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2004 updated: 03.10.08

latest comments are at the top. (our responses to comments follow.)
12.15.04, Michelle, West Paris, ME, Hey, how can I convince someone she should be the next jumper? I know this loser in Bradenton who needs to end the misery she inflicts on anyone who's ever met her. I think it would be great if her last act was to provide some entertainment by way of this website. (My husband says I can't send my "jumperpool fan" t*t shots -- sorry) (not half as sorry as we are. would he cave to you begging on our behalf? give that a try. anyway, as for helping your 'someone' jump off the bridge, we advise against it. something about it being illegal and all. keep wishing and maybe you will get lucky. we'll keep wishing too. now go start begging.)

12.10.04, Dev, I like your site and wrote in often when a friend of mine "jumped". I LOVE your responses to most, and am looking for the web address of one site in which your response to an angry writer that used the word 'f**k' a lot was for him or her to visit that 'f**k' website. Could you give me that web addy? I am searching here high and low and cannot find it anywhere! Thanks a BUNCH, and have a nice f**king day! LOL (we have no f**king idea what the f**k you are talking the f**k about.)

12.01.04, Joseph B., St. Louis, MO., Damn shame, the selfish bastards. But if I can get cheap bragging rights off their foolish demise, then "Yay, me!"

11.28.04, Trish, Bradenton, FL., Keep sending the "hate mail", they're funny to read! To all the people who get offended by this site, DON'T READ IT! These selfish "great" people are obviously not so "great" or they'd find solutions instead of suicide.

11.25.04, Matt, Evanston, IL., check out what mark twain had to say. I'm surprised they don't get complaints. I think your site is awesome. (thanks for the link and the good words.)

11.24.04, Keb, Meridian, Idaho, Hi! I grew up on Treasure Island and not only did I catch a lot of Sail Cats and Sharks below the bridge but I routinely jumped from the lower portions of it. Once I did go about halfway up to the suspension columns and jumped from there but ... since I couldn't walk and bend over for a week I decided not to go up that far anymore! (sometimes life's lessons are hard learned.)

11.21.04, Jack L., Portland, Oregon, USA, This is amazing, I cannot beleive you guys are getting away with it, yet I can and I worship the ground you walk on and I would give you good good sex. (thank you for the good good words. if we had a dollar for every offer of 'good good sex' we've received, we could purchase something shiny to distract us. we appreciate the offer, but it's just not worth all the pain, crying, and the clean-up afterwards.)

11.20.04, jamie e., athol, ma, usa, im gonna be all ignorant here but i think you guys have every right to have this website up... i can see how this hurts the family and friends of the people who plunge, but what about the adverse influence it has on your lives... you appearently live in the metro tampa/st pete area and probally have cruised over the bridge a million times... and these rude people have the nerve to jump off while probally hundreds of innocent people(lets hope no children have been exposed) watch. so if they get to be so rude and inconsiderate to do that to people then all the more power to you for returning the favor...

11.19.04, Neil C., Liberty, NC., I am glad to see that someone found something useful to do with jumpers.

11.19.04, Ann McA., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Great website! Shows we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously.

11.18.04, Steve M., St. Paul, MN., USA, I read about a bus driver having a heart attack on the bridge and the bus ramming the rail at the top. Got me to looking at web pages about the book and here I am. Cool page! To bad the child abuser was saved!

11.07.04, Ky, Austin, Let me get this sraight. People want to vist this site then take there precious time to bitch about something they can't change, when the whole time they are just adding to what makes these sites stay alive? People are acting like this site is the anti-christ or the start of armageddon. With all the crap that is on the internet today, what is the big deal with this site? I think these people need to stop being panzies and realize that this is real life. People are going to clown on things that piss other people off. It's just human nature. You can write or post anything you want on the internet (except kiddie porn) that's what makes it so great! Hey folks can you dry your eyes long enough to hit the back button on your computer screen? That's all it takes to get this site out of your life forever. I say carry on with this site. Do whatever gets your rocks off. P.S. Have you thought of a murder pool?

11.04.04, unknown, Even after all this time, this event still haunts me and I wish every day she would have reached out......

