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 red hot flaming hate
2000-2003 • updated: 11.14.03

latest hates are at the top. (our responses to hates follow)
05.2000: the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention objects to this site.
Rene Barrett, executive director.
Joan Fine, secretary and member of the board of directors.

11.14.03, Joe, Tampa, Hey, this is not so much "hate mail" as it is a correction and a mild complaint. Under the media section you said it was so swedish site that linked to you. It is not swedish it is norwegian. though just to include my "disgust", it is kind of sick betting on the misfortune of others. While I understand that everyone makes choices, many of the people jumping are not mentally stable. they are to be pitied and the target of our sympathy. it is like making fun of the less fortunate, there is just something wrong about it. (sweden, norway, same thing. ja.)

10.28.03, Jen, NC, U.S., I realize the game you are playing by responding to your "hate mail," and I suppose I am participating in this game by even submitting hate mail. However, I can't resist the urge. I know that your purpose is to have a snappy comeback for everyone who replies with hate mail, for entertainment value I suppose. I will say this, however, a person that has the answer to every thing usually knows nothing.
I am currently working with troubled youth- some experiencing suicidal tendencies- and I have to say that I pity the day someone you love chooses to end his/her life. I agree that the only person we can really blame in a suicide situation is the person who takes their own life, however, I know for a fact that children and adolescents are influenced by various forms of media in their every day choices (including internet pages.) A kid looking for a way out stumbles upon this page and finds an "original" way of committing suicide. I hardly think an adolescent "surfing" on the internet for ways to end their life is going search through your entire site to find your pitiful disclaimer.
You seem to have a knack at picking out the less educated people of society, when it is perfectly clear that you do not have any educational experience beyond a high school English course. Tell me, do you sit with a thesaurus next to the computer when you type up your "witty" comments to distressed people? Does it make you feel better about yourself to make such innane corrections to your "whiner" mail? Obviously you have a guilty conscience about something.
I would like you to know that I did happen upon your site by mistake. I was doing research on the U.S. medical expenditures due to barbituate- related attempts at suicide, and found your site. Lucky me! I honestly didn't think this site could possibly be what I thought it was when I found it, but fortune was mine when I found out it was. I just had to rush right over to this hate mail section and give you my blurb. One last question, are you friends with the people that make the site condoning anorexia? You must know the site that shows skin- and- bone women, and states that these women are beauiful because they are skinny.
Well I am finished, I have wasted enough of my time. Have fun responding to my comments. I am sure you will come up with an absolutely brilliant response, being the geniuses you are! Bye Bye. (by far, our favorite area of this site is the hate mail. we love you hypocritical people that claim great compassion and love, yet show your hatred of us over a situation created by a friend or family member that was perhaps a half bubble off and has taken their own life. it's as if we threw them off the bridge. without the hate mail, it's somewhat boring and we thank you for your input. we don't mind being the 'whipping boy' and it's our fervent hope that these distraught people will feel better after spraying their venom upon us. we are sure you felt rather pithy with your input as you typed it out and sent it our way. as long as you feel good after visiting this site, then we are thrilled peachy. we hope our "snappy comeback" satisfies your expectation, but we really do not care. children and adolescents are exposed to many forms of media far worse than this site. are we, the purveyors of undesirable media, to assume we are responsible for the reading/viewing materials of these minors? where are the parents? where is your outrage over all the other vile crap kids are exposed to 24/7 on tv or on their video games? perhaps you spend considerable time venting your views to other sites you find distasteful. if so, good for you. isn't the freedom to express your point of view fantastic? while we admire your work with these troubled youth, perhaps fingering out a way to get parents to do their job would be a better step taken. maybe if many parents were more involved with their children, instead of being passive parents that spoil the children in lieu of giving time and love, there would be far less adolescent suicide. anyone, adults or children, that happen to stumble upon this site and finds it an "original" way of committing suicide, is not our responsibility. we believe we are showing the folly of suicide, right down to the "pitiful" disclaimer. then again, we ponder the worthiness of anyone that would choose to jump, based solely on what they read on this site, but that's just our opinion. it might appear that we, the undereducated, seem to have a slightly better than average ability to combine words into sentences that may confuse the likes of you, all without the use of a thesaurus or one of those other wordy book things. we know how to run a spell checker and we do have fun with our inane corrections. we have a long list of items that we have a guilty conscience about. who doesn't? what about your conscience? what have you done in the past that your gallant efforts are now attempting to soothe? we have no affiliation with the anorexia site you described, have never been there, have no desire to visit such a site, and we question your associating it with us. just how is it we can actually not visit a site we find deplorable? are you friends with the people that run after all, no one is responsible for what they do, right jen? it's always someone else's fault. thank you for your time and blurb. please feel free to come back again, much like you did just now.)

