The Bridge' and stumbled upon this website. Anyways, that's about all I have to say, but I wanted to let you know someone in California admires and appreciates what you do. ... I just wanted to share with you my feelings about how great and unconventional I think this website is. (we appreciate your kind words and that you share our thoughts on what we want this site to present.)

03.30.10, Ed, St.Pete., I was driving over the Shyway and thought about the people that had stopped and jumped, I got woozy at the thought of it. Good site, sad but needed.

03.26.10, Sensible One, Tampa Bay Area, Well, I am from Tampa Bay, so doing the leap of faith off the Skyway would be like crapping in my own yard. However, if I decide to check out of the My Life Hotel early, I would do it with dignity & class. I would have a delightful steak & lobster dinner, take a nice long foo-foo bubble bath complete with candles and a bottle of Pinot Griigo, maybe take a few sleeping pills if I'm feeling too sober, dry off and dress in my best La Perla and last but not least, finish off the evening with a big warm cup of Hemlock tea. Then I'd perch myself up in my 4-poster bed like an aging movie siren and slip off into the worry-free world. So after I leave this life, with any luck there won't be an autopsy done, but if there is, hopefully the coroner will be a little too busy on my day and diagnose my death as heart failure. Hemlock isn't used much these days and if my death is ruled "natural" (how much more natural can you get than Hemlocks?) My husband and my son will be a couple of very rich young men!!

03.22.10, aanon, I actually do feel somehwat sorry that I have been unemployed for over a year and have enough time to enter in a suicide pool. Gotta keep laughing.

03.16.10, Gail K., facebook dialog, You will never stop someone from wanting to end it all... so why not have it on the news? WEIRD! All other "deaths" are put on Bay news 9 over, and over, and.....
03.16.10, Alexandria S., If someone decides to jump off a bridge to end it they probably want it to be on TV or in the paper. If they didn't want people to hear about it and pay attention to it there are less attention seeking ways to kill yourself. Everybody wants their 15 minutes... dead or alive.
03.16.10, Kelly S., That has got to be the most ignorant comment I've read in a long long time. Speaking from someone who has done alot of research on the subject. Suicide by bridge jumping is usually...usually the most sure fire way other than gunshot. Every method has the potential to fail (as Hanns will tell you on this) but if someone is suicidal, truly suicidal they are usually looking for the most sure fire way to end it...not media attention.
03.17.10, Donna D., My brother did not kill himself for attention. He stuck a rifle in his mouth and tripped the trigger with his foot, severing the spinal cord at the first cervical level and causing instantaneous death. His intent was to die. BTW, he was down at Tierra Verde, well in sight of the Skyway bridge. (perhaps alexandria was referring to those that threaten to jump, only to turn it into a long drawn out standoff. they have no intention of jumping and now command huge attention. our favorite is the crazy cowboy cable climber.)
03.19.10, Alexandria S., I'm not saying they kill themselves just so people will see it but if they choose to do it that way they know alot of people will see it and some part of them must want it to be noticed. There are plenty of ways to kill yourself in the privacy of your own home. Maybe they don't want the attention for jumping, maybe they do it in a place like that so someone will see them and try to stop them. Maybe seeing that that 1 person cares will change their mind. Idk, I didn't mean anything I said to be offensive, so I apologize.
03.20.10, · Sandee M., I don't know, Alexandria. Reading the accounts, many jumpers do it within the blink of an eye. In fact, I believe a couple of them DID have someone trying to talk to them but jumped right in front of the ones trying to be of assistance. These individuals need help and aren't thinking clearly, and I'm sure the only thought on their mind at that moment is the peace they will have after they jump, just as any other victim of suicide. Just because their method is more public does not make the intent any less lethal. I can't imagine feeling so helpless watching someone run from their car and throw themselves from the bridge before I even had time to react and try to help. I honestly don't feel the jumpers are attention-seeking; just looking for the quickest, "cleanest" way to end things. BTW, I didn't find your comment offensive at all. We're all entitled to our opinions. (it's safe to say some jump for attention and some threaten to jump for the attention. others jump as fast as they can stop the car, get out, and dash over the edge, while others hesitate before the fall. each person that uses the bridge for their own purpose, has an individual and different story. we doubt any two are the same.)

03.16.10, Mrs. M., Fresno, CA., Love the site, glad I found it via MyDeathSpace! Also, can't wait to see the entire documentary. The preview looks awesome. (the film can be viewed here.)

