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2005 • updated: 09.01.07

latest comments are at the top. (our responses to comments follow.)
12.12.05, Stephen R., Riverview, FL., Unless you are at or near the end of your natural life, and all you have to look forward to is pain and suffering (like if you have terminal cancer), then dying with dignity, on your own terms, is okay. Killing yourself because you lost your job or your girlfriend left you is just plain stupid.

12.08.05, Sue W., California, No matter how many people complain, you are doing a service. People need to talk about it, people need to know someone listens. You also show just how much a problem there is. Hide it and it never goes away. No one has the right to condem a jumper, especially if they claim to be clergy, for God alone can judge (that is if you believe in God and if you don't, well then it dosn't matter). (we don't and it dosn't.)

11.20.05, Michael B., Sarasota, Florida, Like many of those who have commented, I see the humor side of this site and enjoy it as well. I don't think that many people realize that it also serves as a Memorial. We know that when people jump they are pushed to the end of their limits. That is not a good feeling. Suicide and reading about the people who did it is very depressing. Thank God that when we visit this site we can break that depressing feeling with a little humor. I think the memorial aspects of this site are, and will be, a very important part of this bridges History. Regards, Michael B.

11.13.05, Zachary, St. Petersburg, FL., Jesus said "If you build it, they will jump."

11.13.05, rob, orlando, fl, usa, i love how offensive it is. i like when people jump off the skyway. sometimes people just need to jump off the skyway. (we have a long list of somebodies we'd like to see jumping off the bridge.)

10.29.05, George V., North Andover, MA., I will be sure to bring an umbrella if I am ever on a boat which crosses under the Skyway Bridge. (umbrellas always work in protecting you from falling bodies.)

10.25.05, Sarah, Union, SC, USA, Suicide's for pansies.

10.24.05, ME!, Clearwater, I love this site. I found this last year when I moved here, and have it on my favorites to check every few weeks, days, whatever, to see if there is a new jumper. I myself have even though about this bridge when I was going thru a very VERY difficult time in my life. I'm in awe of the bridge. I had the opportunity to go under the sunshine skyway when I left on a cruise.

10.21.05, Terre, Ontario, California, Just found this on ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — A 93-year-old driver apparently suffering from dementia fatally struck a pedestrian and drove for three miles with the man's body through his windshield, police said. Ralph Parker was stopped after he drove through a toll booth on the Sunshine Skyway, Traffic Homicide Investigator Michael Jockers said. The toll taker called police, he said.

10.20.05, Hugh J., Palmetto, This is not a jumper story, however i think this guy was trying to win the latest jumperpool. A man pulled up to the skyway toll booth at 8:30pm on 10/19/05 with a dead body stuck on the windshield of his car. i believe this guy was trying the achieve fame and fortune by throwing the body off the bridge and then entering the information on this website so he could win. Thank goodness for the quick thinking of an on the ball toll collector to thwart the attempt of this cheater, when us hard working contributers are doing our homework to determine when the next legitimate jumper will make the plunge. Keep up the good work! (thanks for the good words and grin. hugh refers to a strange story here.)

10.10.05, unknown, AWFUL!! THE ONLY TIME I DROVE OVER IT!! SAW THE JUMP!! (what jump?)

09.28.05, patricia, Hudson, Fl., I find this site on the Skyway Bridge to be thought provoking. I believe a Captain John Miller wrote a book a few years ago called, "The Tampa Bay Triangle" and in it, he writes a chapter about this very disturbing bridge...the origin, why and how it was named back in 1957. The history of it, etc. It's rumored to have a curse on it from some Indian tribe back in the 1600's. The "new" bridge that was erected in 1987 is suppose to be a monument to the Egyptian Sun God, Ra -- notice how it curves to the East. To make a long story short, he goes into why there are so many suicides as they are the "sacrifices" to this Sun God. Read the book! I live about two hours from this bridge and I will not go over it anymore. Most people that have commited suicide were not depressed but *compelled* to do it suddenly. (that's why many of the people who took their life were not depressed nor did they leave a note). Their mission, I suppose. Read this book! (thanks, patricia. we just happen to have a limited supply of "Tampa Triangle Dead Zone", each signed by author Capt. Bill Miller. [update: sold out!])

