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2007 updated: 07.19.08

latest comments are at the top. (our responses to comments follow.)
12.19.07, Jeremey, St. Petersburg, FL., I spend a lot of money on the tolls on this damn bridge, but you know what, its well worth it. I love this bridge!

12.19.07, Scott L., South River, NJ., Scott, I hate the hate mailers. I wish death on all of them in a horribley painful way. F**king pussys need to be bitch slapped and told that they are pussys... Oh yeah and I'm glad this site makes Jesus cry. Tell Ned Flanders if he loves Jesus so much go read the bible and not this site. I was trying to figure out how high you can jump and still live... This site is f**king sick and twisted. I wish I thought of it.

12.14.07, Lori, Pinellas Park Florida, It's just a fun site. I was reading about the Skyway accident after seeing past news stories about the skyway fall at Baywalk in downtown St. Pete. I am blonde, but I don't need to start over:)

12.07.07, unknown, Thanks for reminding me that jumping is a cowardly way out.. And the thing about my bones breaking and my organs rupturing, that helps too. Maybe I'll stick with a bottle of xanax + a bottle of vokda..

11.28.07, Denito S., Acapulco, mexico, I think this site is hilarious and awesome site of the year

11.27.07, Donna R., Palm Harbor, FL., It's as good as any other way I guess. If you shoot yourself at home. The family will never get that out of their mind, and then all that clean-up Yuck Always a possibility but very small your body will never be found-that would be hard for your family to live with.

some forum input:
BoomerD, LOL! Gotta love the enterprising idea...Jumper pool... Just look at the jumpers as dosing a bit of bleach in the gene pool... Seriously, there's not many things that are actually so bad that it's worth killing yourself over. I don't get it myself. I worked on the San Mateo bridge in S.F. bay several years ago. There were 4 jumpers during the project. One survived, but was badly fucked up. He jumped from about 150 feet into the bay, which is about 55 degrees year around. The survival rate off the Golden Gate is much more dismal... 
ironwing, Either the jumpers are getting better or the rescuers are getting worse. Notice that the yearly "Save" rate is dropping like a... 
Tylanner, looks like 2 different bridges to me or weird angle Is there money involved? crisis phones wtf? waste of money. He wants nets on the bridge? Thats the dumbest idea I've ever heard. (who wants nets? we do not. you best wear your reading glasses.)
aphex, Its the same bridge and yea, i have to stare at those crisis phones every day 
Captante, Great site! 
Throwmeabone, The bridge has solar-powered phones connected to crisis counselors.. 

10.24.07, Brad, Lake Villa Illinois, Suicide is a cowards way of dealing with their troubles. As long as it is real, someone might as well keep track of it and find a way to make light of it. I think this site is great. I'm glad I found your site.

10.23.07, Mr. Joshuah, St. Louis, MO., Sad to see people go - you have to appreciate the willingness to cause physical and relational pain to themselves and their families. For those who contemplate jumping:
1) Tell your family and/or friends & acquaintances that you want to jump off the bridge - ask them to refer you to a life insurance agent.
2) Buy life insurance coverage -or-
3) Increase your coverage to take care of your family
4) Talk to your life insurance agent about why you are getting the coverage and when you plan on jumping.
(we may be wrong, but isn't life insurance void with suicide?)

10.08.07, Badafuco, Ventura, CA., This bridge is amazing. My girlfriend and I drove over it last year. We were laughing at the fact there were crisis hotline phones on it and I wondered at the time how many people have jumped off it before. Then I saw your site. Great site. Sorry people choose to end it this way but at least they have a nice view on the way out. 

10.06.07, Charles M., Florida, Kool site, you sick bastards!!!

10.05.07, Rob, Palm Beach Fl., i lived there, this site is great. This is great, i love that bridge - every time i travel over it i think of this website. Thats a long way down!! Good luck to the next guy, jump like a skydiver!!!

10.04.07, Carl L., St Petersburg, FL., Woo hoo! stay out of their way. Put a recording on the crisis hotline phone asking them to call back later.

09.24.07, Gill, St. Petersburg, FL., This site is great, and you are hilarious! Keep posting and responding to hate mail! We want more! (thanks, gill, but while it would be great to take credit for our hilarity, we owe gratitude to all our haters for sending us the hate mail we all so much enjoy. thank you, haters, for without you, we are mere empty shells of humanity in an aimless world of mediocrity. <insert 'bullshit' horn or something here>)

09.21.07, unknown, hi, I'm from NYC we have several world known bridges here re:the George Washington ,Brooklyn etc.,but no Jumpers ! What gives in Tampa? (it must be the heat that drives us mad.)

