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05.11.00, LeRoy W., Columbus, Ohio, This site reaffirms my love of America and for my fellow Americans. We don't cut anyone slack. This would really be nifty with a web cam. Think of the possibilities. You could add judging on form, attire etc. Maybe add type of vehicle to the bonus points!

05.11.00, dotim, NY., NY., I'm tempted to send to suicidal friends but I'll burn for sending them the site myself. 

05.11.00, doris, Personally, if i was going to commit suicide, I'd choose to go much more elaborate and jump from an office building with large windows. Of course i'd notify every employer working there and it would give them 5 seconds of amusement as they watch me fall which would take their mind of their mind numbing job which would help them to be happier which would therefore improve their life. ahhh.

05.11.00, Jason T., Toledo, Ohio, I think it's hillarious! People should make fun of anyone stupid enough to jump off a perfectly good bridge in the first place.

05.10.00, Doug R., San Francisco, ca., This is a great site. It's terrible of course, but I guess that's human nature.  I'm afraid your average fan isn't much of an intellectual, though. Would people using the internet please learn how to spell the word 'site!' (part of the fun we have with this site is how bad people are at simple grammar. virtually every text program has a spell check utility, yet we doubt many know of it's existence nor how to operate it. we can't help cracking on some of the more blatant mis-uses of the language.)

05.10.00, Jim P., Amherst, NY., You have a very sick, warped, and twisted mind to create such a website. I'm only thankful my sister thought the same of me, so she sent me the website.

05.10.00, Jonathan Z., Tucson, AZ., Ha haaahhaahaa. This site is great. Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe in the value of life and the pursuit of happiness, but if you're gonna do yourself in, may as well do it right!

05.10.00, Dean P., Naperville, IL., It is a shame that we live in a world that people cannot find it within them selfs to just start over.  Dump the past, make due with what is left and go on. I always want to see the next day to find out what is going on in this crazy world we live in. I am graful to the people that due take there own lives that don not hurt others on their way out, I can respect that. They chose not to live, So be it, I wish I could help them in there hour of need, to let them see what they are throwing away, I don't know if I could help them or not but I would be willing to try.

05.10.00, Greg S., Bloomington, in., I had no intention of putting in a guess, but when I saw this form, I was somehow compelled. (it kinda draws you into it. even those that hate the site somehow feel compelled to venture a guess.)

05.09.00, Lester W., St. Petersburg, Fl., Wonderful.....reminds me of the stickers we slapped up in the subways in NYC when I was in undergraduate school  fifty years ago.. "HELP WIPE OUT MENTAL HEALTH" Go for it !

05.09.00, JL S., Hey, Great, funny site!  I do not think suicide is funny, but jokes about suicide sure are! Keep up the good work and do not let all the idiots who do not "get it" bring you down. If we can not laugh at the misery around us, how can we survive? (we do not understand how many people get through life being all serious all the time. we know many that laugh at nothing. that in and of itself would send us off the bridge.)

05.09.00, unknown,  I was on a train once that some chick jumped in front of.  The train was stopped for two hours looking for one of her feet.  The conductor told me men always hide in the bushes and stick their heads across the tracks, and women throw their whole bodies in front of the train.  What the hell is wrong with the old vacuum cleaner hose to the exhaust???? 
Out here in the Midwest, two rich dudes were rivals for the same society chick. The Brit dude killed the other dude and then wastefully bought a BRAND new vacuum cleaner only to drive out in a lonely cornfield and hook up the hose to the car exhaust.  Selfish.  He could have used a used vacuum cleaner and given that brand new vacuum cleaner to some poor old cleaning lady who had had a hard life much harder than he had had. 

05.09.00, joseluis s., phoenix, az., Ha ha ha! Man, good job on the site, design, etc.  And really sophisticated sense of humor.  You should run for president or at least get to emcee a tv game show "who wants to jump from the bridge"

05.09.00, christoher k., pittsburgh, pa., really really sick. i gigled for a minute and then decided it was really really sick. it didn't stop me from emailing it to a friend or two.

05.09.00, earl, bradenton, fl., i think its funny,theres no way i would have the balls to do it (wouldnt want to thow)but my old man blew his brains out aint that special

05.08.00, Mark J., Brooklyn Park, MN., My favorite thing to do on the internet is to find humorous pages like this.  I'm glad to see there are other's with the same sense of humor as me.  Keep it up!

05.08.00, Mike, I tried to kill myself once. Glad to be alive! Most dumb assed, selfish thing I ever did. Anyone out there thinking about it should wake up. (how did you try it? why did it fail? tell us your story.)

05.08.00, Duke R., Portsmouth, Va., This site is cool.  Instead of those phones, they should have speaker boxes with sensors that will turn on when someone walks by. They could have Van Halen's "Jump" blaring out of the speakers.

05.08.00, allen w., san frandisco, cs., well made website ! not sick ! just real!  the last complainer gave me a laugh  (GOD our FATHER!) not my father! alfred is my father. funny how the winning team allways says (i thank god we won!) but when they lose. thay always blame someone else

05.08.00, Joey B., Toledo, OH., love the site. You are absolutely right, suicide is the pussy way out.  No problem; or amount of problems are so overwhelming as to commit suicide.  It isn't an act of bravery or determination.  Seeing your problem or predicament through to the end takes more bravery and determination.

05.07.00, Chad, Greenfield, IN., Maybe you should have a Dead Kennedy pool. Harder to predict because there is less of them.

05.07.00, Satin, Somewhere rural, WA., This has got to be the most morbid, sickening, disgraceful pool that I've ever seen or heard of being organized anywhere in the world.  You people are a shame to the entire human race... In other words, you rock!  I mean, if you're going to be a sick bastard, why settle for second best status? 

05.07.00, Smoosher, Clearwater, fl., This is great.If someone wants to "check out", what better place than our beautiful skyway.I think more people from around the country should take advantage of this lovely launch pad.I feel that jumpers should only have to pay $.50 because they don't travel the whole bridge. Glad I found this informative site. (we had a rebate page for a short time. it offered a rebate to those that jumped, yet felt ripped off by having to pay the $1 toll. we thought it was funny, but we were cajoled by people close to us that it was indeed in very poor taste. the page still exists and if you care to see it, just ask.)

05.07.00, flo, Sydney, Aus., sweets, i dont know why everyone is up in arms about your lil site...i found it original and witty....i think there is absoltley nothing wrong with making fun of the dead ...i think it is a human response to make fun of something that we dont understand or are fearful of... so keep up the good work. (thanks flo. send us your picture.)

05.07.00, greg h., toronto, ont., canada, I am hideously addicted to this site!!!  I spend all of my spare time thinking of significant dates where people will be more likely to off themselves.  Then I try to imagine their emotional state so as to make an accurate guess as to the time of day that they will a: reach the nadir of despair and b: have access to the bridge. I'm sick I need help and god am I hung over and at work.

05.07.00, K, I think that the people who complain about this site are sicker than you. "lost soles", are they trying to make out that they had slippy feet and just fell? They really are sick. I also think that sick humour is a healthy outlet which helps people cope with misfortune. I'm not saying that you are unfortunate, on the contrary you are a coper, if the people who jumped had adequate coping strategies and did not take negative events so seriously they would not have jumped. This site does make me feel a bit uneasy, though, but it brings attention to the tragedy of suicide. Even if it is sick it serves a useful purpose and gives us a laugh too!

05.07.00, Timbo, Melbourne, Australia, I think this is probably the sickest site on the internet. Congrats. I think taking advantage of these selfish people is the best revenge. In fact by humilation, you may actually prevent suicides. You are actually providing an important community service. You are a god. (hardly a god, but we do believe that this site may prevent suicides from the bridge at least.)


05.06.00, Simbajak, Wrightwood, California, I don't condone suicide, I think it is for the weak spirited. Too easy, anyone can do that. Whats tough is NOT committing suicide and toughing life out sometimes. BUT, if it's gonna happen, I'm placing my bet. 

