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2001/2002 updated: 05.28.05

latest comments are at the top. (our responses to comments follow.)

12.30.02, nichole, stevens Point, WI., this is a morbid site!! but having a good sense of humor, it is okay/funny.

11.28.02, Sam, Cambridge, NY., Hi, I vacation in Sarasota and usually drive from Tampa to Sarasota over the bridge. My grandmother always was afraid of the bridge, she lived in Sun City, and so we had to take the land way (I think it's I4. You may want to mention why the new bridge exists. The old one collapsed, killing several people. By the way, the barriers are appalingly low, only like 3 feet, and since the suicides happen at the center span, why not build fences? Looking forward to hearing from you.  

11.25.02, brian k., St.petersburg Fl., I am retired Coast Guard and was the engineering petty officer stationed at St.Petersburg and used to pull the bodys from the water. We actually had a guy crawl over the rail while we were in a boat below to recover him and I thought he might jump in the boat. The police finally talked him down. (feel free to discreetly input anytime.)

11.22.02, Jeff W., St. Petersburg, FL., It's the hollidays, things should be picking up soon.

11.20.02, Chesney N., Leetonia, OH., this is the sweetest page since Real Ultimate Power! and when i say sweet, i mean TOTALLY AWESOME! (dude!)

11.01.02, chris, St Pete Fl., I further predict that bullsharks and pelicans will eat all the remains except for 2 ribs from the left side. Big Tim's is supplying the sauce!!! (yum!)

9.25.02, M. Hawkins, Bradenton, FL., I am a blonde and I did not need to start over. I hope that my guess is wrong. This is one pool I don't wish to win.

09.22.02, Kathy Z., Hayward Ca., Jump Martha Stewart! Jump! (it's nice to dream, isn't it?)

09.20.02, Paulie, Newark, DE., I love this site. I wish I could find one for our local twin-span, the Delaware Memorial Bridge -- it's been a favorite jumping off point. (you know, you could just rip this site off, change it around a bit, and suddenly, it's that easy.)

09.18.02, Joey V., Riverview, It still amazes me that with all that water down below, they still hit the rocks. Its like putting themselves through a spagetti strainer. At least it saves on the amount of money used by government agencies to recover the bodies.

09.09.02, Nicole C., Greensboro, North Carolina, Even if I am not the winner, rest assured brave jumper, my very own brother and his crew will be the ones who will recover you from the beautiful Gulf waters of St.Pete. As a special reward for your swan dive or belly flop, you will get the rare opportunity to ride on the ultra smooth and stylish orange, black and white Jayhawk. You will be in good hands with the United States Coast Guard! Break A Leg!! (anytime you want to send jumper news, please do so.)

09.08.02, mark, unknown, What a hoot! I bet you get a ton of hits over the subject. I like your pictures and captions... "on the rocks" LOL! (we crack ourselves up.)

08.30.02, Amy, St. Louis, MO., The hate mail section encouraged me to make a guess...good job.

08.30.02, anon, LOL, funniest website I've seen in years

08.21.02, Andria P., Willoughby, Ohio, a friend posted it on our message board. This site is crazy hilarious!!! I shall pass it on! And I am blonde, but will not start over!" (but are you a natural blonde and can you prove it?)

08.14.02, Biff, Longwood, FL., Blessings on those who come to the end of the road and find no other solution. If only they could see that a problem shared is a problem cut in half. Please don't give up before the miracle happens, Hold on just for today and live life one day at a time, maybe even one hour at a time. Peace and Love (thank you, biff.)

08.10.02, katie p., Much wenlock, shropshire, england, very imaginative idea and a right laugh! (we love your accent!)

08.06.02, dave z., dunedin, I'll be in the boat the woman hits. probably kill us both but what away to go. hit by a woman going 90 miles an hour without a car. (just like divorce.)

08.05.02, Deanna C., Bradenton, Florida, I just moved here with my husband from Texas and my mom is coming to visit when our son is born (Aug.20th, 2002). I told my mom how high the Skyway is and I was looking for photos of the bridge when I stumbled on your site. I don't think I have laughed this hard during this horrible pregnancy. I sent the link to all my friends and told them that I would be joining the pool. (hope all goes well with your new baby.)

08.05.02, george p., schofield bks., the angle of the dangle is pependicular to the heat of the meat. (and don't let your meatloaf.)