10.28.04, Deborah M., Brisbane Australia, Firstly, I note that this is a forum for the topic of SUICIDE not Euthenasia! This site allows one who is a survivor of suicide such as myself, to indulge in a topic that is shrouded in silence and shame in Western society. The fact that the act of suicide is nothing more than the ultimate way of saying "F--- you" - to your friends, family and work mates - and could only be expressed in such a vulgar manner by someone who lacks the ability to articulate words and emotions or who clearly misses the point as to what life is all about. In my view this is not an excuse to ruin someone elses day/life and for anyone who might consider trying to send such a pathetic message to their loved ones consider this - (Especially if you want to jump to your death) - you will have approximately 30 seconds to consider what an idiot you are - no time for regrets as you will be more worried about whether you will die instantly or not - As you are floating in a state of "waiting to die" you should consider the intense pain you will feel once your aorta has exploded and your lungs are slowly melting into soup - this will make you forget, QUICK SMART, why you did this in the first place. You wont be here to say sorry, you wont be here to see the immense pain and suffering that will be inflicted on all of your friends and family (yes even the ones whom you are not pissed off at), and you wont be here to stop people pissing on your grave and memory for all eternity. Now back to reality - My best advise is to use your time to your advantage - If you hate your family and friends so much that you dont want to be near them - Use your imagination - Move - after all you are free, reasonably well educated and able bodied - We live in a time when the the world offers so much - life is a banquet - SO go stuff yourself. deborah continues:
10.28.04, Deborah M., Brisbane Australia, I think this site is extremely revealing in that it gives people an opportunity to explore what is normally one of societies taboos. (Suicide not Euthanasia). After looking at the Skyway Bridge walls I realised that these are very similiar to those found on the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane (3 ft of wall between commonsense, help, and kingdom come). After 5 years, much rallying by local Doctors, mental health groups and community organisations, to have a barrier erected on the Gateway - The Queensland State Government continued to ignore the pleas. In 1991 - a young boy (18) ended his life. Six months later, as my husband was driving to work - he impulsively ended his life. If there had been a barrier something or someone might have made these people consider the alternatives. The parents of that boy, and I - began to lobby very hard and raise public awareness of precisely how important it was for the State Government to put up a barrier, so that this structure could no longer be a tool for self destruction. Your comments about a barrier making the structure unsound are misinformed - the barrier on the Gateway was in fact designed by architects and engineers and it was at the small cost of $750,000 AU. To deter 13.5 lives from suicide a year for eternity is in my view a small cost. The barrier is a deterrent and I would hope that you will use this site to lobby your GOVT to put a barrier on the Skyway. Fishing bodies out of rivers, telling family and loved ones that their relative is dead, doing autopsies, and all the medical and social support that goes into helping the survivors of suicide is a huge burdon on our society - suicide prevention is what matters and while there is no barrier on the Skyway and only 3ft of wall between commonsense, help and kingdom come, then prevention is unlikely. The greater Brisbane community have closure and feel that they can view this structure as a work of art as it can not be used as a suicide tool. Also I think Governements need to consider the liability issues - The fact that this bridge was opened with a 3ft barrier might raise some very good grounds for litigation - The costs of surviving suicide are enormous to our communities and the people left to sort through the grief. I dont think one has to be a mental giant to work out that opening the Skyway without a barrier was foolish and callous given the evidence out there. This structure will be a stark reminder and potential threat to your community and it is my wish that it does not take 5 years for your GOVT to do something about it. (thank you for your impassioned input. we are sorry about your loss to suicide. as for the barriers on your 'gateway bridge', we wonder how many that would have jumped from the bridge, found other methods to end their lives. we suspect that eventually, such barriers will be installed on the skyway.) deborah replies:
10.29.04, Deborah, Brisbane, Australia, Thank you for your understanding comments in relation to my letters. I am immensely relieved the hear that you are hopeful for a barrier on the Skyway. I cannot say that a site such as this would have been a comfort to me in the early days/years following my husband's death, but I can see that it has the macabre and even the cathartic ability to take the sting out of an otherwise extremely painful issue for those who are generally concerned about the losses or the progress on attaining a barrier for the Skyway. I agree with your comments about the debate over "using other methods". This argument was used extensively in the lead up to the Gateway barrier being built. But in truth - that is not the point. The fact is before the barrier was built, a momentary lapse of reason was met with no resistence - Out of all the mortality statistics known in the world today, Suicide is the easiest cause of death to prevent. SO why do our GOVTs build tools like these. Thank you and good luck with obtaining a barrier. (our governments build these tools [bridges] in order to give us the ability to traverse an expanse of water that would otherwise be impossible for vehicular traffic to cross. sure, it would be great if the government or society in general could prevent suicide on all levels, but that is simply not possible. it can not be expected that we build barricades and preventions around every harmful situation known to man. there will always be buildings with accessible roofs, windows that open, and hundreds of other structures of height to aid the suicidal jumper. that's the way it's always been and that's the way it will always be. there is no way to prevent people from doing harm to themselves, either intentionally or by accident. there is no end to the methods available to kill oneself, if one has that goal in mind.)

10.20.04, GopherGas, Knoxville, TN, USA, Bridge jumping seems a bit ridiculous as a means of suicide. If you're bound, bent, and determined to end your life, don't do it in a way that could simply maim you forever.

10.19.04, zb, usa, I'm not condoning suicide in any way or think there's any humor in it whatsoever, but reading some of the comments at this site, some contributors don't really know what happens or how it feels. Those offended shouldn't be here, but then again those who think it's funny and people getting mad at them for poking fun, those offended shouldn't be dumb enough to write what they do, the way they do. I wanted to kill myself. I often dreamed about putting a gun to my head and one day was going to do it. I drove to an overpass and locked myself in the car with a loaded gun to my head. I was so close, but was stopped because I was found and rescued after I passed out momentarily and was totally numb. I can't tell you how damn bad I wanted to eat a bullet. When it was almost too late another time, a friend found me after I didn't say anything and just left after ingesting too many combination meds at one time and cut my wrists and I still didn't die. I still want to put a gun to my head to this day, but I have mixed feelings. I figured if I put that much energy, if you can call it that, into what I'm capable of in life, I'd have it made. People tell me that I'm special and they care about me, but it doesn't want to register. The bottom line is I'm still here though. Whether I want to admit it or not, I'm still here struggling on because I know who I am. I agree it's selfish, but if more people could accept their life and get past the superficial things, maybe it'd be different and wouldn't have to take their frustration out on others and these things wouldn't happen. Some won't have to feel they have to hide what their really feeling and give in to the ultimate sacrifice because they're tired of living. People want to pick on the blondes or those of supposed "artificial intelligence" fine, but AI is no match for natural stupidity. It takes all kinds, the good with the bad, and if people are offended by this, then so be it. Love this site or hate it, there are far worse things out so don't hold this site responsible because the more you despise it and make it known the more fuel you're adding to the fire. For every site that's attempted to be shut down, it will spawn 10 more in its place. BTW, gotta give this site a thumbs up even though suicide is very serious and shouldn't be taken lightly, ever. (we hope you see the folly of attempted death and can make a life worth living. we are all special in our own way. find your way and find happiness. best of luck.)

10.19.04, Jayme, Dunedin, Fl., Come on guys, times running out. Don't you want to be a statistic for 2004? I'm betting someone jumps November 2nd due to the election. 

10.14.04, t. j., Tampa, FL., Suicide is wrong any way that you think about it. Laughing and making a joke about it is even more wrong. However, there is something intriguing that draws people to this website no matter how wrong we all know it is. It's like staring at a fatal car accident as you drive by because you just HAVE to see what happened or laughing at someone when they fall BEFORE stopping to make sure they're okay. You just can't help it.

10.09.04, haydn b., riva presso chieri, italy, there are a lot of crazy people out, my advice to you if you meet one, fly away.

