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05.12.00-12.31.00 • updated: 05.28.05

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12.30.00, donnie, juneau, alaska, love it all of it can't get enough. someone please f__king jump already .... any base jumpers out there got the balls HAHA. ok sorry get a little caried away some times .lets start promoting this as a wishing well a we humans are the change !!!!!! so make a wish dammit! later donnie

12.30.00, james b., st. pete., fl., I cross the bridge often.I've seen the police double their patrols. However, I saw a car stopped on top of the bridge yesterday, 12/29. It had no visible occupants.I've seen two cars left behind by jumpers this year, and it fit the framework. Question..Should I have stopped to possibly see a splasher fly/ try to prevent a jumper from flying/ call 911/ power up the laptop and enter a fast guess on your(excellent) site? Forget the last one, that's cheating isn't it. 

12.26.00, michael M., cincinnati, OH., I used to live in Tampa and sail under the bridge. This site is a crack up. I wish I knew about it a long time ago.

12.25.00, BEVERLY H., BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, I am extremely morbid and just purchased my first computer.(i'm also a little behind the times!) One of the first things I wanted to check was to see if their were any websites for Deadpools. I play one every year with several friends. Thanks for being here!

12.24.00, Sam J., St. Petersburg, Fl., I believe the next jumper will ba a woman who is distraught over the fact that she has set goals for a New Years resolution that can't be attained. You know, things like not buying so many shoes, losing 40 pounds, or the impossible task of not talking so much. She will realize the impossibility of her goals and throw herself from the bridge rather than lose face. WIMP. Happy New Year.

12.18.00, Ritchie D., Sarasota, Fl., Can we get an auction going for the cars they leave on the bridge? Love this site ! The DOT could make it better by installing cameras under the center span, so we can get an "instant replay" effect ! 

12.15.00, John M., Providence R.I., I fell in love with this bridge the first time I saw it. So I did a search for "sunshine skyway" 2 get a pict, and came across your site. I think it's bad enough for the family's to read about their loved one's in the paper let alone here. But you got to love this site. (this site does tend to tug both ways.)

12.09.00, David T., San Diego, CA., I actually work with the people that designed this bridge, I was just looking for some interesting pictures of bridges and I found this sight, I thought it was funny so I put a bet down.

12.02.00, curtis k., mansfeild, ma., I am assuming that election anxiety wiil have built into something uncontrollable for some unfortunate Floridian. I believe his voting for Buchanan instead of Gore will eventually take its toll on his mental health, but the upside; we will begin saving a few Social Security dollars immediately after impact.

11.21.00, John W., St.Petersburg, Florida, The State Of Florida must and should remove the crisis hotline phones from the bridge.. they are against the natral order of things.. Or at least have the hold music be "JUMP!" by Van Halen.. LOL.. (that would be funny, but no part of any governmental department has a sense of humor. it would never happen.)

11.21.00, kiki r., tampa, fl., hell is waiting, so am i. kiss the lips of god, then you cry. as you fall and wonder why, i take your breath, now you die.

11.18.00, Bob D., Pinellas Park, FL., Glad to see the Pool again.  Cross the Skyway Bridge almost daily, as a former DOT employee I find this fascinating. NOTE To JUMPERS: Next time, smile as you're on candid camera! and SAY SOMETHING APPROPRIATE(for the FHP/DOT personnel monitoring the bridge by audio/video means) like "Jeb Bush is God!" Anyway, have fun jumpers, and enjoy your trip. It only hurts when you come to a stop. Water or on the rocks?

11.11.00, priscilla, i'm not here to bitch about the site. despite what these people say, you're not promoting suicide or anything. the way i look at it, you're lightening up the mood suicide gives us. i've dealt with suicidal people, i've been one. and yes, it's tragic, it's horrible to think someone could come to that point, but hell, we have sense of humors too. in my case, the people who tried didn't succeed, and they came back stronger. they've seen this site, most of them, and they thought it was funny in a sick twisted way (even i have to admit it's sick and twisted, i apologize). anycrap, this is a just a bit of support even though it seems you don't care about these bastards that bitch about your site. sincerely, priscilla (thank you for your insight. we would think someone that attempts suicide and survives, could come out much stronger. of course, there are those that survive and try again.)

