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2009 updated: 03.29.10

latest comments are at the top. (our responses to comments follow.)
12.21.09, Cory M., Dunedin, FL., This site is both entertaining and informative, thanks!

Pookie1975, Saint Petersburg, FL.,, I have recently moved to Florida and it seems that jumping off the skyway is fairly common here. I get nervous just driving over that bridge. It's hard to imagine what thoughts and feelings are going through their mind...hard to understand how a person can have enough courage to jump off the skyway but not enough guts to face the rest of their life. If anyone else reading this is considering this option...Try to look at life more light-heartedly. When I get down and discouraged...I tell myself that I will see life out..just for the simple fact of finding out how the ride ends. It's the curiosity that keeps me going every time.

12.16.09, KX, Cape Coral, FL., It must be one hell of a ride down!

12.16.09, mike c., clearwater, fl., this is the f**king funniest thing ive ever came across on the internet

12.14.09, MBee, Largo, FL., I find suicide fascinating like some people find NASCAR entertaining. It's painful for most of the people who have to watch, and must be absolutely terrifying for the people directly involved.

12.13.09, Sarah M., Austin, TX., I swear I have been betting on this for 10 years now and still have not won once. I think I have poor psychic abilities. (your psycho abilities are now on. sarah is a long time fan and facebook friend.) she replies:
12.13.09, Sarah M., Austin, TX., It's a Christmas miracle!!!! Although if we were playing this game on the Price is Right, I would have gone over in time and thus, not won. Thanks for making the rules your own. I actually have not been visiting the site as much as I used to because I went back to school this semester to get my masters, so I have not had mind numbingly boring jobs to fill my life with time wasted on the internet instead of working. I do love the holiday feel you have given the site; nothing says merry Christmas like reading about suicide surrounded by festive colors.
It's just the type of macabre cheer that I love! Thanks for doing what you do. (we're sorry your visits here were "time wasted on the internet". it's the same for us too. we waste far too much time with this jumper crap. not sure if our tomato soup meets split pea color scheme is really as christmasy as we had hoped, but it's close enough. thanks for your support and enthusiasm. best of everything with your schooling and masters.)

Sarah M., facebook, I would like to thank the makers of anti-depressants for allowing me to never have the urge to jump off a bridge. I would like to thank baby Jesus for making the month of December so hard for so many people to get through. Finally, I would like to thank the jumper pool for allowing me countless hours of distraction from my real life and reminding me that my problems are not as big as I think they are. XOXO You like me; you really like me!

12.01.09, Steve A., NY, If you are a hard working citizen and aren't a welfare scumbag or other criminal, then please suck it up and get some help and go back to work. If you are a republican hate-monger or a welfare abuser then by all means... stop what you are doing right now and go jump.... Aim for the rocks please, so we don't have to pay to fix you up and change diapers on you for the rest of your life. (we have been called a hate monger, but we dislike both of the jackass parties involved with our current state of bullshit.)

10.15.09, John,, Florida, This is gonna be hilarious if some1 actually jumps on this day. Suicide is funny sometimes

10.12.09, Stephanie, Seminole, FL., laughed my ass off, thanks!!!! looking for info about the bridge. was typing the car fire in my facebook, wondering about height of bridge. google brought up your link, remembered my friend at work told me about you

08.27.09, Terre, Ontario, California, Suicide is not always because of depression but yet a way to get out of something you did. My friend put a 45 to his head and pulled the trigger not because he was depressed but because he had just f'd up big time. Could have been dealt with but he didn't want to. He left behind a wife and child who to this day don't understand. None of us do. If he was depressed maybe I could but he wasn't so explain that one to me. People do things not thinking about anyone else but themselves!!!! My friends wife and child were in a different room of the house. Can you imagine what she went through, she heard the shot she opened the door and found him with his brains splattered all over the wall of the house she still lives in cause she can't afford to move on. I truly love my friend but I think it was the most selfish thing he ever did in his life. His family and friends have gone through and are still living with the hell he brought on us. Jason you know I love you but damn you for what you did to all of us!!! (we are angered by the total and complete selfish nature of this type of suicide. it's one thing to think your life is worthless and needs to end, but to subject everyone to his wallpaper brain spray is wrong on every level. "gee, thanks for the awesome memory of you, dad". it's hard to find compassion for such a thoughtless, pathetic, and stupid act.)

08.16.09, funkmaster71, Alexandria, VA., Love the site, can't wrap my head around suicide so I don't find your site offensive. Keep up the good work!


07.29.09, KRC, Beavercreek, OH., I lived in St. Pete for 18 years - always found the bridge intriguing but could never understand who would want to jump off of it. Scary!

07.24.09, Aly B., Lutz, FL., I was in prison actually and was very enthralled by this

07.21.09, Kenneth, Wisconsin, This brings to mind the old joke: What's usually the last thing to go through the minds of people who jump off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge? Their feet.

07.18.09, speedy, st-pete, fl., i had the priviledge to actually work and build the skyway bridge .i formed the concrete on the 2 main columns and capped each one and saw the bueaty of this bridge first hand. all good memories from far beyond the road lanes. i have walked in the belly of the bridge....the bridge is awesome ..period... to jump...oh hell no...what wrong with those people...instead look at it as a piece of art and bueaty...and watch the sharks and stingrays pass thats life...