09.27.05, Kayara K., Hampton Georgia United States, I think that suicide is really stupid. That's Just my opinion.

09.25.05, Ali, England, I appreciate that this site probably took you a long time to make and I appreciate your opinions but it doesnt mean that I agree with you. I believe suicide is a very serious problem that should be dealt with. Yes, it is selfish to leave behind the people you love in pain, but think how the suicidal person must be feeling? They feel that its best to leave people behind as they think they're the ones that are doing the hurting and that life would be far better without them. And think about what has driven them to do it? it might seem weak to kill yourself over a broken heart or something but to that suicidal person it might be too much to bear. Think of this scenario: a 13 year old boy is being bullied by a gang of other 13 year olds. He doesnt fit in to any social group, no one wants to be his friend and his mother has too much time on her hands to spend any time with him. He is lonely, depressed, scared and confused about everything. He has no idea why no one likes him and he wishes he could spend some proper time with his mother. he doesnt know how to tell anyone incase he would be laughed at. He feels as though no one wants him there and he has become a stranger to himself. The only way out of his mess is suicide as he feels he is better off dead. think about how YOU would feel being in the shoes of that 13 year old boy. it wouldnt feel nice. Yes suicide is wrong and in alot of ways selfish but think about what you would do when all hope was lost and you could see no way out. (we do know how it feels to be ostracized by a peer group. we also know that it's not 100% of everyone doing the ostracizing. there will always be someone or more, that one can find friendship. teach those less able to socially fit in, to seek out other groups and interests. individuality beats running with a pack mentality anyway and is much more rewarding than being like everyone else. we understand that not everyone can cope with life. there will always be those that decide to shitcan their own life. that's the way it has been forever and that's the way it will be forever more. the rest of us must deal with that.)

09.21.05, gus, lossiemouth,u.k., i think if you guess the date right then you should win £1,000,000. they should put up nets under the bridge so.................... the jumpers get diced when they hit the net!!!! ha ha savage or what?... get back to me

09.14.05, ranbo, i think this is a great site. i think people should be aware of whats happening in there community. if people have a problem with this site then dont go on it. nobody's forcing you to do it.

09.13.05, Jay R., Sarasota, My father died on this bridge when I was 7, His name was Melbourne Russell, He was a passenger on the Greyhound bus coming from chicago when the Summit Venture hit the bridge. My Mother and I never were close, I was raised by my aunt. Well she has passed and I am trying to find as much info about my father as possible. The only Picture I have seen of him is when he was being pulled from the water by coast guard divers. He has the Black buckled boots. Every time i have searched I come to this site. I am having a hard time finding Information. I don't even know where he was buried. If anyone could help i would appreciate it. (anyone with info?) 

09.10.05, Helen T., Tierra Verde, FL., I wandered here unintentionally, but got sucked in and lost a good 2 hours... I see the bridge every day driving home, we sail the channel regularly and can even see its red flashing lights from our balcony, and while the bridge is always captivating to behold (it's just so effing huge), I rarely gave more than a passing thought to those who killed themselves there. Your site is macabre, but funny and humane. It's a rather dignified chronicle of a very undignified act. Even the broken eggs have a poignant humor. I'll probably recall these stories each time I see the bridge for a long time coming. Good job. Cheers. (thanks, helen.)

09.09.05, darcy, st.louis, MO, This has been a record year so far! Why dont you have that up there "Record Year"!!! This is something to celebrate! I think its awesome, wish I had the balls to do it...oNE day one day.. (sorry, girls don't have balls. wait, that doesn't look right. it's not that we're sorry girls don't have balls. we all agree that girls should not have balls, no matter how equal they think they are to males.)

