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2008 updated: 12.26.08

latest comments are at the top. (our responses to comments follow.)
12.26.08, Amanda L. S.,, Florida Borderline Personality Disorder Association, I think that it's very important to know that holding someone under the Baker Act for a few hours or couple of days does not equate to getting any sort of meaningful psychiatric help. Persons with severe mental illness are treated much differently than those who go to the emergency room. Mental illness is still seen as something that people have full control over and that suicide attempts are selfish and an attempt to manipulate or control others. Those who are Baker Acted and are still suicidal are forced to lie or make promises that they will refrain from acts of self-harm in order to be released. This, of course, increases the stigma and shame surrounding mental illness. Thank you for listing names of persons who have taken their own lives as well as giving a people a forum to discuss their grief. (while not all suicide attempts "are selfish and an attempt to manipulate or control others", some are. this, however, does not negate the need for help for these individuals.)

lifted off this forum, Does anyone fantasize about suicide's effect on one's loved ones? Whether it would really have any effect? If you have any question about what it does to loved ones, go read- It is about people who jump off the bridge in Tampa. It was started in a satirical manner, but has taken on a very serious aspect of publishing the feelings of those left behind. It has kept many people from doing it. I've thought about submitting it to the forum, but think people may find it inappropriate without an explanation. (good luck, we've been explaining it for ten years now and they still don't get it, but thanks anyway.)

12.24.08, mike s., suicide is for quitters

12.18.08, Danielle, lifted from her blog, So we were off to the beach again today. The weather here is just too gorgeous. Plus, there's nothing like the beach to wear the kids out. They're just plain fun at the beach, and fun is what we need in times like this, right? Speaking of horrible times... Ray had mentioned the other day that when he was going over the Sunshine Skyway bridge that he was pretty sure someone had just committed suicide (happens often on that bridge). He had seen a couple cars lined up alongside and the police were just getting there, so the jump was pretty fresh. Sure enough, that night on the news it was confirmed. Someone couldn't bear another day on Earth and successfully ended their life. Sad. Very sad. I guess life does get that horrible for as we were coming home from the beach, I noticed a bright red Superman-like phone booth at the tippy top (where the suicides usually occur). It read "Emergency Crisis Phone". I didn't laugh, because that would be horrible but kind of chuckled because C'MON NOW! Do the suicide crisis people really think that by the time someone writes their note, eats their last burger and fries, and climbs their way to the top of the Skyway Bridge they're gonna grab the Crisis Phone and attempt to be persuaded off the ledge? Personally, I would jump just from the humiliation of being seen talking on the big red phone! And can you imagine all the rubber-necking? People would DIE IN CAR ACCIDENTS WATCHING THE SUICIDAL PERSON ON THE BAT-PHONE! Whoever is running that organization didn't think this through in my opinion. Please know I'm not an advocate of suicide or that I'm making a mockery of the situation at all-I'm not. I just don't think the big red phone is the answer, I think they could have come up with something else...but maybe I'm wrong and completely out of line.

12.16.08, Brett, NPR, I think this is genuis. I want stock in this. For sure.

12.16.08, Sarah M., All I want for Christmas is to win this once. Just once. Come on, jumpers.

12.14.08, Melissa R., Westmont, IL., I used to live in Largo, went across the bridge many times myself....It's absolutely gorgeous when you travel it at just amazes me people jump to end their lives....just as some people jump from a tall building to only hit the ground to splatter into a million pieces....Where I live now, in Westmont, IL, somebody jumped off of bridge on I-355 a few weeks ago and hit a truck during rush hour traffic...Why the hell do people do this? That not only scars people for LIFE, but what about children that could witness this....You are right, suicide is just a very selfish way to end your life, all you do is transfer your pain to all the people who love and care about you.... You guys rock, keep it up!! Love your site....I tried to view it one time while on my work computer, but my filter wouldn't allow me to...It said that this site is restricted because it is 'tasteless' lol How wrong they are!! (we appreciate the good words, thank you. tasteless is just one of the words people have used when describing this site. all websites are tasteless, as we have licked many of them and only manage to smear up the monitor. we suggest no one visit this site while at work, as it's not worth getting reamed by the boss because of it.)


12.10.08, Maky, St. Petersburg, This site rocks. I think my friend will be the one to do it.

12.09.08, Megan, Tampa, update the hate mail, I love to laugh (maybe if you would pretend to hate on us and make up some hate mail, we would have something to respond. the hate mail makes us laugh too, but we get so little of it any more. could be the haters don't want to give us something fun to do or perhaps there are no more haters and everyone loves us now. you could revisit this jumper report. it's our favorite one and ripe with hate. 2003 was a hate filled year, with several jumper reports peppered with all the hate you hate to love. so megan, what are you wearing now?) she replies,
12.11.08, Megan, Tampa, that was a fun year. thanks for the quick link!! and to answer the question, jeans and tank top. (see people, megan is a player. she has the right attitude and sense of humor. she is our new bff.)