10.08.04, Steve, Hell, Mi, USA, it was the national marijuana day he didnt buy any got depressed and jumped off the the bridge landing on the bow of a freighter landing head first (of course killing the man instantly)

09.29.04, mike R., R`PTON Q`LAND. AU., G`DAY OVER THERE, YOUR SITE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY JERKY, SO IF YOU HAVE GOT ANYTHING INTERESTING, OR OTHERWISE, SOCK IT TO ME. (we go way back with jerky. tell him thanks and we miss him. does he still smell like bad fish?)

09.27.04, bec, perth, australia, haha, damn u guys are da bomb. we have the mundaring weir here in western australia, already 3 suicides this year. some kinda record here. damn i wish i lived in the US, u sadisitic bitches and bastards lol (imagine that, you want to be here and we want to be there. perhaps there is some sort of sadist exchange program that we can wrangle our governments into sponsoring for us. we can journey to each other's home land and study 'suicidal tendencies as it implies to water based structures in a modern age'. you know, turn up the bullshit quotient so we qualify.)

09.24.04, Jose G., Brisbane Qld Australia, came across your site while surfing the web. I don't think what you are doing is bad because it is really no different to any other news source. I notice from the comments regarding that lovely sounding 25 year old girl Jenny!?! that people were actually using your site to find out info (if her body had been found yet). One thing i must add, we have a similarly plagued bridge here in Australia (the Gateway Bridge) with 2 suicides on its opening day! One solution they have found is to instal unclimbable fencing all the way across, it is simply impossible to go over the side, any chance of this happening there? (from what we understand, adding such fencing to the bridge would cause wind load stress that the bridge was not designed to handle. besides, all that fencing would make the bridge look like crap and suicidal people would just find another way to wuss out of life.) 

09.17.04, unknown, Found this site a few years ago on another website. I still enjoy it and check it out whenever I can. So many dying people would give anything just to stay alive, and these assholes willingly throw it all away. Why? Just beyond me....

09.14.04, km, st. pete, If people are dumb enough to jump let them , get help or jump

09.11.04, Dave, Brodhead, WI., What a great site! Entertainment at it's finest. Do you guys sell t-shirts too? (we'd like to have t-shirts made, but need some sort of jumper graphics. any ideas?)

09.08.04, Ron C., Palmetto, Fl. USA, I am the reason many people jump. Hell just knowing me makes people want to jump. If I didn't like myself so much I would jump just knowing me. (your input makes us want to jump. we kid because we love.)

08.31.04, joanna b., ipswich suffolk uk england, what went through there minds before and durring the jump? before JUMP AND END IT ALL? and durring SHIT? no one should feel that low its sad. if anyone is thinkin of suicide please think 1st and try and get help. live life to the full. (what goes through the mind of the average jumper? a hefty dose of sea water.)

08.28.04, C.J.E., Omaha, NE, USA, Great site, people that are selfish enough to take their own life deserve to be made fun of.

08.21.04, tracy, daytona beach, fl., Alright, so all these people are sending you hate mail and trying to make it out like you cause people to jump from this bridge. Well, in my case, this page actually changed my mind. For the longest time, I wanted to jump from the Sunshine Skyway. I think I was sort of intrigued with the thought of falling that far or something. Then I found this webpage and started reading about my bones breaking and organs rupturing and it also made me realize what I would do to my family. So to all those who want to blame you/your webpage, I suggest they have second thoughts. Anyone who is thinking of jumping should read this page to get some sense knocked into their heads. (thank you, tracy, for sending in your thoughts and opinions. we are pleased that we could help you in this offhand way. we further hope that any thoughts of suicide are over for you and that you can live a happy and healthy life.)

08.16.04, Baska, Farmington, MN, USA, Suicides are generally chickenshit. Nothing is so bad that won't improve, nobody is so worthless that they go through life completely unloved. Also, I would guess it hurts like a mother.

08.09.04, John R., Clearwater, I figure some goofy chick is going to try a jump this week. (no shortage of those around.)

08.09.04, Chris S., Lutz, This sight's awesome! Who would'a thought I'd be able to put my guess in when the next jumper'll be of the Skyway. Too bad those depressed people are a great source of entertainment. I especially like the Crisis Phone's they put up, who thought of that one? Well I Hope I win.

08.04.04, Chris, Kansas City, MO, USA, I think someone who commits suicide is selfish, but one thing I have learned, usually the person doing it is not the person that you know.

08.04.04, anon, LMAO, OMG, WTF, dude, this site is funny as hell!! lmao!!!

08.01.04, Meaghan, Bellaire Beach, Fl., I just wanted to say... I luv your answers to the "Hate Mail" section  :o)  LOL (thanks, meaghan. we luv that you luv our stuff. the hate mail section is our favorite too.)

07.23.04, Jayme, Dunedin, Fl., Hey, I'm sick of my job. Anyone know where I can get a new one? I spend like a half hour on this site a day at work and you people havent had any interesting comments lately... Anyone need a receptionist... writer... whatever... (if being sick of our jobs were a real disease, this country would be under a pandemic outbreak. the fact you spend a half hour a day on this site is complimentary on one hand, worrisome on the other. did you know there are other websites on the internet? it's true. ask around and you will see. comments to the jumperpool run in cycles. sometimes we get many, other times, nothing. as for job opportunities, we are always on the lookout for a free spirited female to do that 'whatever' thing you mentioned.)

07.19.04, Cara, Merritt Island, FL., 3 of the past 4 times I've been to Tampa there has been a jumper attempt. I'm visiting again on 7/21. Figured I'd see if fate is at work here...

07.14.04, Jim M., London, England, Just stumbled across your little site. 'Tis nothing short of genius!! I particularly appreciated the courteous responses to those whose genuine grief at the loss of a friend or loved one was all too clear, thus adding a certain piquancy to the restrained invective of your responses to the host of humourless, whineing little shits who populate your "hate mail" section. All in all, your attitude and policy seem both proportionate and responsible. Any chance of you guys taking over from Dubya? God Bless America, and your cuddly colonial hearts with her! Keep up the good work. (thanks for the good words. we do understand the grief felt by those that lose someone on that bridge, it's just hard to understand why someone would end their own life in the first place. we suppose pain comes by many ways and to end this pain in their own way is their own business. while we are sympathetic to those who hurt, we have little regard for those that flame us. it is within these responses we do find our entertainment. while we wish the situation in iraq would come to some happy conclusion quickly, it's better to settle this over there, then to have this shit happening over here. in reality, we doubt those feudalistic idiots appreciate what we are doing for them and will continue the asinine barbarianism that has prevailed in that region since the beginning of time. we do appreciate all the help your country has provided. whether what we are doing over there is good or bad, we're proud to have you brits there beside us.)