09.04.05, Maggie, Seattle, WA, USA, i think i was searching some song lyrics and this was in the search results cuz i forgot to put the word lyrics in the search parameters. I think it's totally interesting... some facts here I did not know. I think awareness of what really happens is a good thing. Thanks for the site.

08.26.05, dee, ft myers, florida, There is some bad mojo around that bridge. The Greyhound bus, the USS Blackthorne, suicides and ghost stories. I lived in St Pete in the nineties. I've heard some freaky tales regarding the Skyway. I went fishing under it one day on a boat. I couldn't wait to get out from around it. My wife's boss broke her back on a boat under the bridge in a very strange incident. I remember the Tampa businessman who slammed his porshe into the toll booth and died. I even once heard a crazy story from a guy who claimed that one foggy night fishing from old Skyway pier a greyhound bus came out of a fog bank and disappeared into another. There is some bad mojo around that bridge.

08.25.05, Jayme Lea, Dunedin, Fl., Wow, last year was such a dry spell, I can't believe it has been such a busy last couple of months. Do you think they are jumping because of the price of gasoline? I'm about to if it goes up any more: Just kidding, I'd never jump...I want all the people who make me miserable to be miserable because I'm here to annoy them (you can annoy us anytime. why don't you ride up and down our street on your bicycle with the baseball cards in the spokes. that never gets annoying. ha!)

08.11.05, Chris, High & Dry Lutz, FL., Okay here's my second "dive" into the jumperpool or maybe it's my third. Anyway, this site rocks... like the next jumper couple!

08.05.05, Kerrie M., Brandon, FL, US, it was late at night and I was sleeping, and i had this dream where I was looking at this exact website....very spooky. This site is awesome!! A great way to ease my curiosity about the crazy people that do this!!

07.29.05, Ray H., St. Petersburg, FL., I really need help. You are my last resort, having researched the morgue at the St. Pete Times, the Tampa Trib, the US COAST GUARD, the Pinellas Cty. Morgue, St. Pete Fire Rescue and the micro film at the St. Pete library. There is a bitter child custody battle going on and I need a name. Here's the question: In the late 70's or early 80's the Pinellas Park 'Tackle Shack' store, (Jim and Andy L. [last name withheld] owners) took a scuba dive group of 16 or 18 kids to the rocks at the base of the Skyway Bridge to go stone crabbing. A young man in the party died because his dive buddy lost track of him. I've been told that drugs were involved. WHAT WAS HIS NAME? Please help if you can. It was a big story when it happened but I don't even have a date. (anyone with info?) 

07.28.05, amie, orlando, So sad are these people...just find someone to talk to since it is the attention you seek. If I am wrong ,then why not do it in private?

07.25.05, Huey, Safety Harbor, FL, USA, I think this website is great. Obviously this is a serious subject, but to kill one's self is an increadibly shallow and self-centered method to solve problems that every human being must deal with.

07.24.05, jay r., tampa, fl., let them jump if they want to die let them die

06.22.05, Fatalia, Tampa, Florida, Not too much hate mail coming in on this site, eh? Anyway, I think someone will jump on the 4th of July.. simply because she'll be an attention whore and will definately use the phones for even more coverage!! Keep up the good work on the site, it has proven to be quite entertaining. =^_^= (we enjoy what hate mail we do get. we thank you for your good words.)

06.22.05, Michelle, Tampa, FL., This is great.. Thata a long jump just have to wonder how many get 1/2 way down and realize they f**ked up! hahaha

06.10.05, Jim S., New York, People post here saying people that jump are cowardly or taking the easy way out. But people forget that your life is yours and how you live it or end it is up to you and not them. This site is great keep up the good work.

05.31.05, dliner, phoenix, az, usa, for your T-Shirts... how about "Property of Sunshine Skyway Dive Team" with RIP where the XXL usual is.