07.18.09, Robin, Telluride, Co., I worked on the Skyway in '84-'97...had a female jumper off the old bridge back then

Mike K., facebook, The wrong part is forcing your hand. Death is a natural process and will occur with due time. Death is not supposed to occur after flailing 200 feet to your death, hitting cement water only to break all your bones and drown to death. (death is also a process one has the right to volunteer for, by their own hand, at any time they choose.)

Robert B., facebook, I'm a hospice nurse, and to be honest I feel as though since death is life's inevitable conclusion there is nothing wrong with suicide. Death is a well kept secret in our society. Everyone is worthy of compassion. And we all have the right to die.

07.09.09, Bill, Gainesville, from his blog, July 9, 2009, Jumper
Yesterday, a fellow ended his life by jumping from the Sunshine Skyway bridge. It was the 4th jump this year.
On average, since this new bridge opened up, about 13 people jump a year. Most die, but usually what happens first is that they hit the water, break a bunch of bones and rupture organs and then they drown. About one a year actually survives and can live to tell about it. In fact, this was the 4th jump in 2009 and one of those four was a survivor.
If you jump from the highest point, it takes about 3.5 seconds until you hit the water at an approximate speed of 75 miles an hour.
Seems like a shitty way to do it and very painful, on the other hand, it is kind of a dramatic way to end it all.
If you are that depressed and choose to kill yourself this way, I think you are trying to make a statement, and what I dont understand is why more people dont do flips and twists and stuff. They mostly just jump. I guess they are really depressed and I know when I am depressed I lose some of my creativity so maybe thats why more suicidal jumps dont also include flips and stuff. They just forget about adding the flair... on account of their depression.
This is the 4th most jumped from bridge in the United States, and it is number one East of the Mississippi.
* found these facts at (we are full of facts, well, full of something, anyway.)

Cedric H., facebook, I absolutely love this website... I'm a sick person :-P

06.28.09, Rock Solid, Carlsbad, CA USA, After Obama's "Crap-n-Trade" bill passes plus this Health Care Bill in addition to TARP and the Trillion Dollar Stimulus Bill ... we are broke, who wants to contribute more $$ to this debacle!! ... I think all working Americans will start lining up on the Sunshine Bridge for a jump ...

06.03.09, Jayme, Dunedin, Fl., I love this site, it is my favorite in the whole wide world! (thanks, your check is in the mail.)

05.29.09, lifesucksthenyoudie, irvine, cali, ur so pathetic u dont even know wat killing urself is and the reason. and dont giv me that its only temp bs cuz its nhot true. we all habe our reasons to. its k really. its k to drinl. its k to kill sumone. really. life sucks. u do wat u can. ive bene in this shthole since i was 15. im a coward to even do it. i shouldnt be though. y go through that if u cant die. its stupid. wen sumone watn to die let em be. u dot knoew depression. even if u do its all the same. ur reason for not doing it is the same as for evry other one. i want to kl myself for the same reason but gues wat. im not anto bridge. obviousdly jumoping is the worst way to go. has to be quiik u know. make fun of it. life sucks. u laugh at it. and wtf is up with all those hotlines. u know wats gonna happen if u call. and plp shouldnt not g to mental institue. they are not crazy.. and life isnt roses. if u think it is then ur in a world of pain and miserry. lifes a lie. suicide is a way to nd life. life is romantic or pretty. upurs if u think that lfe is like that. its cruel u get hreough. killing urself is k. ur the one that had the prib. not ur om or ur dad. ur ur stupid lil pet. who cares bout em. if u have that prib fix it. otherwise die. meditate or sumthng... sumone text me.. 407[withheld]... or email me.. [name withheld] (how can your life be so bad to make you this angry and miserable? you need to talk to someone and work through your issues. life is worth living, you need to hang in there.) more:
05.30.09, lifesucksthenyoudie, irvine, cali, stress from family. being with em. it sounds conry and it prob is and it gets even weirder. we are a sour family. im hispanic. it comes in the family. we ted to car to much. then they complain. moms got astha and it kills me to see her like she is now. thats another prob and the main. since i was 15 or sumthing ive dealt with it. it didnt get bad till i was 16. i bein dragged around like a chain on a horse. i got this job but 2 yrs later that hapened. i dont wann chat about this anymore. life sucks fr evryone. wat esle is there to do. (there is always a way out of life's bullshit. whether you simply abandon your dysfunctional family or stay in the mess, it's your choice in life. you are ultimately responsible for yourself. we recommend you educate yourself and make your life something good. use the opportunities you have and learn functional english. you only need yourself to make a good life. save yourself and then save those you love, but do not let anyone, including family, bring you to a point you want to end your life. good luck.) more:
05.30.09, lifesucksthenyoudie, irvine, cali, im leaving cuz its wat i gotta do. they gonna drive me to end my life. ive been lse before but i wil do it if its get to that point. im nt gonna keep workng and dealing u know. its stupid. met sumone to meet for the summer. im gona be with em. its the ight thing. il be out. thres no point in beig here. (it sounds like you are making the right choice to save yourself from the destruction nature of your current environment. we wish you luck in this change. feel free to contact us again and let us know how you are doing.)

