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2006 • updated: 11.13.08

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12.11.06, Dee, WV, I'm not original in my thinking, or have a clever turn of words for you... I realize this is a tongue in cheek site, and that you provide help... I just feel that bridges like this and the San Francisco bridge need to provide a way so that people CAN'T jump from them, anything to deter a suicide is important. I have been suicidal, and really don't care what you have to say or anyone else... i know the pain these people are in, it really isn't any laughing matter.. it's dark, and horrible and something i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Thank God for people who care and help, Thank God for himself especially because without him, i would be dead today. I think you just need to remember one thing, what goes around... comes around... you may be the one person everyone laughs at when you are at your weakest point... but guess what, I won't... I will be the hand reaching out in love trying to pull you in. (glad you made it through. thank you for sharing.)

12.11.06, Mike P., Evans , Georgia, Stupid , useless people only wanting sympathy . Don't have the guts to live in the REAL world !!

12.09.06, Morgan W., St. Louis, MO, USA, I lived in St. Pete most of my life, very close to the Skyway. When we were younger, my friends and I used to joke about jumping from the bridge. There was always something strangly compelling about the fact that so many people would choose to kill themselves by taking a flying leap off the bridge...but I guess it's pretty effective and cheaper than buying a gun. 

11.04.06, Gil, Tampa, Florida, Would be neat if someone harpooned them selves to the mast of a Cargo for thought (Shark Food that is) ;-)

11.03.06, Cyn, Temple Terrace, Florida , To jump or not to jump, that is the question! I love your site, I am afraid of heights so I could never jump. Now there are a few people I would love to take on a scenic hike of the skyway, (and maybe a little push at the top) I'm sorry people feel there is no other way out of there pathetic little life's than to jump off a bridge, but quite frankly if these families of the jumpers would quit whining that these family member's needed help, and actually listen to them in the first place maybe they would not have jumped. Stop blaming this site for your family members suicide, where were you when they were depressed? Do you help them seek help? Did you try and listen to them or turn a deaf ear? Thank you guys and keep up the good work!! (you are so right, we have been saying that for years. apparently life is easier lived in denial.)

11.03.06, ginger, tampa, FL., most recent jumper, friend told me, also heard on radio, love it, love it, love it! it's all over work now after this last jumper, everybody got a kick out of it. (thanks for the good words, we love you too. so ginger, what are you wearing now?)

11.03.06, Rachel, Largo, Florida, oh my gosh this is so funny. Although people jumping off a bridge and dying sux this webpage is not going to make you do it.

11.03.06, wrecked em 420, st pete., my buddy actually knew the couple who jumped. what a bunch of f**king morons.

11.02.06, from, muckfire, In the crowning achievement of my non-descript life, I pissed off the top of the Sunshine Skyway a few years ago. There was a tropical storm that had everyone off the roads- but like nearly every storm it got no where near Tampa Bay. I got to the top of the bridge, looked down both sides and there were no cars as far as the eye could see, I had to go, so I said wtf and let it rip.

11.02.06, Gayle M., Palmetto, FL., Many suicides coincide with monetary reasons, do you suppose the $1.00 toll could psychologically interact with feelings of despair such as my bottom dollar; or my last dollar; my toll in life?

11.02.06, Schadenfruede, Traffic at that time of the morning on the Skyway is horrific. The least the guy could have done is die for all the trouble he caused. Jerk.

10.25.06, unknown, A friend of mine killed himself almost a year ago. It was the most selfish act anyone could ever commit. All you people who complain and tell us how emotionally jacked up your friends were should help them obtain the help they need. My friend was not emotionally unstable. He had a great life. Something happened one night he got home, was scared, pulled a gun and shot himself in the head while other members of his family slept. He left behind a fiance, child, mother, father, sister, aunts, uncles and tons of friends that loved him. We will never understand what went through his head at that exact moment. We all agree it was the most selfish act he ever commited. We did not have the opportunity to be there for our loved one. You do. If you are truly a friend making that person mad at you by stating the truth should not matter to you getting them the help they need should. I wish I would have had that opportunity. I love and miss my friend everyday.

