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 red hot flaming hate
2023/2022 updated: 09.15.22

latest hates are at the top. (our responses to hates follow)
09.15.22, naomi, florida, this site looks like shit i miss when more websites looked all fucked up. its kind of comforting. really the site as a whole is comforting in the way that it makes me feel better about being a piece of garbage
it seems almost bizarre that there would be a full organized website for something like this. i appreciate the effort to archive information and i really like the community approach. again its comforting.
this shits making me feel all philosophical and poetic but i just like to romanticize. i feel embarassed to admit it but it would be cool to end up on this page. it bothers me that only my family and one or two people would ever know if i killed myself so the idea of garnering a little tiny bit of attention from a few strangers on the internet is appealing. Not that i would ever drive down to tampa and deal with all that regardless of how i end up.
btw the admin(s) here are annoying as hell. maybe a step down from reddit mods in terms of self important douchebags. i dont really care about the ethics but damn get over yourself (let's see, where would a self important douchebag that can't get over himself, start with this? in review: the site looks like shit, yet you miss when more websites looked all fucked up, but it's kind of comforting, as a whole, because it makes you "feel better about being a piece of garbage". you appreciate the effort to archive information and like the community approach. again, its comforting and yet, almost bizarre. this shits making you feel all philosophical and poetic, but you just like to romanticize about it being cool to end up on this page, because a few strangers might step in, where your only two people and family left off, after you've killed yourself. does that about cover it? we get it, you're angry at life and probably hate everything, including yourself. we hope we're not being annoying as hell by perhaps suggesting that you seek some help. just put down the social media and back away. if you would like to dialog with someone, we are here for you. seriously, write back. be well and good luck.)

01.20.22, Kate W., Los Angeles, Cali, ur mom 69/69/69, this site sucks ass pls make it look normal (remember when the hate mail was worth reading? yeah, those were the days.)
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