12.07.08, olivia, bradenton, fl., i recently heard about the 11-20-08 jumper that i KNEW through my friend who was one of his CLOSEST friends. as i understand that your site is one of free speech, id like to add CONFIDENTLY that speculation without proof can be damaging to a persons character. However, there IS PROOF from LAW ENFORCEMENT that this person was NOT PRESENT when the unfortunate situation happened at his home. and to ME and all who knew him, DITTO the nice guy he was blazay blazay--- so after learning of this website ONE WEEk ago, i traveled the skyway southbnd headed to b'ton. saw a car and statetroopers car both empty. well me being naive thought it was car trouble, cheked your site and sure enuf a nother jumper. now this is the most devastating shit ive had to live thru (as a stranger)these couple of days READING YOUR SITE AND SEEING this car. wow i had no clue. if your site was NOT here, people wouldnt be able to find out facts they need 4 loved ones. and its obvious that you guys arent RESPONSIBLE 4 the actions of the jumpers but i can say that 100 percent of the time when folks here lash at you, u lash back sarcastically and etc. THATS where i ask u or tell you that u DONT have to respond. from what ive read, it only seems to throw back in the faces of the people left to grieve and somehow takes legitimation from the jumper as a person. SO 2 U AT JP, HIRE ME, I WILL 4SURE BE THE DELILAH THAT YOUR SITE REALLY NEEDS. I JUST CANT C ADDING TO THE PAIN JUST BECUZ THE HURT LOVED ONES CALL YOU NAMES AND SLANDER YOUR SITE.....................p.s. do you really need the jumper guess pool? is their a benefit? just askin seriously, im upset tht these last 2 jumpers have me grieving as an OUTSIDER but what if instead of the jumper guess, u guys solicit readers to donate something to that jumpers local charity. ANYTHING given is a donation if youre not a the MEANTIME, PEOPLE PLEASE DONT> PLEASE PLEASE DONT> i swear if i didnt fear internet hacking and identity bulll, i would give you all who maybe contemplating this ALL of my information. IGUARANTEEEE U I WILL HELP U CHANGE YOUR MINDS AND SEE LIFE THE VERY WAY THAT U DONT THINK EXISTS. NO ONE EVER SAID IT WAS GONA BE A ROSE GARDEN, IT RAINS ON ALL OF US BUT THE SUN DOES FREAKIN COME OUT AGAIN. please please people, STRANGERS ARE EASIEST TO TALK TO. TALK TO ME. IM HERE. JUST DONT GO AND KILL YOUR F'N SELVES. SADLY, LIFE STILL GOES ON FOR THOSE U LEAVE. DEBT CAN BE ERASED, R U KIDDING, U MUST KNOW THAAT. FAILED RELATIONSHIP, U FAILED YOUR FAMILY, YOURE ON DRUGS, WELL SHIT, MILIONS ARE, THERS HELP DAMIT. OK SO YOUR NOT PERFECT, IM DEFINITELY NOT. NEITHER IS NOOO ONE. K WHAT ELSE DO U NEED TO HEAR CUZ IM SO F'N SERIOUS. THESE PEOPLE WHO IVE READ ABOUT ON THIS SITE HAS MADE LIFE A BIT MELANCHOLY FOR ME MAN I DONT EVEN DAM KNOOW THEM. I HAVE A KID I HAVE TO HELP WITH HOMEWORK BUT IM SO SAD THAT I CAN ONLY TALK TO YOU WHO MAYBE THINKING OF JUMPING. SO IF NO ONE ELSE, THINK OF ME, A FRIEND OLIVIA,WHO WILL HELP YOU NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE. (speculation is just an opinion or guess, rendered with whatever facts there are or aren't. we fail to see where anyone claimed he was present when his girlfriend died, only that perhaps he felt guilty, like maybe he should have been there to stop or help her. we can only speculate, as it does seem plausible. yes, we do "lash back sarcastically" if and when the notion lends itself. we will call "idiot" when we see idiot. we do not respond to every detractor, but we do enjoy the occasional pointed sarcasm and we do not care if it makes them feel worse. they could easily leave kind words, which we will always post for them. if they choose to waste their time and space on a loved one's jump report to bitch at us, allow us to reply in kind. is it juvenile? sure it is. do we enjoy it? yes we do. in this world so full of pain and suffering, hence the jumpers, we like to make ourselves laugh. it's our guilty pleasure. as for the 'jumper guessing' part of this site, it's kind of in the domain name, 'jumperpool'. we occasionally think about dropping the guessing part, but just can't seem to do it. not yet, anyway. we do solicit donations to the benefit of this site. we appreciate your input and outpouring of concern, we really do, but we hope that when you help your "kid", it's not english grammar homework. perhaps you both could work on that together, focusing primarily on sentence structure, spelling, and the proper use of 'caps lock'. thank you and if anyone wants to contact you through this site, we will pass that info along to you by email.) more:
12.08.08, olivia, bradenton, fl., ok,u few THINKIN about jumping, WTF that means what the f*ck, no job, no money, no girl or boyfriend, on drugs, in debt, family not nice or yu dissappointed them a MILLION times. ok JUST DONT F*KN JUMP OFF OF THE SKYWAY BRIDGE. FUKN TALK TO ME. OK. I WILL SO anything to not have to read about another one of you> .....damit. I ONLY WISHED BUT THINK THAT JUMPERS DONT KNOW ABOUT THIS SITE. jp>com< THATS THE REASON I JUST PLEAD WITH YOU TO NOT ONLY MAKE YOUR SITE ACCESSIBLE TO THE LOVED ONES WHO HAD A JUMPER, JUMP OR WATEVER( U KNOW WHAT I MEAN) MAKE THIS SITE ACCESIBLE TO THE VARIOUS COMMUNITIES, LIKE IF YOURE LOOKIN TO CASH IN, HERE I AM YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR..... SO MAKE YOUR SITE KNOWN IN THE PAPERS, IN MENTAL HEALTH 48 AND 72HOUR BAKER ACT WARDS,, IN REHABS, ETC. INSTEAD OF OFFICIATING THIS SITE THE WAY YOU ARE, I HOPE AS A MEDIATOR AND A LOVER OF PEOPLE, I CONVINCE YOU TO CHANGE THE DIRECTION JUST A BIT. MAIN