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skyway bridge webcams

there seems to be no public streaming skyway cameras available.
if you know of any other functional skyway cams, do tell.
if you know of secret video feeds, let us know anonymously.

we have zero access to any archived camera video.
they are controlled and operated by the fdot and you can contact them.
i275 fdot still-shot cameras just outside the toll-to-toll corridor.
updated: 07.24.18
cameras may be randomly pointing in any direction or fail at any time.
images begin from the most southern start of i275, in order of mile markers,
skipping the cams between the toll plazas, to just past the north toll plaza.

1.5 northbound

2.3 northbound

 3.1 northbound

3.9 southbound

south of the south toll plaza, 4.7 southbound

south of the south toll plaza, 5.2 northbound

skyway toll-to-toll corridor

north of the north toll plaza,16.1 northbound

16.9 southbound
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