03.15.10, Josh, Delaware, The new jumper (3/13) is the first new confirmed jumper since I've been following the website. How long does it usually take to confirm the name and additional information? Obviously, I'm sure it varies, but I saw you mentioned on Twitter that there have been no media mention of it; is that the norm? Just curious.,,P.S. Love the sarcastic undertones of your comments. This is a morbid website (hell, I'm a morbid person), BUT it does serve a very good purpose. The media tends not to cover suicide too in-depth (the whole hush-hush, fear of 'glorifying'), but it's awesome to see this site has proven to be a deterrent for those contemplating suicide. I LOVED how you posted that letter from a government official and ripped it apart. Keep up the good work! (thank you for the time you took to contact us. the only notification we used to get about jumpers, came from the media or the occasional press release from the sheriff's office. eventually, as the site gained notice these past eleven years, people crossing the bridge and witnessing jumper activity started to outpace official mention. it's always hit or miss when and how the media or government covers the event or responds officially to it. like this latest jumper, the media acts like it never happened. other times, they can't say enough and go into great detail. we are perplexed at how they determine who is worthy of mention and who is not. perhaps they use a big "wheel of worthiness" spinner. this latest jumper came up "not worthy!". we're sure the actual count of bridge jumpers far exceeds the totals we have amassed since the site started. we'll let our moms know you appreciate our sarcastic undertones, as they sure the hell never have. maybe at some point, the powers that be will worm their way around our 'freedom of speech' and devise a way to shut the site down. until then, we'll keep attempting our out of ordinary method of suicide prevention. as for the letter from the governor's office, we doubt any of our words were accepted as reasonable. they have an agenda and is not on it. after all, who expects government to use common sense with anything it attempts? thanks again for the kind words.)

02.22.10, raven, Tampa, Hey,its me.,You know, I don't think I ever told you that I actually entertained the idea of not jumping off the new span, but driving off the old one before they took down the elevated pieces. It was one of those "family has destroyed our relationship" things.,,I got incredibly shitfaced, tattooed a small copy of his tattoo on my hand, drove to the bottom of the old bridge and tried to slash my arm 3 times (damned dull knife). The plan was to put the pedal to the metal and blast through the concrete barrier at the top and just ride it down. Luckily the pain from the too shallow cuts sobered me up enough to realize that with my luck, the damned car wouldn't go through the barrier, but bounce back and leave me with a wrecked the nut house. ,,I ended up driving home and living with the pain of that failure on top of the failed attempt at returning to my lost lover. I never had the courage to go to the top of that new span and throw myself over. Could be the fear of heights... could be the descriptions I saw here. Honestly, after reading this site, jumping suddenly didn't seem like such a great idea.,,It took 18 years, but I am about to be reunited with that long lost love in the beginning of March. My damned family is still trying to interfere, but despite the odds, we're finally going to reconnect. ,,All I can say to the would-be jumpers out there is that if you just have patience and stick it out, things WILL get better. I honestly never thought I'd see him again and it took a long damn time, but here it is. Hang in there (it's no surprise that a fan of the site also has a darkness within. many contacts have addressed family issues since the beginning of this site. families are fully capable to be the most destructible element to a family member's well being. while a friend or stranger can harm you, they tend to be quicker about it and usually easier to be done with. family harm is like a slow cooker. the harm is long lasting and continual. if one intends harm, they just won't let it go and being family, they are always there, lurking and harming. we are glad your plan to take yourself out failed and allowed you this new opportunity to reconnect. we highly recommend you disconnect from anyone, be they friend, family, or stranger, that tries to cause you mental or physical harm. it is imperative we do not allow ourselves to be inflicted upon by anyone, but to stay out of harm's way. absolutely no one has the right to impinge on your life negatively. we wish you nothing but the best in your new found reunion and may you truly live a happy life, free of detractors. life is too short to deal with voluntary harassment, which is what we allow our families to do to ourselves. take care of you, first and foremost.)

02.19.10, Erin Macinnes, executive office of the governor.

02.19.10, anon, I am in my mid 40's and have been battling depression for 15 years now. I have made 3 suicide attempts, been hospitalized, been on many many meds etc. I also have a fascination with death for some reason. I can't begin to tell you how much time I have spent reading up on depression, suicide etc etc and it was not until I came to this site that I was stopped cold in my tracks. Your message about suicide "we feel suicidal people need to know you bring pain and shame to yourself, your friends, and your family. it's not a free pass to end your misery. it's simply a way to transfer your hurt and sorrow to those that know and love you" is the strongest, most direct anti-suicide message EVER. It sure made me open my eyes as to what my friends and family went through with me. (thanks for the kind words. it is our hope you live a long and happy life. it is possible.)

02.19.10, big ed e., sarasota fl., i wish this year had a february 29th. leap..year would be a perfect

02.15.10, Harley J., Las Vegas, Great site, fascinating. After seeing it happen twice (once at Hoover Dam and once inside a casino, he cannonballed the registration desk)I never understood why someone would choose jumping over a gun in the mouth or a pill overdose. This site helped me understand it a little better...thanks.