09.20.07, Susie, Fleckney, Leicestershire. U.K., Hi All. I know it is wrong to laugh, but this site just cracks me up, I love it, I know it's sick but then again so am I? Thanks for giving me reason not to jump.... from anything, not even my chair.

08.27.15, necromancar, Brunswick, GA, USA, Tall bridges, one of Darwin's better tools. 

08.16.07, Scott G., Bradenton, Florida, Never would imagine a site like this!!! Thank God for the World Wide Web!!!!!!! (silly scott, anyone can tell you that al gore invented the internet. direct your thanks to him.)

08.14.07, Terri L., Port Charlotte, Florida US of A, I am sickly fascinated with this site and just spent 2 hours reading. (we are sickly fascinated too, but we spent a few more hours on this mess.)

08.13.07, found on a news article's comment section, Chopperoad says... Morbid curiosity caused me to spend over an hour on this site. It's actually pretty interesting. The site just basically provides news articles of suicide jumpers off the skyway, but what is interesting is the friends and families of the jumpers coming on and getting upset that this site puts the articles up. There was one comment somewhere with in the pages, I wish I would have marked it, was from a woman who said she had thought about jumping quite often from the skyway until she stumbled across this website, and the realization of what happens to your body when you hit, and then the anguish of the surviving loved ones caused her to wake up. So, the site does have a positive outcome. Anyways, I'm rambling, again. (see, some people do get this site. thanks, chopperoad.)

08.04.07, AHOLE MAN, tampa, fl, USA., I love it I am a morbid son of a bitch.

08.01.07, Nick S., Suicide's usually for hipocritical people its quite selfish. 

06.29.07, brian, fort myers, florida, i think this is the greatest thing ever! possibly a bit sadistic but, hey, it's not my problem they jump (exactly, and it's not our problem either.)

06.22.07, Andrew F., Cedar Grove, TN., What no jumpers in june come on where's the jumpers ?

06.15.07, Law Dawg, well how is the weather in Pinellas County? Just went by the jumper website and no new flightless birds jumpin lately. So I will have to guess again on when and how. LOL When are ya'll going to add more of the boneheads hate mail? I do enjoy reading them and your come backs. 10-8 Radio (thanks for the good words. lately it's stinkin' pukin' hot. the hate mail is a site favorite. it gets priority response when we get it. perhaps the fear of the hate mail response keeps some from hating on us. thanks for your continued interest. 10-10 computer.)
06.10.07, Paul, Sarasota, Did you make a change to your html code on links? The link now on my page says Paris Hilton is an idiot?  ROTFLMAO! If you did it great, if not, maybe someone hijacked your website... (leave it to you to spot that change so fast. we thought we might inject personal opinion on the banner every so often. this paris hilton craze makes us nuts. she is of so little importance, yet the masses clamor for her like some elite deity. she has zero talent and is only famous for being famous. she is nothing more than a media distraction from the really important issues. thanks again for all your support.)

06.03.07, Casey, California, Interesting site. Some of the comments you write are a bit disturbing though. Like "he should get over his bullshit depression" yikes.. I can really feel the compassion there. I guess it's humor, if you can call it funny. Any way you rationalize it, you're still laughing at mentally ill people. I just feel sad that we live in a society where people feel so desperate that they want to jump off a bridge, and others sit and watch and laugh at them. Anyway not saying I hate this site or anything, I just felt compelled to respond to some of the comments I see here.. Like the one woman talking about how she missed "the show" by arriving at the scene after someone had jumped. How can people be so sick.. (we suppose people can read our comment "he should get over his bullshit depression" and feel we are without compassion. we do have compassion for those left behind. however, we feel depression is something anyone can be done with. it may well be hard, but it's not impossible and can be done without drugs. you can get over it. people have taken themselves out throughout history and will continue to do so forever more. why pretend it's something so taboo, we can't talk about it, much less joke about it? perhaps it's a dose of reality the suicidal needs. some of our site visitors do take it to extremes, but we want to show all sides of people's reactions, good, bad, and even mean spirited. thanks for your input.)

06.01.07, Dave D., Naples, FL., Love the website. Very informative and even more entertaining. 

