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original span postcards 2

original span: one  -  two    'twins'    current bridge
updated: 04.08.18
the original single span.

Bee Line ferry 'Manatee' strikes her house flag,
thus terminating 30 years of service on the Pinellas-Manatee crossing
after the completion of the new skyway bridge.

manatee county side.

span under construction.

'the bounty' sails under the original skyway.
06.09.65: full article

 the ship sank 10.25.12.

10.26.13,, "Times writer Micheal Kruse reconstructs the sinking of the beloved ship off the coast of North Carolina in a three-part tale, The Last Voyage of the Bounty."
original single span brochures. thanks to Blair.
1958: full size front back
1966: full size front back
postcards: one  -  two    'twins'    current bridge

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