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2022-2024 • updated: 10.19.23

latest hates are at the top. (our responses to hates follow)
10.13.23, hateful facebook commenteering, about this incident, started by Nina's innocuous comment:
Nina R., Probably upset about those rising toll fees.
• Rachelle M., Nina R. not funny.
• Kristen B. P., Nina R. wow. Why are you even on this page? You don’t even live here.
• Skyway Bridge, Kristen, what's the difference where she lives? we don't even live here and we run this page and the website.
• Robbin S., Nina R. what a foolish thing to say
• Callie K., Nina R. you’re sick. Your karma will come
• Cedric H., Nina R. I laughed. Maybe I'm misremembering, but didn't this start out as the Skyway Bridge Jumper Pool? Like, you'd bet on when the next person was going to jump, and if they'd hit concrete or water... and now people are going to get offended over a little mild dark humor? I'm only in my 30s and I already miss when people used to be cool.
• Skyway Bridge, Cedric, seems most people have lost their cool long ago. one could only imagine the outrage if it was still the jumperpool.
• Amanda N., Cedric H. that's what I thought too
• Alex S., Nina R. that’s fucked up. What if this was a family member of yours and didn’t know? Would you find it funny than? If this was a family member of mine and someone laughed at it someone would be getting fucked up. You never know what someone is going thru. I hope you step on a thousand fucking legos
• Mindy O., Nina R. A comment in poor taste
• Rachelle M., Cedric H. as long as I've been a part of this page it was NEVER that. I don't see the humor in someone's pain and suffering or the loss of a human life. If this is what this page is about, then clearly it's not for me.
• Skyway Bridge, Rachelle, we miss you already.
• Rachelle M., Skyway Bridge that's disappointing. So, you created this page to make humor of people's pain and suffering? The laugh at the loss of human life?
• Cedric H., Rachelle M. I think context is necessary. When this page started, it was a regular web site, and it was started because the media wasn't reporting on the epidemic of jumpers in the 90s. The jumper page brought attention to the ongoing crisis and got the media to acknowledge that there was a big problem, and yeah, I think a lot of regulars developed a sense of gallows humor. I know people who have hurt themselves, and I know people who are still coping with wanting to hurt themselves. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy a cheap laugh every once in awhile. It's a terrible thing, but even people who have gone through the worst horrors still find a way to laugh.
• Cedric H., Skyway Bridge I still remember the first time I heard about the page, I want to say it was on the late 90s, but I definitely remember hearing Mark Larsen talk about it on his radio show. My dad came home from work and we looked it up and laughed our asses off, the Van Halen thing, magnificent. I feel like there was care taken to have a balance between respect and honor for the deceased and a sort of cautionary mocking, as if to say "don't do this stupid thing that you're about to do, or you'll end up on here." People aren't emotionally mature enough to deal with that anymore, even the old folks, they've been conditioned to be offended too. It's a serious problem for the mental health of our society. But that's enough for now. I hope you are well.
• Melanie W., Nina R. can you be so kind as to let us know when you'll be committing suicide so we can all laugh at you and your pain/misery? Thanks!
• Skyway Bridge, Cedric, all is well. hope the same for you. the barrier has been a great deterrent and i don't miss the periodic jumper event. as for the current trend of "look at me! i'm offended! validate me!" virtue signaling nonsense, it makes me want to resurrect the jumperpool, just to throw them into tantrum. we are a weak emotional pussified nation and nothing good can come from that.
later, nina checks in:

10.19.23, Nina R., facebookdm, I just got flamed on my personal inbox from people! Just because of a dark humor comment ("Probably upset about those rising toll fees.") that didn't go personal to this victim. You would think im Satan himself! I didn't attack this guy personally. Now I have people wanting me to die. (Sheesh) Why do we have a world that is so offended by every little thing? This is all fake outrage. They couldn't care less about that person. But whoa, you make a general dark humor comment, now your the heartless A-hole who should be killed. I just had a small taste of all the hate you've dealt with all these years of running this site. I hope you don't deter because of the slow down. I have to admit though, getting this hate mail in my inbox, and seeing those comments really kinda make me feel alive in a weird sort of way. Also thanks for coming to my defense from the one chick. I have half a mind to start responding to all these haters. I guess by them wanting me to die, justifies their self-righteous vain existence. I give a big middle finger to them. I'm glad one of my little comments set the house on fire! (Just takes a spark right) Anyway, I hope you are doing well and keep up the good work. Until the next bit of Skyway news, keep your powder dry. (nina, it seems that too many people are sanitized against humor, especially dark humor. even when confronted with simple humor that "injures" their self-weakened mentality, they fly into rage. it then becomes more humorous than the original post that triggered their delicate insecurities in the first place. some would literally harm you physically, over some nontoxic thing you said, that they could easily let slide and move along, but they just can not. they want to saddle up and go to battle, usually becoming more offensive than the post they are responding to. fake outrage indeed. it's actually comedy gold, thus, all this awesome hate. feel free to post their vile wordage here for all to see. some haters get even more put out, once their private venom goes public.)

09.15.22, naomi, florida, this site looks like shit i miss when more websites looked all fucked up. its kind of comforting. really the site as a whole is comforting in the way that it makes me feel better about being a piece of garbage
it seems almost bizarre that there would be a full organized website for something like this. i appreciate the effort to archive information and i really like the community approach. again its comforting.
this shits making me feel all philosophical and poetic but i just like to romanticize. i feel embarassed to admit it but it would be cool to end up on this page. it bothers me that only my family and one or two people would ever know if i killed myself so the idea of garnering a little tiny bit of attention from a few strangers on the internet is appealing. Not that i would ever drive down to tampa and deal with all that regardless of how i end up.
btw the admin(s) here are annoying as hell. maybe a step down from reddit mods in terms of self important douchebags. i dont really care about the ethics but damn get over yourself (let's see, where would a self important douchebag that can't get over himself, start with this? in review: the site looks like shit, yet you miss when more websites looked all fucked up, but it's kind of comforting, as a whole, because it makes you "feel better about being a piece of garbage". you appreciate the effort to archive information and like the community approach. again, its comforting and yet, almost bizarre. this shits making you feel all philosophical and poetic, but you just like to romanticize about it being cool to end up on this page, because a few strangers might step in, where your only two people and family left off, after you've killed yourself. does that about cover it? we get it, you're angry at life and probably hate everything, including yourself. we hope we're not being annoying as hell by perhaps suggesting that you seek some help. just put down the social media and back away. if you would like to dialog with someone, we are here for you. seriously, write back. be well and good luck.)

01.20.22, Kate W., Los Angeles, Cali, ur mom 69/69/69, this site sucks ass pls make it look normal (remember when the hate mail was worth reading? yeah, those were the days.)
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