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teenager says he wants to drown.
updated 10.12.16
10.12.16, I want to visit the bridge cause i never been there im suicidal to i want to drown

10.12.16, Im khalid im suicidal

10.12.16, I want to kill myself I'm suicidal im a teenager in hs .

10.12.16, I want to visit and jump off the bridge i like this website i want to live there

10.12.16, Im khalid and im a suicidal teenager


10.12.16, I should visit for vacation

10.12.16, you are too young to be contemplating suicide. high school is supposed to be the best time of your life, but we too often found it a shitty time. it can be tough to be a kid sometimes. do try to get through these hard times, as better times are to be had. you will get through high school and you will mature. you can and will have the opportunity to excel, to find happiness, and most importantly, get past the desire to end what has really just begun. life is worth living. please try to get some help if you truly need it.

10.12.16, Hello phil i want to die cause i hate my life and past

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