FACTTT IS THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE HURTING TO THE POINT WHERE US WHO NEVER BEEN THERE CANNOT JUDGE. I CAN ONLY CLOSE WITH ASKING THE PROPRIETERS OF THIS SITE ( HUSH HUSH, I SWEAR SECRETLY LOST A LOVED ONE THIS WAY AND WANT TO B HARSH AND GIVE NO SYMPATHY TO ANY OTHERS WHICH IS TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE)JUDT PLEASE NOT LOSE SIT OF THE PAIN X'S A TRI;;ION THT THES PEOPLE FEEL WHEN THEY MAKE THAT TERRIBLE DECICISION. .....SO WHO AT THIS POINT WANTS TO TAKE A STAND LIKE ME. (including website owners) TO DO SOMETHING. SOMETHING TO HELP. IF ME AS ONE PERSON IS WILLIANG TO REVEAL MY ENTIRE PERSON TO A WOULD BE JUMPER, CAN I CHALLENGE ANY ONE ELSE TO DO LIKE WISE. IF OUR CAMPAIGN GOT SO BIG THAT IT WOULD REQUIRE FUNDS, WELL IM SURE THAT CORPORATIONS WOULD GLADLY REACH OUT TO US WHO CRE AND NOT A WEBSITE THAT NOT MYSELF BUT OTHERS DEEM VERYYYYY INSENSITIVE. SO WHOSE GOING TO HELP ME HELP THE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN IN A PAIN THAT NON OF US CAN COMPREHEND? (this site has been here over ten years now. suicide professionals know about us and they wish we would go away. newspapers reported about us and they generally hate us too. this site is available to anyone that web searches virtually anything to do with the skyway bridge. we can not think of another way we could get the word out, short of paid advertising. imagine if we did that. no thanks, what a hassle that would garner us. we have been beat on through the years to change the way we run this site, to stop with the sarcasm, to dedicate all our efforts to stopping jumpers, and a host of other tweaks people throw at us. we contend jumpers that stumble onto this site, just may see the light after a visit here. the reality of it is, we doubt many jumpers even know the site exists. we could probably spend much effort to actually encourage jumpers off the skyway and there would be just as many as if this site did not exist. you may well be "a lover of people", but we are less so. we do love watching people, especially when they act the fool. today, a customer guy at 'publix' was yelling at some employees because he wasn't being served in what he thought was a timely manner. they went back and forth and the clerk appeared as if she wanted to stab the jackass with a deli knife. it was quite humorous and he was a raving douchbag. no, generally we dislike many people and would not miss most of them, should they suddenly vanish. you know, like maybe idiots with low i.q.'s that just spread their defective genetics and then abuse all the people in their life. gone too, the criminals that are more like animals than human. followed closely by damn near every politician. you are correct, we did lose a loved one this way and couldn't care less that he did so. it never played into the equation and it's never been a secret. we discuss it elsewhere on the site, so no need to revisit here now. so how do you propose we help more than we do at this point? should we sit in a chair on the bridge and tackle anyone that steps close to the edge? that's about what you'd have to do, as all it takes to jump is stopping the car and sprinting over the side.) more again:
12.08.08, OLIVIA, BRADENTON, FL., see guys, i wana plead with you. YES you are the ONLY site that ANYONE can access to skyway jumper info, and i just left 2 messages porior to this one. well as i was clicking out, i saw a heading of wanna be jumper news, oe jumper SAVES. being the one who wants to help these people, obviously a category of lives that were SAVED on this bridge is highly important to me. well when i clicked on the page, a musical sound of a bird cooing COO COO came on. now come on guys, ive seen in your site that you are nice who nice to you, but cna you agree that that bird song shows people PROOF of wat they think of you when its NEGATIVE? again, so u dont have to respond to me that you guys didnt push the jumper opr MAKE the jumper JUMP> come on, lets reason, u guys know dam well the situations these people are in when they decide to do this has to be depression X"s a TRILLION. so being fair to u for the informational part of your site, are you going to take responsibility for what i just mentioned. NOTE>>>>NOT @ MEEE> BUT TO MANKIND. THESE PEOPLE ARE IN PAIN FARTHER THAN WE CAN IMAGINE> THEIR HURT HURTS THEM TO THE CORE OF A PLACE AN OUTSIDER LIKE US CAN NEVER EVER EVER IMAGINE> now where is youre OVERALL i mean complete SYMPATHY to wher you would b williang to alter juss a lil bit the nature of your site.? waiting for an answer, and SERIOUSLY, if you plan any sarcasm in your response to me, any well we didnt cause the JUMPER to JUMP, please save it, for i am ONLY soliciting a response to help,
(our only access to jumper info comes strictly from our cherished jumpnews reporters, which we would love to reward with hookers and booze, police press releases, and news agencies, if and when they deem a jump worthy of reporting. we have no privileged v.i.p. status with anyone in charge of the bridge. the 'coo coo' sound has long been associated with a person being nuts or crazy. in fact, most everyone that attempts to jump from the bridge and gets hauled away by officials, gets baker acted and taken to mental health services. they are officially considered crazy, but in terms more politically correct. you can call it whatever you want, but crazy is crazy. with all the easier ways to take yourself out, jumping off that damn bridge is damn crazy. this reply has been scanned and determined 'sarcasm free'. thank you for your time, consideration, and concern.)