05.06.00, angi n., buffalo, NY., this is true entertainment. i have been suicidal for almost all my 23 yrs of life, with 3 past attemtpts so far. when people say that this sight will make a person kill themselves, i would have to disagree. it made me smile to be able to make light of the situation. for ALL those screwed up individuals out there, or bible-thumping people that say this is horrible, they need to look at their own inner fears and to give these people a little insight, the last time i attepmted to exit, i wanted to talk about the idea of suicide, and was told to keep quiet. i personnaly think that talking about, and making more light of it will take away so much of the mystery and intrigue that suicidal people have about the act. keep up the humor. it's sick, and we love it :). (3 times, huh? care to share exactly why you tried that many times? how about why they all failed? we're sure visitors to this site may find your story interesting.)

05.06.00, Eric, Fernley, NV., Somewhat gruesome, but incredibly intelligent site! love the splash upon opening! Seriously.... it's like a football pool... but with a sick twist! And I love the blonde start over thingy! By the way, I couldn't think of a more beautiful bridge from which to end your existence!!! (glad you enjoyed it. thank you.)

05.06.00, Jenifer C., Germantown, TN., I tried to commit suicide not long ago, and belive you me, the bridge might have come through for me. Unfortunately in my area we're talking a 30 to 45 ft drop, maybe. Ah well, gun permits only take a short while.

05.06.00, Judy M., Ormond Beach, Florida, This is so sick it's funny.  I really hope no one jumps, but it they do their families will be in my prayers.

05.06.00, Brian T., Fort Myers, Florida, I go over this bridge everytime I use the VA Hsopital in St. Petersburg. I am always will to give someone a push if they get cold feet.

05.06.00, Damian M., Portland, OR., We Americans need more people like the guy that runs this site. I couldn't have said it better my self. "This pool is intended as simple fun using the plight of those less mentally stable than we may be." (more people like us? even our mothers don't think so.)

05.05.00, Big Joe, dallas tx, you guys are insane! why didn't i think of making a site like this? (it's nothing like velcro, post-it notes, or drywall screws. now why didn't we invent one of those?)

05.05.00, Al, Although this is going to be a positive email about your site, actually more a response to your negative emails, I have to start off with negative stuff. People are right, suicide isn't realy a laughing matter, BUT, people should have the option of life or death, if I was miserable and just didn't want to go on anymore, I would want to kill myself to let my soul be in peace. And as for my family, I would let them know that they shouldn't be upset cause it is what I wanted, it will make me happy once again. Now the only thing that I would feel bad about is leaving them with the funeral bill. Anyhow my point is, let them die, it is their choice not yours, and this site is an excelent way of getting that point across. We shouldn't care what they want to do with their lives. (in a perfect world, people would all feel great and suicide would not exist. in a less than perfect world, those that commit suicide would plan ahead better and fund the expenses themselves. in this world, people will commit suicide any way they want, to hell with how it affects those around them.)

05.05.00, Jake G., It's revolting... I am sickened that you and others like you spend your time laughing at those poor people who throw themselves off of things and plummet to their untimely (arguable) death. Why you're no better than those bastard engineers who design and build these bridges that give people the venue to do such terrible (depending on the person) things. If I had my way the United States would be dismantled, we would instead be a safe country where no structures would protrude higher than thirty feet off the ground (experts say a thirty foot fall shouldn't kill you unless you land on your head, in my new country everyone would wear a helmet so this shouldn't be a problem; if you land on your crotch you're on your own). The money saved by not wasting it on these instruments of death could be used to dam up dangerous rivers and plow down high mountains. All sharp things would be put in a pile and then burned and immediately after we'd make fire illegal lest somebody catches it and perishes. This world is full of people that are minding there business with no untoward thought, that is until people like you and those damn engineers start putting it in their heads to do things that may harm them.  For this I am sickened.  You sicken me.  And don't even get me started on guns... nice job! (i sicken me at times as well.)

05.05.00, ali, makkah, I am coming to U.S.A in Jun and Jul 2000 and I need help you for learn speak English and write. please help me. (us at america here speak we not so gooder too.)

05.05.00, Freddy, Paoil, In., Everyone has their breaking point! But if they want to do it...Why stop them?

05.05.00, Amber C., Midland, MI., this website is bombass!! keep it going. don't let all of the controversy bring you down!!

05.05.00, Milkman L., NY., You are a sick, sick bastard. this is just the type of ludicrious stuff that pervades the internet, making it unsafe for small children to use. I LOVE IT! Its funny, sick, and twisted in all the right ways. It takes a little of the romanticism out of death. thanks

05.05.00, Chris O'M., Port Huron, Michigan, Comming from Port Huron,home of the Blue Water Bridge,a major link to Canada,I'm used to traffic jammes caused by "Jumpers". Cool site. Needs more photos.

05.05.00, alisa, tampa, florida, i do love your sense of humor. i am not offended. keep up the good work! (so alisa, what are you wearing right now?)

05.05.00, Aaron De J., Minnetonka, MN., This is by far the greatest betting pool I have ever participated in. Nowhere else have I ever been given the chance to thrive and become a hero because someone else has plummeted to his death.

05.05.00, Mikko T., Kajaani, Finland, Your site is very amusing! Keep up the good work!

05.05.00, b.a., canberra, australia, very sick, and yet quite funny as well

05.05.00, Scott W., Portland, Oregon, this is insanely funny. I shouldn't be laughing at this sick and twisted shit, but this is my kind of humor. Right on, brothah!

05.05.00, Jonathan M., Sydney, NSW, Australia, This has opened up limitless possibilities for other types of competitions......Guess which Airline is gonna crash and burn??? Guess Where the next Natural disaster is gonna hit, how many it will kill etc etc..........I await with baited breath the announcement in my email that says "Congratulations your the winner"

05.05.00, Brian B., Olympia, I love the dark humor of this site, the cynicysim is comforting. (me? cynical? no way.)

05.05.00, Barry, Dublin, Ireland, What a orignal site, mabye you should set one up a suicide site for ireland because were really miserable shits only our highest bridge is only about 5ft high so you'd be lucky to sprain a ankle or is it unlucky, us irish usually kill ourself's by locking ourself's in a room with a shotgun and a loved one (sheep) kill each other and then claim it was for a political cause. Up the I.A.R.S.S (I'm a raving sheep shagger)

05.05.00, Mupsy, Been over that bridge - those folks who jump are seriously screwed up, the view's lovely!

05.05.00, Paul C., Wilkes-Barre, Pa., I realise that I will disqualify myself by jumping, but what if I happen to 'push' someone around that time. I really don't see any rules about that. What if I just take a friend up there and start saying junk like, "Ya know, you really don't have much to live for. Your wife's been cheating on you" you know, stuff like that? I'd still win, right? (no)

05.05.00, Chaz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, You must be a sick person. But this is one of the funniest sites i've ever been too. Keep it up.

05.05.00, Eric B., Long Beach, CA., Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

05.05.00, Michael L., Sarasota, Fl., I'm a truck driver about a year ago I was going over the south bound span at the top and witnessed a male about 28 years old climb the wall and leap, hands in the air his long blonde hair waiving in the breeze as he slipped beyond view! huh? the van in front of me slammed on his brakes trying to hurry and get to him so I had to quickly stop so I sat and enjoyed the show (we've been over that bridge many times and have wanted to stop and stand at the wall and look down. each time we think we'll do it, we don't. we know that the police will be dispatched and it would turn into a major hassle. maybe one day we will, just because.)

05.05.00, AnTeC, Galena, IL., Sometimes I think the motto of the 21st century should be "That's Not Funny!" -- what the hell happened to everyone's sense of humor? Better yet, can someone tell me why I should give a damn if someone else is offended... by ANYTHING? As the lady who kissed the cow was rumored to say, it's all a matter of taste. I know you don't want people to jump off the bridge and I've read the press coverage of your site, but I think that if someone is compelled by the comments on a website to jump off a bridge, then good riddance! We should thank those weak-minded individuals for sparing the earth a few extra seconds of oxygen and (if they haven't left behind children) for not contributing to the continued dilution of the gene pool. (are there words written anywhere that would compel the sane to off themselves? we doubt it. anyone wanting to end it has run it through their sick heads enough times without reading something telling them to do so. if they read this site and then jump, then obviously they were planning it before their visit here.)