10.08.03, Michelle, Bangor, Pa., Aight, lemme explain something to you dumbasses. First off, you have no f**king right to have this site on the net and it SHOULD be removed only because of the fact you find jumping off a bridge hilarious. Just because you dont know them, doesnt make it right to sit on your fat, lazy, asses and make fun of the people that jumped off of the bridge and killed themselves. What if one of YOUR friends or family members did that and died? Would you still think its hilarious? I dont think you would. You people really are sick for doing this shit BECAUSE its rude to laugh at shit like this and its wrong for you to call these people 'winners' because they jumped off a damn bridge. How sick is that bullshit? You dont know them and you have no idea what the hell they were going through. I hope someone finds you guys on the streets one day and beats the living hell out of you cos I know damn well if I find out who you are and see you, I'll beat the ever-loving shit outta you myself. You have NO right whatsoever to do this and you guys really do have sick and twisted minds and maybe YOU are the people that should get help for your pathetic bullshit like this. I never thought I would say this, but I hope one of your friends dies from suicide and you have to go through all the hurt and pain that everyone else has when someone close to them commits suicide. I'll make something clear to you too. I never lost anyone close to me by suicide, but I HAVE lost a couple of good friends to car accidents and it hurts alot to know that you lost someone close to you. Three of my best friends died in the same car accident and my other best friend died in a different car accident 2 years prior the last one where I lost my three best friends. Did you EVER lose someone close to you to ANYTHING? I dont think you have and if you did, then maybe THAT explains why you're so sick and twisted. I'm done now. Peace. (it appears you obviously failed to read much of the site and simply wanted to demonstrate your vile, violent, and hateful nature. we dumbasses are accustom to whiners like you repeating the same old shit to us time and time again. we have heard it all before. we will assume you are a raving bitch most of your waking hours and that your ass is fatter than all of ours combined. we advise any of your remaining friends to not travel by car. we're done now, piece.)

06.25.03, Skye, Like you said, Suicide is no laughing matter, i have had 3 people committ suicide in the last year, my friends mom hung herself, one of my friends hung himself, and a week after that, another friend shot herself, and it has had a huge impact on me and my community, and obviously if you can joke about this stuff, you havent' had much pain in your life, or maybe thats it, you feel that you need to make a joke out of things so you don't have to confront your problem. (sorry about your trifecta of suicide.) 

06.24.03, Becky, England, The only way to gain a real grasp of suicide is to have been in that state of mind. I am not going to say that this site sucks because you have your own oppinions. Do you call suicide selfish because you dont understand or do you call suicide selfish because people want to stop hurting so choose that way out. I have been suicidal many times. Saying it is selfish is wrong, because everything people do is selfish...people work and lead lives to get somewhere for themselves... I think it is selfish of people that are left behind to accuse the person they have lost of being self centered, we all hold that characteristic and it is selfish of people to expect others to stay in a world that makes them unhappy. Have you ever considered that if people ponder across this website that it may tip them over the edge?? I hope you sleep at night because insomnia is a terrible terrible thing, I dont wish bad upon anyone, but I do hope that one day you will understand...the extensity of depression and suicide through whatever medium. Before you comment on gramar and spelling, true expression cannot be monitored by such limitations.
"I hurt myself today, to see if I could feel..
I focused on the pain, the only thing that's real,
the needle tears a hole the old familiar sting
try kill it all away, but I remember everything....
What have I become my sweetest friend, 
everyone I know goes away in the end, 
you could have it all my empire of dirt...
I will bring you down, I will make you hurt."
(we choose to call suicide selfish because it is selfish to those left behind. there is no denying that. as we have stated in the past, if anyone would actually off themselves only because of this site, then perhaps the world would spin better with one less idiot. we sleep just fine. thank you for your input, although we question your inclusion of a drug poem.) a comment:
03.09.04, Jayme, Trinity, My problem is that woman in England that posted her little "drug poem" in June of '03. Jen, Couldn't you write your own drug poem? Why copy a Nine Inch Nails song. Oh, Yeah, I're probably a druggy yourself and were too stoned to think of one....dumba$$. Love you Jumper Pool!!!! (thank you, jayme, we love you too.)