10.27.00, Gary, PA, Clever way to make light of a serious situation. You can't go through life worrying your head off about those who are too demented, depressed, deeply in debt, desperate, weak, cowardly to fight the good fight and keep going day after day. If you cared about these people all day, what else would you do with your day? Much like the Darwin awards, (and nobody who surfs the web has never heard of these) this page is a great example of dark humor.

10.25.00, Amy, St. Louis, Okay, here's the deal. I found this page one day when I was pretending to work, and I forwarded it to 3 of my cube mates here in the office--no big wup. As most emails go however, the link was spread through the entire office. The president and resident asshole of my company received it somehow and sent out an e-memo regarding the content of this site, along with his "valuable" opinion about it and the person that sent him the link. The person that sent him the link then sent out his story via e-memo...and so on and so on...I don't know who got the brilliant idea to start tracing the origin of the link, I just know that I was politely informed to refrain from sending offensive items through the system. Long story short, a great deal of people that work within 20 feet of my cubicle were highly offended and for that, I thank you. Work was actually fun for a few days while this whole saga was brewing. Keep up the good work and I'll keep sending the link and posting guesses until I win. You rock! (no, amy, you rock. it makes us all warm and fuzzy to be able to assist you in any attempt to get under the skins of uptight asshole bosses and the ass kissers that wallow in their shadows. you are the last bastion of resistance to the dull political correctness taking over this once proudly humorous nation. once the likes of you are gone, working in an office will be shit work. it seems that any and all jokes are now somehow offensive to someone, and therefore, subject to disciplinary action. to that we say, all you easily offended weenies, lighten up or jump off the bridge yourselves and let everyone get a laugh at your expense.)

10.18.00, Joey, Navarre Fl., they sould install a sign-out board and save the police the trouble of trying to figure out who they are (were).

10.17.00, tom, hesperia, ca.,  I work in the hospital ER and I hate people who screw up trying to kill themselves and make more work for me. If I can, I will help them anyway I can, but if they are going to do it anyways....Just do it and do it right.

10.01.00, John H., Muscatine, IA., I read all I could get once I arrived at your site and I love your quote in the Tampa paper! ....LOL....the reason you created the site " Because I can "......LOL.  Keep up the good work!  P.S. I sent a link to all my friends including my brother, a practicing Psychologist in Iowa. I don't think he lost any patients to suicide.....YET, which is a surpise to me considering what an ass he is outside of his profession.  Anyway, I LOVE your site, I love the set up, ease of use, and it's overall entertainment value.  I think your site is well deserving of the publicity it receives ....don't let the naysayers, the PHD's, and the conservatives bother you  ( I'm sure you don't anyway ). Regards, John M. H. (thanks, john, it means a lot to us to have your support. we appreciate the good words.)

09.23.00, Scott S., Milwaukee, Wi., I lived in Palmetto/Bradenton for some time and have always loved the "lure of the Skyway". The excitement- when will the next one be? I even heard of one gentleman tying a rope around his neck and the other end around the axle of his Blazer in a non-elastic bungee style event (rope shorter than splashdown distance of course). Thanks for spicing it up. Now don't make me come down there!

09.19.00, MK., Ohio, well, my father jumped from a bridge 3 days before my 11th birthday in the early 1970s. That really sucked. It continues to suck. I take my anti-depressants like a good little girl and go to my therapy, I even check out religion and self-help groups. BUT NOTHING TAKES AWAY THE PAIN OF WHAT HE DID. It is not your website that causes me pain, it is that so many people do not realize that depression kills. If you are depressed, people, get help! You don't have to live the way you do. And you don't have to die (well at least right now), either. P.S. I went to the Golden Gate Bridge this year and enjoyed the view. Had no thoughts of jumping. At least that much is going well with me, no thanks to Dad. (we are indeed sorry to hear what a horrible thing your dad did to you. if more people would think about the ones they leave behind and less about their own ass, then they would not be destroying the lives of those around them.)

08.02.00, Ruth, Montreal, clever, very clever, i personally am all for a good laugh at someone else's expense. (deep inside, we all are.)