05.05.00, Linda H., Seminole, FL., I think, in general, people should mind their own business.  If people want to kill be it.  If others want to make fun of be it.  You know, if you dont believe in abortions--dont have one.  If you dont believe in suicide...dont commit it.  If you dont think it is right to laugh about it...dont.  If you arent sure, do it anonymously!!!  The media blows everything out of proportion and then all the followers follow.  Be a leader. JUMP FIRST!!!! 

05.05.00, Steve, Gainesville, FL., I think this site is a pretty funny idea. I like the splashy noise when it loads up. Good disclaimer. guess we humans need to joke about horrible things, and that's cool with me.

05.05.00, Michael L., Kaukauna, WI., As sick and twisted as this site is, I must admit, it will be interesting to find out about the next jumper.

05.05.00, Q., Birmingham, AL., This is one classy website. Jeezus! I haven't seen anything this funny in awhile. Keep up the good work. Hell, you might even save a life or two. If I was contemplating suicide and I saw this, I'd feel way too much like a jackass to go through with it. And, at the risk of jeapordizing your supply of material for this site, let me say this: TO ALL PROSPECTIVE JUMPERS - AS MUCH AS YOUR ACROBATICS ENTERTAIN THE REST OF US, YOU REALLY ARE A JACKASS IF YOU ATTEMPT SUICIDE BY JUMPING OFF A BRIDGE. If you need attention that badly, go to church. I haven't been in years and I still can't get those people to leave me alone. And they're usually good for a free meal here and there. (thank you for stating our points as well.)

05.05.00, spacecommander, miami, fl., This is freaking awesome, I was in Tampa just a few weeks ago had I known about this bridge then I would have gone and take pictures and make a painting of it for I am a starving Artist and I think a painting of that bridge with a few jumpers may sell right away. 

05.05.00, Julia, Houston, TX., Hmm, wonder if my husband would object to me arranging a few "reunions" with some of the psycho's I dated before we got married... I'd bet at LEAST two of them would jump, if only to get away from me.. Love this site, btw, sitting at work trying not to snort coffee thru my nose.

05.05.00, theTramp, London (UK), You are a sick, sick man and I think that you should set up a webcam in strategic points in order that you can monitor siad folks a little better, perhaps an obiturary page, perhaps something that tells you a little about the lives of these jumpers, perhaps a fantasy jumpers page, perhaps a jumping simulation.  Just a few suggestions....oh and I am a blond who feels the need to point out that there is no 'e' on the end of blond, so no starting over for me either, you blondest! (you must be blond. blonde is spelled both ways, blond and blonde. send some pictures of you scantily clad. we'll see if the carpet matches the drapes.)

05.05.00, cleo, sf, ca., I live in the city with the #1 bridge for jumping. Good luck on passing us by!

05.05.00, Mark P., West Warwick, RI., More power to this site and freedom of speech and expression.  ANYONE who has a problem with this site or others like it should not look. No one is forcing them. This is supposed to be a FREE country not an oppressed one.

05.05.00, Pat B., Austin, TX., I think that this is a very worthwhile website giving us state workers who are slacking off on a Friday afternoon something to do.

05.05.00, jim, sarasota, fl., several years ago, crossing the bridge, stopped when i saw a commotion.  a man was working up his nerve to jump and about 20 people had stopped and were yelling at him that he was a coward because he was hesitating. great country america. yes, he did jump

05.05.00, bleached blonde, canada, I went in the webpage very unsure. I read, then got sick. I went further in, and now I find it kinda interesting. (much like when theres a car accident you are afraid to look, but You are compelled to) Anyways, I am only blonde by choice, remember that. AS THE SAYING GOES: LIFE GOES ON.

05.05.00, Terri, Littleton, Co., This site is great for mentally healthy people and psychic wannabes. I just hope it doesn't give anybody ideas. Luckily for me and the people I know and love, this bridge is way too far away to be a problem. (but the highest bridge span in the world, the royal gorge, is just over 100 miles south of you. at over 1500 feet high, we're talking some serious air. we pee'd off that bridge several times. sorry, too much information.)

05.05.00, Zach S., Portland, or., you guys must get so much shit for this...  funny stuff, though.

05.05.00, Bob, Well, I thought the site IS funny---and I'm frequently suicidal!!!

05.04.00, geoff, santa rosa, CA., Awe come on; the Golden Gate will remain number one until the day it crumbles to the sea. This Skyway bridge is for pussies. There are survivors? Gimme a break, no one's ever lived after falling the mighty 300 foot drop from the ol' GG. This is weak. (we're sorry you are disappointed in the site. we know we will never be #1, but since we live here and not there, creating a site for the #3 bridge seems good enough for us. perhaps you should make a site for your #1 bridge.)

05.04.00, Gordon C., The more wackos going for the "great big dive" the better. Maybe it could be the next Olympic demonstration sport.

05.04.00, Eileen O'B., Laredo, TX., Ok, it's not a pleasant thing -just another fact of life.  Some people suffer from chronic depression and NOTHING (short of suicide) will stop it. 

05.04.00, edward, pa., I thought it was funny, i have no remorse for people who remove themselves from our gene pool, its nice to know someone is actually counting! keep up the good work!

05.04.00, Bryan M., Roy, UT., I cannot believe you have "fun" due to someone else's distress. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Anyhoot.... here's my guess.

05.04.00, Matt, Detroit, MI., I like to do a simple graphical illustration to further explain the benefits of suicide: draw a population growth curve, x=time, y=population. Its goes up exponentially.  Draw a horizontal line where y=too many people on earth.  Sure, nobody knows this exact number, but it is definetly there. Notice how the two lines intersect. Therfore, we are going to over-crowd eventually unless growth stops. There is no question. Thanks for being anti-growth, and making not living a little more fun! Read Kurt Vonnegut and watch Futurama for more suicide fun.

05.04.00, Izzy, VA., I think this is absolutely hilarious! I think that you have taken your expression of speech to the full extent of its boundary. I feel proud to know, that in America, we can still speak our minds, we can post our ideas, and we won't be punished for doing so. Thankyou for you time. HAPPY JUMPING EVERYBODY!!

05.04.00, richard k., st. petersburg, fl., cool site cool but sick lol i beleve this site would actually help prevent someone from jumping (if they seen it) because of the details you state and the humor 

05.04.00, brandy s., elkhart, in., i don't think this is as offensive as some people's just the simple truth with a spin of humor to it...something we all need once in a while...

05.04.00, Jeremy, Wisconsin, You're probably going to Hell for this one. When you get there, look me up. We'll get a drink.

05.04.00, eric e., duluth, minnesota, i like this website at least you can put a humorous point of view on the whole thing...

05.04.00, Mincho, T., Upper Lake, I am not quite sure what I think about enjoying the grief of others. However I am in favor of your bold approch to takeing the worlds opinion in stride so dont make any changes to your site unless you feel it is your responsibility! (our responsibility ends when the potential jumper steps off the bridge under his or her own free will. had they visited this site, perhaps they would see that once they take that step, we will be free to comment about it any way we want. then maybe they will reconsider. or maybe try another method.)

05.04.00, Lucas G., San Francisco, CA., Well, I live in San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge is the #1 suicide bridge in the world, with over one thousand documented deaths already. At the time the body hits the water, it has reached a terminal velocity of 160 miles an hour. Pretty impressive, huh? Makes it almost impossible to survive, especiallly with the freezing waters of the bay to contend with. Well, anyway, I found your site pretty damn informative and entertaining...who knows, it might actually be an elixir for potential suicide candidates--a good dose of humor can pull anyone from a depressive state! (that is one of our goals. thanks for the good words.)

05.04.00, Tim, Toronto, Ontario, I had a friend with girl problems who jumped from a building. He works out too much - he just bounced! Anyway, then he checked himself into a hospital. I talked with him extensively about it, but I still don't understand what goes through a person's head when they decide to kill themselves. On a lighter note, I feel sorry for the survivors... their life was bad enough to make them try it, but now they have to live with the fact they failed again!