06.17.03, anon, yo dis a bull shit web sit yo yall trippin im trying to find the dam big fish fotos i want to see the 7feet 9shark some dude cout i was out there yo im out jump on player and wut da hell the old skyway look like yo (yo mind was a terrible thing to waste.)

06.16.03, Leakage, Funny how you call it "Hate Mail" as though anyone would waste their  precious energy hating morons like you when all they need to do is  spend a nano-second feeling sorry for you for EXPLOITING the hell out  of people's pain. Yes, my friend lost a loved one on this bridge. Have any  of you assholes ever lost someone on this bridge or to suicide? If not,  then get a real life. If so, this can't possibly be easing your pain. f**k you. (yes, we have lost someone to suicide. he even jumped off a bridge. he did it because of a lost love. what are we to do about it, sit around and cry the rest of our lives? apparently that is what he wanted to do. did he think about how we would feel about it? did it stop him? he obviously didn't give a rat's ass about his friends, family, himself, or the truck driver he dove into. it may sound cold, but there never was any pain. the reasoning for his suicide was selfish and we spend zero time crying about it.)

04.14.03, nursetina, I just have to say that i feel sorry for anyone that would have anything to do with the likes of this page! And the fact that you beg women over the internet for pictures of their breast makes me think that you are even more pathetic! I bet the person who, thought of this crap is a sad dirty old man who has no friends! Also I feel sorry for any of the children, that the makers of this page may have! I wouldn't be surprised if their own children end up jumping! i feel sorry for you all. (we would never beg for pictures of a woman's breast. we beg to see both of them. when was the last time you unveiled yours for someone? come on, show 'em off. we promise to post your picture, no matter how huge and scary they might be. we hear nurses are hot and ready to party, so don't let us down.) [we have since pulled the booby page and no longer beg. we just ask politely.]

03.20.03, vinny, nyc, ny., you need to get rid of that stupid suicide promoting trash you call the jumperpool we are at war buddy and that is all you can contribute to the usa net??? you need help. i came under the the assumption that i was going to see more of that big breasted girl and all i got was this lousy site. you suck. (we are at war and we thank the many men and women who fight for our right to post this "stupid suicide trash", which does not promote suicide. we understand your dislike of the jumperpool, being as you obviously 'came' under the the assumption of seeing big breasts. miss mommy, do you?)

02.28.03, Claudia M., St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, Go to St. Anthony's psych ward and look at some of the results of jumping off the Skyway. Then you might not think your site is so damn cute. (chances are, they would be there one way or another, skyway jump or not. many people are a half bubble off and could use a prolonged stay at the nutjob hilton.)

01.23.03, Tracy, Chicago, IL., You guys are truly sick people!! I hope you rot in hell. Just wait until you lose someone you love to suicide like so many of us out here. Oh yes, you will!! The odds are very good that it will happen. You are unloved, you are a waste of oxygen! KISS MY ASS! By the way, this is my real name and real email address. I dare you! (please mark a spot where you want your kiss, bend over, and say 'ahhh'. that is, of course, as long as your ass doesn't block the sun from sizable real estate.)

01.22.03, AnalEyes,
[1] Those who type with all small letters "basically" have small minds and other body parts. (by "small letters", do you basically mean upper and/or lower case letters with tiny stature or do you basically mean diminutive correspondence? here at, we basically use all lower case letters by choice and you basically deal with it.)
[2] Those who use the word "basically" with abandon illuminate deep-seated insecurity and ignorance. (at the time of your whining submission, the word "basically" was only used one time each on three separate web pages. three times is hardly "with abandon". it was basically used in a correct manner each time and we basically wonder why your anal mind fixates on this particular word, when so many other words are basically used many more times throughout this site. how's that? 'basically' three times in one sentence! does it feel like your head basically wants to explode?) 
[3] Strive to grasp grammatical fundamentals such as proper usage of the future conditional and pronouns (e.g., that vs. who). (pull your head out of your ass and suck in some fresh air. your attempt to impress us with 50¢ words have basically failed at this present conditional. the case in point, 'that' and 'who' basically both work correctly. your average site patron and yours truly could basically not care less about your grammatical insecurities. if we were literary geniuses, we wouldn't be running this pool, making zero money. basically, it would be screenplays for millions, alex.)
[4] I hope to meet you someday. Tell everyone you meet who you are. I have an exceptional memory, and promise to thrash you within an eyelash of your pathetic life. (when you do finally meet us, maybe you can tell us what the hell you basically mean by that.)
[5] I sure hope that was creative enough for you, and suggest you watch your back. (are you basically threatening us?)
[6] Ask your mommy for help in understanding this message. (we'd ask your mommy, but she is basically servicing a small body part and can't speak at the moment. that is a 'call back', basically.)

