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updated: 01.17.20
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 01.09.20: suicide barrier to be installed on the skyway.
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south tower, lower cam, 10.4 southbound

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north tower, lower cam, 10.6 southbound

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01.14.20: widow, crisis center hopeful barrier will prevent skyway jumps.
01.10.20: jumper, male, died
Scott Russ
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.10.20, DeeK, Manatee county, Possible jumper, Red Tacoma truck appeared abandoned at top of bridge. Police on scene around 4:30 pm today.

01.10.20, KM, Sarasota, fl., Possible jumper, Possible jumper off the bridge today around 4pm. Southbound. Lots of police and boats with lights searching below the bridge. My heart breaks for this persons friends and family. It’s so hard to understand when you are left behind to live with the pain

01.10.20, Jade, Bradenton, fl., (6:30pm), 6:42 pm red toyota truck left on top of the bridge. Unsure if person jumped or was talked down but forensics and police are on the bridge right now.

01.10.20, Barbara H., facebook, You probably know by now possible jumper. Over an hour ago I was stuck in traffic southbound then after I got home I took my dog to Maximo Park and was walking along the fence that separates O'Neill's Marina to the park and saw a group of cops and firemen standing around talking and their fire boat is gone so I'm assuming they are looking for a jumper who jumped. Or better yet maybe they are trying to talk the person from jumping . I know the barrier is going up but I hope it doesn't pressure people to feel like they have to get their jump on before it goes up.

01.10.20, Justin B., facebook,

01.10.20, Carson L. P., facebook,

01.13.20, Paul B., facebook, it was around 3 pm I took these pictures that are floating around.

01.14.20, Jane D., Tampa, His name was Scott Russ. A co worker and great man. Extremely saddened by the news of his passing.

any more info is welcome.
 Scott Russ   Scott Russ
01.10.20, IONTBfb, Skyway Bridge: Expect delays southbound as multiple agencies on-scene after subject jumped from center span. Recovery ongoing. later: Confirmed death.
facebook article posts
01.09.20: suicide barrier to be installed on the skyway.

01.08.20: possible save, 2:00pm, male, used the phones, didn't jump, taken away
thank you, jumpnews reporter:
01.09.20, anon, (01.08.20, 02:00pm, male, used the phones, didn't jump, taken away), Male, white SUV at the top, was taken down and prevented from jumping by responding FHP Trooper. Confirmed save.

any more info is welcome.
01.04.20: possible jumper/save, 8:40pm
thank you, jumpnews reporters:
01.04.20, anon, (9:00pm), Empty car stopped at top of south pound bridge tonight. Two police cars there with lights on also. Didnt see any people outside. Possible jumper.

01.04.20, Jim C., facebook, Police activity on bridge currently. There’s at least 3 cruisers.

01.04.20, Lisa N., facebook, Just came over the skyway 1 car and suv on top with 2 police cars looking over the side

01.05.20, Mario, Tampa, (01.04.20, 8:40pm), I was driving southbound on the skyway bridge and saw a black car parked with a person standing by the bridge, around the peak height of it, one leg over the edge. This is around 8:35-8:40pm. I didnt get to stop but it was very concerning to me so I called 911 where they sent highway patrol right away. I have no idea what happened after that but would really like to know if this person is ok, should there be any reports of that night.

01.09.20, anon, (01.04.20, 8:40pm, didn't jump, taken away), Confirmed save. Jumper talked down by responding law enforcement.

any more info is welcome.
01.04.20, Hillsborough Sheriff, ASSIST OTHER AGENCY, 20:40, 21:10, 0h30m
hoping 2020 brings you all the success and happiness you work hard for.
   if you are having trouble dealing with life and everything that comes with it, make the effort to find and use the help that is available to you. life is worth living.
   remember, you are responsible for your own well being. love who you are and who you can be. always maintain an effort to improve upon yourself and allow no one to affect that. rid yourself of those that hold you back, no matter who they are. be they stranger, friend, or even family, lose the destructive forces tearing you down. end your addictions, be they drugs, love, social media, and/or whatever consumes you to a negative degree. better yourself. become stronger in body and mind. by all means, talk to people that can help you.

   do keep an eye on your friends and family members that may be despondent and depressed. check in on those that need checking in on. a few kind words and a helping hand may be all it takes to send them down a better path. be well.

   according to all that we know from years of accumulating skyway jumper data, 2019 was the 2nd worst year for skyway jumping in the history of the bridge, right after the 2018 record year, right after the 2017 3rd worst year. let's hope the planned barrier puts an end to all this.
the skyway bridge jumper barrier
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