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e-mail/form privacy statement

   your e-mail address and identity are not sent to us by filling out our forms. unless you include a real name, we have no idea who you are when you use the forms.
   if you want a direct reply, you must include your real e-mail address. your e-mail address is for our use only. we never send harassing e-mail. you will never receive spam from us or be put on any mailing lists what so ever. no one will ever receive access to your email address from us. e-mail addresses are never posted on this site or stored on it's server, even with permission. never. this goes for everyone, even the haters of the vilest kind.

do not sell my personal information!
   you do not have to opt out from us selling whatever personal information you may have offered. we have never collected anyone's personal information, nor would we sell or otherwise pass it along to anyone, ever.
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