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03.18.17: jumper, 10:00pm, male, hit water, died, body not found
Thomas Letterle, 36
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
03.18.17, emily, charleston, sc., (11:13 pm), active calls, GRID 723S, MEDICAL, FB11, ECSR, PD5, USCG, FFWC, R11. is this anything? acronyms

03.18.17, Susan V., Clearwater, (10:00pm, male), IONTB has comment on their site male jumper about an hour ago, no other info. Mutiple emergency vehicles and water support on scene

03.18.17, Amy M., IONTBfb, I drove up the skyway at the same time as first responders. There is a water rescue team there now.

03.18.17, Anon, Clearwater, FL., drove over around 11:45pm with cop car at the top of the bridge with lights on, helicopter with spotlight surcharge the water and about 10-12 rescue boats out in water searching also

03.18.17, Sherry, facebook, Hi skyway. I went to pick up my daughter from the airport and on the way over there were a lot of police and a fire truck, they were shining their lights in the water. When I came back over, headed to bradenton, there was a boat in the water and only one police car on bridge. Did someone jump? I can't find any news. I'm hoping and praying no but I wanted to see what was going on. Thank you.

03.19.17, Ashley M., IONTBfb, I drove over the bridge at about 10:15pm. We were heading south to Manatee. As we reached the bridge we could see tons of boats in the water with bright lights and emergency ones. When we reached the top there were firefighters looking over the edge. My heart broke the second I saw that.

03.20.17, anon, (03.18.17, 10:00pm, male), His name was Tom Letterle. I believe he was 36. He was with his girlfriend when he jumped. His family and friends are devastated. Please update if his body has been found and any other info as it's available. Thank you

any more info is welcome.
03.18.17, Hillsborough Sheriff, MISSING PERSONS - ADULT NOT ENDANGERED, SKYWAY BG, 2225, 0302, 4h37m
03.18.17, IONTBfb/, Skyway Bridge: Emergency vehicles atop the top of southbound lanes of bridge after report received that male jumped within the past hour.
 Tom Letterle   Thomas Letterle •
03.08.17: possible something
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
03.08.17, Patsy, Terra Ceia, Police on top of skyway, lights flashing. Hope its only a traffic stop. From my condo on Terra Ceia Bay.

any more info is welcome.
02.17.17: possible something
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
02.17.17, Shannon W., irb, (6:55pm), Black Altima parked on the north side of the hump going south bound flashers and headlights on didn't see anybody in the car when passing by. Traffic was heavy called fhp hoping it was a break down

any more info is welcome.
02.12.17: jumper, 10:18pm, female, died, body found
Sherry Anne Dufresne, 52
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
02.12.17, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., (10:18pm, female, died, body found), HCSO sending units to skyway. Reported body had been found by a boat that is trying to tie a rope to it. No response unit from Pinellas showing on their 911 site yet. later: HCSO Has the body. Was recovered by private boat. ECSR & USCG would not respond due to body being found already. Pinellas Co 911 showed no units dispatched. Hillsborough had SO1(chopper) & M11 & units on bridge.

02.12.17, Gabbie, (11:10pm), Jst drove over bridge 6 policemen at top of bridge taking pics of a i believe honda civic & some leaning over side! I hope its not another jumper 😥

any more info is welcome.
02.12.17, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 2214, 0530, 7h16m
 Sherry Dufresne   Sherry Anne Dufresne

obituary • guestbook
01.25.17: jumper, male, 12:05pm, died, body found
Wayne Finley, 54
unofficially, the 300th jumper from the skyway.
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.25.17, Michelle, St.Pete, Fl., (12:00pm), I am on the St.Pete side of the bridge stuck in traffic. As I hit the top I see about 3 cop cars on each side of traffic on the bridge. They are looking over side into water. Possible jumper... I have screenshots of police activity on the bridge.

01.25.17, Ann, clearwater, (11:50am, male), South bound. Male on the barrier wall with the passenger side door open. Police, rescue on scene. Looked to be mid 30's, Brown hair, blue button down shirt. Appeared he was yelling at those on scene.

01.25.17, Lori, St Pete, FL., (12:00pm, male), As I was driving SB in the bridge, there was a young man standing on top of his car, surrounded by police and other emergency vehicles. Hope they were able to talk him down, seemed to be heading in that direction.

01.25.17, Anon, My friend just crossed the bridge and said a man was standing on the wall. There were police and more on the way. The bridge is closed in that direction. This was reported to me about 12:30

01.25.17, Sue S. G., facebook, I was driving by when this was happening, it was awful several people were trying to talk to him he was so upset and shouting, just feel awful. His poor family and those who were trying to help.

01.25.17, Eileen E.,

01.25.17, Corey H., Stafford, VA., After landing at Tampa airport, around 11:40am we were driving South on I 275 (near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge), a very angry man in a grey SUV type vehicle was following us so close that he was almost touching our bumper. I was sitting in the back seat so I could see him very clearly. He continued to lay on the horn (but we couldn't go anywhere with a car in front of us and a tractor trailer in the left lane right next to us). Once he could pass, he sped up in front of us and jerked his car in and out of our lane (he was literally trying to run us off the road) He seemed very angry and in a hurry. He had brown hair and a blue dress shirt on. Once we got to the top of the bridge, we passed a car pulled over in the right lane. The man was getting out of his car and walking toward the edge of the bridge. When we saw him, I said to my mother-in-law & daughter, "that's him! I'm 100% sure that was the guy who tried to run us off the road! I said he either has a flat tire or he's going to jump". When we got home, I looked online and saw this article. (you're lucky this did not cause you any direct danger. we imagine his day took a bad turn and his anger led him to end it. we hope you and yours can cope with what you went through.)
Corey H., Stafford, VA., Thank you for the kind words. I just wanted to share my info in case it shed any light on why/what may have led him to do this. It was very scary, but we are shocked and saddened that it ended that way. I feel horrible for the responders and the bystanders that may have actually seen him jump. (we get many responses from people that were going along with their day one minute, witnessing someone's last living act the next. it's surreal and distressing. while some get through it well enough, we do have some that can not lose that moment, changing their lives forever more. suicide can effect everyone, even total strangers, when they are pulled into what should be a private act. be well.)