11.29.08, Gilligan, myspace, Woohoo! It's been a busy month for collecting cadavers under a certain stretch of I-275. I hope the economy keeps going south! (ok, you best play nice or someone is likely to hate on you. it has been a busy month. we predicted there might be a jump in jumper volume, once the bridge painting was finished. coincidence? perhaps.)

11.24.08, Gil T., Sarasota, FL, USA, All of this stuff about jumpers and other suicides being "selfish" is a load of horsesh*t. I can obviously understand why the relative of someone who offs himself would be devastated, but don't pull out the "selfish" card. People who kill themselves do it because it's the only sure way to relieve their suffering, and sane friends and family would at least acknowledge the truth of this and be grateful for the end of their loved one's pain. It's those friends and relatives who are being selfish in expecting the ruinous life of a loser whose spirits an state of mind will never improve to stay alive just to satisfy someone else's emotional requirements.
Only in a sh*thole country like the USA are people ragged on for making a sane, wise, and well-considered choice to end their lives. Try being bipolar and addicted for decades and then listening to some asshole claim that provably failed interventions like drugs and therapy amount to anything. Worse are the idiots who talk about nonexistent sky gods having any role in this. Oh well, any port in a storm. But I'm confident my own life will end by my own doing, and piss on anyone who howls at the clouds or otherwise complains about what is a demonstrably necessary choice. (we agree with you for the most part. we will pull out the "selfish" card when it comes to those that jump off the bridge because someone no longer loves them or some other similar ridiculous reason. we have always been in favor of letting an individual choose his/her own demise, in their own time, by their own hand, but to end it because "she don't love me any more, waa waa waa", is selfish and stupid. while it's ok with us if they off themselves, as it is their business, not ours, we still reserve the right to call them out on their stupidity. we could argue about the "shithole country like the USA", but as much as we hate to see this country get all shithole on us, it's happening more every day. with so many simple solutions to our problems, they always take the most jackass approach to fixing things, most always with worse results. we at the jumperpool feel we have the answers to every problem, but do they ever ask us? no they do not, the damn bastards.)

11.20.08, Sarah M., Austin, TX., I swear I have been betting on this for 10 years now and still have not won once. I think I have poor psychic abilities. (as long as you have poor psycho abilities as well.)

11.20.08, S. E., Wilkesboro, NC., I'm a high scool math teacher and I would like permission to use some of your pictures of the SSBridge on my SmartBoard to intoduce geometry (all sorts of lines and figures on the bridge). The pictures will not be reproduced nor will they ever leave my classroom. (since we do not own any of the good pictures, may we suggest you do what we did and just use them until someone says not to. we believe it was the jesus that said, "it is better to ask for forgiveness, than it is to ask permission". then again, maybe larry the cable guy said that.)