07.23.00, Lynne, Tampa, I had predicted it would be 8 P.M., Thursday, July (whatever date last week's Thursday was), male, elected official.  I got the date right, but he didn't jump.  This time I believe it will be a female elected official if the press doesn't let up.  Geez, they abuse their office, get caught, and blow their fool brains out.  WHY CAN'T THEY JUMP SO I CAN WIN?!  I ask little in life and I wish they would not feel so alone that they feel they have to do what they do, but if they are going to do what they do someone might as well win nothing in a pool.  HEY, what if they jump into a pool?  I guess she will jump in a pool on Sept. 8 around 8:20 P.M. (sad how we go through life and our wishes go unrewarded.)

07.23.00, isobel c., south australia, we're both going to hell (you and who else?)

07.16.00, donnie d., juneau, alaska, totally kick ass, this is great. my four year old loves to guess . anything to help the young girl understand that this action is extremely non reversable /splat!!! she and I will four ever be the loyal site junkies, and how about letting some of us answer the weak and well anal whiners pitiful snivels ... what next ban the almighty gun? whatever. keep up the learning channel, and my kids will strive ! (you are free to respond to any and all jumper patron comments, both good and bad.)

07.14.00, Jan G., Leuven, Belgium, I was on springbreak-holiday Florida, and even close to Tampa, but we missed the bridge because we didn't know it exists and that it is that important. I'm a Belgian websurfer and hit the page because my weekly magazine HUMO (most read belgian weekly) had written a review on your site. The original Dutch version: De Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay, Florida is niet alleen een mooie brug, ze oefent ook een grote aantrekkingskracht uit op moede zielen die een einde aan hun leven willen maken. Wat zelfmoordpogingen betreft, staat de brug op nummer drie met stip in de VS. Het siert de makers van The Guess the Date of the Next Skyway Bridge Jumper Pool dat zij hogerop willen en resoluut voor de eerste plaats gaan. Het record uit 1998 (twaalf getroebleerde benjispringers-zonder-rek) moét in 2000 sneuvelen! Vergeef ons de woordkeuze. U kunt intussen rustig de poll invullen en gokken op maand, dag en uur van de volgende doodsmak en op geslacht, leeftijd en overlevingskans van ‘uw’ kandidaat-springer. Een juiste gok levert een eervolle vermelding op in ‘The List of Esteemed Pool Winners’. Dat uw kandidaat halverwege een welgemeend ‘I did it sky way’ zou aanheffen (vrij naar Frank Sinatra) wordt ongetwijfeld geapprecieerd, maar levert geen bonuspunten op.
Translated: The Skyway Bridge @ Tampa Bay, Florida is not only a beautiful bridge, but also attracts fatigated souls who want to make an end to their life. On suicide attempts, the bridge is nr. 3 in the US. The makers of the website should be awarded for they want to go higher and go for the first place. The 1998 record (twelve troubled bungeejumpers without rubberband) has to be broken in 2000! (With excuses for the wordpun(1)). Meanwhile you can fill out the form and guess the day etc... of the next deadsplash and the sex, age and chance of survival of your 'candidate-jumper'. A good guess and you're mentioned in ‘The List of Esteemed Pool Winners’ If on his way down your candidate starts singing ‘I did it sky way’ (free from Frank Sinatra) it will be appreciated, but it will get you no bonus points. The article was titled 'Spring is in the air' No humor to english speaking people, but the dutch verb 'Springen' means 'to jump'. So spring is an imperative form of 'springen' = Jump! The word 'is' is a dialect word that encourages you to do what you're ordered to do (here: jumping) (1) in dutch, a record 'dies' when it is broken. (thank you for your input. the dutch seem to really like the site.) 

07.13.00, Rich F., Grafton, Ma., All future jumpers, please leave your estate to Rich F., %& Nhg Gtrw Ki, Lpygfdxz NB 3½0¾0 (bummer, rich, your address somehow became garbled during the mailing process. we would, however, remind all future jumpers to please leave your estate to us. thank you.)

07.10.00, unknown, Midvale, UT., Beautiful. I think you should get a special link from the Darwin Awards site. It's wonderful that someone stills sees the sheer hilarity of making fun of those that are going to commit the ultimate act of stupidity and cowardice. 