05.04.00, Dennis S., Olathe, Ks., This could be the epitome of tastlesness......Great Job!

05.04.00, joe e., lebanon, mo., found this by someone complaining that it contributes to people doin themselves in. if anyone read this and agrees get a grip if they if there that f**ked up the world will be a better place without um, and maybe as a bonus before they reproduce. 

05.04.00, David E., Sugar Land, Texas, Great Site We need one in houston for the new Fred Heartman bridge. There have only been three jumpers so far but we might be able to increase that number with a little help

05.04.00, Jeremy, Utah, I find this site appalling, disgusting, without taste, and one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time! 


05.04.00, Stuart F., Orebro, Sweden, love the site! life is too serious to get hung up on people who don't see the point in living it to the full! Thanks for making me laugh today!

05.04.00, ==cherry==, Oakland, CA., You are sick.  Marry me. (send a picture.)

05.04.00, Lucas S., Rohnert Park, CA., Well, I think that although slightly offensive to mentally-unstable individuals, this website is perfectly appropriate for the average old Joe--in fact, a more innocent alternative to casinos or horse races. I fully condone and appreciate the morbid humor of this website (being myself a pretty burnt-out, cynical high school senior rejected from Berkeley with a 1500 SAT, eight classes, ten college units, and a 4.86 GPA). I just hope the provost of the UC system has a crappy Mothers Day and feels the itch for a watery test of fate. 

05.04.00, telissa, Auburn, AL., I think this sight is about the most morbid thing I have ever saw. I guess that's why I thought I wanted to look it up and take a guess myself. "God loves stupid people"  that's why he made so many of them.

05.04.00, Crazy Jack, Garden City, Michigan, I find this site to be sick and totally outrageous and am jealous as hell I didn't do it first. By the way, I lived in St. Pete for 16 years.

05.04.00, Ben, Cologne, Germany, Yeah ! This site is very cool ! In Germany it don't give any site like this ! (lots of people don't give a site about many things.)

05.04.00, John G., Akron, Oh., hey dont let them try to shut you down free speech is there for a reason I served 8 yrs in the corp for that reason stay up 

05.04.00, Matt V.,Bluff City, TN., This is one sick site!!! I love it that you have big enough balls to do something that most people find repulsive and reprehensible.. Wish I would have thought of it.

05.04.00, Barry, St. Pete., Fl., This is a scream! And to think I was beginning to believe I was one of the few unpolitically correct people left. I'll be looking for you on the Letterman Show (we should be so lucky.)

05.04.00, Rob, Sarasota, fl., i read about your site in the Sarasota paper. It's funny... You should keep the site going. I drive to Largo every weekend and am always on the lookout but no jumpers

05.04.00, Kim W., West Grove, PA., I think it's a hoot-any one who is offended must have had a floater in the family.

05.04.00, aubrey k., johannesburg, s. africa, i find it interesting ,cause i think seeing people commiting suicide is really unusual so why not enjoy the fun

05.04.00, Jessica M., Berkeley, CA., The "emergency jumping" phone made me hurl bits of my morning coffee out of my nose. I haven't laughed so hard since I heard about the baby drop-off boxes in Germany. Humanity...y'all are crazy, man.

05.04.00, Kathy, Clearwater, FL., Holy Shit Batman!  This is friggen FUNNY! I have an "A" list of "fallers" I'd like to PUSH off the damn thing. Power to the funny people. To hell with the "whining religious politically correct sniveling slobs that don't have the balls to speak their minds so they borrow the neighbor's/preachers/teachers/or bosses thoughts". This is as American as Mad magazine.

05.04.00, Caroline P., New York, NY., I am blonde, but I did it right the first time. I'm one of those rare "intelligent blondes." (ok, where's your picture? let's have a look.)

05.04.00, john m., tallahassee, fl., Excellent site. Truely funny. Lived near there when it collapsed back in 80. Truely an awe inspiring jump point.

05.04.00, yvette, ohio, If I win and money is involved, I will donate it to get a net put up under the bridge.  Although this site is funny, it is sad that these things happen.  Life is not that bad.  Those you leave behind have to deal with the pain you couldn't handle, remember that!

05.04.00, greg, I've had a chemical imbalance since birth that makes me prone to deep depression.  That plus some head injuries and emotional instability have led me to attempt suicide 4 times when I have been in a major depressive episode.  To those people who have complained about your pool... f**k off.  You don't speak for me - the person prone to suicidal ideations.  Taking things too seriously is why these people are out there jumping off the bridge in the first place.  I think it's funny.  If someone wants to die - that is their business.  If someone wants to guess when those people kill themselves - that is their business.  Let them not die in vain.  Let's at least get some fun out of it to justify their tortured existence. 

05.04.00, Dan I., Falls Church, VA., Cruel site of the day. Very nice. My parents live in Tampa, so please advise in jumpers to avoid them if they happen to be underneath the bridge at the time.

05.04.00, DON K., Bowling Green, KY., Thank you, for making my day. This is how the lottery needs to be ran. 

05.04.00, Jack, Mesa, Arizona, This is great, all your comments about this being fun is correct. Why can't we have fun at the expense of someone who is obviously unstable to begin with. This is all in fun and those who don't think so get over it!

05.04.00, BD., St. Pete., fl., As a Former DOT worker, I find this site fascinating. Did You know that only about 1 in 10 actual suicides from the bridge are reported to the news media.  DOT keeps figures for the total number of jumpers to themselves, but generally those reported to the media are reported from other sources(public, friends, family, passers-by, etc.) Even with all the high tech equipment on the bridge (cameras, call boxes, listening devices, etc) and constant monitoring by DOT and FHP personnel, jumpers still make it over the side. Ask the morons who tried to bungee off the bridge awhile back, what it feels like to hit the waters of Tampa Bay.  OOOOOhhhh, that smarts!

05.04.00, Heather A., Atlanta, GA., I'm justifying this to myself by arguing that since the jumpers CHOOSE to jump, I'm not making light of anyone's inadvertant misfortune. Yeah, right.


05.04.00, Patrick, Santa Cruz, CA., Your site is, of course, sick. (But you already knew that.) So keeping in the spirit of things, here's a poem on suicide. Enjoy:
Razors pain you, 
Rivers are damp,
Acids stain you, 
Drugs cause cramp
Guns aren't lawful, 
Nooses give,
Gas smells awful,
You might as well live.

05.04.00, Swede J., Kissimmee, FL., Too Bad it's open for anyone to participate,  It should be reserved for lawyers and politicians.

05.04.00, Dick B., Bloomington, IN., Great site!! We don't have many of those high bridges in my area but we do have a 100 foot railroad tressel over an open pasture. Not much chance to survive from that. Of course because it is over 1/2 of a mile long, if you are caught in the middle when a train is coming you have 2 choices on how to end it all.

05.04.00, Kalani, Dallas, Texas, I think people who are weak and selfish enough to commit suicide deserve parody at the very least.

05.04.00, angie, norfolk, virginia, as gross as it is, i find this site rather amusing.  :)  very original.  :)  hahahahaha - i'm gonna tell all my friends.  :)

05.04.00, julie j., leesburg, ga., i used to live in the tampa bay area.  this is absolutely hysterical.  i think i almost wet myself.  too funny  too damn funny! i'm completely humored by the splashing water sound.  it's so sick, i love it!!!

05.04.00, Terrell, Martin, OK it is sick humor but if you are stupid enough to jump hell put me in the will also. Oh and I am Blonde and I got it right the first time LOLOL

05.04.00, Tammi, Gilbert, AZ., I think this is a great site. It made me laugh. I mainly wanted to check it out cuz my best friend just attempted suicide, so I was going to send this page to her as a joke.

05.04.00, Mark B., Layton, Utah, I think the phones are a waste of money. There should be a counselor there on site to assist potential suicides. If the jumper has no courage perhaps the counselor could assist after getting a signed release. PUSHING THEM OFF is the assistance I had in mind.

05.04.00, Natalie, San Jose, CA., This is gross...but I hope I win!