01.05.03, Cheryl, Portland, Oregon, For whatever reason you chose this topic in particular to make a joke out of- for laughs, no doubt- you were very selfish and in my opinion there is nothing more embarrassing than publicly and proudly displaying my selfishness. Such selfishness brings a funny image to my mind. I don't know what you look like, but I could picture you in a clown wig. Furthermore, I am a deeply deeply deeply emotionally disturbed myself (in fact I am MENTALLY ILL! oh no) and of course I find it offensive, but I won't go on and on about it because you should already know all about that. But you should feel bad about creating such a site. Now I know what most of the ignorant world thinks of people like me. People jump for a reason, and most of the time, that reason is mental illness. So when you laugh at suicide, you laugh at an illness. Yet, I don't find you sick, I just find you silly, stupid, and above all, ignorant. (let's assume for a moment that we are very selfish. we are evil clown wig wearing people, looking for laughs at any cost, ok? still, as selfish as you claim us to be, we are in no way a fraction as selfish as the ones that take their own lives can be. what they do to the friends and families they leave behind makes our supposed selfishness pale in comparison. you claim you are deeply³ emotionally disturbed yourself. this makes your ranting understandable. you claim our "selfishness brings a funny image to" your mind. we're sure your mind is full of funny images 24/7. a virtual carnival in your head and no lines at the rides. the fact you are "MENTALLY ILL!" and admit it, perhaps keeps you from being suicidal yourself. we wish you well. we are "silly, stupid, and above all, ignorant". welcome to our mental illness.)

12.03.02, Sharice, Adrian, MI , USA, Just wanted to tell you that your sight is rather humorous. Why don't you guys take a leap off the bridge. I would certainly pay my hard earned money to watch your body splat as it hits the water! Let me know when its your turn. (will do, sweetcheeks.)

11.27.02, Kat, Canada, I feel sorry for anyone who had anything to do in creating this website... i feel sorry that you are so self confident that you have to look at other peoples weakness for amusement.... So many people die that want to live.. and people that commit suicide are selfish... and you disgust me... taking pleasure in this.. is absolutly disgusting... its cause of you so many ppl take their lives.. they think that its fun or a practical joke.. and that i feel sad about ("fun or a practical joke" to take your own life? anyone that would actually take their own life because of this site or do it as a joke, is obviously an idiot and is best taken out of the gene pool anyway.)

11.27.02, Leslie T., Houston, TX., I found your site while researching information on the Golden Gate Bridge and suicide attempt survival. Although I find your site to be one of the sadest I've ever seen, let me try to glean something positive in recognizing that you do in fact include Suicide help information on your page (it does seem, however, that because of the nature of your site you are not exactly interested in helping anyone with suicidal thoughts). Having said this, I do have a suggestion for improvement of your site. Since you seem to enjoy your work, I think it would be a great idea if you were recognized for your accomplishments by putting the full name(s) (no email needed) of the web owners/administrators on the site. I noticed that this seems to be the only key information missing. Interesting. (if you actually did "glean something positive" from this site, it would have been perhaps the multiple times and ways we encourage those that need and want help to get help. those that intend on jumping anyway, will do so and there is nothing we can do about it, other than publish the result of their stunt on this site. we see no viable reason to include our full names on this site in order to allow those that hate the site to perhaps harass us in a more direct manner. you want our phone numbers too? the form contact is sufficient, as is demonstrated by this reply to your idiotic statements. which, by the way, didn't include a return e-mail address. interesting.)

08.16.02, Al, Aus, This is a sick site. This is a sick site. I despise the creator, I despise the users. I only got onto the site doing innocent HOMEWORK, as I am only an innocet CHILD. I will NOT disclose my age as I am not STUPID like you, the site users. I dont even live in the USA, but I do feel pain for the people who have to live with crazy minded lunatics who do. I AM DISGUSTED. (thank you for your opinion. the creator despises you as well. we're sure the users love you as little. we doubt your childness. we doubt your stupidlessness. we are glad you do not live in the usa. may your pain run deep and long. yes, you are disgusting.)

