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2004-2007 • updated: 10.15.07

latest hates are at the top. (our responses to hates follow)
10.15.07, 2ys4u, unincorp, i can imagine this is ur way of dealing with personal loss. but more then that i imagine this is your way of feeling important in the cyber world. not to judge but it seems like a strange way to make yourself important in this world.again not to judge(or impede on your good cause) but there seems to be alot of bad reception of your site, except of course a few people who can make sense of your purpose. i personally rather call a spade a spade and imho find your site sickly entertaining never therapuetic.along the lines of every other attempt to sensationalize on human tragedies.still not judging i wish you further success in making yourself feel important."Yetta" a holicast survivor I once spent time with..."some people put other people down just to raise themselves up" (your contradictory judging/not judging aside, we feel no more "important in the cyber world" now than when we were jumperpool.comless. we have had no personal loss that drives us to host this site. we do it because we want to. it's really that simple. we do not put anyone down until they put us down first. then it's just 8th grade fun. we do not feel raised up at all. if you only read the hate responses, then it is easy to think we put everyone down. it's simple reflex, nothing more.)

11.04.06, MARY-JOZEY, QUÉBEC, CANADA, you...suck! your site suck! EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE SUCK!!! YOUR SO JERK: HEY..YOUHOO! SUICIDE ISN'T A LAUGHING MATTER. IF YOUR MOM KILL HERSELF WOULD YOU LAUGH? EH!! WOULD YOU? I'M SURE YOU WOULDN'T!!! CRÉTINS! (being as we assume you are frenchy french, everything you say makes sense. the fact you think we suck is a compliment. can you translate "YOUR SO JERK" into real english, eh? we guarantee if any of our family members jump off the bridge, we will post the news. ugh, the french have to be some of the most annoying people on earth. well, not counting john in ft. lauderdale. then again, perhaps he is french.)

