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call to action: the people need to put an end to jumpers.


2017 • updated: 06.26.17
   random comments to this site were more common when it was the jumperpool. people would add a few words along with their jumper guess on the former jumper guessing feature.
   comments are now more focused on individual jumper activity and can be found on the annual jumper pages. we always welcome your random, vague, and often off topic commentation.

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06.26.17, Randy H., IONTBfb, Net fence or a wall will not stop people from commenting suicide If they are gonna do it they will find a way. They go there to maybe have one last peaceful scenery instead of a basement with a bullet to the head There are phones on top for them to call and get help They don't want the help anymore. It's those that get up there and just stand that want the help yes it's sad and it hurts the loved ones left behind but it's been happening all over the world for a long time and it will continue to happen

06.21.17, Logan S. P. C., Lacey, WA., usa, As a person who struggles every day with both depression and the outcomes of Brain trauma, I thank Buddha every day for a reason to keep on going, not giving in to the impulses that would lead a person to what I believe is the coward's way out. Mental Illness is in itself heartbreaking, and for a person to take his or her life is a cry for help. I've driven across the new Sunshine Skyway many times, and I feel we must do something, anything to stop this from happening. It's sad, such a beautiful bridge has a dark side. It's the same in Canada, there's been suicides off the Jacques Cartier in Montreal, and the Lions Gate in Vancouver. We must ask ourselves WHY? and ask the Florida government to at least strengthen their Mental Health authorities to get these people the support they need in times of crisis. But the real work has to come from those who need help. If things are bad, don't bottle them up till its too late to do something, SPEAK UP. No one will pass judgement, and you'll see that somewhere there are folks that love them, and would be hurt if they died. There's nothing glamourous about suicide, We must try to understand. Until we do, there will be more people uselessly ending their lives. Namaste.

06.19.17, Francia F., I live two hours away from the bridge. To jump, or not to jump; is the question. ··· Have anybody let you know ahead of time about their intentions of jumping? If not, I will be the first one. (read her story.)

06.19.17, JoAnne A. G., facebook, (responding to a negative comment about this site.), I don't think the website rakes in millions. This is one of the most honest, compassionate sites that I have come across. Your anger is misdirected. (thanks, joanne. we have raked in less than $700 through donations and ad revenue, since starting ads in 2011.)

06.15.17, Val, Dunedin, FL., Let people do it. Let it make a statement on our f**ked up society and let be a window to peer into our f**ked up family's.

06.11.17, Glenn P., IONTBfb, This might open a can of worms but in my opinion... I strongly believe that the United States of America should legalize Assisted Suicides... I seen a documentary in the UK where it does happen and the patient goes through a psych eval and the doctor approved it the patient is given a drink in their own their own bed... And after about 15 minutes or so fall asleep and never wake up.. It is done peacefully and there is no suffering what so ever... Its a sure thing that you will pass away peacefully.. Out weighs the GSW to the face...the jumping of buildings and bridges...the overdoses...where you might have a chance of living.. Again its just my opinion.

06.11.17, Kathy B., IONTBfb, I personally think jumping off the skyway is like trying to get people to notice you after it's to someone's 5 minutes of fame....I just don't get it, definitely going to make the news and newspapers. I've had two brothers commit suicide one shot himself in the head years ago and my other brother last year slit his wrists and took all his prescription medication at once....I've contemplated many times and attempted as a kid....the skyway is like punishing yourself....

06.05.17, Bee, Australia, Guys I've watched your website for years. I hope it does get through to people how suicide is not worth it. The pain it causes family and friends, the finality of it over something that would have passed with time. I will admit I always had trouble with major depression but I never would tell anyone. I really hope your website gets it through to people that this is not an option.
For me my worst years were from about 12-25. I had it planned and then looked around and realised who I would hurt by doing this. I could only think of one person and that person was my mum. And then I thought of all the times I stood between her and my dad to prevent her from getting hurt and I realised how with one action I could cause her more pain then my father ever had with his fists.
I hope anyone looking at your website can realise they need to get help, they need to talk to someone. I'd go from reason to reason to live. I'd tell myself that I was taking the coward's way out that if I went ahead I'd be giving in. I'd tell myself it was something transitory and things would be better in a few weeks or months but my main reason was I could not do this to someone who cared for me and even though I often thought I'd never get through I did.
I'm 30 years older now. I have a wonderful husband and a child. I've moved on so much more than I ever thought I would have in those days. The problems that seemed so insurmountable have either disappeared into the past or I have learnt ways to deal with them.
Thank you for your brutal honesty. I wish you'd been around back in my day. It would have been helpful. (thank you for your story. yours is a story of adverse conditions making you a much stronger woman. your perseverance and determination brought you through the dark years and into the light of a better today. cheers to you! we can only hope that people currently in your old once was shoes, can read your story and grab on to the same determination you possessed. thank you for your kind words.)

06.05.17, Stacy M., I actually love your website it's the only reason I'm here (thank you for your kind words. be well.)

03.23.17, MyDeathSpace, I finally drove over the bridge on Friday night! Stopped at the toll booth and with a little MDS glimmer in my eye, asked the attendant, "Is this that FAMOUS bridge?!" He said, "Yes, if you mean the one that everyone jumps off from." I then asked, "Why is this bridge so popular for suicides?" He responded with, "I don't know, maybe because it's only $1.25 to cross." LOL (well hell, if you're going to jump anyway, just rip through the sunpass lane and the trip is free.)