07.06.00, Jeremy P., Well done. Awesome. Yes, it's very sad. But life is sad, and this site is funny. It's a commentary on our own position in life, watching others go before us (by their own hands or not). Not much else to do but wager. Your site has "it". 

07.06.00, J, Well done. Awesome. Yes, it's very sad. But life is sad, and this site is funny. It's a commentary on our own position in life, watching others go before us (by their own hands or not). Not much else to do but wager. Your site has "it". (we thank you.)

07.06.00, who2, bismarck, nd., you know i just came here, slap me, i'm a bad friend. i've never been here, sorry. i love your responses on the bad comments  and read the whole dialog with the chick from the prevention thingy. you amazed me with you wording and ideas. i bow to the master. oh spank me master, harder, no harder. (just keep sending us bob and tom tapes and you will be forgiven. as for the ass whacking, find another administrator, we're just not interested.)

07.06.00, gizmo, England, To any jumpers, do the job right...Dive headlong into the challenge.

07.05.00, john l., mallorca, spain, great site - i just worry that the increasing publicity this site is getting will scare off the serious suicide. Some people will not want their final act belittled on a web page - on the other hand the attention seekers will love it, unless they slip while prattling about on the edge in which case - someone's gonna win!!!!!!!!

07.04.00, Alex, Hampshire, England, I met a friend on a suicide issues page, we've discussed our problems, feelings and actions ever since. She lives in Florida and knows the bridge. Interesting site. I'm not too sure what to make of it though, but thought I'd make a guess anyway on the grounds of 'Why not'. I've tried suicide myself twice and am a depressive.. I know that Christmas gets me down and so thought the build up to the day would be a likely time.

07.03.00, Ian B., Llandudno, Wales, UK., The jumper will fall..... downwards. Once the fall has started he will continue towards the water with no hesitation. He will not stop for a snack, a drink or a cigarette half way, but will do the whole trip in one go.

06.29.00, Kevin, Gainesville, FL., I think I'm offended... nope - just gas.

06.28.00, Russ J., Marysville, Wa., I can't describe the feeling I get when folks remove themselves from the gene pool in a way such as this.  Maybe in the future a net camera can be installed so folks from the web can check in from time to time....

06.20.00, Jan Van den B., Londerzeel, Belgium, The site is a little offensive, but it 's a great way to place the jumpers in the spotlight for one last time. After all in a lot of cases suicide is a cry for attention, isn't it? 

06.19.00, Erin L., Charlotte, NC., I feel that the diqualifications based on perdicting your own suicide are a little too picky. (well, erin, in your case, we will waive the rule. 'guess' your jump and win!)

06.15.00, TigerEyes, Tampa, FL., I have enjoyed your site ever since I heard about it on the radio. Now instead of saying to friends and foes alike, "hey why don't you take a leap off the Skyway!", I just refer them to your site for pro and con information so that they can make an educated decision. And after having a bad day, who hasn't uttered the words: I guess I'll just throw myself off the Skyway! Viva la jumperpool!

06.07.00, Teresa J., Benicia, CA., I can't think of a better way to indulge my sick sense of humor.  It's simply voyeuristic gambling.  God bless all those who have gone before...

06.07.00, dan m., clearwater, fl., i work with a disgruntle co-worker and we all here at work have money in this dude to jump in the next month or so. (do you work at the post office? just be careful, he just might share his bullets with everyone at the next meeting.)

06.07.00, Deb, Ohio, I think this is a joyous occasion, where all of us can unite and laugh at the weak minded, pathetic, suicidal "humans".  (this is her best friend typing and she is REALLY laughing about it. I am reconsidering this friendship.) (a laughing friend is a good friend. could be a drunk friend as well.)

06.06.00, Steve M., Tampa, Fl., You need to get a sponsor so the winner can receive a prize. Example: Hooters-free pitcher of beer / Red Baron Pizza---free large pizza  /  Busch Gardens--free case of Bud / Mons Venus--free lap dance ect. ect.  Hey, it can't hurt to give it a try. (ok, all sponsers line up and sign in.)