07.10.04, Kalen R., Norton, MA., US., yea so suicide is pretty dumb i think its just a form of expressing your weakness. idk suicide is weak shit if ur weak and cant handle it u kill urself but yea idk thats just what i think. i got a kick outa the site tho i think its pretty funny. if ppl r weak enough 2 go killin themselves then sure y not make a site and hav sum fun with it. (what country are you from? your language appears english like. are you one of those canadians?)

06.30.04, Lisa, Gainesville, Fl., searching for places to go camping in St. Pete area, can't resist a morbidly interesting webpage. I have visited your whole website, the only thing that really bothers me is that I wish you believed in God. I hope you change your mind about that someday soon, But anyway, I check your site everyday, I find it very interesting. As far as suicide, I had a close friend commit suicide 10 years ago, I have contemplated suicide since I was a young child so I know exactly what people are feeling when they commit suicide, I am just very scared that I will go to hell if I do it, I also want my children to be grown before I do it, I think it will be easier then. annyway... I am thinking about sending in a picture for the jumperpool lovers page. What do you think? (camping at fort desoto is great and recommended. there are lots of things to do there and the scenery is spectacular. incidentally, it's within view of the skyway bridge. perhaps we're too much the realists to grasp any sort of fantasy we believe religion to be. why is it you feel the need to end your own life? waiting for your children to be grown is an odd notion. we can't imagine any age at which we would understand one of our parents clocking themselves out of life, unless they were severely sick or in great physical pain. are you severely sick or in great physical pain? your children would suffer greatly if you do this, regardless of their age.)

06.21.04, Kathy R., Clearwater, Fla. USA, wow. I think I emailed you already...this helps me a GREAT DEAL...keep TRACK of the jumpers to ADD to my book: 'SKYWAY'. I, for ONE...APPRECIATE this info VERY MUCH. I dated John Lerro, (Pilot of the Summit Venture) AFTER 'THE ACCIDENT'. May he REST IN PEACE. Kath in CLearwater (kathy, you sound like a skyway bridge groupie. you think you may have already e-mailed us? not sure, hard to tell. could have been yesterday!)

06.20.04, Kathy R., Clearwater, Fla. USA, Hi! Neat sight! I purchased from the Largo Library awhile back....a BIG thin paperback...titled: 'SKYWAY'. It is THE STORY of the collapse of the bridge! GREAT Pics!! A STORY of EACH person that was on the they came to be there..where they were coming from and going to. I have tried to cut out ALL the 'jumping' stories from the St. Pt. Times SINCE then and 'scrap-book' them into this book. I LOVE this book! I paid a >>QUARTER!!<< for this wonderful book! I know a lot of Coast Guard folks......I think of them a lot when I hear another person has taken the 'Final Swan-Dive'. Cyberhugs. (you are so excited! and they say you can't get much for a quarter.)

06.18.04, darrin f., St Pete, FL., Dear Jumperpool, I really enjoy your website and keeping the public posted on the bridge happenings. My question is what happened to your website the last 2 days. Each time I clicked on your site, it took me to the Tampa Trib website. I was worried that some of the website haters had succeeded in shutting down your website. I'm glad your up and running again! Thanks. (yeah, well, the local liberal rag operates under a wicked agenda. we do appreciate your support. your patronage warms our cockles.) 

06.16.04, Meredith, Akron, ohio, I just lost a friend a month ago because of suicide. He jumped off the All-America Bridge located in Akron, Ohio. I was curious if you could give me, my friends, his family and his fiancee some suggestions on how you went about doing all your research and if it made a difference. We are beeing told that it would be too expensive to put up fencing and then we were also told that it would disrupt the scenic view. What is more important, the view or a life? Thanks for your time. (we are sorry for your loss, but it is our opinion that to foist the cost and upkeep on elaborate barriers for every bridge that may have a future jumper, is ridiculous. people that want to kill themselves will do so one way or another. we are of the belief that barriers would be circumvented anyway. in short order, someone trying to kill themselves would get caught up in the barrier and get injured and thus sue the government for erecting such a hazardous obstruction. there is no way to prevent people from doing themselves harm no matter how many barriers and laws we create.)

06.15.04, Buckshot, Washington, DC., I don't see what the big problem is about yalls website. Life is not that f**king hard where you have to take your life by committing suicide. So the people that give yall s**t just don't need to come to this website and they need to get over it. (yeah, what you said.)

06.14.04, Erik A., Chattanooga, Tn., Cool site, I grew up in Sarasota and my sister drives over the bridge twice a day to work. My only comment is, whats up with all the lower case print, is the shift, or caps lock button on the computers you use broken? You mention grammer and spelling and uneducated that a reference to the person that types for your site? Could be, maybe? Anyway just had to say my peace. OK just for the hell of it, I don't want to upset the real whinners out there and not bitch, so here goes.....YOU GUYS SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN, YOUR SO MEAN AND CRUEL AND TWISTED! WHY DON'T YOU JUMP OFF YOURSELF....YADA,YADA,YADA, SUCK THIS AND THAT, I KNOW FOUR LAWYERS THAT ARE GOING TO SHUT YOU DOWN, SO ON , AND SO ON, AND GO TO HELL YOU BASTARDS! There, that should make the whinners happy. Keep up the good work, Erik (oh sorry....erik) Will that make you happy? (it was our choice to use all lower case letters years before it became "cool". back in the old snail mail days, we just wanted our letters to be a bit different. now it's just an annoying habit and we do take grief for it. to offset this grief, we make ourselves feel better by lashing out at those that have no clue in how to run a spell checker or have even the slightest notion what a grammar is or how to function one. we are not perfect grammatical wizards by any stretch of the definition, but we seem to do better then some of the patrons that stumble onto this site.) 

