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scott from st.pete

many people are big fans of the jumperpool. none more so than scott from st. pete.
scott tends to submit more than his fair share of guesses.
if they all came true, we could never keep up.

most current entries are first. (our comments follow)

for christmas all i want is to win this pool!!!! (let's face it, scott, for anyone to win, we need jumpers. maybe there is a run on carbon monoxide suicides or maybe drug overdoses are in vogue lately. who knows? we will try to slip you into the winners circle with one of those honorary things, like some universities give to people not worthy of the real thing.)

this one day selection thing is ok..but on my next guess i am going to take a block of days..say the last week or 2 of the selected month...i do not want to miss a chance of winning this pool, it is all i have to live for anymore... (such lofty goals are the envy of all men. women know better.)

well...another month is almost gone and i still haven't won this pool..sigh...i am gettin so  depressed about this, i may have to leap from the skyway myself!![i know i know..let ya know the time and date] hahaha (everyone, let's dare scott. dare him now!)

hey how bout i give ya 5 bucks to put me on the list of jumper pool winners..hahaha (make it 10 and it's a deal.)

as always i am including the ''jumper hits car'' clause; for a shot at the car i was promised i'd win if a jumper hits a car..hahahah (psssst, no one tell scott that the promised car would easily fit in his shirt pocket.)

hey i had a guess in for aug 22nd...did someone jump from the howard franklin on that date? if so i would at least like an honorable mention ...if the person was dumb enough to jump from the howard franklin...then they obviously got lost on the way to the skyway...and thought the howard franklin was the skyway. (all the more reason to install signs on the lesser bridges reading: "if you plan on jumping from this bridge to kill yourself, go to the skyway and do the job right". take-a-long maps to the skyway can be located beneath the sign.)

i have put in alot of guesses in this pool so far.. it is my lifes dream to win this pool just once. (a boy has to have a dream.)

i dont think girls would jump from the skyway too often..i think its a guy thing. (it may well be a guy thing, but there have been female jumpers. maybe they jump because they want to be a guy. after all, being a guy is way cooler than being a dumb ol' girl. unless, of course, you are a guy jumper. then you are just another loser.)

scott the inventor
he thinks he has better ways to do oneself in.
   scott invents the 'skyway sizzler': The ''Skyway Sizzler'' is my most ingenious invention yet !! The ''Skyway Sizzler'' is sure to be quite effective both jumper and cost wise. The ''Skyway Sizzler'' utilizes unused nasa rockets, boosters, ect and, unarmed nuclear missles [although armed nuclear missiles may be used in case of national emergency]. This alone will save the taxpayers millions and clean up our stock piles of unused parts and weaponry A missle/rocket launching system is constructed into the skyway bridge, with the main mission control and launching controls on the ''jumpers view deck''.'Space age composit blast deflection panels on the bridge allow commuters to observe and enjoy launches and also protects them from missile/rocket blasts and with the space age composit blast panels there is no need to delay or stop traffic on the skyway at any time. The ''Skyway Sizzler'' is funded through the payloads missiles may carry, satellites, nukes ect...The high cost of deploying satellites and other technologies into space will also completely support the economies of neighboring pinellas and manatee counties. Potential jumpers are lured away from conventional jumping, [although that is entertaining], to the ''Skyway Sizzler'' by attractive, personalized, ''official'' John Glenn space suits, [complete with nasa patches], are theirs to keep for the ride!!!! Missile/rocket is then triggered by a weight plate on the floor in the ''jumper payload section'' when the jumper steps in. All launches narrated by master of ceremonies..Mark Larsen of 970WFLA. Missile/rocket is launched into space where payload is deployed [jumper orbit and ejection trajectory aligned with pluto] [if people don't appreciate this remember...they never honor the great ones in their own time]. (a mind is a terrible thing to waste, on scott.)
scott invents the 'evap-o-tron': The ''Evap-o-tron'' is an enclosed water slide extending off the skyway bridge at a 45 degree angle. Sea water is pumped into the slide, making jumper travel speeds in excess of 100 mph possible...Slide ends at an upright 10 foot thick stainless steel back stop/slide pan . Backstop/slide pan directs remnants of jumper into solar powered electrical evaporating device [280,000 volts]. Jumpers are attracted to ''evap-o-tron'' by attractive brochures. Brochure rack contains such pamphlets as... ''Go ahead, end it all, loser!'', ''Why your family doesn't love you'', ''evap-o-tron!! fun for the whole family'' and many others.[brochures made from 100 percent recycled materials]..''Evap-o-tron'' is funded by the sale of commemorative jumper medallions sold on ''view deck". 'Cameras inside slide bring all the action to a jumbo tron mounted on the ''view deck''. View deckers'' bet on jumper speed [speeds calculated by radar guns salvaged from police cruisers damaged in the st.pete riots] [i would have made a great engineer huh???] (scott, you need to remember to take your meds. see what happens when you forget?)
scott invents the 'pod-a-pult': '' looks like a catapult with a pod on it for the jumper..''Pod-a-Pult'' dispenses free counceling vouchers for survivors which helps entice jumpers away from conventional jumping, [although that is entertaining]. jumper enters pod and is ejected from bridge..''view deckers'' bet on distance and hang time.''Pod-a-Pult'' maintenance and pod replenishment is funded by seizure and sale of jumpers cars...pod is retrieved from bay by a private boaters race, which saves local tax payers money. retrieval boat winners receive 25 pounds of brat worst and 1 case of Barney Frank signature series K-Y jelly.''view deckers'' bet on retrieval boats..pods are environmentally friendly and contain the otherwise nasty impact splatter and are suitable for cremation or ground entertainment. [i have entirely too much time on my hands]." (yes you do.)
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