05.28.05, Matt N., Green Bay, Hey John, Its me if you can remember. I use to work with you at the rest area. I just wanted to say hi and see whats up with you. Are you still at FPL? Im stuck in Green Bay for now but I may be coming back next month. By the way I like the new Disclaimer. PS. How are the Squirrels? Sincerley, Captain N. (we have no idea what this is all about. we have been to a rest area before, but only to rest. we think squirrels are glorified day rats with furry tails. while we are on the subject of common pest creatures, seagulls are nothing more than sky rats. idiots at the beach need to stop feeding the damn things. they would just as soon crap on you and peck your eyes out if they had the chance, filthy flying vermin that they are.)

05.21.05, Ashley J., Tampa, FL., God, I am NEVER going to get my frickin' license... ugh, stuck in the house for the rest of my life. I need to experience the niiightlife! Just ignore this. You said I could ramble, didn't you? (yes we did and yes you did.)

05.18.05, Steve, Palmetto, Fl., I put this comment in the hate mail section because i felt it would get seen better. Anyone who takes their life by jumping off the skyway needs to be put on this website. Suicide is never the answer no matter how bad your life gets. If i had a friend or family member that commited suicide i would refuse to attend the funrel. There is always help for sick people....suicide is a cheap way out.

05.11.05, Meagan, searching for a research project on suicide. I believe you guys understand very little about suicide. I did find the site funny though, it would be horrible to guess correctly i think (we understand more about suicide then those that hate this site want to admit.)

05.09.05, Amy, St. Louis, MO., July, it's hot...why not a refreshing plunge into the cool water. Keep up the good work! (stay in touch, amy.)

05.05.05, Whitney, St. Pete., Hello All! I don't want to seem insensitive. OK, take that back, I will be insensitive. Your site is true comedy. I grew up in Bradenton. Going to highschool was hard and at times I would drive to the skway with only one dollar I my hand. I was going to do it, end it all. Then I would realize what a punk assed thing to do to everyone around me. Then I would have to sit on the St. Pete rest area until someone gave me a dollar to get back. This isn't a rant, obviously. You guys are genius! Thank you.

05.02.05, wiley, la, To Doris in Australia & Patrick in Calif: Doris I hate to break it to you, but sometimes the brief pain of death outweighs a life of being looked at as a freak and being alone. Patrick how the hell would you know. step into the persons shoes not everyone has a rosey life filled with friends family and someone to love. So to your comment. F**k You

04.26.05, Joe B., St. Louis, MO., It's kind of sad to think about clowns killing themselves because they feel they can't cope, but the act is so selfish until I don't feel bad about guessing at the next one's demise.

04.25.05, Mark M., St. Augustine, FL., Nifty site! That bridge has always haunted me as a kid.

04.20.05, julio santy piglet, bradenton, fl., well me and my piglets were feediny santi and horses but the my piglets squild and horse with her big giant teeth saw her and my person told me i was a mcaneck back then so sometimes i go hungry. me and my wife santi got mix babies {horses and piglets} well santi and my tits were woried at the time this happen . my piglets were woried too also the horse teeth bitch saw me when my water broke. i was in laabor!! well i was hinding under the bridge i was so scary no 1 wouldn't see me my friend santi told me if she was me she will be crying all day and never stop CAUSE IM F**KING UGLY with my hunchbach and 2 front tooth ohhhhh RAW i was terried then my f**kinn hump nose and small ears were with my big smile noe delon AKA TROLL julio urieta AKA PIGLETS iwill jump in may !1st stated tune RAAWWWWWWW

04.17.05, Shawn H., Harrodsburg, KY formerly Dunedin, FL., Love the site, I think this ought to become a sporting event.

04.05.05, mark, lexington, ky., stupid ass jumpers, id try and time it w/ a big boat, just 2 make it a whole lot ko0ler,lmao!!!

03.21.05, Terre A., Ontario, California, United States, I love it! I don't think you in anyway promote suicide. People have fascinations about death and that is how they end up on this site. To cuss you out about it is BS!

03.19.05, Patrick, California, Suicide is for those too weak to deal with their problems. Sure, it's a cynical asshole way to say it, but it's retarded to do it in the first place, or to support those who will.

