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in australia, appreciates this website.
updated 06.05.17
06.05.17, Bee, Australia, Guys I've watched your website for years. I hope it does get through to people how suicide is not worth it. The pain it causes family and friends, the finality of it over something that would have passed with time. I will admit I always had trouble with major depression but I never would tell anyone. I really hope your website gets it through to people that this is not an option.
For me my worst years were from about 12-25. I had it planned and then looked around and realised who I would hurt by doing this. I could only think of one person and that person was my mum. And then I thought of all the times I stood between her and my dad to prevent her from getting hurt and I realised how with one action I could cause her more pain then my father ever had with his fists.
I hope anyone looking at your website can realise they need to get help, they need to talk to someone. I'd go from reason to reason to live. I'd tell myself that I was taking the coward's way out that if I went ahead I'd be giving in. I'd tell myself it was something transitory and things would be better in a few weeks or months but my main reason was I could not do this to someone who cared for me and even though I often thought I'd never get through I did.
I'm 30 years older now. I have a wonderful husband and a child. I've moved on so much more than I ever thought I would have in those days. The problems that seemed so insurmountable have either disappeared into the past or I have learnt ways to deal with them.
Thank you for your brutal honesty. I wish you'd been around back in my day. It would have been helpful.

06.05.17, hello bee, thank you for your story. yours is a story of adverse conditions making you a much stronger woman. your perseverance and determination brought you through the dark years and into the light of a better today. cheers to you! we can only hope that people currently in your old once was shoes, can read your story and grab on to the same determination you possessed. thank you for your kind words.
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