06.12.04, Craig W., Blackpool, England, I previously won in 2002. After winning once, i thought I'd have another shot at this. But remember, if you commit suicide, you'll never have another shot at doing this, so please don't commit suicide, unless you're jumping off the skyway bridge on August 27th 2004.

06.11.04, holly, largo, you are crazy but heads

06.05.04, Brandon, I was just writing to offer hope to people who are contemplating suicide, it is a permanent fix to a temporary problem. I can't say that I know anyone's hell because that's what makes it "their hell". However I know the pains of being the only child, growing up getting picked on and made fun of for being poor and not wearing cool clothes, growing up with rejection and hatred because I didn't know my dad and my mom barely did. I was born a week before her 16th birthday. I grew up hating myself and life and although I grew up in a "religious" home but, I didn't see that as help. I was diagnosed with cancer in 97', overdosed on morphine in that same year, blacked out in a fight twice while my head was banged up against a brick wall. I've been through lots of stuff and thought about committing suicide lots of times, but now I'm thankful I didn't. I'm not a very "religious" person in the typical sense of the word, but I believe now that we were created. It only makes sense then that we must have a purpose in life other than waking up and then doing a bunch of cool stuff then go to bed, to wake up and do it all over again. The point of this was not to type some really long letter and not to bash anyone or anything, but to offer hope. Suicide is a "last resort" we do when we don't think there is a way out it's the lack of hope. I know my life was changed not when I got some "religious belief", but when I opened my heart up to God and laid aside all my pride and ego. God's got a purpose for your life and if you truly want to know and are willing to open up then he will show you. I'm not talking about some "spooky" belief system by meditation or some statue or some "being" in the sky somewhere. I'm talking about a God who is real and loves us and has a good plan for our lives, one who cares about us individually. One that would even die on a cross to offer us hope, true fulfillment and a new life. I know crappy stuff happens sometimes to say the least, but from my own life there are answers. Thanks for trying to help people with the covenant house hotline and other things. There are plenty of places in Tampa and also in Sarasota that can offer help and counseling.

05.29.04, Josh R., Temple Terrace, FL (45mins from the Skyway), Funny n Cruel, GREAT COMBO!!!! (love combos, especially those cheese filled pretzel ones.)

05.23.04, Daniel, Seattle, Hey like the site!!! There is the Aroura bridge in Seattle that is pretty unsettling. But you never know.

05.18.04, Jayme, Dunedin, Fl., super sado masochistic extra acid doses taking just one more hit will put you in psychosis and you'll jump off the skyway!!! :)

05.18.04, Jim D., St. Petersburg, FL., To all the people who believe this is a "foul and despicable" website: I would like to start off by saying that anyone who would jump off a bridge in the first place is foul and despicable for putting all of his/her loved ones through the pain and hurt they cause. I almost committed suicide myself (the gun was in my mouth, but I realized how badly my mother would be crushed if I did), and I agree that it's no laughing matter, but when one jumps off a bridge, it's not exactly a private matter, such as other forms (which I strongly condemn BTW). First, the people driving by (some of whom might actually know the person) watch as one swan dives for no good reason. Then, a majority of the time, the news media gets involved somehow, thereby taking necessary manpower from more important stories (like murders, rapes, and even feel good stories, which I'll get to in a min.) because one wanted to go out in a "blaze of glory". After which, the police, Coast Guard, and passer-by boaters have to waste their time to find one's corpse, if they ever recover it at all. Finally, everyone that person ever knew, and more importantly, that person's loved ones are forever shocked, hurt, and dismayed because someone was "depressed". And all that happens BEFORE it ever makes it here to this website, so for all the arguements about privacy, I'm sorry, but your loved one already went public about this REAL quick.
To the people who feel this site "encourages" suicide, I ask you to look at the REAL reason someone would jump, and stop trying to find a scapegoat. Are you sure you weren't too hard on him/her? It could have easily been a mother, father, or some other loved one (most likely unintentionally) belittling the person and when (s)he tries to express his/her feelings, no one cares because they're just "bitching again as usual". That's why I almost went through with it, but then I realized more people listened then I originally thought, so that's why I can write this letter today. Other reasons could be tramuatic events in one's life that could be brought back by pictures on the evening news (car crash killing some loved one, war in Iraq, possible rape, etc.). The media could (and should) help in the war against suicide by not focusing on the bad NEARLY as much as they should the positive, but "positive" news isn't as interesting, so for ratings, "bad news" is "better". Reform is needed there before some website should be "shut down". Chances are that by the time a suicidal person makes it to this site, they already have in their head that they're going to cannonball off the bridge; one, maybe two total of the near 100 that have jumped since '98 were (in their mind) "encouraged" by this site, but in the end, it's the person who has the final say on whether to jump or not. It's not the creator of this site who put a gun to their head and said, "Jump for my ratings." The website might not help, but it doesn't hurt either.
In conclusion, the ultimate decision to jump lies in the hands of the person, and in their hands alone. I know you might be shocked, angered, and heartbroken, but direct your anger at the true source, the dearly departed, because if someone just lended an ear once in a while, there would be no need for this page in the first place. This site, believe it or not, was meant as a healing tool (esp with the message boards) to help express how much you loved someone, but all I see anymore is hate, and that hate is probably what caused your loved one to jump in the first place. Remember, when you point the finger, three others point back at you... (we can not find any words to better explain what you have written here. thank you for your insight and we hope you find happiness where depression once held you down.) 

05.13.04, "Jumpy", Seattle, WA., Whats the deal? did you quit updating or did everyone get prozac and counseling? Nobody has questioned gravity since Feb? I find this hard to believe after a record shattering year last year. (we update whenever we get something to update. lately it's nothing but hate mail. this seems to be the longest dry spell we can remember since starting this pool. check back, as we imagine someone will test the earth's pull eventually.)