11.07.08, uscg mom, Texas, I never entered before only told my husband my guess and I was dead-on (no pun intended) on the `10/18 jumper down to the sex and time! TALK ABOUT SCARY! can't happen twice so I thought I would be brave and jump right in with this quess. (we have had a few two multiple winners, so good luck.)

11.04.08, anon, Good site. I had two friends commit suicide. Wish they had thought it through since they left a lot of sad people behind.

10.29.08, Danny Mc, myspace, Bleak bridge, Bridge of tears, Summers gone, Economy of fears, Best dive in now, Listen for cheers.

10.27.08, from a blog, When leaping from the Sunshine Skyway, too many people just jump blindly. This is what would be known as a rookie mistake. It's possible to survive that kind of plunge if you hit open water. The trick is to aim for one of the cement pilings below. That's the high percentage shot.

10.23.08, Brian B., Clearwater, FL., Holidays are coming, get your picks in before all the jumps. GO BULLS

10.13.08, bradybalstee, (lifted off some forum), Keeping with the bridge suicide theme, I give you the Sunshine Skyway Jumperpool. It's a website dedicated to suicides that occur on the fourth most popular bridge to off yourself on in the US, the Sunshine Skyway bridge in St. Petersburg, Flordia. Basically, the site tracks all the suicides and suicide attempts that occur on the bridge. Not only that, but they have a form where you can enter a guess on what day and time the next jump will happen. You get bonus points for guessing things like the jumpers gender or if they will hit the rocks or the water. This site is so full of awesome that it could probably have it's own thread. (we have been accused of being full of something, but never "so full of awesome". thanks for the good words.)

09.28.08, Nick, Minnesota, Hello, Cool story I thought you may find intaresting. I'm Nick from Minnesota. In 2004 I graduated from a Minnesota accredited law enforcement program. Upon graduating I wanted to get as much experiance as possible before coming home and working in MN, so I applied and was hired with St.Petersburg as a police officer. I worked in St.Pete for about a year and a half.
Sometime in 2005, don't remember the exact date, but I got one my scariest calls to date. I got off at 0700 or 7 am,and was heading back to the station. At 34th St S and about 38th Ave S we got a call from FHP( Florida Highway Patrol) that one of their troopers had checked out with a maroon SUV at the top of Sunshine. FHP then advised that the trooper was fighting with a male who was suddenly trying to jump from the bridge, the trooper then called a 10-24 (officer needs help). It was a Sunday morning and there were next to zero cars on 34th ST S. I remember doing a buck 20 from 38th Ave S all the through the toll and to the top of the bridge. For going that fast it seems like it took forever to get there. I don't get too excited about heights, so the whole way there all I could picture was me falling over the side with this asshole. When I got there the trooper and I quickly got the guy under control. This guy ripped the troopers name tag and badge right off his shirt. The trooper told me that if other officers and I wouldn't have got there quicker, he wasn't sure how much longer he could have stopped the guy. The guy didn't commit any crimes, so I transported him to, I belive it was St. Anthony, and placed him on what's called a Baker Act or 72 hour hold. Oh, also wife was in the passenger side of the SUV. She admitted both of them had been smoking crack all night, and he had been driving across the bridge for the past few hours talking about jumping. Why she didn't call? who knows, their crack heads! Well, since then I have moved home and have been working in law enforcement ever since. Brought alot of experiance back after working in that crazy place. Nowhere here in MN high enough for people to jump from, thank go :) This January I deploy for the first time to Iraq, should be exciting. Hope you enjoyed the story, thought you might find it intaresting. Shortly after the incident happened I wanted to find out how many and how often people jump, thats how I stumbled onto the site. NICK (thank you very much for your telling story, as well as your continued service. we'd like to post your story, but would rather have it in the correct part of the site. we're trying to locate the possible jump you are referring to and thought it might be this one. could you check and confirm? also, could using 'Nick from Minnesota' be an issue for you. if so, please fake up a new name/location for us. again, thank you and stay safe.) nick replies:
09.28.08, Nick, Minnesota, I have no problem at all with you putting that on your site with "Nick From Minnesota", hopefully it will be a cool addition. Also, I took a look at the messages you sent, affraid it isn't any of them. Those incidents happened too late in the morning, and there was only one trooper. I remember the call came out at exactly 7:04 AM. I got off at 7:00 but was a little late in turning my car in because I was typing reports in the parking lot of the old Duke's Bar, if you know where that is? No EMS or fire trucks ever were called. I was on scene first, then K-9 and then pretty much all of district one south cars after everything was under control. Since I started working law enforcement in 2004, I have kept every single one of my notebooks. I go through about one or two a week, so I probably have hundreds in storage. I have the ones from St. Pete seperate, if I went through I'm sure I could find the exact date it happened. I'm in the process of moving right now, so everything is spread everywhere. In the next days ahead I'll look for my notebooks, if I find the incident I would be more than happy to get you the date. NICK (thanks again for your contact. best of luck in iraq and thank you for your service. if you ever find more about this story, please pass it along.)