09.11.06, john, Ft Lauderdale, FL, I am a JC from Fort Lauderdale who happens to know the persons inquiring about Tommy Brogle and wish to report that someone has fraudulantly placed my initials as a person who is aware of what happened to Tommy Brogle. I request that this information by JC from Fort Lauderdale be removed immediately - I did not post this comment and would appreciate if you would send to me the e-mail address of the individual who posted this comment and fraudulently placed my initials and city. I do not want to be implicated as someone who knows this information and be put in jeopardy, because I do not know. Thank you! (the chance that you are the only jc in fort lauderdale is zero. however, we removed the first name, last initial, and location per your request.) [after all the following crap john in ft. lauderdale sent, we replaced the info we had removed.]
09.12.06, john, Ft Lauderdale, FL, Again I am requesting that all entry /comments from the fraudulent inputs that I have pointed out to you be deleted or legal ramifications may throw this website into a "TIZZY!" THANK YOU! (see how you are? we have done for you what we rarely do for anyone. we removed a first name, last initial, and a location because you asked nicely. we were nice too. however, that wasn't good enough for you and now you get all in our shit and threaten us. our virtual knees are knockin'. was it you, john in ft. lauderdale, that may have pushed mr. brogle off the bridge? yeah, that's right, we are sure you are the only john in ft. lauderdale. what's left on the site about mr. brogle is extremely vague and will remain as it is, especially now that you start threatening us. we have been threatened by better than you for the last eight years, so get your lawyers rounded up and ready to ride, as that's your only available option now, john in ft. lauderdale.) more:
09.12.06, john, Ft Lauderdale, FL, Okay little jumpee! You want to go that route, fine - At least admit that your site allows fraudulent entries. Your failure to do so puts you at legal risk for libel charges. Hope you have a lot of insurance. You are going to need it. Better stock up now. Oh, but that's right, you are uninsurable because you allow fraudulent entries into your site. Why don't you try helping people instead of hindering. Try it sometime, maybe it might make you feel better. (you fail to point out the fraudulent entries. all we see are entries where someone adds their input as they see it. no one names names, it's all opinion and conjecture, real or made up. there is no fraud. point out the libel. even someone with minimal legalese can see no one is libeled when no one is named. our juvenile satirical hypotheticals are far too vague to implicate anyone with any wrongdoing.) more still:
09.12.06, Justice, Fort Lauderdale, I originally found this site while searching for information and at that time I thought, hey this could be an informative, creative site for helping people who may have suicidal thoughts and could also help for solving any unsolved mysterious jumper related deaths, and what a great forum for individuals to share pertinent information. But I was wrong, beware, this site allows for fraudulent entries to be made in their site from individuals who may want to try to put others in harms way, FRAUDULENTLY! The monitors, or owners of this site have no integrity and certainly no sense of humor. Do not believe most of what you read because of the lack of integrity and lack of true caring for our bother's and sister's that I have discover this site truly represents. They allow FRAUDULENT ENTRIES. And justice will catch up with the wimpy little [email address withheld] - This site needs to come clean and delete fraudulent entries and not post their little red hypocritical and juvenile comments - GROW UP! (we add whatever people send us. truth, falsehoods, conjecture, accusations, whatever. there is no way we can verify any entry. we deliberately leave out last names as a precaution against causing libelous harm. go ahead, john in ft. lauderdale, name some names. we only publish last names as found in published newspapers and official websites. where are these "FRAUDULENT ENTRIES", john in ft. lauderdale? do try to know the difference between opinion, people making things up, and downright fraud. was that hypocritical and juvenile enough for you, john in ft. lauderdale?) another round:
09.13.06, Mr. Justice, Let us see Definition of Fraudulent=characterized by, involving, or proceeding from fraud; given to or using fraud; dishonest. Fraud=something that is not what it pretends. A deceitful person, imposter. Entry=the act of entering, or recording something as in a book, register, or list. Therefore I am correct. By your site posting entries by persons using names that are not their own, which means you allow for imposters to make entries into your site, you are quite obviously guilty of allowing FRAUDULENT ENTRIES. This ends todays spelling and definitions lesson for the ignorant individuals (LIKE LITTLE JUMPEE) who operate this site. Look that up in your FUNKENWAGNAL! (fraud can not be declared without proof. you are obviously not named Mr. Justice. you are fraudulently using Mr. Justice's name. you can send in more of your rants, but don't be disappointed if we pass on responding to your incessant whining any further. if you can prove fraud, then do something about it, otherwise, shut your hole, john in ft. lauderdale.) mr. justice john in ft. lauderdale responds with another flurry of lunacy:
09.14.06, Mr. Justice, Justice is my nickname, therefore I am not an impersonator. However, an individual who posts his entry with a name and city that has nothing to do with the entrant's true identity is quite clearly an imposter which in essence is fraud, just as forging a signature on a personal check would be. If you ever want for anyone to have any respect for your site, then you should make changes in your posting protocal for identity verification of all entries. You just don't get it do you? This concludes today's lesson in criminal "justice". Thank you! I jumped from a ten meter dive platform while sprinting, I was still running while flying in the air until Newton's Law took over. But good news - I survived with no injuries - God works in mysterious ways does'nt he. I jumped from a step in front of my house and broke my leg - God works in mysterious ways doesn't he. Do you hink I will survive the jump off the Skyway? Maybe if I sprint, jump, and keep running I will survive. What do you think. The serious jumper. I really survived and I am stalking A.G. - I will sneek up on him when he is least expecting it. What goes around comes around! (what can we add to this? john in ft. lauderdale has obviously stopped taking his meds. see, we just made that up and yet, still no fraud, still no slander, still no libel. who is A.G., you raving loon?)
09.18.06, The Almighty, Heaven and Earth, Good for you Unknown, John and Mr. Justice! Thank you for saving me the trouble of stating all that you have revealed about this tasteless, insensitive and truely unprofessional site. These individuals are being judged as we speak. Unfortunately I must forgive them for they know not what they do or say. However, their satire is satanistic and therefore they will upon leaving this earth spend all eternity with the one they love - they will be wishing for water for eternity! (this is the type of hate mail we love. religious extremists speaking for their god. now we have fraudulent john in ft. lauderdale, posing as the almighty. it's a treat when the unbalanced spew their random idiocy in the name of their invisible magic sky daddy. thank you, mr. almighty john justice in ft. lauderdale.) last one, we promise: 
09.20.06, Mr. Justice, You are welcome "The Almighty". They do think they know it all, but they do not, and either do I. However, I do know one thing, what is extraordinary today, will be ordinary tomorrow. Even Bullwinkle thought he knew it all! But in the end at least he admitted his faults. A. G. could be ANOTHER GUY, or A GREATPIZZA, or A GOODGUY, OR ACTION GROUPIE, or ACCOUNTANT GOOF, OR ALMIGHTY GOD, OR A GENIUS, OR A GENTRIFICATOR, OR A GOAT, OR A GNAT, OR A GYMNAST, OR ANCIENT GOD, A GIANT, I sure you will figure it out, just ask Mr. Know-it-all! Thanks for the rants, got a lot off my chest, but still serious about the fraudulent entries request. (there you have it, the last ramblings from john in ft. lauderdale and all his personalities. this is it, john in ft. lauderdale, the end.)