06.06.00, Ed G., Valrico, fl., This is the date and time I was married. No, it won't be me. That was in 1965, and I'm over it.

06.06.00, Patrick G.  Whitewater, Wisconsin, OOOOOOhhhhh, yea, If I win, I promise to say thanks to that jumper one day if we ever meet in the after life, and thanks to all those other jumpers who make it possible for guys like me to win an award like this.

06.05.00, Rich, Columbus, OH., This site rules. People need to lighten up. If these people tried jumping off a bridge, its because they weren't supposed to live. Thats also why we have all sorts of diseases. The planet is trying to get rid of us. We made plastic, we fulfilled our role. Time to move on.

06.05.00, Chris, Valrico, FL., This site is so cool...For once people put humor into this issue...And to people thinking about jumping: Please don't do it unless you want to be a statistic on this website. 


06.03.00, clint b., lawrence, mass., being a catholic myself, i would not want to fry in hell for all eternity by takeing "the cowards way out" so on that note i will pray for any lost soul who is stupid enough to jump off of that bridge,or any inanimate object that can kill your ass for that matter!!!!!!

05.31.00, Jenn, Sydney, Australia, Hmmm perhaps you should ship some of those jumpers over here. If they are determined to end it all lets see if they survive a jump from a our lil Sydney Harbour Bridge.One the brighter side it would give us some entertainment while waiting in chaotic traffic. That was really cold wasn't it? But then again people who decide on suicide as an answer to their problems don't deserve human warmth...only the warth of the fires in hell. I had a friend throw himself off a cliff. I have no pity...its all too selfish of them.

05.28.00, Barbara, Olympia, Washington, I think this site is cruel and hilarious.  People that actually go through with suicide are nothing but chickenshits.  Nothing is so bad that you have to go and kill yourself.  I've experienced a lot of shit in my life and not once have I ever thought of doing myself in. No way.  I have absolutely no sympathy for these idiots that think its ok to end their own lives. thank you for a good laugh.

05.27.00, tim s., huntington wv., i jumped from many bridges in florida, for fun. one was 120' and took almost 2 seconds to hit and i hit so hard i lost a hoop earring. my next one is going to be bridge day in wv in october, i'm a skydiver.

05.26.00, jim, i belive that july forth offers grat prommis as it is a day of celibration. these tend to hit hardest on those lonely soals who have no one to celebrate with. i figger later in the evning after the firewerks have stopped and this unfortunite soal has had time to reflect on the day and how miserale his life is and that he has to returne to his cubical after his long weakend he will see no point on continuing. but being a man of reasonable intelagence he will choose the skyway brige because he wants to end it right. as for the crisis hotline he doesnt seem like the type to reachout for help, other wise he wouldnt be there. and he probaly wouldnt know the number or would be to embarased to call. he would most likly hit water because when he finaly disided to end it he'd go big. jumping out as far as posible. he would deffently die because he would have terrable form. and probaly end in a flop. (we'd like to nominate this comment as the most misspelled item we have ever received here at the jumperpool that wasn't in another language. we can only assume this person is a product of our "superior" educational system.) 

05.25.00, David M., New Orleans, LA., This is great. It's about time people began to laugh at the folly of life and death on planet earth. If death were not so damn serious, life wouldn't be either.  Hence, more stupid, hedonistic fun without worries of consequences. Just like in the 60's!

05.24.00, Jenn, Atlanta, GA., About a week ago 8 close friends and I had to drive over the hideous beast in a 15 passenger van on our way to Port Manatee. It's a possessed bridge...I swear it!!!! IT IS EVIL!!!!

05.24.00, mike, new yawk, ny., Well, I think the remorseful murderess scanario is unlikely to play itself out again... Might this not be a handy solution for Guv Jeb?  The Railroad Killer (Jeb's Brother's Problem) has specified a desire for the death penalty.  Apparently being dead will be a relief to him and that nice little needle seems a pretty smooth way out.  I say let's bring all the remorseful murderers up the bridge and let 'em have a shot... It's sure to be exciting, for them and for us, and they've got a one in ten shot at survival!  Them's that survive get to try again!