10.22.06, Jr. S., Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada, Ending this life is like wishing for a new teacher/boss. The next teacher/boss/life may be worse than the current one. At least this one has an ending in sight. (we're sure that life after death is simply a matter of stepping into the bright light, taking a number, and having a seat to wait for eternity. it's really that simple.)

09.26.06, Amy, Mattoon, Illinois, Im a friend of a friend who tragically lost a friend on 12/19/03. (is it ok to use the word friend three times in one sentence?)Anyway, hey I've got an idea maybe Mr. Jeb Busch could hire some carnival workers to set up shop on the bridge and sell water wings. Whadya think? 

09.21.06, Niki, St Petersburg FL, USA, I have to laugh at the folks saying this site is insulting to friends and family of jumpers. Tell me, please, what kinds of wacko is going to two days after dad decided to give himself the NON-proverbial heave-ho. This is NOT labeled as a crisis hotline, self-help site, or anything of the sort. It's just comments, musings, information, and general ramblings of some highly bent folks. And, I must say, you guys are WONDERFULLY twisted! (thanks, niki.)

09.09.06, Mindy, Lansing, Michigan, United States, You guys rock, or should I say ROCKS! (insert rimshot here.)

08.30.06, David N., Bucjholts, Texas, USA, I tried suicide once. I was very very drunk. Slit my wrist. 1987. I wonder what the average alcohol level is in the jumpers. Oh, by the way, I'm much better now, LOL!!! (it would take alcohol, as well as heavy narcotics, to get us to pull our own plug.)

08.14.06, Jack, Florida, Hey, I was wondering how I was going to do it. Now I know. Please make sure I make the site. I will leave a copy of your website in my car with comments for your site, please publish them for me. Unlike the others, I think it will be cool to have my last thoughts and reasons posted on your site. (can you be more specific as to when? do write a detailed story as to why you will jump. be very descriptive and send it to us. we'll never get it if you just leave it in the car.)

08.13.06, Steve S., Palmetto, Florida, This comment is for all of those who scream, curse, and send hate mail. My brother commited suicide June 12,2000. Not off the skyway but with a gun. I didn't even bother to attend the funeral. Why you ask? Because it's the cheap way out....That's why. I loved my brother dearly and we were very close. But anyone who takes the cheap way out is a loser in my book. I myself at one point even felt like taking the cheap way out. But i thought better of it and got the help i needed. I had a terrible bout with booze but have not drank in years now. 14 to be exact. The help is there all one must do is realize the problem and tackle it head on. That's what i did. And you or others can do it too. God said he will give forgiveness it thou shalt ask...but i don't think he will for those that break one of the only 10 commandments that the Lord gave us. So the next time you feel like spewing verbal bowel on this site....Just read over and over what i wrote. I think you will see the reality in it. (we're sorry about your brother, but we understand. we had the same reaction to a cousin that also took the easy way out. we refused to get all teary eyed about it or go on endlessly about what a swell guy he was. he shit on the family and deserved less then a fond farewell. we are glad you were able to fight through your hell and maintain. may you continue to do so, as life is worth the living. stay strong.) 

08.05.06, K.L.S., headland, alabma, I use to live in clearwater florida for 12 years and whenever we would go see somebody or go to my dads friends house for a bar b q we would always have to cross the bridge and I was scared to death whenever we did because I remebered the disaster in the 1980's.My great grampa lived in a old folks community building proably about a mile or more away from the bridge and on the day he seen the accident. All I remeber him saying it was horrible and unlike anything he had seen. He also fought in ww2 and the korean war. Anyway your site is informative and personallly I do not agree with what you say but i think it might help some suicidal people or mess them up even more I do not know. (By the way please forgive my spelling)