02.15.10, Doug, I just happened across your site today. I moved from the area decades ago and had no idea the Skyway was such a popular jump site. I used to fish now and then off the causeway leading to the old spans. I seem to recall one fellow jumping and crashing through a boat down below.
Back in my high school days we would ride our motorcycles down from Clearwater late at night and get high at the small park located just south of the original spans. Then we would race north and hit the top of the bridge making about 100 mph. You'd get a few seconds of weightlessness over the peak. The old spans had a steel grating roadway that made motorcycles twitch a bit. The faster you went, the smoother the ride. What thrill. Closet I'll get to being an astronaut.
A few years later one of the old spans was struck by a large ship and collapsed. I was living in West Palm Beach at the time and was returning to Clearwater for a court hearing the same morning as the collapse. We couldn't figure out why traffic was so backed up and were astonished to see the damage to the northbound span as we passed over the remaining bridge. A couple of years later I found myself working for Trailways Bus Lines and met a Greyhound driver who claimed it was his bus that fell into the bay. He for some reason got up that morning and called in sick (something he never did) , then learned later in the day his bus driven by a substitute driver had fallen off the damaged span killing all on board. My boss at the bus station knew the driver well from his days with Greyhound and said it was a true story. The driver still seemed shook up by the event, even though a few years had passed.
I've passed over the new bridges and they are not as much fun as the old spans. The old bridges had a much steeper incline to them. My best friends brother took his highly modified 1970 GTO (455ci with Nitrous) over the old span at 130 mph and claimed he floated over the top. I believe him. His GTO was once clocked at 144mph on radar by the Clearwater police. He ended up going into the Marines to escape the legal issues brought upon himself by his driving practices.
Sigh, I miss those good ole days. It's a shame so many choose to end their lives on the Skyway bridge when they could be having fun there instead. Hell, if you're depressed, go hike the FL Trail or the Appalachian Trail. I've really found hiking long distances eases depression. Once you jump it's all over for good, and that ain't no fun.

02.14.10, Joseph Lee J., NOKOMIS, FLORIDA, As a Florida boy, I have jumped from many a bridge, but never in a state of depression. While I am sorry for the pain suffered at the base of this mean 'ol bridge, I find mice elf drawn to the macabre. They feed on the dead you know... ,If anyone is to blame aside from the jumper, it's the people closest to them. They missed the signs. Not something we as commuters have the option of doing, as the empty car sits emptily, as the police and troopers sit at the summit of mount boom. A fitting name as there is indeed a boom upon impact. ,Personally, I drop down into fourth gear when I hit the incline. I love to drive up the bridge as fast as I can and imagine myself launching all the way to my destination. Which, incidentally, is never the water. ,Thanks for a sarcastic outlet to plug into.

02.14.10, Cali, I just found your site. I sit here and read a few stories, crying. It truly is, sad these people take their lives. Well, any death is sad. But what I really, wanted to comment about was the volume of hatred directed at this site. Although some words and pictures are insensitive. I don't understand, why people are bashing and wishing death apon the creator of this site. Not once on this site has the author ever wished death apon anyone. Wishing death for someone is worse than anything the author has said. These people are mad because they feel their loved ones are being made fun of so they curse, wish death, wish for someone to burn in hell?? If any of those people are Christian they would know suicide is a unforgivable sin. The creator of this site was not a factor in any of these suicides.. oh and by the way, in the good ol u s of a we have a thing called, freedom of speech so GET OVER IT. (thank you for your kind words. we are accustomed to our haters and find their ranting commentary amusing. long before this site was in existence, we have been sickened by all the "good" hypocritical christians and their "do as we say or else" rhetoric. the willingness to kill in the name of some invisible sky wizard is complete and total bullshit, regardless of what religion one practices. if there was this christ in heaven, he too would be just as sickened by them, but there is not.)

02.11.10, Don, Largo, FL., Life is a lot like a movie...if you leave your seat will not get to see how things work out

01.21.10, Smokey Mkpot, corpus christi, tx., i think if you wanna take your life...more power too ya!!!

01.17.10, Chuck, Seattle, Was driving to work under the Aurora bridge near the troll 900 34th> The jumper missed my car by 5 feet. I stopped check for pulses nothing. Pretty much every bone is the guy body was broken. Ive heard nothing since. Police took my number Ive not heard from them or seen anything in the local news either. (your bridge is a popular jumping spot for suicides. there are always more suicides than get reported. chances are you will not hear about it on the media. it's hit or miss. thanks for the story.)
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