05.13.04, Jim D., St. Petersburg, FL., Cool site; some people just don't realize how much others care about them, so they have to get attention posthumously. I mean, loved ones worry, police search, and traffic gets tied up all because they "had a bad year". I mean, suicide is the most selfish thing one can do. I'm glad someone put up a site like this to show how STUPID it is to kill yourself. If I were suicidal, this would be a deterent, for sure!

05.10.04, Kurt, YOU GUYS ARE SICK FILTHY LITTLE CHILDREN WITH NO CONSICENCE AND WILL BURN IN THE ETERNAL HELL FIRES IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST I'm just f**king with you you all did a good job with the site I see where you find the comedy in it and it really does seem quite funny but too many people take WAY too many things seriously and get offended so this site seems to be less of a betting site but more of a way of showing peoples shallowness considering 90% of em wouldn't give a shit if they read it in the paper keep up the good work.

05.10.04, ker r., parrish, florida, everytime i go over the bridge, i think of this site. today, in fact, i was on my way to tampa on the bridge where there was a highway patrol at the top with his lights on. thought about this site. many jumpers have been blonde?

05.09.04, aaron, elkins park Pa., Great site. I'm sure someone will jump at 7:43 a.m. on 5/9/2005 - the exact time of the 25th anniversary of the bridge disaster.

05.07.04, Wes, Lakeland, FL., It's been a slow year so far, and we are due. I didn't expect to keep up with last year's record pace, but I was counting on more action than this. We've got a lot of catching up to do. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible, particularly, the person who decided to take his final Nestea Plunge on this particular day. Thanks also to the creators of this site. Together, we are making the world a better place, one jumper at a time.

05.02.04, herrdussander, texas, great f**king site. i was busy laughing my f**king ass of at other people's expense when i saw the story about the dog. god damn, that made me feel bad. he didn't push it, it followed him. talk about devotion. i love dogs. poor thing. at least it made it? blah, anyway. the people dying still makes me laugh my f**king ass off. very original idea for a website. (yes, the dog made it. some venture that the dog may have been forced to jump. we doubt it, but you never know what a distraught person may do.)

04.30.04, Michael, Riverview, FL, US, I love your site, keep up the good work!

04.27.04, Don C., mesa, az, usa, Your site is awesome. Very informative and morbid at the same time. I love it and will check in often.

04.16.04, Karna, el segundo, ca., Suicide = bad / this site = good =) I don't know about them (the jumpers), I'd rather have my last few seconds of life peaceful then a scary ass fall off a bridge! I hate heights....

04.14.04, marty m., sarasota, fl., thanks phil for a little harmless fun, you freak. lucots

04.09.04, david, palm harbor, fl, U.S., this site is the funniest thing i have ever read. your doing a good job. keep it up

04.08.04, Jayme, Dunedin, Fl. U.S., Has this been a slow year or what! If someone doesn't jump soon this site is going to suck (uh, thanks, jayme.)

04.05.04, Kayleigh, Buda, TX, USA, Hey there ya'll, Your site would be funny and heck if I weren't Christian I'd have to say this is one of the most unique and clever websites out there. I don't want to whine and complain about what you find funny in any way its just that I hope you do understand that people that are planning suicide usually just need a little push to do it. Its all funny when we talk about it and heck people do have to laugh a little more but you're risking souls and eternal damnation. Do you really want to be responsible for that? Well I do know that this isn't going to make a difference just thought I'd voice my opinion. Well...yeah on a lighter note I'm glad you find some shimmer of happiness in something even if it is rather twisted adios, au revoir, ciao, and buhbye! (we try to balance the humorous aspects of people leaping off the bridge, all the while trying to keep them from leaping off the bridge. in the end, only they are responsible for ending their own life. they hurt those that love them and are being very selfish and they need to know this. they need to hear it loud and clear.)

04.05.04, sara, san francisco, ca, i live in san francisco and in the past 5 days there have been 2 "leapers", one on the golden gate and one on the bay bridge, although i dont generally find suicide a laughing matter, this website was freakin hilarious! i laughed my ass off (but i did feel a pang of guilt telling people why i was laughing). i commend you jumperpool, for giving people something to laugh about in this crazy mixed up world. (we try to add some laughter in this way too serious world. we thank you for your good words.)

03.28.04, Jessica W., Bradenton, Florida, if you jump off the brigde your stuiped! go ahesd let them jump off because there life is that bad that you have to jump off the bridge it most be pretty bad!

03.25.04, marina, tallahassee, FL, suicide is definitely not something to take lightly. it is a serious problem, but i do find this site amusing. am i a horrible person, or what?

03.25.04, AJ H., Tallahassee, FL, USA, This is sick and twisted in a great sort of way, I'm sure im going to hell for this, but WTF? GO NOLES!!

03.08.04, tony, dunedin, fla, usa, i find it very sad that people have to choose such a violent way out...should be a pill, or something, but i guess there wouldn't be this wonderful website for us to snicker at...i'm takin a jumper on April Fool's Day, baby... someone with a sense of humor!! I just hope HE's an early riser... 

03.01.04, Rob, Winter Park, FL., Sometimes, it's okay to bet on other people's problems. :) (try telling that to the families of the jumpers who are many times, the problems.)

02.29.04, FYI--worked many many years on our famous Skyway Bridge--old & new--saw & kept track on # of jumpers. Surveilance camera were more effective than crisis phones. (we're ready to add some of your track keeping anytime you're ready to supply it.)

02.27.04, Richard, Tampa, FL., Ok, the complaint I have is that this sight has been up a while and I never found it til now. This site really needs to be more accessible. I found it looking at fishing sites for Christs sake. This is a great site full of wonderful information and humor. The "hate" mail is the best. I could have been enjoying this site for much longer but NO I have to stumble upon it by accident. You guys really need to get your acts together and get this site more "OUT THERE". I appreciate you taking your time to read this. (we appreciate you taking time to give us your input. to put this site 'out there' more than it is now would require us to pony up the cash to advertise. since we make zero money with this site, we would need to run banner ads or charge visitors. since this is just a hobby thing, we will continue to rely on word of mouth and people like you stumbling in here. every now and then, when we venture to that outside world, we do meet strangers that have heard of this site. the hate mail is our favorite too.)