05.04.00, Nate, San Jose, CA., I picked May the 5th because the planets are in conjuction then.  So some nut ball will kill himself.

05.04.00, Mike F., New York, NY., What would it cost to put a webcam on both sides of the crest, and have somebody monitor it so whenever someone looks like they might be a jumper, we could get an email update? And maybe we should have one at the bottom, too, to see what they look like when they go "Sploosh!". I'm sure my company would be prepared to foot a percentage of the cost of such a thing. Yeah, look, I know it sounds sick, but at least this way we could capture the last moments of some poor sad and befuddled human being, and who knows - maybe we could sell the .mpegs over the web, with the profits going to crisis centers, that kind of thing.

05.04.00, Erinn, Canada, This is gonna be too easy. I'd like extra fields so we can pick what type of baseball cap they were wearing just before the leap. (or how about "did they lock the car with the keys inside?")

05.04.00, BaldGhoti, Lake Worth, FL., You're cooler than Jesus.

05.04.00, Rick L., Tamarac FL., Jumpers are idiots. The Teasing of Idiots is Fun. Therefore, Jumpers are Fun. Hey .. does throwing someone OFF the bridge, making it LOOK like suicide count? Hmmmm... Ooh .. just asking. No reason. Really.

05.04.00, Mel, St. Louis, MO., This site is really, REALLY warped! That's why I'll be returning often. (Also, it's cheaper than the lottery.)If anyone doesn't appreciated the humor, I say "F**k 'em if they can't take a joke." Around here, people get THROWN OFF off the bridges more often than they jump!

05.04.00, Neil H., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, This is funny. Not much offends me, this included.  My freind, who works at a distress line, and I often kid how I would likely only taunt someone into doing themselves in if I worked at the distress center.  This is why I am ammused by this site.

05.04.00, carmon k., iowa city, ia., I've had a shitty day, just got done with finals and still have to work today and tonight. You're site put a smile on my face. As I was readign about the site I was thinking no way that's too funny. When I found it I enjoyed it very much. Thanks a bunch.

05.04.00, Craig, SLC, Ut., I'm gonna win!! Me being a psychopath magnet and knowing several of them in that area that I could give less than a shit about, ought to be able to berade and humiliate one of them to the brink of self desruction! What a perfect gift for Mother's day!! Hell I can think of more than a couple of 'em with severe mommyprobs! Do I get a bonus if I get a group jump organized? 

05.04.00, Allison J., Gainesville, Florida, Great site! Love the splash! Howzabout the sound of a siren as the public servants come to clean up the mess?

05.04.00, TC, St. Louis, MO., I put your banner up on my discussion board - this site is so damn great!  Thanks, man!  I used to drive across this bridge every weekend when I lived in Tampa en route to the Ringling Museum/NIN laser shows at Bradenton, and I always thought that it would be such a supreme bridge to end it all on.  Glad that someone is finally highlighting the more illustrious draws of this structure!!  You rule!

05.04.00, jeff w., tyler, tx., i think this site f**king rules.i am an avid follower of psychology and i have found that laughter is always the best favorite things to joke about are crack cocaine, satanism and beastiality, but anything poking fun at anyone less than fortunate in any way is ALWAYS funny.i love racist jokes, but would very much like to learn white jokes (d'ya know any?).anyhow, keep up the good work.

05.04.00, Kevin, Tampa, FL., sick, yet funny. I like it. Check out  I am going to link this to my band's website.  It will humor our mentally unstable fans!

05.04.00, Michael, Chicago, IL., What good is tragedy if one cannot laugh? In this theatre of the absurd we call life, sometimes the ONLY way to deal with adversity hence releasing all emotional damage, is to laugh. You are providing a great service. More to the point "F@#k 'em if they can't take a joke"

05.04.00, rebecca K., Dayton, NJ., I don't think this site is offensive, Unless of course your an uptight freak. People that have mental problems, that see this site and decide to jump, shouldn't have access to computers anyway. They can find out anything on the web. Like how to kill someone or anything. I like dark humor. People should learn to relax and be much more open to new and diffrent thoughts and ideas.

05.04.00, Alan K., St. Petersburg, Florida, I suppose this could be considered sick, but what the heck.  They're gonna jump....sounds like a bet to me!  Ever since a 'jumper' leaped in front of a car on 38th Avenue North in St. Petersburg, have been fascinated with this type of person.

05.04.00, robert g, california, the email i got was about people against this sitebecause their family member jumped after seeing this site(not a child)i think if she jumped she had something wrong in here head to begin with and this site shouldn't be blamed!!!!

05.04.00, Lee M., Sydney, Australia, Finally found someone who shares my "odd" sense of humor. And all those whining "do gooders" complaining about the we see them out there trying to save any souls...I don't think so! If people find it so intolerable on this planet then what better way to go, better than waiting around to die in a nursing home. I think the site is great...keep up the good work. Are there any other sites of other good locations to end it all?

05.04.00, Andrew w., boone, NC., This is without a doubt one of the coolest sites I have ever encountered.  I have no humorous or otherwise comments for the would be jumpers other than that your pathetic situations amuse me and give me the humor I sometimes need to get through the day.  Good luck and good jumping!

05.04.00, Beth H., Dayton, Ohio, I really appreciate this site, its humor and its lack of bullshit.  We do not need to coddle or build monuments to people who kill themselves.  They are selfish, cruel, cowardly people who leave their family and friends to mourn and to clean up all their problems.  Instead, we should all do what you do: make fun of them!  Maybe if we laugh in their faces when they whine about life, they'll realize their stupidity and actually get a life.  Thanks for the fresh look on jumpers.  And, by the way, I'm blonde.  Should I start over?  So confusing...

05.04.00, Holdin M., Novi, Mi., This is very creative....I tip my cap to the creator

05.04.00, cat, portland, oregon, if people want to jump and kill themselves, they should be allowed to.go for it.less the merrier,as far as i am concerned.bye.see ya.

05.04.00, mary c., columbia, md., this site is truly an example for all of the want to be cool sites on the web that are pathetic. keep up the great work

05.04.00, Sereena, Hudson, Fl., my bestfriend's mother jumped and survived..  it was from the old bridge in the 70's at that time there was only a small handful of suvivor's and there was some kind of support group for the suvivor's and they use to get togethe every so often and chat.... can you imagine? (a picnic by the bridge maybe!!) we enjoyed your site goodluck!!Jodi, Largo, fl., Regarding the item 4 hint: I bet they don't ask directions either. I think this site could actually be GOOD psychotherapy and perhaps if someone was considering jumping, they should read this site first They might realize that life is a lot funnier and much less gloomier than they had originally felt.

05.04.00, Edward K., Oldsmar, Florida,
there once was a jumper from st pete
who wasnn't so good on his feet
he aimed for the water but hit the rocks
now his head looks like hamburger meat! (brutal.)

05.04.00, tony t., largo, fl., your site is in the top-five, in coolest sites. anybody that would jump off a bridge to kill themselves is a jack-ass and should be made fun of.

05.04.00, mia, seattle, wa., saw the article, so visited out of curiosity.  it seems common for survivors of a loved one to try to place something or someone at fault.  it seems like the natural thing to do when crisis occurs and people are left without answers, though not very rational.  i don't see how this site could be blamed for someone's suicide.  the fact she was looking this up on line gives me the assumption the woman already had the idea in mind.  her emotional/mental problems i'm sure went far beyond just seeing a site and thinking "oh look, suicide off a bridge, i'll go try it now"!  even the depressed and confused aren't that stupid...well, who knows, i seem to be amazed by people's ignorance on a daily basis.

05.04.00, Austin B., Westerville Ohio, I heard you talking on the radio today and I dont know why some people are making such a big deal about your site. I think if someone is going to take themselves out like this someone else should have a little fun! I say screw the TIMES! I want to win! By the way it was 610 WTVN I heard you on, the best on buckeye coverage. I am only fourteen but I would hope you would post this message I think it says you possition, and mine, NICELY.

05.04.00, Micheal S., Clearwater, fl., We share the same name dude. They even called me from a radio station in Omaha (we were so busy taking in all the e-mails, that the phone was busy all day. now we wished we would have fielded more phone calls, as we understand many more radio stations tried to get us on the air.)