07.29.06, LM, Kissimmee, FL., Your site is insensitive to family and friends. It is ridiculous to think this is the way to make people "think better" or that you're helping loved ones in any way. What you're doing is upsetting loved ones and having no effect on jumpers. Jumpers aren't going to scan the web for news on jumpers before they jump. All you do is cause pain to relatives which makes you look immature and foolish. Another reason your site needs adjustment is that you think that posting "letters to the editor" means you are supposed to "get the last word in" but the only publications that display sophistication which do that are the ones that don't post replies. The act of posting a reply makes you look childish. And the idea that "sarcasm" is appropriate puts you on the level of a comedy site. If you just want to report news of jumpers, I think that MIGHT have some possible use if done tastefully. Purpose might be "hey, this is a dangerous place, this bridge; it attracts jumpers, and here are the latest reports of them. Done matter of factly, no editorializing about the person or about your idea that they were "selfish" to do what they did. Ultimately it's no one's business when someone ends their life. Only someone immature stays long with the idea of "they were selfish" with regard to suicide. Generally people that knew the person understand what happened and they certainly don't think it's up to them to have a say over it. It's not your business or the relatives' or friends why a person ends their life. Their contract with god is between them and their maker, not you. Editorializing what the person should have done ("just not jump!") is weak logic and reveals a lack of compassion. I understand you thought you did something good but you didn't. You didn't really understand anything at all about suicide before you started creating the site. I suggest you reconsider, think deeply about what the person ending his life went through and stop selfishly worrying about the relatives because THEY understand. Nobody made you God. It ain't up to you or anyone else to decide when Billy Joe's life should end; it's up to god and Billy Joe. I assume you don't have any agony when someone euthanizes their pet that is in pain; a person choosing to end his life for whatever reason - that's up to him, not you. You have no idea what the reasons might have been; he might have discovered he had terminal cancer and chose this way to go out. The best thing to do instead of preaching, being comical, or editorializing if you find this so fascinating a topic is report the facts and leave out the editorializing although allowing family to give tribute is ok. However since you feel tributes make people feel encouraged to kill themselves, then leave off the tributes and leave off the editorials. Consider just showing the facts, cold, no editorials, no tributes from family. That might be a way to accomplish what you want without being insensitive to the family who you claim to be helping but aren't as things are now. Any project can change and improve. Just (thank you, lm, for showing us just how much drivel one can type into our hate form before the thing can't take it anymore. we read your every word and just before our collective heads exploded, you were cut off. sure, we could go on about how we really don't care what you think, but why bother, you would just find fault with our logic. we didn't create this site to "make people think better". check it out: this site is here to give people an opportunity to guess when someone jumps off the skyway bridge. it's that simple. some people guess and some people jump. the correct guessers win and the jumpers lose. we don't wonder why the jumper jumped, we leave that up to the jumper. only they truly know why they are jumping. you, their family, and/or your nonexistent invisible super sky friend can not stop them and are clueless as to what finally drives a jumper to jump. whether terminally ill or terminally unable to cope with life, it's their decision to jump. it's our decision to report whatever we can about it, congratulate a winner, and/or offer help to potential suicidals, if they care to get it. if you don't like it, you are free to complain, which you did at too great length. we are free to think you should stay away from this site. that goes for anyone that may find this site distasteful. just stay away. go away now. we are always curious what it is you haters think you will find on a site called "the skyway bridge jumperpool". it's all spelled out in the name. there is ample warning on the first page, yet here you are, whining incessantly about something you can easily avoid. was this 'posted reply' childish enough for you?)