07.30.02, george, st. petersburg, florida, i live near the bridge and drive over it everyday. every time i see a car parked on the bridge in the morning i always check the website to see who the latest winner is! what a "sick, sick world we live in"

07.22.02, Craig W., Blackpool, England, I won this once before. I'm hoping to get lucky and win it again. (Please. i hope I win again.) (come on, craig, you had your day in the sun. let someone else bask in the glory of victory.)

07.22.02, Chris D., New York, NY., I don't even know if I should be hoping to win...there's gotta be some sort of cosmic guilt complex involved. (sometimes we feel the guilt, but never enough to stop doing this.)

07.01.02, Bill H., Lakeland, FL., Your loss is my victory. Sorry!

06.25.02, Mike D., Tampa, FL., Well, I hope I don't win, because no one ever jumps again. Well, there are a few people that I'd like to see Jump, actually. (we think we all have lists in our heads. even the most anti-jumperpool person wouldn't mind seeing someone in their life take the drop.)

06.22.02, Katie T., Toronto, ON., canada, came to me in a vision, actually, it wasnt a vision, it was a pigeon. it talked to me and told me all about it! i got Xcited and it told me what time and stuff to eh. wow, i hope i win. this is my first day of school and best friend's birthday im betting for, so ya...i hope i win.heehee, i'll be like "hey guess what?!someone killed themself today...yes your birthday...yes..." haha, that'd be great. awesome sight guys...awesome sight... wow, i hope this works. this is cause im thinkin maybe some person will make a personal sacrifice on the day of the tragic events last year. *cross your fingers* good luck me! (maybe cut down on the meth a bit, ok katie?)

06.22.02, kerstin p., hosford, fl., i cant believe no one has sued and that this website has not been terminated.... keep up the good work!

05.26.02, Alex K., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, you are a sick sick person, but then again I did put in an entry. (we made a sick cosmic connection.)

05.26.02, Scott N., Louisville, Ky., I understand the site is just for fun. That is why I entered a guess. I hope I am wrong. I hope nobody else jumps, although that is unrealistic. If I thought about it for very long, I would probably find the site offensive. But, I really don't want to think about it that much. There are far better things in this world to be offended by.

05.25.02, Aline, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Some American's really do have a sense of humour!!!! :) There's always a bright side to everything....

05.23.02, Mike, Manchester, The residents of Newcastle do this for fun on a friday/saturday night from the top of the Tyne Bridge. Geordie folk regulary nose dive from the top of the bridge in only their black and white stripe shirts, swim down to tynemouth with a ruptured spleen and cracked bones, then back up to the bridge for a quick rub down in lard and onto the Tuxedo Royale for a spot of northern dancin and a tidy bit of mutton. Why Ayeeeeee Man!!!!

05.22.02, Linda G., Tallahassee, Fl., I am desperate to win, yet conflicted, because I don't want some poor fool to die so that I might find pleasure and enjoyment in correctly guessing some idiots TOD! Would you mind terribly if I entered a guess for everyday for the next say, six months? Surely I'll hit the jackpot that way. (send us a sexy picture and we will consider your request.)

05.19.02, Gary, Cinti, (friend of nuklhed) Suicide is interesting, especially when living in Florida. All in all, though, there are many such states. But Florida is on top of the list, even alphabetically. I went to school with some idiot who moved to Florida. What was he thinking? I said, "Florida?" And he just replied, "Yeah." I have heard about troubled beings jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. There are sharks to finish the job for you if you are the type that can't do anything right. I'd be afraid to jump off a bridge, though. May not work. (we have known gary since 1964, back when everything was in black and white. we also know the idiot he refers to and we resemble that remark. the skyway has sharks too, but they just don't seem plentiful or hungry enough.)

05.19.02, Kristi, Birmingham, AL., remembered looking at it a year or so ago, searched for it to see if it was still around -- lo and behold... love this site, thanks for keeping it around. (we are still alive and well. so far. thanks for the kind words.)

05.17.02, Will B., Scotland, UK., Just a quick observation RE the "Rants":- Seems like those who dissaprove of your site are all homophobic-- could they actually be contributing to the suicides of youngsters torn between hetro and homosexuality by promoting their own homophobia? Well I think that makes them worse than you. (you know, we never saw the connection, but you are right. why do the more nasty complainers seem to be males and want other males to perform bizarre sexual stunts with them?)

05.16.02, john j., Leeds, An effective form of population control - build more bridges. If only more people would give up their selfish grip on life and jump we could alleviate a whole host of social and environmental issues - overcrowding in the inner cities, unemployment, lack of food in the third world.