03.19.17, Heidi H., IONTBfb, Everyone acts like people suicidal can help it, but in reality its a mental illness and with it gone untreated they kill themselves. If Pinellas County would focus or cared about about all these folks that has jumped to their death they would put up reinforcement so it would be harder to jump, but I have noticed we got a mayor that don't care about us, he swept the sewage issue under the rug, the SunCoast Mental Health all they do is give you drugs that make you feel depressed, useless, hopeless unless you stand up and tell them your refuse to take their sorry meds. I know back in April 2016 when my Dr. told me I had cancer I went to skyway, but I am terrified of water, and I didn't jump. I prayed all the way to TIA bordered plane out of country. Im currently in 1:1 in home therapy.

03.01.17, Carmen D., Reedsville, WI, regarding interview for school, Hi, I am sorry you guys don't want to talk to anybody about your bridge. I think it is amazing! I've been over it once and will get the opportunity to do it again in the next few weeks. I was hoping to maybe talk to someone but I guess that is out of the question. Well I want you to know, I will give your bridge the best article that I can for my school project. If anyone should decide to let me interview them, please contact me. I arrive on March 21 and leave on March 25. If it makes you feel any better, people like me from the Midwest marvel at what you all take for granted. We just got 7 inches of snow and the roads are total crap again. Can't wait to visit the Sunshine State! (we've been in wisconsin in the winter and know it's harshness first hand. it no doubt gets tiresome by march. if it's any consolation, the high here today should be around 78°. i hope that helps. as far as an interview, perhaps send us your prepared questions and we can respond. our unwillingness to chat it up is mainly with the media, as they tend to disparage what we do, all while pretending to play nice during the chat. keep in mind that this is a website about skyway jumpers. questions about the bridge itself can be answered through articles found within the website or on the google. we hope you enjoy your stay, as you flee the ravages of the wisconsin winter.)

01.28.17, Eric S., Tampa, Florida, Hello to all that are reading and I hope that you are having a great New Year. I was just talking to a good friend of mine tonight who I have been friends with for over 12 years and he goes fishing a lot. I asked him if he ever goes under the Sunshine Skyway and he says that he has but he goes out from Clearwater out into the Gulf to fish there. I asked him if he has ever heard about the suicides and he says that he has. He told me this story about a buddy of his that went on a fishing trip during the day and all was fine until nearing the Skyway. He saw something hit the water at a fast rate of speed. Long story short, the Coast Guard got there and he saw the body of a man being pulled out of the water onto the Coast Guard vessel. He said that the body acted "like a Slinky" over the edge of the vessel. Lifeless. Now, something came to mind after that: Imagine if you are going with your child, or little nieces or nephews, cousins or whatever on their first trip on a boat to do some fishing and come near the Skyway and the young one(s) tell you that they just saw something hit the water fast. Next thing you know, you hurry to where the spot is where the young child said the splash was and there was a victim, lifeless, and floating there. Then, you have to wait and call every available rescue personnel to come and then, well, whatever happens next as far as recovery and talking to the child as to what they saw and all. A fun day out fishing turns into an absolute nightmare. A child is scarred for life. I know that we all have mentioned here about the barriers and all to keep people from jumping. I think that this website is doing the right thing and opening the eyes as to what is happening on the Skyway. I myself, have been going through difficult times but I am seeking help and I am doing okay for myself. Stay safe everyone and REMEMBER! THERE ARE PEOPLE AND HOTLINES THAT CAN HELP! Have a great evening Stay safe! (we have heard the stories of the broken bodies as a result of jumping. while we stress that people seek help with what ails them, it is imperative that those in charge of the bridge do something more than worthless phones and cameras. put up a fence. put it up now. thanks for your input and keep working on that better you.)

01.25.17, Hanns Jones, facebook, I often still Wonder what it is you actually hope to accomplish with this? People do some dumb shit and they'll either learn from it or die. In my case it worked out but I surely don't want anyone trying what I pulled off.
01.25.17, Skyway Bridge, bringing to light what the government is allowing to happen. nothing would please us more than for this to go away. they could make it all go away. you tried with your ESR. they ignored it. there was much talk about fences and barriers. they ignored it. how many more jumpers will it take? at some point, there will be a barrier. how long it will take or how many more deaths are unknown.

01.17.17, dougie bomber, Honestly, I feel as though you only care about putting the jumps on the website and not preventing the jumps. Maybe it's just me being a moron. (you are not a moron, well, at least when it comes to this.~  we feel posting the jumps should awaken those in charge, to put an end to them. we offer help to those that will use it and we recently posted a call to action to try and get people involved in forcing the government to put an end to jumpers. so far, crickets. nothing would please us more than for this site to fade into black, because there were no more jumpers, due to some form of barrier to stop the bullshit.)
01.18.17, dougie bomber, I am pretty sure that this is the only way to reply. But, honestly. I was wrong. After a some reflection and reading your reply, I realized that you guys are actually doing the right thing. Anyway, sorry for wasting your time. (no problem, glad to clear things up.)


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