05.28.07, medalian1, No they're are all losers (suicide people). If they wanna jump, great jump! Don't waste everyones time if your not going to do it. They need a mailbox up there to put your ID into before you jump. I can't stand attempted suicide ... just do it or shutup! (this item was found on some random blog.)

05.27.07, Ben D., Pinellas Park, Nope sometimes we have to standback and let folks do what ever they want. Some are floaters and some Sinkers. But all are Fish Food. People jump for the Fun of it. Some are just better swimmers then others. But all want to make the Saint Pete Times paper. You all need to promote more the Skyway needs to make the top list of dumb-ass jumpers. We need a Web-Cam setup so in real time we can know who wins the pool. All Seriousness aside it would be nice for a Jumper to let you know they were going to jump before hand so one of us could give them a hand held camera with a buoy on it so they could film themselves as they went over and in to the Gulf. Then afterward you could put it up on the site as a click pay per view so you would not need Paypal to pay server and hosting cost. Just a thought. And would it be in bad taste to ask a female jumper for sex before she jumps? I mean if she is that bad you won't have to call the next day, now would ya. Did Dylan F., St. Pete, Florida,US Push the sucker over his times are to close for a guess. I think he might have had some heads up on this jumping bean. Of course the guy might be a real high diver who can't swim. I wished you would have never thought of this site! I would have liked to have done it myself. Oh well last one in is a better manager of there time? LOL I love the hate mails they kick A$$. Do ya'll live in Pinellas County? Or The St Pete area. I know you keep reminding these holy then thou people about jumpers, little do they know that Folks have been jumping from this bridge since the mid 40's And Law-Enforcement will never tell how many really jump. But it is a Lot more then you est. I can't tell how I know but I do. Well I love this site good luck, maybe it is time for you to put an ad or two on here to help pay hosting fee. Seeya Take Care Stay Safe. Keep both feet planted on the ground... LOL (this is an amalgam of six formmails spanning 12:52-4:40am, 05.27.07. leave it to to cure the chronic insomniac. sleep well, ben.) 

05.25.07, jessica, myspace, be nice to blondes... ya know... we just dont get ur silly little joke thingys about us... like... whatever... (we will gladly 'splain any and all joke thingys slowly and with diagrams, at your request.)

05.19.07, Death Metal Shawn, myspace, There was a jumper the middle of last week who didn't even make it to the water, rather he splattered on the rocks. If you are gonna jump from the Skyway folks, at least have the courtesy for rescue cleanup workers to do it right!

05.03.07, doug f., clearwater, fl., if you cant stand the heat jump off the skyway. what makes me mad is all these ass clowns posting there complaints insted of looking at if you dont like it click on address and type in and it will take you to your site if you dont like something why would you keep looing at it move on and get over it.

05.01.07, Steve M., West St. Paul, Minnesota, If somehow this site keeps one person from ending their life and ruining their loved ones lives it's awesome!

04.26.07, tyler m., virden manitoba canada, your site is f**kin funny. you are some seriously twisted people ha ha. well hope i win peace eh

04.26.07, Kevin B., Phoenix AZ. USA., Never thought about it. Not gonna do it. Don't care if anyone else does it. I've heard that if you go in feet 1st,the water rushing up your ass, completely destroys your insides and you go fairly quick. Any thoughts? (we suppose it depends on just how wide your ass might be. your insides do tend to get scrambled a bit more from the blunt force trauma, rather than water getting inside.)

04.26.07, Lisa B., Phoenix AZ. USA., Also not thinking about it. Don't care if anyone else does it, as long as they do it right the first time.

03.13.07, Susan G.H., St. Pete, Fl USA SUCKA!, Saw a show on tlc and got on the internet to look for SKYWAY JUMPERS and came right to your page! yeay! All I can say is THANK YOU for this page! My family and I often think about the jumpers on the Skyway... I don't want anyone to jump, but it's good to know when to call my husband to come home late, or go to work late because of a traffic back up becaue of a jumper. I don't understand what these people are thinking when they make the decision to jump. VERY SAD PEOPLE. Thank you once again! (you are very welcome.)

03.10.07, unknown, Clearwater, Fl., USA, OMG, I work at a local hospital in Pinellas Co. and we have had so many unstable patients this week, after the full moon. I can not believe no has jumped since last Saturday 3-3-07. Just wondering if any jumpers this week? (what jumper on 03.03.07?)

02.28.07, will, myspace, Coolest site ever, for the morally depraved (such as myself) Nice video, you need like a backround image of rocks with a bullseye on it and like a 10 in the middle. that's my gift of intellectual property to you enjoy it. Anyhow cool site, like they say, you might-as-well jump!