03.18.05, BDC, Bradenton, FL., i dont think this site supports suicide or does harm to the family of the victims. it is really the only place to find out information about jumpers. i knew someone who recently jumped and this site made it seem real. there was no mention of the death on the news or in newspapers. this site is the only way i know of learning and expressing yourself on this matter.

03.11.05, Samentha, Miami, this site is funny as hell it wasnt meant to be but it is. To tell the truth, after reading this site, if I wanted to committ suicide i would be more comfortable with doing cuz now i know that i wasnt the only one who did something like that. And i would still jump because now i know whats going to happen exactly when i hit the water so i know what to expect. Iam not tryin to say that this site promotes suicide, iam saying that you should reconsider joking about certain things and make this seem more horrible and serious like it already is. Suicide is not a joke and you need to take it more seriously. (as long as you do your own research and come to your own conclusion, who are we to tell you how to apply it? we believe that making folly of this method of life's self end, may make one not wish to pursue said end.)

03.10.05, Jessica, Apollo Beach, FL., Let us Light some candles and join hands in the passing of our first skyway jumper of the year 2005, May your soul finaly be at rest... *moment of silence* ... Now let us stand and dance around the room stripping our clothes from our bodies and celebrate the death of our little jumper... *frolicking around the room* May your soul be free as we are right now.... Rest In Peace my dear... (now now, jessica, be nice.) jess replies:
I was being nice!! I was celebrating the passing of a tourmented soul!! in my own little way.....I am Always a nice girl....*grin* (yeah, ok, if you say so. we will sleep with one eye open when we have this week's sleepover at your house.)

03.10.05, Jessica, Apollo Beach, FL., This is my birthday. Hopefully its not my husband jumping from me driving him crazy. (happy birthday! besides, it's common knowledge that a wife's only job is to drive her husband insane. why do you think it's natural for the husband to die off before the wife? it's because he wants to.)

03.01.05, annejelynn, Expand! Track the stats for other bridges and other methods. This is not a bad site, just unusual. Become more unusual. Open it up for anyone to submit (with evidence) statistics from the first two (golden gate and Brooklyn?) (it's a fine idea, but it's hard enough gathering info on these local jumpers. it's about all we care to deal with on this site.)

02.28.05, Denis, Calgary, You people are crazy! I love you, give me 10 dollars so I can go to the casino. (we only like you, so no $10.)

02.22.05, Kevin G., Jeffersonville, Ind., The tone of your website is amusing and enjoyable, adding a humorous twist to the dark subject matter. Being a big fan of black humor myself, I've linked my site to yours, assuming you have no objections. (we have no objections and thank you for your support.)

02.10.05, David S., Smithfield, N.C., I used to cross the Skyway every Sunday to go to church. When the bridge collapsed I remember having to cross on the still-standing half until of coarse the new bridge was built. My sister and I would look forward to it every week to seeing the destroyed half of Skyway, but now that I'm an adult I realize the horror that occured in 1980.

02.09.05, Jess, Apollo Beach, fl., hey I love your site!! I am.. how should i say this.. Intrested/pre-occupied.. with suicide. You know, like giving a blond something shiny and it occupies her all day (thats me:) I am dissapointed that there havent been any jumpers yet, morbid huh? I can't help it. I do not condone suicide but if you feel that is your only way out and you think it through.. tie up all loose ends (don't leave your family with anything extra to have to deal with)then go ahead and do it. Hell, i might even be able to go through with it one day... You shouldn't have to live with eternal pain or put your family through it. I am all for euthanasia. but teen heart breaks. gimee a break, if yor that messed up. GO JUMP.. somebody.. please...JUMP....

02.07.05, John R., Clearwater, I figure some female will get dumped before valintines day and make the big leap

02.03.05, Phil, Tampa, FL., Hey there, I was searching for haunted sites around Tampa and came across this. I read the hate mail section and I really don't see what the big fuss is about. My brother killed himself, and checking this site out didn't bother me one bit. It's rather informative. Keep up the good work, and we'll put a link up for your site. Thanks, Phil (thank you as well.)