thanks also to Tina C., St. Petersburg, Martin k., tampa, billy n., bradenton
any more info is welcome. disagreement
01.25.17, Hillsborough Sheriff, DECEASED PERSON, SKYWAY BG, 1147, 1636, 4h49m
01.25.17, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Law enforcement activity atop the bridge in the southbound lanes. #MoveOver ---- Right lane blocked
---- Update 12:05PM: Skyway Bridge: Southbound lane blockage as subject jumped from the bridge. FWC had boat below and is working to get person on-board.
---- Another tough one as first responders witnessed the man jumping from the bridge. Confirmed deceased. comments:
•Kelli H. S., Just drove past it guy was standing on ledge screaming at cops.
•April M., You must've been driving by as I was. I saw him yelling too, he grabbed onto the top of the car door and leaned back. He sounded distraught and possibly drunk.

01.25.17, , Man dies after jumping off Skyway
Pinellas - Law enforcement is investigating a suicide off of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on Wednesday.
According to Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Steve Gaskins, a man jumped off of the Skyway at 12:05 p.m. He didn’t survive the fall and his body has been recovered.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office will be continuing the investigation.
According to the FHP website, troopers were dispatched at 10:58 a.m.
Southbound traffic over the bridge is congested. comments:
•Sue S. G., I happened to be on the bridge when this was happening. It was aweful to see this man so upset. I wish him peace but wish he would have found the strength and support he needed. RIP and to his family you are in my thoughts and prayers. Also thinking of the law enforcement officers and others who were trying to help him.
•Karen W., I was there also. They stopped the traffic just as I got to the top of the bridge and I witnessed the whole thing. What a feeling of helplessness not being able to do something for him. Peace to him and his family.
 Wayne Finley   Wayne Finley

obituary • guestbook
01.25.17, Bill E., Riverview, Fl., Vehicle photo from the rear shows it has a DV (Disabled Vet) license plate. SAD (and with the stunning record of care the 'veterans administration' has demonstrated through the years.~)

01.29.17, Blair, Trout Creek, Canada, Regarding the DV plate Bill E. noticed in the photo. This makes two veterans in one week jumping from the Skyway Bridge. Reading the obituary for David Prior, he had everything: his wife, children, even parents. University education, employment, Green Beret and Special Ops Captain. What could possibly have happened to leave it all behind? (according to, 20 vets commit suicide every day. in the article, "In 2014, the latest year available, more than 7,400 veterans took their own lives, accounting for 18 percent of all suicides in America. Veterans make up less than 9 percent of the U.S. population." that would indicate that vets are twice as likely to self eliminate as the general population. note: we can not verify if that vehicle belonged to this particular jumper or if indeed he was a vet.)
01.18.17: jumper, 8:35am, male, died, body found
David L. Prior, 55
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.18.17, Rebecca h., Bradenton, fl., (8:40am), I am not sure what happened but the South bound side had cops looking over bridge and as we went further towards North bound we seen paramedic's heading southbound.

01.18.17, Dave, Hillsborough County, I was driving over the Skyway this morning heading northbound when I saw all the emergency personnel at the top of the bridge in the south bound lanes. First jumper death of 2017. My condolences to the friends and family of the deceased. RIP.

any more info is welcome. disagreement



01.18.17, Hillsborough Sheriff, SUICIDE ATTEMPT, SKYWAY BG, 0839, 1358, 5h19m
01.18.17, IONTBfb/, Sunshine Skyway: Emergency vehicles on the bridge. Recreational boat with person who jumped from the bridge. Southbound lanes. #MoveOver later: Body recovered. Deceased.
 David Prior   David L. Prior

obituary • guestbook
01.20.17, Mike A., Coral Gables, FL., Dave Leo Prior, was a financial advisor with Waddell & Reed, and he was an Army Veteran. A truly wonderful person and dear friend. He will be missed.
01.05.17: jumper save, male, 5:00pm
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.05.17, mAki, @skywayjumpers, a male attempted but the police were about to get hold of him

01.06.17, Rick H., St. Petersburg, Save, Eye on The Bay reports FHP prevented a jump attempt yesterday, Thursday.

01.06.17, f93, Bradenton, (01.05.17, 5:00pm, male), Saw this omw home. I saw this after it happened when I passed by. Looked like the had the guy on the ground on some sorta mat. I was wondering if the EMT had sedated him? The emt had gone past me right at the start of the hill heading towards bradenton.

any more info is welcome.
01.05.17, IONTBfb/, Skyway: Caution traveling atop the bridge due to law enforcement activity. Southbound lanes later: Subject taken into custody by FHP Trooper comments:
   Kevin S., I was behind the undercover cop that stopped on the NB lane and jumped the barrier. The failed jumper was just kinda starring off the edge into the distance, pretty scary. He didn't notice the cop until the last minute and by then the cop had a hand on him.
   Claudia H., It was a young boy. ··· Looked like like teens early 20s.

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