02.23.07, carol, bradenton, fl., suicide, the chickens way out deal with it

02.17.07, william, St. Pete, FL., America, I love the fact that people kill themselves. It's a good form of population control also. Now that being said, if you are thinking of suicide, I would like to say MAN UP!! So what if life sucks, deal with it like the rest of us. But if you are a weak person and you are going to kill youself...GOOD, because this country has enough weak minded leaches sucking the life out of it. (come on, get off the fence, how do you really feel?) 

02.11.07, Zach T., Tampa, FLA., awesome site! keep up the good work and screw anyone who is against this site. they have no sense of humor and have no idea about the real meaning of life - there is no meaning!

02.10.07, Will V., Bradenton, Florida, US., Someone I knew jumped off and I found the site through a friend so that I could get info on what happened. I think this site is awesome, most people don't get the satire involved with this. I feel nothing for people who jump, there is always, another way out and these people are either too lazy to look for one or too anxious for attention to bother with it. Anyhow, keep it up, I'm sure other degenerates such as myself love this just as much as I do. (thanks for the good words. if you wish to comment on this jump you refer to, please do.)

02.09.07, I find myself browsing the site tonight (tangent from an earlier Skyway Bridge discussion...) and found that they had this spiffy f-word informative animation. Not safe for places where you don't want your speakers playing the f-word. (this item was found on some random blog.)

02.07.07, Morgan W., St. Louis, MO., I guess it's cheaper and more exciting than a gun. (not as messy either.)

02.05.07, Leah, Ellenton, If I were going to kill myself this would be the way to go-a fast & furious 3&1/2 seconds. I would rather hit the water than the rocks though...

01.28.07, Vic S., Maybe a day of sunshine up there might help raise the spirits of the jumpers? Sunshine doesn't help the Sunshine Skyway. It's the #3 suicide site in the country. I ran across this site last year when looking for fishing pier info, and now there will always be a cloud there when we make our annual trip, and spend hours fishing next to the skyway. Just makes me want to get my boat even more, so I can fish elsewhere. The site is disturbing, with some moving posts from friends and families of the jumpers. It gets a lot of criticism because of its dead pool nature, but I think it's possible that it saves some lives. later: I've fished there almost every year of the past 15 or so, and the thought never entered my mind. Maybe because there are no such jump sites anywhere near where I've lived. I think these bridges have a fatal attraction for some people who might not ever commit suicide by other means. Pretty damn strange. (thanks, vic. this item is a post found in google group: 

01.27.07, Ed R., St Pete, FL., At 18 years of age I stuck a loaded 7mm bolt action rifle in my mouth and pulled the trigger. It did not go off and I still have the shell with the dented primer to remind me that God did not want me to end up that way. (that's a memory not soon to be forgotten. thanks for the story, we hope you cope well now.)

01.18.07, Cole O., Mid Feb Crazy Wanna be jumpers, If she's still interested I'd be willing to talk. I'm going to have to bail if I can't improve things pretty soon. I'm not going to be talked out of it... but it might make for an interesting article. (cole is responding to michelle. she contacted us some time ago and posted the following on the advisory page:
11.03.05, Michelle V., Los Angeles, I'm looking for somone who has been talked down from jumping for a piece I'm writing for a national magazine. I'd like to know what happened- what worked for you and what didn't. Please contact me at (contact) Thank you. (sorry, cole, we passed along your email, but she wrote her article and is no longer interested. good luck. perhaps you can give us more information as to why you want to end it. please seek help.)