05.23.00, gary h., seattle, wa., Would encouraging a depressed, slightly unstable, and under medicated male friend of mine to take a specificly dated leap towards the darkness of the blue, disqualify me?(God help me i want to win)

05.23.00, Steven G., Tampa, FL., This is a killer site!  It is morbid, sick, hilarious.  Just the kind of site that I crave on the internet.  I travel across the bridge about once a month.  I see cars stopped at the top occasionally, but never anyone looking as though they will make the leap!  I linked your site to mine, as I need to express my own warped humor. 

05.23.00, Daniel J., Land O' Lakes, FL., I believe the day after fathers day we will have a jumper. It appears we are running behind for the year and i predict the action will be fast and furious this summer. We may be low on rain fall but there is still plenty of water for jumpers!!!! 

05.22.00, Bob S., Columbus, OH., Hey You,
   Hmmm ... that song on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" could have been aimed at suicides; in fact, so could the whole album. Are you sure you're not ... oh, nevermind.
   *I LOVE YOUR SITE!* I speak as someone who once came near suicide myself, but eventually found a reason to live. I still enjoyed the Percocets, though (they're better when you're alive).
   Janet, from Kansas, who claims one of the jumpers was her niece, is a hard pill to take. She just vented, saying suicides are selfish shits. Lucky her; she's never been there. All I can say is, no matter who they hurt, those they left behind aree at least *STILL LIVING* and have a reason to go on. The suicide obviously didn't, but they won't get any sympathy from that self-righteous cunt. It's probably for the best that you don't publish people's e-mail addresses.
   BTW have you ever noticed that all the most irritating assholes on the net are bad spellers? I would even call them *NON*-spellers. I wonder why this is? No, seriously. Could it be that people with no humility or self-restraint are just naturally too arrogant to even *CONSIDER* that they may have spelled something wrong, or that it matters? Maybe the practice of checking your spelling is just an extension of checking yourself in other areas of life, like manners. Think so?
   NAAAAAH! We need an expensive academic study of the phenomenon to be sure. I'm gonna write up a proposal as soon as I finish this e-mail.
   Allan from Safety Harbor (now *THERE'S* a name with some serious portent) wants a Jumper-Cam: GREAT IDEA! Good luck getting permission from the government, though. Maybe you could set it up on private property near the harbor. I recommend a frame rate of every half second or so -- little enough that it won't overload old-fashioned phone lines, but fast enough to get half a dozen pictures of the jump.
   Allan also said something about a "successful" jump. Hmmm ... would that be one who actually jumps, or one who actually dies? Then again, *SUCCESSFUL* people don't kill themselves, as Janet might say. ;))
   FUNNY KENNEDY DEATHS: great idea! Isn't there already such a site on the web? If so, please send me the URL. My nomination for funniest Kennedy death is Michael Kennedy, who skied into a tree -- just like in the cartoons! The least funny Kennedy death is Ted's -- still ain't happened yet, no matter how many young strumpets he drives to the drink (get it, "drives to the drink" ha-ha!).
   What really makes Kennedy deaths funny, not tragic, is the fact that they are so arrogant, and it is their arrogance that does them in. "Oh, no, I don't have to watch out for trees! I'm a KENNEDY!" "Pshaw, I don't have to learn to fly a twin-engined plane before I fly one, I'm a KENNEDY!" "I don't need to use the bulletproof bubble-top on my limo after getting death threats, I'm a KENNEDY!" What makes it even funnier is the knee-jerk mewling of the media over the poor family's "tragic" loss. Most of them had children before deleting themselves, that's what's tragic. At least John-John went out with a clean slate.
   John from St Pete wanted to throw his girlfriend off the bridge, and asked if he could still win the pool. You said the nature of suicide is that it has to be self-imposed. Well, yeah ... but you never mention suiccide on the form. Still, you do call them jumpers, and jumping has to be voluntary; there is no prize for guessing when the next "faller" will go. Maybe "plunger" would be more accurate.
   Dave from Largo said the bridge is closed down every time a jumper is spotted. Is this true? If so, it should be stopped. Anyone who wants to jump should not be interfered with; it's their decision.
   Another thing that occurs to me is, what if the guy is just fishing? Or what if he's walking across the bridge, even though it's illegal. Maybe his car is broken down and he doesn't have money for bus fare (do they even have public transporation in Florida? Just kidding!).
   BEST IDEA I'VE HEARD YET: in their science fiction novel OATH OF FEALTY, about a futuristic city-in-a-building ("arcology" for you geeks out there) Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle put a diving board on the top. How cool! 
The board was a joke: here you are, about to jump off a 100-story building, and you have to climb up another ten feet! In the book, some would-be jumpers got the gag, and they laughed so hard it filled them with joy and gave them a reason to live. Even if that never happens in real life, the board is still a good idea.
   Oh, IMPORTANT POINT: the board was needed because the roof of the building was fenced in, so nobody could accidentally fall off. That would be a good idea for the Skyway; I'm amazed the insurance company hasn't demanded it already.
   To all those who wrote in and complained about your (and our) attitude toward suicide "victioms" let me say THERE ARE *NO* SUICIDE VICTIMS! To be a victim, you must be at the mercy of another. Suicides do it to themselves, so they cannot be victioms. This kind of thinking goes along with making drugs, speeding, gambling, prositution, etc. illegal so people won't "hurt themselves." In fact, did you know suicide is *ILLEGAL* in most places? Who the hell are they going to prosecute!?
   No, sorry, the victim-lovers have gone too far. I assert the *RIGHT* of anyone to off themselves. They are not victims; the are *VICTORS*. Once you do it, you've finally achieved peace. That's more than I can say for those who suffer through life. They're the real victims.
   As for those who have written to you with vicious attacks on suicides, calling them "worthless" and such, I can only say, shame on them! They obviously don't know how it feels! Suicides are not worthless, they just feel such despair that they can't stand to live anymore. Like I said, I was once one of them, and I can tell you it's an awful state to be in. They deserve sympathy, not sarcastic attacks. I must admit, though, that it really is best for them to die if that's the way they see it. If death is what you think you need, then you do need it, and you shoukld have it. nly you can make that decision.
   BTW I'm coming down to Florida in the first week of June to visit a friend who lives in Sarasota. She's paying, so I'll fly into whatever airport gets her the cheapest fare. Maybe if I fly into Tampa, we'll see a jumper as we cross the bridge.
   Sincerely, Bob S., Columbus, OH. P.S. Have you ever read FINAL EXIT?