09.22.08, Captain Slappy, Jacksonville, Fl., (16 yr old blond female 9-21-08 @ 1 am in Jacksonville, FL.), I know this is not about the Skyway, but here in Jacksonville we have the Dames Point Bridge which is becoming almost as popular as the skyway. I work on a tug that docks right under the bridge. A 16 yr old girl jumped this morning and has not been found yet. She is the 2nd jumper in 10 days and number 8 for the year. I've witnesed 2 of the jumps this year and helped recover a 40 year old woman in July. 6 of the 8 jumpers this year have been female. The bridge is shutdown at least once a week for attempts. There was 3 attempts in one day back in March 08. Just thought I'd let you guys know about another bridge in Florida that has become a local place to step off. One guy did survive the jump last year. Also like Tampa, the news does not report jumpers. They only report a situation on the bridge during traffic reports. (we have been on that bridge earlier this year. sad a 16 year old had no hope in life and decided it was not worth the living. thank you for your continued reports and do update us when you can.)

09.22.08, Teenz, Australia, So guys, I'm going to this gore party soon and I'm thinking of going as a jumper. Totally covered in (fake) blood, tattered clothes, no shoes, wet hair, etc. Any other ideas to make it more realistic? :D (you about covered it. maybe add some debris you picked up as the current dragged your waterlogged body along the bottom. a tangle of mono-filament fishing line in your hair might be a good look. depending on how bad you want realism, crabs and the fishes could have eaten hunks of you and left your bloated corpse pocked with holes. do have fun at your gore party.)

09.12.08, Christine J., Sarasota, Florida, USA, LOVE you guys! I wish you had a Facebook profile so I could be a fan and all six of my friends would know how really cool I am! (it was enough riding herd on all our drunken myspace friends, looking to score with each other any way they can. then there's the petty arguing, the betrayals, endless mindless bulletins, the "who's the baddest gangsta" bullshit, and the widespread demonstrations of just how bad the school system has failed many of the wretched idiots that populate that site. yeah, one social networking website membership is more than enough for us. it's not like we need to spend even more time on the computer as it is. thanks for the good words. update: wait a minute, christine, look what we have. now go show all six of your friends just how cool we all are!)

09.04.08, Jennifer, St. Pete Beach, I've dealt with major depression in my lifetime, and was hospitalized in psych wards 8 times within the span of 3 years. I know what it feels like to be on the edge like that, and I honestly think it's great that you're taking some of the romance out of jumping. It's so easy to suffer from depression and imagine suicide (especially with such dramatic style as jumping off of the skyway) will leave you looking like a victim of this horrible world and beloved in everyone's mind. I'm glad that you're showing it in a different light, because suicide is neither beautiful nor romantic. I hope that people will see that and seek help and go on to lead happy and productive lives. It's very possible, and taking control and making that turn-around is where true romance lies.

09.02.08, skyway paint job security: some observation and commentary.
the bridge is being painted for over a year now. we hope the painters have a cigarette to smoke after they finally get done making love to the bridge as long as they have. we're sure when they are finished, they can start over, as it will be time to paint the bridge again.

03.18.08: Sunshine Skyway paint job delays.
06.24.08: Skyway Paint Job Expected To Be Finished This Summer.
09.02.08: Sunshine Skyway work way behind schedule. (you think?)
09.26.08, Bill E., Will report to you very shortly about painting equipment being gone. It looks like they are in their final days, but they can drag it on for God knows how long. Maybe when the 'jumpers' have a place to pull over, they can jump and not have to worry about their car being hit.
10.21.08: Bill e, riverview fl., all painting equipment gone from bridge. All traffic detour lines painted over, all original lines repainted.
(sure you're not dreaming all this?)

08.27.08, Devon T., Newport Beach, Ca, USA, I don't hate your site, and I found the GGB jumpers video compelling, poignant and englightening in many ways. It reminded me of the suicide forest in Japan, the Aokigahara located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. They've had as many as 78 in one year. The only criticism I can offer is that your site does seem to trivialize a very serious issue in the country [depression & mental illness] and some of your content [a death pool of sorts] is in bad taste, even as parody. Death it seems, is rarely funny, even if it's your own. (while it is true we do seem to trivialize a very serious issue, we feel it works as a positive in that perhaps it may deter a potential jumper. maybe they get help after visiting here. who knows? we won't let something like bad taste stop us from poking a little fun at the stupidity of jumping off the bridge. yes, that's right, we feel it's a rather stupid act and we will call you out on it if you do jump.)