01.10.07, Jamie S., Satsuma, FL., was talking about deadpools people have, which I also do...and then I saw this site on a list of sites affiliated with deadpools. I think it would be a great idea to have a contest regarding how many suicides with guns, pills, jumps, and other methods are successfully attempted in the US in the given calendar year. SUICIDE- the only crime that has noone ever convicted of committing. (thank you for your input. if you have a deadpool to list, please let us know. we will link to it on our link page.) jamie replies:
01.13.07, I have no link to the deadpool list my sister and I have for 2007, however the people on the list I have are as follows: Fidel Castro, Betty Ford, Claude Levi Strauss, Albert Hoffman, Lady Bird Johnson, Dick Clark, Kitty Carlisle, Charles Nelson Reilly, William F. Buckley, Margaret Thatcher, Roger Ebert, Nancy Reagan, Brokke Astor, Micheal J. Fox, Anette Funicello, Jesse Helms, Jonathan Winters, Tom Poston, Mel Brooks, Carol Channing and Walter Cronkite. My sister has Arthur C. Clark, Barbara Billingsley, Jesse Helms, Billy Graham, Professor Irwin Corey, Abe Vigoda, Lady Bird Johnson, Abigail Van Buren, Kirk Douglas, Jerry Lewis, Phyllis Diller, Andy Rooney, George Beverly Shea, Mel Brooks, Chuck Berry, Karl Malden, Fidel Castro, Kitty Carlisle, Dick Clark, Baby Peggy-Jean Montgomery and Tony Curtis. Both picks are picked without prior knowledge of the other's picks. Those listed on both list are purely coincidental. The last one on each list is what we affectionately call our BONUS PICK. May all listed outlive this and many years. Thank you, Jamie S. (no! not barbara billingsley! not our june cleaver! say it won't be so! we must admit, reading your two lists were somewhat disturbing, as most every one of them has a good chance of skipping into the afterlife relatively soon. uh, bad luck to you both. with your list picks, that is. geez, how does one wish luck in a situation like this? may all your picks come true? no, that ain't be sounding right. may all your picks live long and that you and your sister are big losers? no, that sounds mean. we thinks we're gonna stop here. thanks for your input and may all your, oh, never mind.)

01.04.07, Krisanco_K., myspace, a post from my blog, Thursday, January 04, 2007, Pain really sucks. 
   A few years back, I was having so much pain I literally was almost insane. It was at a time when I was being too stubborn to take the strong pain medications that my doctor prescribed. I was concerned about becoming addicted to them. I was in so much pain, I wanted to drive up to the Skyway Bridge a few miles North of here and just jump. 
   The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is an extremely high suspension bridge that spans Tampa the Golden Gate. It even looks sort of like the Golden Gate. I've heard that when you hit the water from that high up, it's like smashing onto cement. I really worried my husband because I told him I was in such pain I was wanting to end it by stopping my car on the Skyway on my way back from St. Pete one of these nights to jump. Once you've taken that leap off that towering structure, there's absoloutly no turning back; you've made the commitment to meet your maker. One person, maybe it was two who jumped at the same time supposedly lived after jumping. I think it was said that they were caught by a sudden uplift of thermal air which made them fall much more lightly than normal. One of them might have had some broken bones however. I really don't remember the whole story. There's so many stories about jumpers and the Sunshine Skyway bridge. All of them true as far as I know. There's also some stories about ghosts that hitch rides with people and with cops on the Skyway. A couple people have seen one of them, and even picked her up more than once, in the rain. Then she'll suddenly vanish from the car. 
   But anyway, I really didn't have the energy to go through with a jump however. No telling if I would have had the guts to do it. It involves climbing over a barrier of some sort before you can jump. Just the THOUGHT of driving up there, parking the car and running to climb over the barrier to make the jump before a trooper would arrive to stop me was exhausting. I figured that trying the pain medication would be a lot easier since it would entail using much less energy than the whole jumping scenerio. So it was by that irrational rationalization that I finally decided to get over the stubborness and take the pain meds. 
   The medication wasn't enough to kill all the pain, but it was at least able take that really horrid edge off the pain. After I took it, I didn't feel like I wanted to end my pain by doing myself in anymore. 
   When I was thinking rational again, I remember being astonished at having learned that pain could get so intense that it could make an otherwise sane person so irrationally crazy like that. That is, if you classify me as being sane, and I know that some of you do not. 
   One night soon after, I was on my way back from my class in St. Pete. As I approached the highest elevation of the Southbound span of the Skyway, I could see that the side of the bridge was lined with what must have been two dozen or so St. Pete police cars with blue lights flashing. I slowed way down, and could see there was a small white car parked on the side of the bridge at about the middle of the highest point. The police were shining strong spotlights down into the water from way up there. It was such an eeire sight, and it sent a shiver down my spine to realize someone might have jumped that night. 
   I fell into my husband's arms as soon as I got home, and told him what I had seen on the bridge. I could tell by the way he held me so close he was thinking that could have been me had I not chosen the pain meds instead of the irrational alternative I had been thinking of. I could feel him shaking ever so slightly as he held me close. I silently wondered if the jumper had possibly been driven insane by intense chronic pain. As I snuggled into his chest, I was pretty glad I chose the meds instead of another way to end the horrendous pain. Incidently, I was careful not to become addicted to the pain medications.
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