02.26.04, Sean H., Petaluma, California, USA, The golden gate site suggests diving boards for the potential jumpers with video cams for legal reasons. Sounds like a plan.

02.11.04, Sam, Lexington, KY., I found this site funny, definitely twisted, but such is life. There are quite a few worse things that are perpetrated on the internet audience daily. Suicide is ill-advised. People need to realize that life is more than their egocentric adventure. I think it's funny (interesting) that people write nasty things about you guys with "the moral high ground."

02.06.04, Dee, NY, First of all, I am terrified of heights, so I couldn't possibly imagine stopping on the bridge. When I did go over the Skyway when I lived in FL, usually someone else drove because it gave me panic attacks. So I can't understand why this site fascinates me so much. Just wanted to let you know that in some twisted way this site helps me face my fear. By the way my rack is a 40C--maybe when I work up the nerve I'll send a pic--LOL. ;) (we appreciate the good words and we are happy to help you face your fears about heights and scary bridges. now perhaps you could help us face a picture of this supposed 'rack' of yours. yeah, it's easy for you to stroll on in here and throw around all this blather about a 40c rack. sure, it's one thing to talk the talk, but can you walk the walk on over to the camera and click off a few shots for the appreciative jumperpool staff?)

02.03.04, Skinny, Tampa, Florida, U.S.A., This site helps show how selfish and hurtful the act of suicide is to those left behind. It is nice how some of the friends and family use the site to express their sadness and share some stories about their loved ones in hopes that others may see how much sadness such a selfish act brings to those they care about. To those that bash the site, if they would have put that much time and energy into their friends and family members lives then maybe they would still be here, but ultimately it is no one's fault other than the selfish person who takes that leap, jump, plunge, and/or what ever you may call it. (very well put.)

02.01.04, Jamie E., Park Blvd. N., came to me in a vision. one of the numerous deceased jumpers came to me about a half hour ago and told me to type in you think im kidding? (yes we do.)

01.28.04, Niki, South Pasadena, FL, USA, I drive over this bridge 2 times each business day. I fully believe that some people will NOT be talked out of suicide. That's what they have their mind set on and is therefore the path that they will follow. I think this site is sick, and therefore I LOVE IT!!! (thank you.)

01.05.04, Florida Cracker, St. Petersburg, FL., I'm disappointed in your site. It hasn't changed since I discovered it over a year ago. It is still on the internet with the same basic format. I suggest you start adding pictures of the losers who become potential shark bait to put a face on their stupid selfishness. with the law passed regarding autopsy photos (after Dale Earnhardt death) I know it would probably be difficult to show their bloated rubbery corpses but you could probably get a hold of some pictures of them hoisting the bodybag from the boat onto a dock or one of a bodybag-carrying gurney being rolled to the coroners van; maybe you could start keeping a list of what cars get left parked on the bridge, I'd bet there's a lot of Hyundais and Kias - I'd probably get suicidal too if ever tricked by some salesman into buying one of these loser-mobiles and then having to endure the constant laughter and ridicule from friends and family when they found out and said "you bought WHAT?!" (the same basic format of this site is as unchanged as the method jumpers use to off themselves since the very first jumper completed his last task back in the 50's. we get enough hate mail now by simply posting publicly released information about jumpers as it is. if you think for a moment we want the wrath of hate that we would draw onto ourselves by posting graphic and gory images of deceased jumpers, you would be an idiot. we will not further accentuate the obvious.)

01.04.04, anon, you folks sure take a beating for posting others mortality. u r just making lite of others choices. to all who cry, put up cash for a anti-jump fence.

01.03.04, anon, in a way its an amusing site and pretty well set up but i hope u provide some support information for ppl actually considering any form of suicide. for people who have lost friends or family or have attempted to end their life this is actually a pretty shocking site for them to see and for ppl to actually place bets on whos gonna die next (what a hypocrite cause ive placed a bet) but please provide helpline No.s or addresses. (the features you recommend, we already provide. thanks anyway.)