08.14.08, mike, middleriver, md., i honestly googled to see if people jumped off the skyway...low and behold... my wildest dreams! (you need to set loftier goals when dreaming. our wildest dreams involve scarlett johansson, coconut oil, and a saddle, but that's a whole other website. giddy yup.)  

08.13.08, M.O.E., ugh, i hate slow years :(

08.11.08, Teenz, Australia, What's with the lack of jumpers latley?! It's so depressing. Almost depressing enough to jump.. -hint hint- >_> I'd volunteer but I'm over the other side of the world, ahaha. (good question. the ongoing paint job the bridge has endured for over a year and a half has caused the jumper parking lane to be used as the roadway. it must be too hard for jumpers to stop and park. we assume standard jumper volume to resume once this painting construction is completed within the next 3 years.~)

07.27.08, Ronald B., St Petersburg, I don't think this site promotes jumping but based on my personal dealings with suicide from someone close doing it and my one struggles with my mental health I could never find any of this funny in anyway. I do think this site is very informative.

07.19.08, Aerdna, Kentucky USA, The Sunshine Skyway bridge has always scared the hell out of me. When we'd go to Florida when I was a child I would see it looming ahead and would get down on the floorboard of the car. The worst time going over it was after the accident, and you could look over and see the severed bridge and the drop. (it can be a frightening trip for many. now imagine stepping off the side.)

07.09.08, Tina, Australia, Was just reading about bridge suicide.. oh yeah, totally normal. ;)

07.04.08, Amy, St. Louis, MO., It's hotter than hell--just jump to cool off.

06.27.08, Captain Slappy, Jacksonville, FL., I can see my house from heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!SPLASH

06.21.08, jess, myspace, awwwwwww... u hit the big 10!!! im so proud of you!!! you're almost a teenager!!!!! but right now ur at that gawky ugly stage... but i still luv ya!!! just dont mind me if i walk 10 feet behind u... k?

06.09.08, Gilligan, myspace, Oh the waiting! This is so boring! We need a freestyle bungee jump (minus the bungee of course), are there any... less than mentally stable, takers?

06.08.08, Maalox, Parrish, FL., Jumper is depressed as we speak. COming up on Friday the 13. He will get aload on and get further depressed, GF will not answer his calls so he will stew about it most of the night and then make it out to the bridge before dawn and take leap. Just my sick scenario.

05.26.08, Nikki, Bradenton, FL USA, I like this site, is in general one of the most ineresting sites I have been on (thanks for the kind words, nikki, but enough about us, what are you wearing?)

05.22.08, Captain Slappy, Jacksonville, FL., I saw a woman splat off of a bridge and was trying to find info on her. No info but found this site on google. The news in Jax does not report jumper. Check out the Dames Point Bridge and the Mathews Bridge. I work on a tug boat whos dock is under the Dames Point Bridge. 3 people have jumped from the Dames Point Bridge in the last month. I personally saw a woman jump from the top of the tower (not the road) but the f**king top of the tower, about 500 ft. She hit the water 100 feet from my tug. she hit back first and exploded on impact. Still have not found her body but have found several body parts. The Dames point Bridge is closed at least once a week for a jumper. The Mathews bridge is also popular. A man thew his wife from that bridge about 3 years ago and jumped himself.

05.17.08, Brian, Redington Shores, This site rocks, and sometimes so do the victims. When the freak will I win one of these pools? Anyone jumping further than 200 yards from the center should not be considered a valid jump. Next you'll be posting people falling off the causway jetties. (we report most any unusual departure from the bridge. since we are not privileged to the exact locations of the jumps, we simply report whatever we can.)

04.16.08, unknown, these people more commonly known as Skyway Jumpers are probably suffering from a bad case of Fukitol or Suicidice. Life really isn't that bad. Stop worrying about the things that we have no control over, we cannot possibly have control over everything.; Just pray to your Higher Power evrey day when you wake up and every night before you go to bed and everything will turn out for the better.

04.02.08, Dan, Tampa, FL., Long live the passionate revolution of creative imagination. Jump naked.

03.30.08, Russell F., Randolph, Vt. USA, There are a couple of idiots from this town that I would gladly give a ride to Florida if only they agree to jump. (yeah, we have a few of those too.)

03.29.08, meagan, pittsburgh, they should put a camera on the bridge like they did at the golden gate bridge (there are cameras, just not for us general publics.)

