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skyway jumper montages

   by 'MrCaringuy' from australia, with collected information from this site. we were not involved in their creation. he primarily makes youtube videos dedicated to those that have ended their lives through suicide. he has deleted his channel several times and may do so again. we present saved copies of his bridge jumper videos from previous incarnations of his youtube channel.
updated: 04.14.20
montages of the 'golden gate' bridge.
04.13.20, Michael John Jones, Queensland, Australia, Hello, how are you? My name is Michael John Jones and my YouTube Channel is called - MrCaringuy. I was looking at your Website again and I can see you guy's have added my YouTube Channel Name and a couple of my Sunshine Skyway Bridge Videos onto your site. Thank you for sharing and uploading them onto this site.
   I have just uploaded another Tribute Video onto my YouTube Channel about the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Jumpers if you would like to also upload it onto this site. The video on my YouTube Channel is called - 95 People Who Have Jumped From The Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The video goes for 24 minutes and 46 seconds.
   It took me a few days to create and put together, as I done more research to look for more Jumpers on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. There are 95 people in the video and the video is quite sad to watch.
   Please feel free to add and upload the full video onto this Website. Happy Easter from me and please keep safe.
   Love from MrCaringuy (Michael John Jones) :)

thank you for all the time and effort you put forth, to bring awareness to these skyway suicides.

skyway montage 1 3m09s

skyway montage 2 3m09s

skyway montage 3 3m09s

skyway montage 4 16m06s

skyway montage 5 8m35s

skyway montage 6 2m33s

people who have jumped from different bridges. 8m03s
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