07.27.06, Bufu, Largo, Florida, You are cruel. You are truly and utterly cruel. (why is that? did we talk smack about your massive girth? crack jokes about your lack of love? remark about your child's inbred punkin' head? you need to be more specific.)

04.03.06, hate me, I am the person who will get your site shut down,thank you. (if you need our help, let us know. we'll be waiting here, watching paint dry on growing grass.)

02.26.06, bambi, st. petersburg, fl, Someday something so awful is going to happen to you and just remember what "comes around goes around". Hopefully for you it will be a Mack truck and I will drive by laughing and saying "What a dump asshole, he wasn't driving the right car, the color was all wrong. It was the wrong make and model". But, I would think to myself he was "crazy" for leaving his house to drive to the corner store and then he got ran down like a dog. Then when he woke up the hospital after his life was saved and he was treated with compassion and care by "crazy" people he still woudn't give a shit. You are too late to save, because you are someone with no regard for HUMAN LIFE. So when something devasting like this happens to you, you will slowly rot in your nursing home bed... Unfortunately, you will be the scum that the tax payers have to pay for. Geez, I saw alot of dumb assholes that responded to how cool this site was and I tried responding to the hate mail but its sensored. Go figure! Well, to the ones that thing this site is so cool. I think there is something even more cooler. Its called a coffin or a morgue after you get into a car accident, a tree falls on your head, food poisoning, electrocuted by your razor or hair dryer, slipping on your kitchen floor and busting your head open. Wow, we should do a website for that and say "How Cool"! Dear Ass shit? Why are your lips sealed? Did you have to suck alot of cock? i saw an overweight white male in his 40-50's with thinning hair with bald spots. waiting for a MACK truck to run him over. Oops,is that you Ass Wipe, Oops, I mean the one that created this site? The one with no regard for human life?? (doesn't look too censored to us. did you make all that up yourself? a bit rambly and not as coherent as much of our hate mail, but at least you found time in your busy day to write us your insightful wit.~)

02.15.06, Kathy R., Safety Harbor, FL., Unless you can change and dedicate your site strictly to assisting those who are suicidal, I think you should stop. My daughter has a mental illness and took car and crashed and rolled it 3-4 times on the top of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Oct. of '04 and I can tell you it is and was not funny or humorous or entertaining as you make your site out to be. It is tragic to go through watching and helping someone who is precious and promising and intellingent and pretty and whom you care very deeply about as they hear voices and are mentally tormented to the point of wanting to take their own life. The reprucussions are devastating if the person lives or not. I am grateful that she did live but You should be very ashamed of yourself young man! Put your talents to good use why don't you? Find something else to make fun of besides people's intense pain please and I am serious. (we are pleased your daughter lived through her ordeal. we don't suppose you want to give more detail on this accident. can you be more specific on the date? visitors to this site are curious to read about accidents on the bridge.) kathy replies:
02.16.06, Kathy R., Safety Harbor, FL., NO I would not- it was a personal nightmare and u r an ass for asking something so insensitive--that's my point --your site would never be there if you had gone through what I did. (we are an ass for many other reasons as well.) update:
07.13.07, wissue goaway, (aka: Kathy R., Safety Harbor, FL.), You are still ad ASS! and my daughter is doing great now-has a new car too. (glad she is doing well. thanks for checking in and do keep us posted.)

12.12.05, Mary, R.P., Ca., I just wanted to respond to this bit of sickness posted. The words I could waist on people like you who make jokes out of other peoples pain and accidental deaths by trying to connect the voulentary and the invoulentary are better spent trying to show you the difference. So please go get a job and forget your harness and net and see if you can torment someone else from the seventh circle of hell where you will undoubtably land (thanks, mary, it's nice of you to check in and give us some of that good old judging and condemning us to hell crap. you sure don't "waist" words.)