03.27.08, michelle, clearwater, fl., i wonder if jumpers put it on this site and if this site alerts the patrols on the bridge of dates and times entered- if not, you should. my guess is lucky friday 13th. i am wrong about many things and hope i am wrong this time, too. when someone jumps, don't they even want to know what's going to happen tomorrow? i bet every jumper would give someone the gift of life if they could- so why can't they give that simple gift to themselves? (we do not alert anyone of the guesses people make for when they think a jumper will jump. after all, it's just someone's guess. if someone claims they will jump, we post an advisory with whatever content the maybe jumper provides. in most cases, there is really no way we can determine the validity of anyone's vague claim of possible future jumping, as the next comment below examples. our information input forms do not require an email address or any sort of contact information. this allows complete anonymity to our informants and commenteers. this also prevents us from directly contacting anyone that does not leave an email address. if we feel it's serious enough, we have and would tell someone.) 

03.26.08, Vinay G., Tampa, FL, USA., I hope it doesnt happen as the would be jumper is a buddy of mine. (care to elaborate?) 

03.26.08, Diesel, Tampa, FL, USA., Love the site. Its three four five funny. (we are six seven eight appreciative.)

03.22.08, skittles, Chicago, sucide is retarded for people to do. it just is lik wtf is people cutting wrist and legs and arms its crazy lol but yeah its dumb (words sense making not read list like wtf?)

03.19.08, jamal, raymond city, if you jump, make sure that you leave a statement saying that you give us all of your life insurance. (suicide = no life insurance)

03.04.08, Craig, Ventura, CA., It's sad that such an awesome structure is used to end people's lives. It's really not fair to the bridge. (thanks for pointing out the poor poor bridge. it's not like we don't get enough hate mail already.)

02.02.08, Good day, My name is George N[last name withheld] and I am contacting you to inquire eventual purchase of a link on your website ( Could you please give us the prices for the following ad options:
1) text link on your homepage only 2) text link on all pages 3) text box 120x60, 125x125 on homepage
4) text box 120x60, 125x125 on all pages  Thank you in advance! (george wrote us from a 'domain whois query' and didn't give us any method for return contact. just what sorta link could he be offering? could it be porn? we only like skyway bridge related nekidness. maybe he provides pre-arranged funeral services. do let us know, george.)

01.24.08, ames, sarasota, fl, usa, this is awkward. even gambler-holics should wanna lose this bet.

01.22.08, Amanda, marietta, Georgia, u.s.a., Love the site.. (we love you too, amanda, everyday.)

01.19.08, Joey Bag-o-Donuts, NW FL US, People kill themselves for the best of reasons, for what I do not know. (maybe some jump when the donuts are gone.) 

01.17.08, BD, Denver, CO., I used to work at the Skyway Toll Plaza. Great site! Just jumping with excitement (Pun intended)!

01.15.08, johnf, prattville, al, us., After living through the original Skyway's collapse, my dad was somewhere on the northbound span when it happened, anyone who is dumb enough to try it deserves what happens.

01.15.08, kenneth, wildwood, florida, i would like to duplicate your website format, for train suicides, they are very popular exit too, more people killed by trains in tampa, lakeland than the skyway, go figure.... so can i have your format design..... (anyone is welcome to use this award winning* design concept for their own suicide site, as long as they provide a link to it to share with our visitors. placing our link on your site would be cool too. remember, kids, sharing is caring.)

01.13.08, kenneth, wildwood, i have read, almost all golden gate jumpers, jump facing the city, (skyway stats pls), also could you provide a diagram for jumpers, to insure water entry over rocks , or cement, i mean, the last thing a jumper wants do is be slattered on the rocks or barrier due to bad planning. and is there any floatation or beacon devices available to assist in body recovery, or waterproof identification, and where does one file a preflight plan ? should note be left on where to tow the car, or is taxi cheaper ? it is one way, right... there are phones, but is there any paper/pens to leave last minute notes to each and every mother, father, sister,brother,grandparent, niece, nephew, cousin, classmates, coworkers, friends and X's, or should one just call all of them for invitation to watch this in person, maybe rent boat for them , money is no object, right ! they could even be part of recovery ! RSVP
like everythng else, shyway jumpers need rules ! RULES FOR JUMPING ! #1. must go skydiving b4 jumping , it is a thrill you may want to enjoy twice... #2 no, leaving car on bridge, take a taxi, #3 Id, floatation device device and salt water activated beacon, required, #4 must bring all family members that will be affected on 1st jump camcorders suggested #5 must have cape, prefeerably size of a parasail, (we imagine most skyway jumpers face out. jumpers wishing to hit water instead of rocks, should not jump near the main bridge support columns.)

01.11.08, GrayAntiMatter, Moreno Valley, CA, USA, A friend made a post on a YUKU board linking this site. THIS.IS.AWESOME! If ever the outdated "Web Ring" needed a revival this is it. Where's the site to guess for the next Golden Gate bridge jumper? The next Hoover Dam jumper? (as long as there are structures of height in this world, there will be those that use them to perform a death drop. we imagine we are the only ones that choose to waste so much time detailing it.)

01.03.08, Scott, Bradenton,Fla., Love the site actually a contest I might be able to win!!!
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