05.04.00, Kim O., Columbus, OH., I guess I was taught that this kind of thing was "bad form" but, hey, I just can't resist!!

05.04.00, Kimster, Dunedin, FL., I think you should start a Top Ten Skyway Jumper Bridge wanted list.  I believe Elian's "surrogate" mother, Marisleysis Gonzalez, is ready and should be placed in the number one postion.  I need to send this website to David Letterman's folks.  What a hoot! 

05.04.00, Jim G., Dallas, Texas, This site rules. If someone wants to do something as silly as suicide, I say we make the most of it. 

05.04.00, Dan, Awesome, like you said these people are Losers and as such need to be exposed. Perhaps making it less glamorous to be a Jumping "LOSER"!!! Great Site you need some Banners, Go For It!

05.04.00, David L., Abbotsford, BC, Canada, Very cool. Here close to Vancouver, Canada we have a few choice bridges to jump off of, but not many go that route. about 3 a year.

05.04.00, GIO P., Clearwater, FL., HEY FUNNY SITE!!  You must really get a beating with compalining humanitarians huh?? Keep it up--might actually help as--you make suicide seeem stupid and not tragic.  Goodluck GIO. PS I heard you on Carmen and Chris this morning!!! 

05.04.00, Steve S., Langley B.C Canada, This is one cool site!! We must tell all our family and friends to promote this site; and maybe we can see more people jump!! Hell most places where you get to place bets you win money, who needs money, this is better!! You must get a 24 hr live cam!! Keep up the good work!! e-mail me some pics of the next jumper!! Thanx

05.04.00, tony m., columbia TN., your site is funny to me! i bet you get plenty of hate mail though! just tell em to kiss your ass its a free damn world!!

05.04.00, Miles B., Providence, RI., This is the most disturbing, yet incredibly funny site I have ever seen. Kudos!

05.04.00, J.T., Ft. Worth Tx., Feeling a little uneasy? The great planetary alignment approaches. The end of the world is near. Get hopping early boys and girls...Avoid the rush.

05.04.00, Marc N., Dunvegan, ON., Canada, Good site....with or without your sight they are going to jump anyways

05.04.00, jayman, Putnam CT., Nice work, But I doubt you'll get a job in website work with this site as credentials. And as for the whiners eff them I lost my best friend when i was 13, he hung himself. It bothers me to see that sorta scene in pictures. But I don't go into a fit over the maker of the pics, I just let it roll off my back like water on a duck, it's part of life and death we all have to deal with, take it with a grain of salt and get on with your lives, people die. for christ sakes!

05.04.00, Terry H., Leland, NC., I think it's a good site, your right this is America (the land of the free). Don't let people bad-mouth you into stopping it.

05.04.00, Sam B., Richfield, MN., It's crude but I can't help finding it funny, I guess I'm probably going to hell anyway

05.04.00, Richard S., Palm Harbor, Florida, I think it will be a a teminated Albertson's grocery store manager, the week before thier inventory. It will happen around the Forth of July hoilday about 4:00 Am after they have consumed a case of Budweiser Longnecks and thinks he can take on the world and beleives he is invincable.

05.04.00, Zombie, Brisbane, Australia, I hoping fo him to be aiming for the water but, opps!, a boat gets in the way and is damaged/sunk.

05.04.00, Lamja, Durban, South Africa, This site is totally cool. I think I'm going to make one for this Bridge we have in South Africa. We also have a bridge that People seem to love jumping from. Most of the time they are actually attached to bungee cords but every now and them there is some guy who thinks he has wings. It's called the Storms River Bridge. Actually it is the highest bungee jump you can do in the world at present. Thanks for a good laugh. Cheers.

05.04.00, P.J., Freehold, N.J., I could have used this on a Monday morning,but Thursday will do.One needs something a little upbeat early in the morning.

05.04.00, Tom K., St. Petersburg, fl., Love it!  Build a little diving platform at the top, and hook up some live cams!

05.04.00, ian, dublin, ireland, sick but pretty funny

05.03.00, Roxann, St.Pete, Florida, I think your web sight is very intersting and fun to read. If people think this is bad obviously they have not been to which is ten times worst than anything. Have u visted there? Now thats intresting and discusting at the same time. But anyways keep the work and keep us laughing and informed!

05.03.00, marty, st. pete., fl., like it it is not for faint at heart  I think if I wanted to end it, it surley would not be like this!

05.03.00, unknown, far far away from there, My ex husband threatened to jump one day, he told the police he was just joking, he wanted to make me worry, he was mad that I dumped his sorry ass. He has continue to torture me for the past 6 years, he has an injunction against him for harrassing me and making my life a living hell. He has been in jail for violating it many times, he gets out of jail then starts all over trying to find something else to do to "get even" with me. Oh I wish he would have really jumped that night, I still have the "note" he left. If he would have jumped my family would live in peace.

05.03.00, Celia, Amissville, VA., Entertaining, enlighting, the prize in of itself of telling strangers you were correct in guessing the time of day and date of someone to commit suicide. Fun!

05.03.00, Patrick, Tampa, FL., Do I get extra points for a half-gainer or a 3 sommersault with a half twist?

05.03.00, onazog, brooksville, fl., It would be nice if there was a drum roll as thay got ready to jump it would give it a little class

05.03.00, Branden, minneapolis, mn., this has to be the funniest thing i have ever seen!

05.03.00, syndal, philadelphia, this is the funniest freaking thing i've found in a long time! well, that sounded pretty cliche. anyway, i sent it to a bunch of my friends. hope you're happy. hope i'm happy too. heh. great site. pure evil is when flowers sing.

05.03.00, Michael M., Clearwater, fl., Do I get a 'I am a Skyway Jumper Spotter' T-shirt?
             &           :::

05.03.00, Big Daddy, WATERFORD, NEW YORK, really in bad taste but boy I would love to win and have my name posted like a celebrity. I have a better chance at this than hitting the lottery.

05.03.00, Brad, alameda, ca., This is cheaper than playing the lottery...  Good luck to all!  Hey, what's the prize if you guess right?!


05.03.00, Jim B., Madison, WI., having grown in St. Petersburg, from late 1930 until 1969, I remember the "old ferry", long before the bridge, not too many jumpers on ferry. class of 1950 (St. Pete High) 

05.03.00, John L., Clearwater, fl., Your site is a SUPERCOOL idea. It gives all us who actually have a life something exciting to talk about with coworkers. I am really glad that the cleansing of the gene pool can give me some real entertainment. The prison system could make this the "official" holding point for inmates. Install a cell with 3 sides, no food/water, bars for a roof so the sun makes em real thirsty. I'm sure when they see all that water they will want to go down for a drink. Gotta Go

05.03.00, shawn g., st. pete. fl., the splash upon entering is a sick but nice touch. this is the funniest site i've been to in a while.

05.03.00, JOHN H., dallas, TX., don't let the bastards shut you down!!

05.03.00, Dan, Hudson, FL., The "bad press" you received in newspaper is another example of how our society is blaming anything to shirk personal responsibility for their own actions. I see your site in it's intended light-heartedness and levity.

05.03.00, Carrie F., Clearwater, Florida, Heard about this site on the Carmen and Chris Morning Show (95.7) - i think this is one of the funniest sites i have ever seen - not about the "real" jumpers, of course.

05.03.00, Jack, St.Pete. Beach, Love the site !! Don't let others bother you about it, if it does get to you, don't forget 5/8/2000 around 4pm. Thanks for the laugh.

05.03.00, Steven C., Dayton, Ohio, Well, this is a highly effective tool for offending the easily offended...lucky for me, I'm not one of those people.

05.03.00, Larry, Pa., I guess I must be dimented also, I find this quite humorous. Lets start guessing on the type of car they drive to do it in.

05.03.00, Ilene G., St. Petersburg, FL., This site will be the topic of conversation in our office tomorrow. We'll make a pool on anything! Suppose the "Guess what time Dennis will be in" pool is off for a while. This is sickeningly funny. Thank goodness there are no photos.