10.28.05, don, cape town, up yours, to have spent the time trying to figureout what the page was about this page did not do much for me = i hate u (thank you for your time.)

08.14.05, brenda l., saint petersburg, florida, This jumper that "died" was a 24 year old, white male that my son grew up with. J. was a real person. He attended Riveria and Northeast High. He was a real charmer. Noone knows what makes people contemplate or commit suicide. Don't make jokes! He helped catch a 250 pound bull shark off of the bayway with the help of my son and his brother. They were so proud! They thought they were saving someone's life by catching it. So where was everyone when he needed them? He loved to fish! Instead of saying "another one bites the dust", maybe start acting like a human being with compassion. You never know, it might happen to someone you know or love someday. (this jumper did die. did j. seek help? did those that love him have any knowledge of his inner torment? did he allow them to help? didn't matter either way, did it? only j. knew the whole story. we never said "another one bites the dust".) brenda writes back: 
10.04.05, brenda lee, saint petersburg, florida, This is in concern to your disgusting regard to human life in regards to your response to my email on 8/14/05. You sound like are a poor, pathetic waste of a man. Are you God? Better yet, a retired priest on trial for doing sick things to little boys? Good way to take out your frustrations. What kind of crap are you preaching? Get a life, ass wipe. And for your information, I will never look at this site again so you can rip apart everyone that has lost someone. So jack off to your little thing, since its obvious the bridge makes you feel so much bigger. (brenda seems a bit cranky. makes you wonder if her gynecologist pulled the wrong tooth. her email degenerates into juvenile name calling and priest bashing. as "a poor, pathetic waste of a man", we applaud her decision to "never look at this site again". we miss her already. wait, here she is back again, reading her words on this site!)

04.19.05, fuzznutz, palmetto, fl, out of do sit here and make a game of these people's lives? they were driven to suicide and your betting on this? dont get me wrong you shouldnt take life to serious, what fun would you have?, but when i saw this i was repulsed. it is distasteful and...and...just disrespectful of the deceased and their families.

03.23.05, satan, 666 hell st., see you guys and gal soon (who has the cleverest visitors? that's right, we do. apparently, devilboy knows our whole staff.)

03.16.05, bongo, i think that this website is sick and twisted suicide is not a joke! i don't know what creeps were thinking at this time but something wasn't write you need to shut it off asap u sick creeps!

03.06.05, Rik R., Largo, Fl., This is without a doubt the worst site that I have ever come across. Making fun of people jumping to their deaths. Sad...very very sad. (yes, we are sure this is not the type of site you normally "come across", if you know what we mean, and we think you do.)

03.04.05, Melanie, Sarasota, FL., I think this site is very disgusting and shouldn't be allowed on the internet!! Not right. You should be ashamed. (you are right, we need to start censoring the internet. after that, let's burn books. then we can start rounding up those that don't think the way we think they should think. thank you, melanie himmler.)

10.28.04, Karen. M., Winnipeg, MB, Canada, I unfortunately ended up finding your site after searching for an article related to suicide for my course in Mental Health Nursing. I still cannot believe that anyone could be so ignorant to use such ideology as "maybe if parents did their job there would be less adolescent suicides", or that suicide is "selfish and hateful". If you really want to talk about being selfish and hateful you should take some time for introspection into the motivation for your website. A truly selfish person is one not able to empathize with a mentally ill individual who, at the very depths of despair, is unable to see any other means of escape but to die. And on this despair, you place a bet. As for hateful, I suppose you are not espousing hatred for jumpers. You do however incite discrimination against the mentally ill, and propagate the myths surrounding mental health. People do not choose to leave families behind because they are self-absorbent egomaniacs. They believe that their families would be better off without the burden of living with a person whose disease has ruined their lives. I think that you are entitled to your "Freedom of Speech", I just wish you were more educated about mental illness and suicide to know that you should count yourself lucky that you can enjoy this freedom. I'm sure there would be many people living with mental illness that wished they could say the same. (we firmly stand behind our opinion that if maybe parents did their jobs better, there would be less adolescent suicides, not to mention, a better behaved society. tell us how we are wrong. as for people taking themselves out, our opinion is that it's their right, no matter what the reason. it's their life to take, mentally ill or not. we wish you much success in your educational endeavors and hope in the future, you can think outside your preoccupation with mental illness. think about this, if we created a scale of mental illness from 0 mental issues, a perfect mind, to 100% batshit crazy, everyone on this planet would fall into this scale somewhere. fair enough? since we doubt anyone has a score of 0 mental issues, it would be fair to say virtually everyone walking the planet has some form of "mental illness" to some extent, however miniscule. this goes for you too, the one sitting there reading this crap. we are 100% certain you could find a busload of head doctors that could 'find' something 'wrong' with each and every one of us, to some degree of their doctoral opinion and they will have some medication to 'fix' you. would it then be right to medicate everyone, simply because some quackhole deems it so? your accusation we "incite discrimination against the mentally ill" is ridiculous. how can we discriminate against everyone? our mentally ill heads hurt from all this stellar logic.)