05.15.02, Brendan E., I hope what they say about suicide being a direct trip to hell is just a religous fanatics ravings. May God have mercy on them!

05.15.02, Gonzaga S., Madrid, Spain, First, excuse my spelling, im an english student. I bealive that you have the right attitude towards life Phil, and if I got it all right, I fully agree with you. Life is important but its perfectly logical to make fun of the people who kill themselves because THEY dont give a damn about life anyway, so how could this offend anyone? I think that if this webpage offends you, you need some of that so-called professional help. Search links on the main page (or send me a date to my e-mail, I'll understand) (you are so correct. if the jumpers don't care, why should we?)

05.15.02, hagar, goettingen, germany, tja kumpel, ob der babelfish dies uebersetzen kann ist mehr als fraglich, aber du kannst wenigstens nicht ueber die rechtschreibung meckern. nimm kontakt auf wenn du magst. keep on working ;-) (we ran that through the translator and it makes as much sense: hagar, Goettingen, germany, tja buddies whether babelfish the these it can translate is more than questionable but you do not know at least over the orthography meckern. take contact on if you like. keep on working. we'll take hagar's word for it.)

05.14.02, Ed, Iowa, You need more options. You know... hit water, lived, run over by boat, lived, eaten by shark, died. That kind of thing. Thanks for the laugh.

05.12.02, Luke, Sydney, Australia, We live in Sydney, we have a very big bridge... but do they jump ?! Only very infrequently... long may Skyway offer a fast track to fish food for lifes losers

05.12.02, Jason, Great Bend, Kansas, I really like your site you have here. I am just sitting at work and stumbled across it from another sites link. This is truley sick and twisted, yet funny humor. Good Luck with your site in the future. (thank you.)

05.04.02, Sereena, Hudson, Fl., my bestfriend's mother jumped and survived.. it was from the old bridge in the 70's at that time there was only a small handful of suvivor's and there was some kind of support group for the suvivor's and they use to get togethe every so often and chat.... can you imagine? (a picnic by the bridge maybe!!) we enjoyed your site goodluck!! we heard of your site on 98ROCK. (we'd like to actually interview a jumper survivor. perhaps one would be interested. you know, tell us what it was like. what to expect. why to not jump.)

05.03.02, Abby, Tallahassee FL., Very interesting site. I can't decide whether I approve of the concpet or not, but I guess I'm not that opposed to it since I'm making a guess! LOL

5.02.02, Harvey H., Cortland, OH., I vacation in Florida Every Year and was checking out sites about the bridge. I Feel bad for filling this out. But I will check it all the time.

04.27.02, Maya D., Melbourne, Florida, SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET! i was talking 2 my friend and we have very twisted minds and she told me about it, i love sites like these! Sick and Demented! (so how twisted, sick, and demented are you two?)

04.27.02, Joe B., This website has to be one of the most humourous things I've read so far online. Keep up the good work, regardless of how many flame e-mails you get (and what interesting e-mails they are). (as much as we love and appreciate all the good words, we must admit, the hate mail is the most fun.)

04.24.02, Alexandria, Massachusettes,  I feel so sorry for the people who come to look at this bridge. Hundreds of people killed themselves due to arger. (there has been less then 100 reported suicides from the skyway. just how many are killed due to this arger thing is unknown.)

04.22.02, Tiana Jones, Cambridge, I think this is an amusing yet serious website. TWO THUMBS UP!

04.03.02, Craig, blackpool, england, damn funny. Tasteless, immature, but funny.

03.10.02, Celia E., Amissville, Virginia, Ignore all the detractors, this site is great! (the detractors are our favorite part of the site. we imagine them all angry and fuming as they type away their complaints. ha.)

03.07.02, christopher, Olymppia WA usa, This may be a morbid and unpopular topic. But education with facts has value to many users. Information like this can save lives. I don't want to end up floating, half-alive with a freighter 200 feet away. (perhaps that is why many don't bother dropping into the shipping channel, they go for the rocks.)

02.12.02, pam b., madeira beach, fl., Having lived near the base of the Skyway and seeing the number of bodies brought in, I truly believe some of the Skyway deaths have been hidden by the media. (without a doubt, we're sure it's a regular thing. we just don't understand why some get mentioned while others do not.)

01.14.02, Randall, keep it going. I like this site. We should make fun of suiciders. They should bring shame on their families instead of being mourned. (in many countries, they do. shame is a lost art here in this country. imagine what our country would be like if shame were still in vogue.)