07.26.06, phil k., fort myers, ahhhh I havent been coming to your site long, but always a joy when i do. just today found myself finally reading the hate mail page. Glorious!! that people are so caught up in their ire with what they 'think' they have read, they fail to see that you in no way glorify, salute, condone or regard suicide in any way other than presenting "just the facts, ma'am." *****(side note to those who do not/have not lived in the Tampa Bay area...there are no billboards along I 275 sponsored by this website, its owners, subsidiaries or affiliates, proclaiming "Last Exit, 5 Miles" or "Your Name Here" while showing a snapshot of the entry page.)***** So are the Tampa Trib and St Pete Times not just as guilty when they publish the story, or obituary? aren't they arguably guiltier because surely multitides more people read those publications than they do your website. (and that's a shame, because your writing is far superior than most staff members' on either paper, IMO.) thank you all out there who are so moved to write in and release a torrent of hate on these individuals, while refusing to look inside yourselves and see that you are in fact uglier, and more disturbed than you claim these people to be. endless entertainment...and, i'm sure i will be reading about some of you in the 'darwin awards' column one day. thanks jumper pool. you're Aces in my book! (phil is our new best friend. thanks, phil.)

07.24.06, John S., Tampa, FL., I didn't know where else to post this.. this site rocks I love it. If people have a problem with it then don't visit it! This site is totally legal and fine by me and any attempt to have it shut down is just plain stupid. As Americans this site and its owner are protected by the first amendment. Trying to censor or remove this site would be nazi like and last I checked we didn't live in 1930's Germany (we don't live in 1930's germany. not yet, anyway.)

07.23.06, Kyle, Fort Stewart, GA., If no one jumps at 7:30 am on monday... I will... No... Not really. Hey, wouldn't it be great if I threw a dummy over the edge? Would that count as a jumper? How about an animal? (you crack us up. sure kyle, you go right ahead and toss a dummy off the bridge. send us some pictures. as for an animal, only if it's an adult polar bear you drove to the bridge in your car while letting him choose the music during the trip. some pictures of you hoisting him over the edge would be sweet.) 

07.21.06, zoe, read Capt. Miller's book and looked for better real info. Captain Miller suggests the draw (on people to jump off the bridge) being from an ancient Indian thing. I wonder if it's an electrical thing, and the bridge acts as a super-conductor. Most depressed people have a chemical imbalance. Unless it really is an ancient indian thing. Who knows? Our ghost hunting group is looking into it. (let us know if you come up with anything.)

07.19.06, Jessica, Apollo Beach, FL., ok... I havent left a comment since march... so its due.. damn look at all the nut cases that have jumped latly!! this is gettin a lil exciting!! it has become an obsession..."singing: ur my obsession... ur my obsession..." i check it all the time now... just eagerly waiting for someone to take the nestea plunge... lol...(hey phil fix my spelling... its friggin 5:00 am!)luv ya... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET kisses.. lmgdao... (spelling looks just fine from here, jes, you nailed every wurd.)

07.19.06, Chris, Largo, FL., Chuck Norris could do a backflip off of the Skyway and live to tell about it.

07.02.06, A PIMP, B-TOWN, you guys are pimps and pimpin aint easy so you have a hard job, o and this isnt hate mail im just bored and wondering why people would hate you for talking about jumpers it isnt a huge deal if the people jumped they had some problems before that you werent involved with (it's hard out there for a pimp. watch yo back, brotha.)

07.01.06, Tim D., Tampa, FL, His name is William Nicholas B. His slut girlfriend broke up with him, and he is very vulnerable. If you live in the Tampa bay area, come to the Pegasus Lounge on July Ninth, where his band HEB will play a show. Try to talk him out of it. (hey, help a guy out and support live music.)

06.29.06, Andy, Tampa, FL, I dont really like jumping/suicide but i like this site!