05.29.09, Kaitlyn, palmetto, fl., saw a jumper this morning, googled skyway suicides. love the site! as a daily traveler of the Skyway Bridge, i can appreciate you guys making the very real thing of jumpers public knowledge!

05.29.09, Sheila S., Pinellas Park, Florida, United States, I think this site should be advertised! I came across the site by accident but am glad I found it. I think more facts about the damage jumping does to your body and not always dieing right away should be posted. The more people know these facts the less they should want to jump. Good job to the creaters of this website. You rock!! (thank you for your kind words, we blush. we are pleased you see the reality we are trying to put forth. there are those, however, that will never see it.)

05.29.09, Wantolivetobeold, Bradenton, I feel like I living in the 1930's depression era! Holy crap, people! I can think of much better ways to go than jumping off a really big f*cking bridge. I want to be fish food one day too, but by creamation dude!

05.23.09, P., fl usa, I'm writing this as a private email. Please don't post my email address. This is merely a suggestion to add to your site. I'm in a relationship with someone who suffers from severe depression. I hear about suicide more then I ever dreamed from this person. My suggestion to your site is (if it's possible) to post photos of people who jumped (with their families permission of course) whether they survived or not. If graphic photos are posted on this site to show the REALITY of the aftermath, it may serve as a deterrent to those who may be contemplating this as an option. I know it sounds creepy, but somehow I think this would benefit the ones thinking about committing suicide & may scare them into not wanting to do it if they see graphic photos of ones that went before them. Just a thought. (we never post anyone's email addresses at any time. we have received a few post-jump jumper pictures, but choose to not post them. we strongly suggest you read the first hand account of a jumper rescuer. he tried to save a man that jumped. throughout our site, there are many posts from people that lost loved ones through suicide. we wish you luck in your relationship and hope if it gets bad enough, you remove yourself from it, as someone else's selfish action should not be forced upon you. you deserve happiness in life, not second hand depression.)

05.23.09, anon, I don't think this is a bad site at all.I went in with one attitude and left with a completely (better) diferent attitude. I've been a little down, but I aint jumpin! This has been helpful and I thank you.

05.22.09, Donna D., Tampa, FL, US, I came here out of curiosity, and surfed. I had a great laugh at the "You Are an Idiot" page; I can't help but think that it has saved some lives.

05.22.09, kevin g., tampa Fl., I wonder how many people change their minds halfway down?

05.06.09, Jamalbi, Port Richey, FL., Lost my father to suicide and I thought it was a very selfish act that just proves to me suicide is a selfish act. One more thing, there is no way I would end my life and not by jumping off the Skyway bridge. God, there is no way. Crazy.

03.25.09, Britt C., Pomfret, Maryland, I find this entire thing facinating!

03.23.09, tommy w., temple terrace, fl., jumpers are rare this year. but I thought tax time would surely bring a jumper or two

03.06.09, andrew, san diego, ca., Obama is trying to create lots more business for this site.

03.06.09, Matt L., Bradenton, FL., I'm an embalmer...I eat this shit up!

03.05.09, Northbound Traveler, St. Petersburg, Saw two FHP cruisers on the southbound lanes with someone that looked like they were holding a tripod. (a film maker was up there doing some film work for his skyway documentary.)

02.23.09, holly, Madeira Beach, Actually I think there will be a few Dec 21st jumpers, especially in 2012. There are so many people buyiny into the 'End-of-Days' prophecy by the Mayan Calender. While I believe there will an extreme astronomical shift (not astrological, well maybe), it will not be the End of the World. Astronomically speaking, all planets (including Pluto) will be in a straight line through the Earth's North - South Axsis, and our current orbital rotation is simply moving from what we now know as "eastern daylight time" to what we will eventually western daylight time". People need to stop all this global warming wahoo crap, and face the facts - and the most basic simple fact is just this: The Earth is simply shifting on its own axsis, from one eliptical to another - - - or so I hear.

02.08.09, Tim, Brandon, FL, USA, You guys are a bunch of sick bastards. That's why I love ya! 2009 seems a bit dry so far, don't you think?

01.30.09, megan, tampa, This has been a slow start to the new year. There are to many people in Tampa that need to "jump." I have offered to take a few people on a one way trip to the bridge and they won't get in the car with me. Damn it, I need to work harder on that..... oh, am I am blonde but didnt need to start over....ha ha

01.21.09, Scott, myspace, Keep up the good work! Love the site! Whenever I;m depressed, I come here and know there are people worse off than me and that perks me up (they don't call us 'the happiest website on earth' for nothing. seriously, they don't call us that at all.)

01.03.09, Dave Z., Port Murray, NJ., Get the new year off with a big splash! Or is that ended? (hello dave z., long time friend of the we see you're no longer in florida. wish we could say the same. hope all is well with you. thanks for your contact.)
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