12.30.01, unknown, Sad but true that some folks prefer deceleration sickness over firearms or other conventional methods. I think your site is great. I fell for it, immediately. Good luck and Thanks!! ('fell' for it. get it? haha!)

11.02.01, Susan, Tallahassee, Fl., At first i thought this sight was a sick joke but the more i think about it, we need entertainment these days.  Jumpers don't charge admission to their show, parking is free and the show is over in time to get home to dinner.  A special thank you to all you jumpers, now you need to get a "life" and find something useful to do. (you're assuming that they survive.)

10.16.01, mike s., peopel who do this are very selfish dont care about anybody but themselfs thet hurt a lot of peopel and dont know it they are stupid asses for dojng somthing like this to them selfs and other peopel the are chicken shit sons of bitches (spell much? let's start a new movement. we'll call it, 'grammatical incorrectness'. mike s. here is the president.)

09.15.01, mike, jacksonville, nc., Bridges don't kill people, people do. The right of the people to keep jumping from bridges shall not be infringed. Please contact the National Bridge Jumpers Assoc. for free bridge jump training classes near you. (this has been a public service announcement. we now join our regularly scheduled comments page, already in progress.)   

09.14.01, Gabe, Dallas, Texas,  I could survive that jump if I tried it. Go feet first, keep your hands and feet together, and blow all the air out as soon as you hit. It would be a blast. (let us know how you do.)

09.14.01, Joseph B., Jackson, MS., I'd be a little stoked to predict the demise of some simpleton who doesn't value his or her life enough to keep it.  What the hell are they thinking??? (perhaps they aren't.)

08.23.01, Georgia Mc., Akron, Ohio, Hi my name is Georgia and I am trying to get the city of Akron, ohio to put up a fence over the All American Bridge because to most people here in Akron, it's known only as the suicide bridge. Please tell me how I can get this done? I need all the help I can get to have the city do something. So far they keep saying that if these people want to die they will do it no matter where or when. I don't agree with that statement all the times. I just have known so many of the people who have jumped because they went to the local mental health center, like myself without their medicine they hear voices that tell them to hurt themselves. Please help me please. Georgia Lee. (hello georgia, sorry, but we don't think you can stop those that want to end it all by jumping off the bridge with any type of barrier. they will find a way around it or find another method to achieve room temperature. best of luck.) she replies:
08.24.01, Hey thanks but I am going to try just a bit more to get someone to listen to me and others. I am a mental health consumer and think that people who are so down and depressed and feeling hopless still want to live but either stop taking their meds and hear voices that tell them to hurt themselves or other and some are grieving from loosing someone close or feeling like no one cares and if they were to have some more time or someone to talk to or show that they care they would not jump. God told me to help others the best I knew how. :) but thanks so much for answering my letter. I am in the system myself and feel that same way many times. God Bless, Georgia Lee (it is our humble opinion that many peoples' problems stem from the fact the meds they take mess them up worse than not taking them.)

08.14.01, Dick Whiskey, Cleveland, Ohio, I chose my birthday as the potential jump date. Considering the constant ration of bad luck that has been my life up until this point, I figured my natal anniversery should be some cosmic focal point of all things bad. 

08.10.01, Stacy Y, Parma, Ohio, at first I thought it was disrespectful---but what the hey-I'm depressed and you don't see me trying the easy way out--so I then decided it was entertaining--I hope I win--by the way that 'I'm blonde' link is cute. (are you cute too?)

07.31.01, Steve A., Saratoga Springs, NY., I read about it in a web release on how offensive it was.. I LOVE IT! This is great! To hell with those bleeding heart morons that think you are doing a terrible thing, they have no sense of humor and worse yet they haven't realized that those that jump are doing us a favor. If these morons don't want to live.. let 'em jump! If it keeps them from passing on their weaknesses by eliminating them from the gene pool then the world will be a better place. (the gene pool could use a bit of chlorine.) 

07.13.01, BK, The bridge must install JUMPER PARKING ONLY spaces, as this will allow for safe and secure parking, we dont want anyone being hit by a passing motorist traveling over the bridge, during a time of dispare. I feel that we should lobby D.O.T for these spaces. further more anyone using these spaces for any other use not intended for will have to face a fine, which will include but not limited to $250.00, 1 year imprisonment, Loss of 6 months wages, having car towed to the nearest boat ramp and launched, and a forced double gainer off of the side of choice of the bridge (Tide choice is optional). Also needed at the spot of no return is a comment box from which future jumper may comment on the level of services available at the TOP, this is very important as if the bridge is to become Number 1 in the nation it needs feedback so to make changes that will enhance the level of service to offer to the professional jumper (Never under estimate the needs of present customers as they, if they survive may return for a second trip to the top). these and other ideas should be looked at. PS. I do not belive in jumping and would advise aginst the activity and strongly advise a second opinion with a phone call from any phone to some one of support. Life is a gift not to be just tossed over the side. good day (that's what the skyway bridge needs, an agent. someone like rich here to improve the service of the bridge to jumper patrons.)