05.03.00, Lisa, Durango, Co., Here I was, eating my lunch and skimming over the articles in the Drudge Report, and much to my delight I came across the newspaper article detailing your site. Of course I promptly checked it out and I think it's hysterical!  Of course now that it's big news, the jumping incidents should increase because if I was suicidal and hadn't found a suitable place to do myself in, this would certainly give me a great idea. Have you ever considered doing a religious cult mass suicide prediction site as well?  Think of the possibilities...

05.03.00, Sieber, Stuttgart, Germany, geile Seite!

05.03.00, Billy D., Monroe, LA., I found out about your horribly sick site on The Drudge Report and a UPI press release. IT ROCKS! I hope the backlash does not affect your site. Don't cave in. Keep up the good work for our free speech!

05.03.00, Al B., I think your page is f'ng funny, and truly should serve as a deep level appeal to the root pride of any actually suicidal person who reaches your page. As you say, "jumping from the bridge will turn you and your life into humorous fodder for the people that frequent this pool. is that what you want your legacy to be?"  If someone reads this and STILL insists on jumping off that damned bridge, then they DESERVE to be held up to mockery. Good work.

05.03.00, unknown, I Love this site. Love the little remarks on the photos. If people don't like your site, - click on something else.

05.03.00, Bob, chattanooga, tennessee, Keep up the good work pal, nothing you're doing here is illegal in any way. You're not ORDERING or TELLING people how to commit suicide, in fact you tell them not to on this web page a couple of times. Besides, when did it become someone else's fault EXCEPT the person who took their own life? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PAL!

05.03.00, Kevin, Bayonne, NJ., We have a big arch bridge here in Bayonne- it'd be great to have a website like this. Great dark humor! (go ahead and borrow this site. we welcome all takers that want to "steal" this site and re-write it to suit their particular jumping structure. just please send us a link so we can chain the sites together.)

05.03.00, Peter, Los Angeles, ca., Have you thought about a live-cam at the bridge? With creating an e-mail pool, the first one sees some activity sends out the messages.

05.03.00, S. J., Dallas, TX., You should put how many people have gotten the pool exactly on the dot, including time and the bonus guesses. (we do.)

05.03.00, Chad H., Chicago, IL., very offensive. this is going to DESTROY my karma. (this person also ventured a guess.)

05.03.00, Vic, Houston,TX., Its great that there are still people who can find humor in anything. We need ton laugh at ourselves more!


05.03.00, jenny w., punta gorda, it would be really great if they landed on the Big Red Boat as it went under the bridge for that Poseidon Adventure feel.

05.03.00, Mike, unknown, I'll be honest, I'm very pro-suicide. Not for myself, but for anyone who wants to. Offer them counseling and whatnot, but if they wanna go, let 'em. Especially convicted murderes and the like. Story in the SPTimes a couple of months ago about a guy they put on Suicide Watch after having confessed (after being found guilty) of brutally beating a woman to death because she "wouldn't give him what he wanted." The only suicide watch that man needed was an audience. As far as the mentally ill... and the clinically depressed... I'm very pro-choice on this issue. My favorite jumper story(ies) was found in the site one day... The first story told of a guy who jumped off the bridge and survived.  The second story, immediately beneath on the webpage, was of the drunken fisherman who fell off the fishing pier (site of the old bridge) and was swept away by the current, never to be heard from again. I just felt so bad for the survivor... He went to all the trouble and significant pain to make the attempt and a guy with a few too many beers in him finishes himself off with no effort whatsoever... it's enough to really depress a guy...

05.03.00, JOHN, ST PETERSBURG, This is great.  Hey, were not the ones with the problems, it's the jumpers.  If they wanna die we might as well make it interesting.  Nothing can be that bad out there to wanna die, but if they are gonna do it, let bet on it.  I will be forwarding this to all my other sick and gambling friends and I guarantee they'll love it!  Keep up the good work!

05.03.00, Van, St. Petersburg, FL., Much like the recent fluctuations in the stock market, I believe the jumper market is due for an upswing.  Feel low, jump high -- that's my motto.

05.03.00, Karl J., St. Pete, FL., Good stuff.  All hail freedom of expression!  Offended people should just go back to their Bible for whatever meaningless comfort they desire and leave you alone...

05.03.00, unknown, I heard you on the morning show of WFLA on May 3.  Just thought I would visit and place a guess.  Not sick, just curious and like you told them this morning it is public information and will happen again and again and again.  No one encourages people to do this they just can't cope with whatever is going on in their heads.

05.03.00, Kristie O., Lake Wales, FL., Come on let's make Mother's Day memorable.

05.03.00, Jamison C., St. Pete FL., May God forgive you for creating this tasteless website.  I hope you realize the error of your ways and make amends to the poor people that may be encouraged to take their lives due to your misguided humor.  In fact, I hope that you take your own advice and jump off the bridge yourself.  While you're at it, why don't you take along that guy in the green Honda that ran me off of US19 last week.  And those bigger kids that used to tease me about my freckles in kindergarden - if only I could get a day off of work (I'm a postal worker) so I could kidnap the rest of them and throw them off the bridge.  Now see what you made me do? (we were going to post a joke here, but we will back away slowly from the postal worker and move on to another comment.)

05.03.00, Jamie, Tampa, FL., This site is so crazy. It's not good to joke about suicide, but this is too funny. I should be working right now but this site caught my eye. I gota give props to you for creating this site...good imagination, you must have a great sense of humor. (We need more of that in America) I will admit, if I ever planned on jumping to my death, the Skyway would be the way to go! :)

05.03.00, Cookie, St. Pete., I can understand not wanting to go on... Life sucks sometimes. But to kill yourself in a way that we can't retreive your body fast enough to scavange your organs is down right unAmerican. Some of us kind of like this rollercoaster ride. How rude!

05.03.00, Carla F., Largo, Fl., i think about it every time i go over the bridge. Not actually jumping, but other people jumping. Good way to go if you died right away. To fly like that for just a few seconds would be awesome.

05.03.00, stephanie, clearwater, fl., The St. Pete Times is doing you a great honor by generating such wonderful publicity. What a funny website. I hope I guessed correctly. (amazing the results, considering at no time did the st. pete times publish the web address.)

05.03.00, Phil, Clearwater, Fl., Found this site after reading about it in the St. Pete Times on 5/3/00!!  Great site, Maybe the lotto can create a 'jumper game'.  Think of the sales!!!!

05.03.00, César C., Barranquilla, Colombia, I have a list of persons I would be glad to see jump.

05.03.00, Tom, Safety Harbor, FL., Great site!  I just send the URL to all my friends! One suggestion - under "bonus point guesses", ask how much time will elapse before the jumper is found, i.e. (a) <1 hour, (B) <12 hours, (c) <1 day, (d)never (they're shark bait).

05.03.00, unknown, your site kicks ass man, word up.  this is some funny shit.

05.03.00, Dennis, Cincinnati Ohio, Once again it's great to be an American. Love your site don't shut it down for anyone. websites don't kill people!people kill themselves.Love,and Live Life to the fullest.

05.03.00, unknown, I have to say this is the first thing I did after reading the article in the Times.  Within minutes I was searching for the site.  I think it's great and I'm sick and tired of mental health professionals and others trying to censor what we do and see.  I think sick humor has a place, especially in my life, and I'm behind it 100%.  Thanks for not taking yourself too seriously.

05.03.00, ingrid, clearwater, fl., I just read the newspaper article on your site! I have to say I find it crazy that a simple and humorous site gets so much flack. I to have a site that non-humorous people visit, and are inclined to send me their thoughts(oh joy). I have to say that my grandfather did the deed with a gun and you know what? crap happens!  I happen to find your site very funny(I have a sense of humor) and I'm going to add a link to my the way I love the splashing sounds!

05.03.00, jim k., largo, fl., kinda fun, twisted but hey.......  it is a big tall bridge!

05.03.00, Kathleen A., Bronx, NY., I love this page, concept and content.  Please don't be offended if I inquire, do you know of any celebrity Death Pool sites as well? (yes.)

