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making life work.
updated 10.10.16

10.10.16: Diana, Cape Cod, MA.,
   As a suicide survivor, pills at 19 and later 24, I really appreciate this site. I've been thinking about suicide again and I came across your site as I googled ways to successfully do it without feeling pain. I'm 46 now.
   Suicide is a very selfish act. It would bring so much hurt and pain to my children, family and boyfriend. I just can't do that to them. I agree strongly with you when it comes to not deleting posts after a family member requests their removal.
   Because of your site, I focused on what pain I would cause to my family and stopped thinking about the short-term pain my problems are causing me at the moment. I told my family how I was feeling and we've discussed the reasons why I have been thinking negatively. I've survived so much in my life, molestation, rape, abuse as a child, and domestic violence.
   A week ago I was crying and feeling like everything was going wrong. Today, I'm sitting on my bed, watching TV and laughing with my boyfriend. My problems got figured out and I'm not feeling the desperation anymore. This site was developed to persuade unhealthy, selfish thinking people like me to think selflessly and to stay strong and alive for your family. Thank you.

hello diana,
   thank you for taking the time to try and help others, that may be sharing your inner torment. i believe that people like you are perhaps the best motivator, as you know more about what is going on within like-minded people, than anyone that is not. it's imperative you continue to follow the path you are on.
   realizing your potential, understanding the problems, and knowing that you are a valued member of your family, are great steps in moving forward to a healthy mindset. discussing your thoughts with them, aids in the healing of the painful moments of your past. while those moments can never be forgotten, they can be coped with. preventing further abuse is important. removing yourself from potential trouble and those that abuse, is paramount. becoming a stronger person and recognizing the dangers, will keep you on the right path to a successful, happy, and fulfilling life. it is possible and it will be hard, but you seem to have the right attitude one needs to succeed. surround yourself with those that care and love. discard anyone that is harmful, no matter who they are.
   we appreciate your kind words about what we may have done to help you realize your potential. we have had so many condemn what we do, but we do know there have been those that have culled something positive and have applied that to their negative. with hard work and a loving environment, the positives will banish the negatives.
   it brings hope in seeing you rise above the hell you lived in the past. stay strong and laugh long.

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