01.03.04, gothbabe, scotland, wots the use killing urself and especially off a bridge - the water would hit u like a ton of bricks and breakin bones and u would die suffering? if u wanted to kill urself ina less painful way take pills and drink. u would slowly be taken in ur sleep and it wouldnt hurt - as far as i know?? prolly take a few sleeping pills (normal dose) wait for a while until they begin to take effect and then take more and drink away, no suffering no pain - not that im considering it or anything lol (your scottish language appears to be vaguely similar to the english we use here in the united states. we can make out most everything you say. thanks for the input, lass.)
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Graves, 08-09-2004, 10:15 PM
Kinda sick, I had a friend who killed herself by jumping off there. Everyday I drive over it to work I think of her. Glad people find misfortune in the serious pain of others.
POLLO, 08-09-2004, 10:19 PM
That's sucks, what's even worst is that jumper #1 shares my same b-day.
luv2xlr8, 08-09-2004, 10:50 PM
hey f**k head y u post this shit? huh? i no people that have passed away out there. and your posting this shit for fun.
Tits McGee, 08-09-2004, 10:53 PM
That has got to be one of the most f**ked up websites ever. Truly pathetic. :nono:
_Charles_, 08-09-2004, 10:54 PM
now that is a funny site...kinda. What do you get if you win the pool? $$$?
Skittle, 08-09-2004, 11:03 PM
that is probally the most lamest websites ive ever seen...period,makes me sick people like that even exist
Alan, 08-09-2004, 11:08 PM
Interesting website. If you put the attempted humor aside, even if half those reports were true, I find it interesting the Skyway bridge is such a local suicide hotspot. Sure it would have been more tasteful to leave names of the "winners" out of the content, but it is pretty evident the site owner was looking to piss people off...which he seems to be accomplishing quite well. ;)
REY, 08-10-2004, 01:47 AM
i remember in 01 when someone jumped and survived with only a broken rib.....I was on duty that night when we got the call. We landed on the southy end of the bridge and flew that patient to bayfront........lucky ass bastard
CBER08-10-2004, 02:21 AM
add another ghost to that bridge - i was looking at some ghost spotting places in FL. they say soemtimes they see a lady walking on the side of the bridge.
Cronic, 08-10-2004, 02:30 AM
Some of you get pissy for no reason. I think it's very informative.
sunnydaze5193, 08-10-2004, 07:57 AM
I dont get why you guys are all getting pissed off, this site is dedicated to people who commit suicide off of a bridge close to us, maybe if these people where all getting murdered on the bridge and everyone was laughing at that it would be bad but these people are killing themselves, they are choosing to die in a very public place, clearly they want the attention because otherwise they would just swallow some pills or get a knife, so stop dissin the site, and let the people have their fun.
Bill, 08-10-2004, 08:38 AM
Bleh. I have no sympathy for those jumpers. After a long day of work there's nothing I like better than sitting on the damned bridge for three, four, or more hours, while some idiot with personal problems attempts to end his/her life. I suppose it could be considered a last attempt at a cry for help but there's a thing called a phone and plenty of hotlines to choose from.
Graves, 08-10-2004, 09:28 AM
All of you who find humor in it are wortheless sacks of shit. I hope someoen near and dear to you jumps off it so I can come laugh about it in your face. Asshats.
Illswyn, 08-10-2004, 10:45 AM
I don't think anyone is disputing that it's sad that these people bring themselves to such a point, that they end their lives. A life lost is a life lost.
We all have problems to deal with. Some are worse than others, and some deal with them better than the rest. I assume these jumpers have big problems to deal with, and nobody to assure them that it can be worked out. Or maybe it can't. Maybe she had cancer. Or AIDS. Maybe she just lost her husband, son, or daughter in Iraq. Do you know the details? Does it matter? If you could have, would you have helped her before she got to that point?
I try not to get upset when there's traffic due to an accident. Sure traffic upsets me, but when I find out it's an accident, I sure do calm down. There I am sitting in my cheap old car, getting bad gas mileage, no A/C...but at least I'm alive.
luv2xlr8, 08-10-2004, 11:01 AM
great point!
BeQuietAndDrive, 08-10-2004, 11:28 AM
That website is useless without pics.
sunnydaze5193, 08-10-2004, 12:37 PM
All im tryin to say is that everyone has problems, if you wanna go and take the easy way out then be my guest, but if you're going to make it all public like that then dont expect people to not do shit like make pools and such, its sad, they die, but its their fault, not anyone elses, so im not going to feel sorry for them.
Graves, 08-10-2004, 12:46 PM
Sometimes it comes out of the blue and noone could help anyone. Aparently none of you have been in that situation. I have and for one look back and don't see how anyone could see it comming. For one why would someone want to talk to someone about their problems when they get this kinda reaction.
Gary, 08-10-2004, 01:03 PM
It's kinda weird hearing about her through here. She used to be one of the clients at my work. After a little more investigation(reading obits) turns out she was a bible reader, volunteered at Tampa General's Neo-Natal unit, and was a grief counselor at First Baptist Church of Temple Terrace. Crazy!
luv2xlr8, 08-10-2004, 01:56 PM
sometimes thats not the easy way dick! maybe she did it there b/c the bridge had some sentimental value to her. and y would u post about people making pools on it? you sir are an ignorant sh*t head!
4drwhore, 08-10-2004, 01:59 PM
So how do I get in on this? I win money if I chose the right date or something? Do they take paypal?
evlonedb, 08-10-2004, 06:08 PM
hey anyone remember a little while ago the asswhipe who jumped with his rotti and the dog made it and he died?
race495, 08-10-2004, 06:24 PM
There are LOTS of people who go to the Skyway to ATTEMPT suicide. Why? Because all they have to do is jump and yes because they are making a PUBLIC statement. It is a cry for help, as are most suicides. 
Usually these people call the crisis center or a loved one and state they are going to jump. Again, a cry for help. The people who truly just want to die are the ones we find several days after they have done the deed.
For some of these people this is not the first attempt at suicide. Usually they go this public because they did not get the attention they were seeking the other times.
I am sure all of you would be shocked at how many suicide attempts Bay area Law Enforcement responds to on a DAILY basis. 
The Skyway is only a tiny percentage.
Hella Slow, 08-10-2004, 06:32 PM
if this shit upsets you DON'T F**KING READ IT !!!!!!!!!!
DreamRWDSE-R, 08-10-2004, 07:17 PM
It's funny how I thought they kept cops up there to prevent speeding. I was wrong, they keep one cop up there every night to prevent jumpers!! And two on the holidays!!:o
Mike, 08-10-2004, 08:49 PM
They never bring phones..
Graves, 08-10-2004, 09:11 PM
True but there are two direct lines to the suicide prevention hotline there, but it's not goig nto stop someoen who is ready to go all teh way.
more found on

Awad, 09-16-2004, 03:10 PM, I guess whoever is the closest to the actual time of the next jumper gets a prize...
???, 09-16-2004, 03:16 PM
one might assume everyone stuck in the traffic mess created by these loons would volunteer to help the nutjob over the edge and get it over with. as a photographer was once heard yelling, "if you are going to jump, then jump, the light is getting bad!"
for some reason i find this site funny as hell
m0nk3y, 09-16-2004, 03:27 PM
REally cool POST!!!
Graves, 09-16-2004, 06:24 PM
and might I add, I wish everyone that bids on it has the worse luck and dies a miserable death.
3300Mhz, 09-16-2004, 06:26 PM
been around quite some time
3300Mhz, 09-16-2004, 06:29 PM
for some reason i find this site funny as hell 
O and that's Howard Franklin.
And I dare you to ride a bike out to the center span of the bridge, yes a bike not a car, and jump over the side if it's such a wimpy bridge. Guarentee you'd not do it if it were only 20 feet cause even if you lived from that so called wimpy fall, you'd still have to swim back to shore and good luck there hoss.
dan, 09-16-2004, 08:07 PM
no it IS howard frankland.
3300Mhz, 09-16-2004, 08:25 PM
hmm well nm then, I looked it up and actually it list's Franklin and Frankland online. I searched a map and saw that it said LAND...odd way to say it after u called it franklin the whole time. o well
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