04.27.02, Kevin G., College Park, MD, USA, I'm very disappointed in your site. The concept behind it is both foolish and blatantly exploitive of the those who are suffering. Rather than mock those who have decided to end their pain in this way, you should help them. I suggest a streaming webcam. (we have covered these points in great detail and will pass on doing so again. all wasn't hopeless, however, as kevin included his suggestion. maybe it's not so much hate mail after all.)

04.20.02, KEVIN, You are glorifying this public health problem(suicide). If you are not a part of the solution,then you must be a part of the problem. This is innappropriate and immature. What is the prupose of the "game"? The game is the one you are holding. That is guessing the gender and whatever else information of the next jumper. How sick? This is a sic way to draw attention to something that is for your own benefit. (other than responding to poorly crafted comments like yours, there is not all that much benefit in running this pool.)

04.06.02, Skidmark, You are one sad, sick f**k Go jump off your own bridge (thank you for your well crafted comments. when we get our own bridge, we will consider your request to jump from it.)

03.08.02, Joel W., hello, below i included some quotes you said on your hate mail page. "if they insist on jumping, then i warn them that i, as well as others, will make fun of them. that in and of itself should stop some from jumping, as we tend to not want others to make fun of us. it's that simple. to prevent everyone from making fun of you, don't jump." but later when someone asks you "what if someone was making fun of you committing suicide?", you respond: "i can only imagine that if i were to commit suicide, other people making fun of me would not matter, being as i was dead and all." Thus, since a person who is considering suicide will not care if you make fun of them, how can you say this site might prevent them from committing suicide? i can't believe this site takes advantage of those who are thinking about suicide. (we're sure there are many people so determined to do themselves in, that they could not care less if someone were to make fun of them. there is nothing we could say or do that would stop them. what we did say is that it might make some not jump. some not jumping is better than none not jumping. we would like to add that joel also ventured a jumper guess. maybe he isn't so concerned after all. so joel, is the site offensive or do you want to win? good luck!) joel writes back:
03.09.02, Joel W., hi. actually, originally i thought the only way to give you my comment was to fill out the survey. later i found out that i could just email you. btw, people seem to give you a lot of trouble for your site. how often do you receive praise from people? also, do you know if you have saved any people with your site? thanks! (actually, had you read the form instructions, you would have read "you may leave any input field blank, if you wish". so far, we welcome and have posted every negative comment we have received. yet, even though there appears to be many detractors, there are many favorable comments. there are many more times that amount in favorable comments, however, most of those were generally the same and we see no reason to post so many that basically dug the site in much the same way. you are free to hate the site, but until you give us a better reason to pull it, your ranting will simply continue to amuse us. as for have we saved anyone with the site, we would have no way of knowing that until someone sends us some info on it. we hope one day to see that happen. thanks for your continued support. thanks to you, we now offer a hatemail form to expedite any and all future bitching about this site, thus bypassing the jumper guessing part haters can't seem to manage.)

09.04.01, Scabby, I cant believe that you are incouraging people to beat on jumpers.  There has to be more ethical and productive ways of making money, especially when the suicide death rate is already so high, and thousands of people try to help these people, as well as having to suffer from the loss of the loved one.  Another thought is that you are promoting and making money from people who are suffering and find no way to work through their problems.  It could be said that you are actually participating in the death of so many people, isnt that murder? (we have made a total of zero cents with this pool. in fact, it has cost us plenty. there are no ads, fees, or income otherwise generated from this jumper site. we also see you have not read much of it, but chose to bitch and complain based on a quick glance. we do not encourage people to jump. we encourage them to get help. if they insist on jumping, then we warn them that we, as well as others, may make light of their sad situation. that in and of itself might stop some from jumping, as we tend to not want others to make fun of us. it's that simple. to prevent everyone from making fun of you on this site, don't jump. are we murdering people? not hardly. we're not talking them into jumping. we are not on the bridge giving them a boost over the side. how are you preventing suicides? we don't see a link to your suicide prevention site nor do we hear about your efforts to stand guard on the bridge to talk people out of jumping. we're willing to guess that this site may prevent more suicides than you will ever prevent.)

06.19.01, Brian, Tampa, FL., I think you are a sick man. As a resident of Tampa I am shocked that anyone would create a site on suicides and worse that people really guess. According to you our bridge is striving to become the #1 bridge in suicides. That is sick. Really, you are sick. I don't beleive someone would do this. Do you really have anything else to do or are you a slob that sits on the internet thinking of terrible websites you can make. I did come to this site looking for a good picture of the bridge but now I am disgusted. Your a sick man and I suggest you get help before you are the next one off the bridge. Get help! (just last night we were whining that it's been forever since a whiner sent whiney mail to us, wishing we would jump. then the very next day, brian whines in and declares us "a sick man". yes, brian, we have nothing else to do but slob out on the computer, just waiting for the next jumper. we love complainers like you, even though it's usually the same thing every time, "blah blah your sick blah blah you should jump blah blah i am disgusted blah blah". boring! you even use the word "your" when you should use "you're". who helped you navigate to this "terrible website" anyway?)