05.22.00, prpleporpoise, st. pete., fl., This is a great site, and if people don't understand the humor in dealing with reality, then they need to throw their pcs over the bridge. I'd say they'd hit the rocks. Hopefully they'll forget to let go when they toss 'em! 

05.21.00, Bob S., Columbus, OH., I have been suicidal, so I don't begrudge these people their release from their sorry, troubled lives. I am also a healthy realist, though, and I also do not find this offensive.  On the contrary, its funny as hell! We who don't want to kill ourselves can rejoice in our good fortune by laughing at those who do. To anyone who takes offense, let me remind you that the *JUMPERS* are certainly not being hurt by it. Their pain comes from much worse things (as they see it, anyway). Let's all rejoice in the fact that we have not suffered that much. As for the choice of method, I'd have to go with a narcotics overdose. It's a lot more gentle.

05.21.00, elizebeth w., tampa, fl., i love driving over the skyway and thinking about the silly ones who have lost their lives by hurling themselves over its beautiful edges!  i work at busch gardens, and sometimes i wonder if any of the tourists are planning on taking the plunge... i should recommend it as a fun family activity. (seems it's more a locals thing to jump off the bridge.)

05.19.00, mr. jones, hefty, tx., the whole world is a little acoustic imitation of resonating electromagnetic white light. We’re all on that little node. It can’t be visualized, but the whole world is on that spot all the time, and that’s the state of being discarnate. To someone who wants to have visual parameters, that’s a very claustrophobic thing to imagine. But we are stuck in that. That’s why people are doing all the various things that have been surprising for the past 2000 years. They’re trying to erase their body, and the motive for that is the sensory-structural change resulting from electric conditions. Did you know that even speaking, even not being in a trance, is a form of trance under electric conditions? Just walking around is a form of trance today because any bodily activity is inside this little electronic, discarnate node of consciousness.