06.22.01, Wendy D., Largo, FL., My friend drives the bridge everyday twice a day and he says it is such a pain when there are jumpers because traffic is stopped and he can't get to work/home on time. He says, "Just jump already so the rest of us can get on with life." (seems odd they should stop traffic, it's not like the action is on the bridge. all they really need is a wrecker to haul away the car that was left behind. all the action moves under the bridge rather quickly.)

6.10.01, Rich J., Tampa - Key West, FL., Thank you for allowing us to guess when the next sick (but considerate and humane) individual, in their possibly only moment of lucidity,  choose only to harm themselves and not grab a weapon to hurt, maim or kill innocent bystanders. I give your site a "thumbs up!"  To the jumpers who actually have a "pair", thanks for cleansing out the gene pool.

06.07.01, H., Ontario, Canada, I myself am a rescued jumper from Niagara Falls.  That's "the place" here in Canada.  I have all sorts of info and photos on it if you are interested. (we are interested and thank you for your input.)

05.23.01, haydn B., Nelson Mid Glamorgan, UK., I used to be in a rock band and i feigned suicide by pretending to jump off the Severn bridge in the UK. I now live my life as a man and no-one will ever know (so were you a female prior to this pretend jump? just curious.)

05.08.01, Len F., Richmond, VA., What a site, You should take an old video camera encased in a fiberglass tube (with a tail for vertical stability) and drop it from the bridge. Pick it up from below in a waiting boat, turn it into an mpeg and post it on the site. (what a damn cool idea. too bad we are too much the wus to attempt such a trick with our video camera. how about yours, len?)

04.24.01, Katy, St. Pete, Fl., this is excellent, i shall create a link to your site.  and if it makes you feel better, i know some1 who jumped off the bridge and i still think it's amusing. (care to share?)

03.31.01, Mike, Largo, FL., You have a very interesting and sick sense of humor that I can relate to.  If just one potential jumper finds this site and realizes how stupid they are to want to end their life, then consider it a community service!!!  However it is a real bummer that jumpers who "guess" their own jumps get disqualified.  I guess life is just not fair!! (if we allowed jumpers to guess their own jumps, then would it really be fair to the non-jumpers? then only jumpers would be winning the pool and that just isn't fair.)

03.29.01, Amy, St. Louis, Dig this...I was strolling through the entries of past winners and I made a startling discovery. All of the entries that mention the specific make of automobile left behind on the bridge are of American-made vehicles. I found mention of a Dodge van, Ford Pick-up, '92 Chevy, '86 Chevy and a Mustang. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Smell what I'm steppin' in here?? (Yes I need a new hobby, but that's another subject entirely) I just want to warn all of you that drive American-made vehicles...YOU COULD BE NEXT!! Oh yes, solar phones are for weenies. Thanks (what kinda car do you have, amy?)

03.16.01, Ben S., Hong Kong, hysterical site.  i just wish i could bet money in this pool.

03.14.01, Kris I., Indianapolis, Indiana, This website really makes me miss living in Fla. Make 2001 the year Skyway Bridge becomes number one. Dont just dream it make it happen.

03.07.01, david, st. louis, mo., I thought I was the only one with a twisted mind.  Now I know I'm not alone in this world.  To think I was going to jump off the Skyway Bridge to end my solitude but now I no I am not alone.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  God bless us everyone. (another life saved by this pool.)

02.24.01, Susan, San Diego, Ca., so, ok! I stumbled upon this site while searching for information regarding on gambling problems creating distress/suicide. this opened a bigger picture, now 'so many bridges, so little life', too many options. But concidering the time if year (income tax reporting) I did vote and based my vote on this. Can't ya just see it... a man, say a father of 8 or so played a chance-gone-bad with his incomtax declaration, things look bad, possibility of losing all he's worked for and can't face the humiliation so, only thing left is to jump and shatter into a million pieces to draw the attention off of his orginal sin and focuse on the million pieces part of this picture.  I know, it's sick, but.... you asked!
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