06.14.00, Mr. Baiter, St. Petersburg, you are sick for even thinking about doing this. what if someone was making fun of you committing suicide? (we can only imagine that if we were to commit suicide, other people making fun of us would not matter, being as we were dead and all.)

06.09.00, licklick, this is sick, you are sick,

05.08.00, Spooge, You people are discusting. Suicide is not a joke. You WILL go to Hell for causing this pain. (thank you for your well thought out submission. short and to the point, you succinctly stated your opinions and offered a conclusion.)

05.05.00, skippy, Washington, DC., Jogging once I came across the police covering someone who had just jumped from a bridge onto the pavement below.  They tried to cover her entirely but couldn't.  I remember later reading she was an honor role high-school student at the "School Without Walls" here in DC.  Its several years later, but your site makes me remember it like it was yesterday. It was the most disturbing thing I ever witnessed. You wouldnt be doing this if you saw one of these jumpers. (we hope to never see what you saw, but if we do, we're sure we will live with it.)

05.05.00, Booger, this is sick and you need to be in a mental ward;nothing better to do with your time. Creative? Have you ever encountered a suicide victim? probably not seeing as you have this site.You must be very proud.SICKO!!!!! (nope, our lives are so dull, running this pool is all we do.)

05.05.00, Beryl, VA., So who are you still mad at? Your mother? (no, yours. she used to "entertain" us and then make sandwiches. now she pretends it never happened.)

05.04.00, phillippe D., Wallington, Surrey, UK., You are a totally sick person. There is nothing funny about mental instability. I hope that one day you experience something that will make you realise how sickeningly cruel you are and amend your ways. (we think we must be hitting close to home with phillippe. maybe he has been suicidal and takes this pool all too seriously. lighten up. you laugh at your silly english humor and we will laugh at our sick american humor.)

05.04.00, Penn, its very sad that you should go out of your way to make something as serious as suicide a website joke you obviously have no idea of the pain and depression a poor soul would experience and the futility to take their life leaving loved ones behind to suffer forever. i would hope you would reconsider your perspective and take a serious look at what your presenting to yourself and others. you need to grow up its obvious your still half baked (your wrong.)

05.04.00, Robert H., read the Times article, checked the website- doubtless the newspaper has promoted the website. I find it in bad taste and would hope you could take your creativity to better uses. I would rank your site with as an extention of misuse of freedom but I suppose we are stuck with  those who cannot understand or empathize with those different from ourselves. What goes around, comes around. Put your talents to better use than you are doing, the returns might be surprising. (we appreciate your concern, we really do. we understand where you are coming from, however, we think you fail to see where we are coming from. it is not our doing that people are jumping from the bridge. they were doing it before this site became known and they will be jumping and doing other forms of self removal long after has gone away. suicide is a very personal thing and when someone gets to that point in their life, this site, what we think, what you think, or what anyone else thinks, will not deter the suicidal person from applying any means available to take the big dirt nap. we do not promote suicide. we insist that would be jumpers get help. most people don't commit suicide. many don't just because they know everyone will think they were insane and/or make fun of them. by the way, the st. pete. times did not promote the website. if they had, they would have included the website address. they did not. the thousands of visitors to the site had used search engines, word of mouth, and links provided on other websites. one last thing, we have no use for a website called "" [do not get curious about that website, as it is a source of computer malware], but we would fight for the rights of someone to have the site. that's the beauty of free speech, you are also free to avoid it.)

05.03.00, Drool, This is the most f**ked up site I've ever seen. Maybe YOU should be the next jumper! (don't be silly. how could we report the next jumper if it were us? duh.)

05.03.00, Lee L., whydonyou get a life (whydonyou get a spell checker?)

05.03.00, Jim S., Middleborough, MA., a structural engineer, Such a beautiful bridge and enginering marvel shouldn't be known as a suiciders paradise. (no no, you are mistaken. it's an engineering marvel known for allowing vehicles to cross a vast expanse of water. it just has that little extra side thing going on with the jumpers. hardly a paradise.)
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