05.19.00, nancy, Funny ass site. I just moved from the Largo area a few months ago. I now live in middle Georgia. I remember a bunch of the jumpers and the news they create. My brother-in-law was a firefighter down in the Maximo area years ago and actually talked a guy down once off the "Old Skyway" bridge. This was just a note to tell you I loved your site!

05.19.00, russ, marysville, wa., This is a great site.. and enjoy it on a weekly basis. It's sites like these that make my problems seem so trival.

05.19.00, Jeff G., Alexandria, VA., I think you should put a guest register on the bridge to collect final comments from jumpers. You can also offer them a final opportunity to include you in their will.

05.19.00, joe, st. pete., fl., We're all going to hell for participating in this. Anyway, I made a guess. Maybe they should give out monetary gifts if somebody guesses everything right, including the extra-credit questions. What if my mom jumps off the bridge, and I guess it right? Don't I get some money for guessing correctly when a family member takes the final plunge?

05.17.00, Jared P., Phoenix, AZ., My brother once killed himself there. (just once?)

05.17.00, Mea, Austin, Texas, I have a friend that suffered from manic depression and commited suicide 2 years ago... and for all those bitchers and moaners out there who say this site is HORRIBLE... I think if my friend had seen this site, he would've laughed and it would've lifted his spirits and maybe he'd be with me today. (I know for a fact that he would've submitted a guess.. probably male, hits boat/ship {my personal fav} no phones, dies) Anyway thanks for brightening my day. P.S. If they are SOOO concerned about jumpers why don't they have video cameras and security or something? Just a thought.

05.17.00, dave z., oldsmar, fl., Have officially won twice and unoffically once, missing by only hours and by one day this last time i'm starting to worry that I"m see the future for these poor lost souls

05.17.00, Mike H., Lynchburg, VA., Do jumpers have to pay the full toll when they get on the bridge? I mean, they should only have to pay 1/2 fare, right?

05.17.00, John, London, England, I don't know how anyone from the Tampa area can do that coz it's such a great place to live... how about marrying me first so I can go and live over there before you jump off?!..

05.16.00, R K, Newark, nj., I hope I am wrong. Man why risk being paralized... Imean if your life sucks and you want to end it... make sure you don't really screw up an attempt at suicide. YOu;d have to feal like "I really can't do ANYTHING right."

05.16.00, theresa, clearwater, fl., this is a funny site,i was very excited to find out we had a jumper today,and she lived.  i have sent your site to many of my friends. i think a falling web cam or some simulated fall expirence would be great, has some great pictures of the bridge,thanks for going global so more people can enjoy your site, SPLASH 

05.16.00, Robert F., Manheim, Pa., I don't find it offensive, in fact it might help someone who is thinking of suicide. They might read all this and think they don't want someone winning a stupid pool over their death!

05.15.00, Dalek, Toronto, canada, How about some links to some other kewl bridges and jumpers. You can still be number one in USA cause there's a nice bridge in Toronto; the Bloor Street Bridge that had 14 jumpers (Toronto Star, April 2000) in 1999. How's that for depressing? Must be all the snow. Anyway, love the site, keep it up

05.14.00, Marilyn S., Atlanta, GA., I think it's kinda eerie when a guesser nails it right on.  It also kinda makes me wonder if Police look into these pools for possible suspects in "aided suicide" or homicide, for that matter.  Kinda like that Dave guy who's won it twice.  Makes you wonder, don't it?  I'm so glad I don't live in Fla.  But I do wish Atlanta had more attractions of this type.  He, he.

05.12.00, jim, hamilton, ny., man, i wish i had found this earlier.  like no one saw 4/20 coming... sheesh.  anyway, 6/6 is only one short of a good number, and a handy-dandy "on this day in history" webpage tells me it'll be the 14th anniversary of some track star from nc state taking a swandive off a bridge.  oh well, no matter who wins, the real winners are the proud souls that recognize their utter uselessness and take that final plunge out of the gene pool, making life for the rest of us that much better.

05.12.00, dyson, St. Petersburg, Florida, She suggested I check in here instead of jumping so I did and now I can't wait to see who does it instead of me.
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