02.01.05, Markus, Stuttgart, Germany, I love sport this should be fun....u should let everyone bet a buck or two for the pot. No offense but who jumps is stupid in my eyes so I don't find it offensive (things would get weird if we involved money in any form. we do accept donations.)

01.30.05, carol, bradenton, fla., frankly i get fed up with someone tieing up traffic for hours, if someone means to kill themselves they do not call for help and tie up the skyway for ho urs and hours. that is just attention seeking. (that's why we are proponents of simply grabbing the wannabe jumper right away. if they jump, they jump, but traffic is moving again. they should have one of those guns that shoot out a net. wannabe jumper gets netted and hauled away. sounds too easy, no wonder they don't use those.)

01.13.05, Dave Z., Dunedin, Fl., Some one will go real soon I have the feeling, I wish I didn't but its there. This isn't as much fun as it was before my best friend decided to end his life, suicide is a perment end to a temperary problem. I still miss my friend, I don't understand why, But I totally missed the fact that he was considering ending his own live. (suicide is not fun and we doubt anyone truly can understand the inner workings of someone contemplating suicide. if said person does not reach out to anyone, then we should not feel helpless, as there was nothing we could do. they just wanted to end their own life, as they have the right to. sorry you lost your friend.)

01.13.05, Rhonda A., Il., U.S.A, I don't think the jumpers are necessarily "cowards" to jump off the bridge. Have you looked through all of the the bridge pictures? I got vertigo and serious heebee jeebees just looking at the angles and HEIGHT. Dang you must be some kind of BRAVE to go up there, AND get out of the car AND just LOOK over the side!! Any potential jumpers need to look at this differently-- you are STRONGER than you THINK you are.

01.13.05, Angel A., Springfield, Il., I love this site! It brought a pleasantly cruel smile to my face. I have a sister-in-law who would make a perfect jumper. Although I doubt I could get her to jump, would "throwing in" count? (sorry, but 'volunteering' others to jump is against the jumperpool rules and the law as well.)

01.11.05, Ted, West Paris, Best site I''ve found in years...wish more folks would Jump, though. (yeah well, wish in one hand, crap in the other. which fills up faster?)

01.10.05, lizziepants says: It's the gateway to south florida.. unless you wanna go out of your way, you have to drive over it. Kinda south of Tampa -- it's.. not for the weak stomached that's for sure. There're little signs all over at the top begging ppl not to jump, with suicide phones and cameras and all kinds of things. Also -- and what's really most important, is from that high up, you can really see the definition of the bay, the water outline, the fractile clefts under the somewhat shallow water, etc, but the trench was dug so that freakin Carnival Cruise line could get their ships in and out. Anyway.. amazing bridge. I once hit the jumperpool, back around Halloween, I was a few hours off, bunch of USF students all had a suicide pact, 4 of them went up to jump, only three jumped. Supposedly suicidals come from all over the world to jump from the Skyway, it's a magical view, but .. ehh. You get the point. (this item was found on a blog. we would like to know more about this "bunch of USF students all had a suicide pact, 4 of them went up to jump, only three jumped".)

lizziepants says: I've decided if I'm not infinitely more happy in 5 years, I'm jumping from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, it's huge and amazing. (this item was found on a blog.)