06.28.06, Phil, Ft Myers FL., I wont jump to my death from the Skyway...but its where i plan to have my ashes scattered when i'm already gone...

06.27.06, John W., St. Louis, MO., This site is just for fun. Yes, it is a terrible thing suicide, but why not have a little fun with it. Anybody in that state of mind should seek help and family members should be able to see the change in people. My family has a New Year's Day tradition of having a dead pool. Each year we pick 10 people that we think will die in the upcoming year. It is on a 100 point system. If the person is 75 years old, they are worth 25 points. We don't make them die, it is a part of life. So why not. Great site. Keep up the good work (morbid humor is misunderstood in those without it. they see it as mean spirited. many people have zero sense of humor, unless of course, their favorite mindless tv sitcom is on the 'wb'. then they are laughing whenever prompted by the studio/canned laughter. you will no doubt find their comments about this pool here.)

06.19.06, graeme r., Well i'm 22 years old its not me thats suicidal its my girl friend who's the same age she says she is gonna do it deep down i know she want do it well i hope cause she has a 3 year old daughter and another on the way i just want some advise on talking to her she want seek cancelling and i reckon if she knew i was writing this it would send her off this bridge do i stay with her and see what happends or leave her so it's not on my head i love her so much but can't cope if she does. this sort of thing does n't enter my head i just really want to help her her life isn't even that bad please help (far be it that we are in any way able or willing to diagnose anyone's problems, especially if they are bad enough to drive one to suicide. we can, however, make observations and offer opinions. the sources of your girl friend's problems probably run deep and have been with her for some time. does she discuss these reasons with you? does she discuss these reasons with anyone? is there anyone in her life that she can talk with and listen to, even if it means taking a trip far away? is there abuse in her past? is she in pain, either physically or mentally? she has to be willing to talk about these things, fight through all her issues, deal with these torments, and get past them. if not for her, for her children. she needs to be convinced that ending her life will cause her daughter much unwarranted pain and suffering for the rest of her life. is that what she wants? is she that selfish? she is seeking a permanent solution to a temporary problem. there has to be someone in her life that can get through to her without dealing with a "doctor" ready to pump her full of headmeds. it's imperative that she knows she has a problem and is willing to deal with it. she needs to desire help. let her read this site and learn the hurt and endless pain suicide leaves behind. the annual jumper pages have, one after another, friends and relatives lashing out at us in frustration over someone ending their own life. it is our opinion that walking on eggshells with these people isn't the way to go. they need a firm grip on reality, right down to showing them graphic verbiage and imagery of what suicide leaves behind. good luck with whatever course you take.)

06.19.06, Kyle B., Gardner, MA., Very interested in the cultural phenomena of Dead Pools. Everyone has a morbid curiousity about death. Some like to bet or gamble. Why not combine the two.

06.19.06, Sean, Port Saint Lucie, FL, Hillarious website. I love driving over the skyway and always laugh at those "Crisis Phones". (as a society, we do spend a pile of money trying to protect those that don't want protection. whether it's jumping off a bridge or safe guarding every idiot from misusing every product everywhere. weeding out the idiots on this planet, through all fault of their own, should be a natural order of occurrence.) 

06.13.06, Jeff, St. Pete, Floriduh, Yes, this is sick and demented and you're all going to Hell for it. Now that I think of it, do you suppose there are big bridges like the Sunshine Skyway going over the lakes of fire in Hell? If so, how long would the line be to jump off of that? I mean, it is Hell after all. Really, when you think about it, does sin really mean anything there? You can't be condemned to Hell as you are already there.
Anyway, you're bad bad people. Not nearly as bad as that goddamned blue haired q-tip that was going 30 miles an hour in the left lane ahead of me the last time I drove over the bridge. I could only dream of her mint condition 68 Chrysler Imperial spinning wildly out of control, ricocheting off the steely confines of safe passage, plummeting madly towards oblivion below, violently smashing upon impact of the sea, twisting metal and flesh, mixing bone with blood, glass and water, before sinking slowly to the harsh and murky bottom, her fragile spine, crushing like powder from the impact, ejecting her teeth from her red lipstick stained mouth as the water rushed in, filling her wizened dry hateful old lungs making her last feeble breaths cold, wet and salty.
Die grandma, die!! You old scum sucking buzzard, you leech on society, you...
Oh, wait. I seemed to have digressed. Sorry about that.
You are all evil and should rot in Hell. I'll save a seat for you. I've got a luxury box reserved there. (we thought we had real hate mail for a second.)