09.20.04, Julie, Delaware, I hope you post this. My father jumped from the delaware memorial bridge when I was seven years old, and unfortunately, he didn't survive. He actually had no intentions of surviving because he committed suicide. I think people who don't understand people who commit suicide should not make any comments about it. As for them being weak, what do you know? People have their own reasons for why they do the things they do. I know I chose to go on this sight and read some of these stupid comments, but that was my fault. This is for the people who want to make rude comments about people who commit suicide. I hope it happens to you. Have your father die for a lie and jump off a bridge and have one person care enough to stop and tell someone. Then you come back and tell me it was just because they are weak. (we understand your sorrow, hurt, and anger. your father took his own life and left his family behind. we don't know the whole story, but your father dying for a lie sounds weak and selfish to us.)

07.10.04, Crystal, Escondido, CA., I was just called and told that a family member of mine jumped from the Skyway Bridge. So I went to the internet to hopefully find some information and receive some type of comfort. Unfortunately, my search led me to this damn site. I will agree with all the "other statements you have already heard" but I would also like to add that I would really like to know... How you can look at yourself in the mirror everyday knowing that this site may even be the reason some of these "unstable" individuals found reason and or advice on how and why to jump. You are very sick individuals who seem to live out some sort of sick and twisted fantasy taking "pools" on the next jumper. You have put so much time and energy into this freakin site, maybe you should deter some of that time and energy into doing something to help the mentally unstable? We will all have to answer to the higher being at the end of our journey and You "my friend" will have some explaining to do. I hope you can live with yourself and face YOUR judgment day! PS. Did I pass your test? Did I finish Middle School, Idiot!?!?! (it would have been swell if you told us the specific family member jumper incident, so we could include your rant against this site in the right place. are kind words on the internet all you need to find comfort about this jumper? are you looking for glowing praise about this person, how great he/she was, and all the other typical wordage one reads after someone commits suicide? instead, you come here and read about how this person has brought shame and sorrow to everyone that knew and loved them and now somehow, it's all our fault. we do not give 'reason' or 'advice' on jumping, the 'how' part is obvious, and the 'why' is up to them. it's their life to end, they make the choice, they take the final step, and you are left to deal with it. please do so. as for judgment day, we wonder how well your family member made out on theirs, being as according to the bible, suicide is a one way ticket to hell. yes, you did pass the test. you did well for a middle school, idiot.)

07.09.04, Tina, Johnstown PA, I realize that you are trying to use shock value to communicate the aftermath that suicide leaves behind. However, being someone who has been holding on to the threads of a rope for far too long, I see this site as further proof of a hopeless world. Who knows, maybe it will work for someone. (not sure if this is really a hate submission. we hope your world spins better soon. life is worth the living.)

05.27.04, Matt B., Portland, Oregon, USA, That is sad. Why do you have this site? It seems a little morbid, but I guess you cant avoid that. (the morbid part is that you ventured a guess for the next jumper along with your complaint. good luck!)