Tampa Forums > General > Free-4-All > Suicide Jumper
•picman 06-20-2005, 07:14 PM
Well, that is something I never thought I would see. I'm driving over the skyway today and see some cars start to slow down as they reach the top of the bridge. I thought there was a speed trap up ahead so I start to slow down. I look towards the edge of the bridge and see somebody sitting on the edge right as they jump off. 3 cars stopped. I kept going....I have no desire to see somebody die. The scary part is he might have landed on a cruise ship that was going under the bridge at the time. And sadly, there was a state trooper no more than a 1/4 south on the bridge.
•MatthewDavid 06-20-2005, 07:18 PM
Holy shit that sucks, one day i saw a guy about to jump but i found out later they talked him down
•SleepingB18 06-20-2005, 07:39 PM
Talk about swabbin(sp) the deck mate! Thats one nasty mess, wonder what is smells like.........walnuts ? heh
•MatthewDavid 06-20-2005, 07:52 PM
should be someone give us an update
•Steez 06-20-2005, 07:53 PM
Some douche bag decided to end themselves. That is all. :tard:
•paul kersey 06-20-2005, 08:07 PM
i always miss everything cool.
•Brian 06-20-2005, 08:28 PM
Me and my cousin were fishing one night on gandy, all of a sudden a bunch of Heli's and boats scream up to the bridge. Turns out someone jumped, missed the water and hit the pylon, i don't think they recovered the body.
•Blueboost 06-20-2005, 08:53 PM
The potential of living is too high jumping into water. Double barrel with two slugs is the way to go. Anything else is just bandwagon.
•_Charles 06-20-2005, 09:06 PM
Hmmm....I haven't seen any updates on JumperPool yet... Check it for yourself:
I love that site!
•paul kersey 06-20-2005, 09:32 PM
still of all the bridges around, gandy is last on my list of places to jump.
•Aoshi 06-20-2005, 10:45 PM
I beleive i read somewhere that jumping off the skyway takes 3 seconds to hit the water, at around 85mph. That breaks bones and gores organs, isn't easy to live from that.
•Epicman 06-20-2005, 10:58 PM
At the speeds that you hit the water jumping from the skyway would be the same as hitting concrete. I believe only one person has ever survived that jump and they were pretty f**ked up.
•ImportLuv 06-20-2005, 11:02 PM
Hey...umm didnt a dog survive it too, but the owner didnt?
•SLOWBOOST 06-20-2005, 11:46 PM
I would climb up the yellow things to the very top and drop down in front of a school bus forever traumatising (sp) the little kiddies with my bloody corpse. F**k the water.
•99YellowStang 06-21-2005, 01:36 AM
its sad when your mom is on that website :(  they found my car on the bridge
•Derka 06-21-2005, 01:48 AM
wheres that one website that people bet on when the next jumper is going to be? it was in a post before.
•Alli 06-21-2005, 02:19 AM
yeah i remember that story a few years back. the owner threw the dog over and then himself too. the dog survived.. i think had a broken leg or two.
•ParamedicMXr 06-21-2005, 08:04 AM
I heard on the radio this morning that the skyway jumper landed on the rocks below.
•Epicman 06-21-2005, 08:08 AM
I can't find anything online about it. Has anybody?
•Alli 06-22-2005, 08:21 AM
my sister knew a boy and girl who loved each other so much that they jumped off the bridge together when they found out the girl (i think) was moving to Ohio. Supposedly they held a sign with them as they jumped.
•Steez 06-22-2005, 08:37 AM
Thats a stupid reason to commit suicide, but isn't any reason? Its not as if they couldn't have kept in touch or something.
•Fatalia 06-22-2005, 09:26 AM
Why don't these people use the "suicide phones" available on the bridge... you know, for even more attention!!! :)
I'd love to work for that call center... I'd be the one whispering "Why call us.. just do it.. come on, you can do it... do it do it do it."
•I'm Slow 06-22-2005, 09:29 AM
Or how about save up $$ and move there asses into an apartment together:dunno:
•Alli 06-22-2005, 04:34 PM
they were like 15 years old. im not saying i agree with their decision.. i feel bad that they really thought it was the end of the world for them.
•Grangalan 06-22-2005, 05:55 PM
then two sharks came, each took one body and they got taken two completely different ways....gotta love irony. On a serious note tho, Suicide is the most selfish, cowardly way to go.
•Carlos 06-22-2005, 06:24 PM
Suicide is for the weak!
(this was found on a local forum board.)
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