06.10.15, aonymous faceless, davie, fl., kool site.. for the plp against suicide they dont know wat their rambling about... im a full supporter of it... evryone has a right to live and die.. they can end it as they please. *i should be on that list* no one should intervene.. alot of plp r against it u know.. i woulnt intervene.. ever.. hate me i dont care but my opinion will alwaus stand. if ur gonna take ur life do it right snd dont let intervention get in the way.. as for me i often wished i pulled thr trigger u know.. i dont respect the oppsers only the the for it plp. oh and one other thing.. kil the whole suicide help thing.. its not needed... blah... thats one thing i cant stand.. if u guys have this site then y the hell do u have a section called feeling >citation needed< i saw and was like k now i hate these guys.. i know that sec isnt so humurous.. as a matter of fact it ruins the whole humor mood of this site (love us, hate us, it's all the same to us. we offer the help section to those that could use it. besides, it helps us appear less like death mongers. after all, we are helpers, not harmers.)

06.09.06, Archana P., India, First of all Congratulations on having such a great sense of humour( down to catching attention by asking "What are you wearing now" !! How many of you are there in this by the way? And this is for all the future would-be-jumpers......Murder is punishable. Even if you are murdering yourself. You do not have a right to take away something that you cannot give. Every religion and common law says so. Keep up the good interesting work going and do tell any more whacky intereting sites around. (thank you for the good words. however, not everyone is bound by some irrational religious belief. you can indeed take your own life and no one has the right to deny us that. our lives are indeed ours to take, if we so desire. no law can stop that.) a reply:
06.17.06, Archana P., New Delhi, India, How can anyone take away something that he/she can't give. Life. Who is he to take away a life. His included. He should be shot. (you make no sense. of course one can take life.)

06.06.06, T., Clearwater, FL, Great site, although it sucks that society is so screwed up that instead of enjoying the beauty of the bridge, these idiots jump from it.

06.03.06, Steve, St. Petersburg, FL, Been coming here for years...Have responded before...Heard about it originally from Mark Larsen in his 970 WFLA days. It seems practically everyone's anticipating this day (6-6-06) with anxiety. Seems like the perfect time for someone to tragically take the plunge. (any bizarre 6.6.6 activities will occur strictly by the hand of man. evil comes in human form, nothing more.) 

05.25.06, Nikki, St. Pete. Florida, I have been reading this site for a few years now. I have never made a guess or given my opinion about anything written. It's not that I don't have one...of course I do. But, I just love reading the site. Whoever you are that responds to these idiots that get all fired up over it're awesome! Keep up the good work with the site. (thanks for the good words. we try to keep the site amusing, in spite of the subject matter. we welcome your opinions anytime you want to beam them in.)

05.13.06, Buster F., Naples, Florida, I, an upcoming civil engineer, am moderatly honored at the fact that some body would use a civil engineering structure such as the skyway as there last place alive. I mean I can guess why as Florida does not exactly have any cliffs one can jump from, and they prob dont wanna jump from a building and kill somebody else so why not jump from the tallest bridge in the Sunshine State 

05.03.06, Pat, Southold, NY, USA, I'm doing a speech on the skyway and i love this website. Love this page, love the skyway, and the disaster of '80 (we're sure there is nothing much to love about the skyway disaster, but appreciate the good words otherwise.)

