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the $15,600,000 disco lights

   we had/have nothing to do with the lights. we do not control them. we do not know when they come on or go off. we do not choose the colors, themes, or sequences. we have no idea where to best view them from shore. we have absolutely zero input as to the function of the lights.
   if they are malfunctioning, we assume that at some point, an expensive disco light repair team will jump into action, at additional cost.
   if we had a say, we would have never approved of such a large sum to be spent on fancy bridge lights. they sure are pretty, but we believe it was a colossal waste of money.
   you can contact the florida department of transportation with your questions, requests, concerns, and complaints.

the $15,600,000 skyway bridge light project.

Mark Freels


Lance Raab

Joe Defibaugh

Mayra Viviana Lopez

available on ebay: 1000 piece skyway lights puzzle larger
good luck with the sky and water. couldn't throw in a few birds and boats?
disco light comments
06.20.20, Gregory D., facebook, Half the lights are out on the Bridge lately!

(you expect those lights to fully work within the first year for only $15,600,000?~)

03.30.20, Michael M., facebook, can you guy's please turn the lights underneath the bridge john deere green for Joe diffie he's a country music legend.... they are green and yellow please please please!!! (you would have to contact the f.d.o.t. about your request, as our only power is running this facebook page and the lowly website.)

11.09.19, Ginny S., facebook, Love, love the new lights!! Thank you for brightening up my trip to and from TPA. (we had nothing to do with blowing $15,600,000 on the lights. enjoy your trip and be safe.)
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