05.03.00, Jeff H., Edmonds, Washington, This is fantasic!

05.03.00, Allan J., Palm Harbor, The next jumper will be Elians cousin, if it isn't, it should be..closely followed by the rest of his Miami family do I get extra points if I can spell their names? 

05.03.00, russ, marysville, wa., this is pretty sick and twisted.. so much that... I had to forward the link to other friends.. 

05.03.00, Jimmy H., Lynnwood, WA., I think that some of these jumpers should tie really heavy items to their feet, that way at least they are pointing straight down.  Makes a neater splash

05.03.00, Lori, toronto, On., canada, interesting site, how many people just go there to smoke joints THAT'S what i want to know!

05.03.00, Tom J., Thanks ever so.  I have had it up to here with all of the ElianElianElianElainElian ad infinitum, ad nauseum.  Thank you for providing a little amusement from Florida. (just remember, the 'national enquirer' isn't headquartered in florida for nothing.)

05.03.00, Bill, Texas, I don't think it will be someone that is depressed, I think it will be someone who according to his friends "Thought it would be COOL TO TRY".

05.03.00, Anna M., St. Petersburg, Fl., You're a crazy nut, however, I now have participated in the fun and games, so what does that make me? (someone that sends her picture to us?)

05.03.00, Mark V. N., North Hollywood, CA, We all make decisions, some good, some bad. If people really want to end it, there should be painless ways available to them. 

05.03.00, Kimberley K., Austin, Texas, This was lavishly sick and disturbing.  I really hope that I am wrong, but hell, why not take a guess anyway? 

05.03.00, paul k., La Crosse, WI., love it, c'mon people have a sense of humor

05.03.00, Rodney K., Cleveland, OH., What happens if the jumper hits a boat, rolls off, and eventually lands in the water?

05.03.00, Rick E., Wall, NJ., heh heh heh...this is cool...some might say its wrong or imoral or whatever, but i say f**k them! keep this up for ever!

05.03.00, mike, hudson, fl., I wonder if you could sue the cruise line if you landed on one of their ships? (as stupid as that sounds, you probably could.)

05.03.00, Tim P., Baltimore MD., Funny as hell!  I love this stuff...

05.03.00, Mark, Columbus Ohio, This is sick, sick, sick.  But I like it!

05.03.00, Charly J., Fargo, ND., when a simple skyscraper just won't do...

05.03.00, BarbE, Madeira Beach, Fl., After having a stressful day, I read the article in the St. Pete Times, and laughed!  Hey, it was for the most part humorous- then I logged on to this website & laughed even more!!  If nothing else, your website unstressed me!!!

05.03.00, Andre F., Houston, TX., Enjoy this type of humor, regardless of the negative things those other 'idiots' say.

05.03.00, Mark B., Fremont, IN., Hi, sick as can be and FUNNY.... However, the sys admin says  you should add a scream to the beginning of the .wav file. I also noticed that in the process of responding to a complainant that you referred to her desiring to be the  "conscious police for my "demented" personality." Is that opposed to the  "unconscious" police? Try remembering that word processors just save you from misspellings, not miss-wordings. Try the word "conscience". Keep up the good work and all that crap

05.03.00, Henry W., New Port Richey, Fl., Great site! As a whole society we need to loosen up. If the "Rays" don`t start winning,Vince might be next.

05.03.00, Nicole R., Tampa, Florida, This site is hilarious, the St. Pete Times is claiming the site might push these loons over the edge.

05.03.00, rob m., clearwater fl., best website ever. lighten up, every one.

05.03.00, joanne j., Palm Harbor, fl., I'm ashamed of myself for laughing... okay, I was laughing hysterically. Couldn't help it... wet myself... now I'm so depressed I'm thinking about heading for the bridge...after I change my underwear.

05.03.00, unknown, San Diego, CA., This is so sick.  I love it.  What does the winner get?

05.03.00, Roger H., Clearwater, fl. Blonde female jumper sees "solar" powered phone at night.  Tries it, not working---duh--- it's dark. jumps.

05.03.00, Linda, Valrico, FL., It is very sick!  I love it. 

05.03.00, Mary, Tampa, Florida, I find the jumpers that use the phone are just looking for help and are cowards and there are other ways to get help besides having the media pay attention to there "problems" and the poor souls get in the paper and TV..blah..blah...they have prosac I think the jumpers need to look into it!

05.03.00, Bill, Atlanta, GA., Love the site....more power to ya! People choose their own destiny....we are just here to make a profit off of it....or at least make fun of them.....

05.03.00, Barry C., Atlanta, GA., Hey, I think this is the sickest thing I have ever seen.  By the way.... is there a better spot to let these noble jumpers know about so we dont have to use my hard earned tax dollars to clean up the mess?   Then again... if you leave em in the water or on the rocks... is'nt that a better enviromental answer.  We should'nt be using gas powered engines in the ocean anyway.... I say leave em there or paddle over to get them!

05.03.00, C., New Port Richey, Fl., Way Cool Site!!!!! I think the St.Pete Times was totally outta line this morning trying to link your website to part of the cause of that Jumper's final actions! Actually... "Thumb's up" since I now have another awesome site bookmarked! I never would have known about your skyway site otherwise... (maybe). Just wanted to say... nice site!  I enjoyed!  Hope you don't shut it down!

05.03.00, Rob, Albany, OR., I wonder if anyone has ever attempted a "Belly Flop"? (probably not by choice.)

05.03.00, robert, st.pete, fl., i love the site , i was on the skyway 10 minutes after the last woman jumped , and i saw the highway patrol talking to a guy sitting on the rail a week ago he didnt jump i guess .

05.03.00, Art L., Belford, NJ., Great site!  The world needs more people that aren't afraid to be politically incorrect.

05.03.00, Sheri, Prairie View, Illinois, Hysterical

05.03.00, Jennifer, Bradenton, FL., I live near the bridge, so there have been many times that I have driven by just minutes after the jumper jumps...there have been emergency vehicles there, and of course the jumpers car

05.03.00, Alice H., Colorado Springs, CO., If you're going to jump, go ahead.  Do society a favor, rid us of another neurotic, emotional blackmailer. So selfishly self-absorbed you don't know anyone else exists. You're sick because you want to be.  Can't get anymore downers from your doctor? Then jump!  Its people like you who keep me from getting the medication I need and I can still give goodness to my fellow man, even with the terminal disease i have. Thanks to you, I walk and move in pain.  So jump! Give us all a break, do the world a favor. Do it now! This must be the only place down there you can find out if your car will go uphill.  Love the "jumper cam" idea. Anyone feel free to put me in your will. (we hope you eventually feel better.)

05.03.00, George R., Waldorf, Md., Your site is offensive, sick, depraved and yes I fully intend to visit it frequently. I think large placards with huge numbers should be provided for tourists to "vote" on quality of leap; as example 4.9 for distance, 2.5 for difficulty, 4.0 for splash height, and 9.9 for scream clarity. Bonus points to be awarded if vulgar words are clear and audible. Your site could then maintain a "tote board" Next of kin might be a little relieved if they won some sort of prize (posthumously of course) you might also consider a "Hall of Fame" also.

05.03.00, Chuck L., austin, tx., Skyway haiku
Stressed, motor idling
I stretch for eternal rest
Sparrow smacks window.

05.03.00, Liz, Asheville, NC., This is quite funny... Those offended by it need not be so anal!!!!

05.03.00, Mayor, unknown, This is one of the sickest things I've ever seen. I love it!

05.03.00, Terry B., Atlanta, GA., Great website!  You are sick!  I love it.

05.03.00, tony, clearwater, fl., i just wanted to say the hell with the people who take offence to your sight.i'm 52 life long resident and have seen many things that we could do in the past,be taken away by the meek and narrow minded of pinellas county.without humor how dull life would be.never give up!!!!! 

05.03.00, Billy D., Monroe, LA., kick ass site.

05.03.00, nicole, urbandale, ia, this is the most hillarious sight that I have found, although extremely vile and morbid it is entertaining...what is this world coming to?

05.03.00, Dan S., Emporia, Ks., this site is so wrong. i love it.
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