04.27.06, Dawn, ...While I was looking for a picture of the bridge I found out that it is the #3 bridge in the country for jumpers. According to the website:, the latest jumper was 4/20 – that was last week! It also has how many people and how many saves there have been in the last few years, but really!!! I wouldn’t even look out the window on either side while I was driving over it, it was too damn scary. I actually made my friend switch places and had him drive back over it. He was lucky I made it over in the first place. Oh, and thanks Jeff for talking me over it on the way to Clearwater, imagining Adam underneath the bridge in a wet suit really helped. (this item was found on a blog.)

04.15.06, Frank, Palmetto Florida, USA, this is a nifty website. guess what my grandfather was second car(police unit) over the bridge old bridge to show it was still safe.

04.12.06, Jayme Lea, Dunedin, Fl., Hope I win again!!!!! P.S. The $100 check was great last time I won! (silly jayme, the $100 wasn't for winning the jumperpool, it was for sending us all those great naughty pictures of yourself. send us some more, but no more weird bondage shots. those were scary.)

04.06.06, Dave R., Venice FL USA., Great site! Found it humorous, and informative. I was looking for info on a group of people who tried "bungee jumping" with a cable off the bridge. Will continue to search google. 

04.04.06, george, helensburgh in the uk, hell, Darwin was right. Natural selection to weed out the weak (well weakminded in this case).

04.04.06, Dawn,Clearwater, Fl., Just wondering, no one is jumping anymore? Or no news in the paper? I can't believe suicides just stopped. (they didn't stop. they just censor the news. it's nothing new.)

03.26.06, Jessica, Apollo Beach, FL., ok guys... its march.... someone needs to jump... im gettin bored.... i put a link to u guys on myspace.... check it, i just love you people.... when i need to smile i just come here.... sad huh? oh well.... (we feel the love and weeeeeeet kisses. you know, it could be worse. you could be a fan of

03.16.06, John, Shelton, CT, US., I'd push my girlfriend off right about now. (a whole new industry could be made for that sort of business. imagine the lines at the top if it were legal.)

03.16.06, Evan, Tampa, this is cool, i feel very educated about this landmark

03.09.06, Steve S., Gardner, KS., Splash crackle POP!! There goes another jumper.

02.27.06, Laura, St. Pete, Florida, so i really like your site. if these people are so stupid as to try to jump off a bridge then there should be a site to make fun of them...i mean come on the only thing they want is to get attention..if they didnt then they would just sit at home not say anything thing to anyone and just do...keep up the site.

02.16.06, Amber, Wow what other website lets you try and guess when somebody is goin to try to kill themselves. Not sure if it is a good thing or not but it is kinds cool.

02.16.06, Stacey, Veedersburg, IN, USA, HAHAHAHA!! Hilarious site...

02.16.06, Hannah, This website is absolutely retarded. I love it. =) (you mean absolutely 'mentally challenged'.)

02.11.06, Brian, Gainesville, FL USA, Very interesting website, in good humor, and with an equally good perspective on suicide. As a psychology student, I can honestly say this website has no negative connotations. (thank you.)

02.02.06, William, St. Pete, Florida, I'm a little upset about being number 2. I just want to tell the fruit loops out there to put down the guns and ropes, and step up to the plate like a real fruit loop should! Come on people, lets get our crap together and strive to be number 1.

01.05.06, lifemundane, Most of my friends and family know that I have lost several people I care about to suicide. My step-mother, Sandy, my cousin, Charles and a very good friend of mine, "Lissa. I am including a link to the Jumper Pool, a site I have mentioned before. I am prone to depression, as I believe a lot of people we all know are. Maybe even someone reading this right now is. I am just too stubborn to take a permanent solution to a temporary problem and I personally know my God would not want me to hurt everyone I love this way. NOTHING IS EVER THAT BAD! The Jumper Pool site promotes getting HELP, not jumping to your death. (this item was found on this blog and we thank her for the good words. she gets it.)
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