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original span postcards 2

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updated: 11.22.20
the original single span.

Bee Line ferry 'Manatee' strikes her house flag,
thus terminating 30 years of service on the Pinellas-Manatee crossing
after the completion of the new skyway bridge.

manatee county side.

span under construction.

'the bounty' sails under the original skyway.

06.09.65: full article

the ship sank 10.29.12.

10.29.12,, 1 dead, captain missing after 14 saved as Bounty sinks.

10.26.13,, "Times writer Micheal Kruse reconstructs the sinking of the beloved ship off the coast of North Carolina in a three-part tale, The Last Voyage of the Bounty."

02.10.14,, 'Reckless decision to sail' sank Bounty during hurricane., Sinking of Tall Ship Bounty, full accident pdf report
Executive Summary:
   On October 29, 2012, the tall ship Bounty sank off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, while attempting to transit through the forecasted path of Hurricane Sandy. Three of the 16 people on board were seriously injured, one crewmember died, and the captain was never found. The vessel's estimated value was $4 million.
Probable Cause:
   The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the sinking of tall ship Bounty was the captain's reckless decision to sail the vessel into the well forecasted path of Hurricane Sandy, which subjected the aging vessel and the inexperienced crew to conditions from which the vessel could not recover. Contributing to the sinking was the lack of effective safety oversight by the vessel organization.
original single span brochures.
1958: full size front back
1966: full size front back
postcards: one  -  two    'twins'    current bridge
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