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2019 • updated: 01.31.19
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01.31.19, lauren b., i tried to jump off the bridge but the watchers stopped me. i did it at midnight with a knife in hand in case somehow i survived and could end in the water, but they stopped me. i dont need help. im perfectly fine i just want to see if the watchers will take me in beyond the grave, i just want to see... i will soon enough. and so will you. (we find your story compelling and want to know more. who/what are these "watchers" you speak of? how did they stop you? why would they stop you? is there any way to learn more without succumbing to death?)

01.30.19, Ray P., St. Petersburg, regarding: weather conditions. I miss the environmental stuff for the areas around the bridge. I'm a security guard assigned to the rest areas and I found it useful in my reports. The stuff on the bridge is great because I can check throughout the night on weather conditions that might force a closure or limited shutdown which makes for busy nights at the rest area. Unfortunately, the jumper stuff is useful as well, as it is not uncommon for them to stop at the rest areas just before they go to the bridge. Born out of tragedy, it is a useful tool. (we moved all the 'right now environmental stuff' stuff to it's own page. we hope that helps. thanks for the kind words.)

01.01.19, Ben k., Hudson, FL., I have thought about jumping many times this year and I still might this year but all I know is it will be the most important thing I will or won't do this year I pray for those who have jumped and hope I won't join them (we hope you won't join them either. there are many sources of help and we do hope you try them. you left no way to contact you directly and used an obvious fake name, so we have no idea whether you will see this or not. seriously, work hard to get past these thoughts.)


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