04.29.04, A heartbroken mother, Pasadena, CA., My 22 year old son died by jumping off the Colorado Street Bridge in 2002 and there is nothing funny, humorous, or entertaining about having the police knock on your door and tell you that fact. It has left me heartbroken, never to heal and to live out my life wondering why. I search the internet to try to find comfort and solace and instead get directed here only to find what these people say and contribute regarding this very sad thing that happens more often than not to those of us who have to now live our lives in heartbreak. I understand it is a "free country" and people can express their feelings...I only hope and pray that none of you ever loses a child or loved one by suicide in this manner or any manner. Believe me, you won't find something like this entertaining if it ever does happen to you. It just tears apart the already fragile scab on a wound that will never heal. You might say, "it won't ever happen to me"...well, that's what "I" used to say. (we are sorry for your loss, but your story is proof positive that suicide can be very selfish and hateful. your son has done his mother a wrong that can not be forgiven, understood, or healed. we hope that by pointing this out to the potentially selfish, we may prevent further hurt and sorrow to other mothers and their families.)

03.23.04, becky p., brandon, florida, you people are sick!!!! i cant beleive you all are talking like that these people had a problem ... i am sure thier familys dont apprieciate what you all say ... you people need a life .... grow up some!!! (so becky, what are you wearing now?)

03.22.04, Joseph D., Michigan, all of you should join hands and pray, because you have issues that need to be dealt with, it is sick and i will do everything in my power to rid this site,,,,, sorry but you have messed with the wrong person.. please stop helping people to kill themseles it is sick and twisted and you should thank god for not striking down on you for this........i hope you enjoies this site while it lasted. (we don't recall messing with you, but bring it on anyway, powerboy. we have had better than you get all panty wadded over the audacity of this site. the current betting line at indicates you are full of crap and will do nothing more than submit the rambling posted above. we have no use for ridiculous prayer, we do not help people kill themselves, and we would perhaps "enjoies this site", if we knew what that meant.)

03.20.04, SLR, BC, Canada, I AM DISGUSTED with some of the VERY CALLOUSE remarks about what you so-called 'people' call jumpers. I have been there myself, only to have survived several times, only from different bridges here in BC. I can identify with those who have taken their lifes on this bridge. What I have to ask you is this; How would you feel if it was you that was the 'jumper', or the bereaved and knowing that people said these things about you when you where at your rock-bottom pit? Haven't you EVER HEARD THAT ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL, NO MATTER THEIR WALK OF LIFE, THEIR CAUSE OF DEATH? That's all I can say...HOPE you THINK twice about OTHERS before your next callouse remarks...EVER think that this site might just egg an already hurting person on??? YOU HELP TO CREATE THE WORLD AROUND YOU...PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ("so-called 'people'"? wow, that hurts. so who's the callous one now? you have tried and failed at suicide several times before. well, good for you. we suppose everyone should treat you special now or watch out, you may try it again. some say 'practice makes perfect'. what would it matter what others thought if we jumped from the bridge, being as we would be dead and all. we imagine we would get the same "what an idiot" sort of legacy that many other suicide practitioner gets. that's the way it is in the eyes of many, you kill yourself, you are crazy. f.y.i., not all people are equal and you are a brain dead idiot if you truly believe that.)

02.15.04, Kelly, Nowhere, This is EVIL. I can not believe that someone could take this much time to make a website about suicide jumpers! WHOEVER made this site....needs to get a life! YOU ARE AN EVIL, SICK person...and I think you are disgusting. thank you! (you're welcome! we are bad bad boys. you want us and you know it.)

02.15.04, Bile, I cant believe you would make a website so horrible. This is a horrific place. You talk about peoples deaths like there entertaining. Peoples families coem across these websites and they see information all about the deaths of these people. Whomever made this site is evil. And should not be allowed through the gates of heaven no matter how sorry they may be. Take the time to realize how wrong this is. I hope someday you realize how rude it is to have a site about this. (people have a strong interest in the various methods others implement in an effort to achieve room temperature of their own accord. this site attempts to satisfy this interest by highlighting the public news and reactions of these skyway bridge jumpers. according to your man made book of fables, suicide souls are also not allowed through the 'gates of heaven'. bummer. you are in no position to judge us, right?)

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